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Hi guys,

My girlfriend was prescribed human growth hormone by her plastic surgeon after receiving multiple surgeries (facelift, nose surgery, eyelid surgery). Then, before she even began taking HGH, a tumour was discovered on her stomach. Fortunately, the tumour was removed without complications, but she was strongly recommended not to use the HGH for the next 5 years because it could increase the chances of the tumour coming back.

Unfortunately, she had already bought the HGH. It cost her 4,400$ for 2 boxes of Pfizer GENOTROPIN (see pictures). The surgeon had also given her a free box, but it is expired since November 2019. Each box contains 5 x 12mg (36 IU) pencils. So in total, there are 540 IUs (15 pencils x 15). Obviously, the pharmacy won't take the product back so she is stuck with it.

Instead of throwing it away, I'm thinking of using the HGH myself. I have been weightlifting all my life but I never took any PEDs. Do you guys think I could get some results by doing an HGH only cycle or should I just throw the HGH away because the risk/ratio isn't worth it? Also, do you think the HGH that expired since November 2019 would still work? The 2 boxes she bought at the pharmacy are still good for 1 year though.


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Well first things first if you plan to throw it away sender my way first il Guinea pig it for ya ;) 

So long as they were fridge stored id still try using them expired or not. Worst case scenario they lost some potency and you won't make any gains. 

I'd say run them if i were you and it's something you're interested in. You could do hgh and add in a sarm of sorts like Sr9009 or whatever you may choose to amplify the gains. Or run a real cycle with it. But definitely do not waste these! Unless they were stored at room temp the past few years then they are likely toast but I'd still give them a run if you don't want to lol 


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How old are you? Honestly it's not enough to do too much unfortunately, you'd want to use 4iu a day so you have a little over 3 months. Obviously it'll be no where near as effective as $200 worth of test, saying that if you are making a jump you'd be better off to use it with test than alone. I'd say it until the summer, run it with 400mg of test and get shredded.

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