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HGH testing options


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Hey brother,  I prefer to do the standard blood work test.  Based on gh serum and igf-1 you can get a pretty good idea on how legitimate and dosed your gh is.  I do 10iu fasted, 3 hours after that get your blood drawn.  Your gh serum should be elevated. As for igf-1 its best tested after 1-2 months on hgh, I prefer 2. Establish your base line igf1 then when you test 2 months in your igf should be elevated roughly 100 per iu of legitimate gh.  Again this will be subjective person to person but gives you a rough idea.  As long as its elevated though thats all that matters.  For myself 5iu a day of pharma gh put me around 500-600 igf1.  And your 10iu gh serum should be 20+


Hope this helps

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