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second cycle of tren e done

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i just finished my second cycle of tren e.  I ran 500mg a week with 550mg a week test e with 50mg anavar for pre workout.  The first cycle was crazy.  Horny af, great fat loss, good muscle gains with no real energy issues although the mental sides were terrible.  This cycle after7 weeks off was very meh.  good fat loss, great muscle gains, no horny at all. i tore my pec slightly my groin slightly with lots of bruising for both after a couple days.  The low energy was the worst.  always wanted to sleep.  the mental sides were gone this time tho.  any body else have it go this way for them?  Has my body figure out tren and is now used to it or maybe should i go months between cycles.  I loved terrorizing my wife with tren dick.  but as a guy who works with his back and needs to use his body all day to do the job i can say i hated the most the always waning to sleep.  As i went cold turkey in a weeks time my energy levels were up and 3 weeks later i am all good for energy.  Did i cycle too soon with same gear and was that my mistake?  tren works and i can now say if you can suffer through it you will be happy with the gains.  And thanks to the guys here for recommending cardarine.  It saved my life with the breathing issues.

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Tren can definitely make you lethargic. Then also give you insomnia. It’s a strange thing. Sometimes less is more. I’m running 500mg test p, along with 350mg Tren a per week. Good gains and seems to keep sides down. Still more lethargic than normal but you kind of get used to it. More coffee lol

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