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HGH Extending Life After Reconstitution

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 4 50 IU Vials HGH

2IU daily "anti aging" - 1 Vial lasts 25 days at 2 IU daily.
-- Sterile 5ml Bac Water 

Shelf life is listed as 14 days after reconstitution.  Reconstituted HGH will be stored stable environment. Some are listed as 28 days, this was listed as 14, I am confident.

Acetic Acid has been recommended to extend the reconstituted life. But I am unfamiliar with it. A search for it here pulled up 6 posts "Acetic Acid". 

You have to work with what you have.  Things are never perfect.  Will day 14 - 25 probably be ok?  Or should other solutions like AA be considered.  Is there health risk to using reconstituted HGH after its "use by" date (2 weeks)


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