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My name is lonejones 

never introduced myself cuz I never felt like I needed to. Im a casual weight lifter and have been a member under the same handle on numerous boards. 

been out of checking in on the forums for a while and recently was inspired to become active. 

height: 6’2 

weight: 260lbs 

age: over 35 

Never competed on an intellectual level or physical level, more of a casual enthusiast , measuring the efficacy of my beliefs over the persistence of doubt. 

here to check in, again. Been around since the superior genetics days. Driving a forklift through dirty hallways. 

put 40lbs of mass on with a dbol only cycle back in the day - when 10 b coins wasn’t enough to buy a dip sauce with the pizza. 

long time supporter of the members who reached out, still have the t shirt, stringer and neck warmer to prove it. 

14 years later still around,  checking in. I hate warm drinks, stretching or anything related to “well-being” and peace.  

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