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What does everyone use for pre-workouts now?  I find there's so many different types now, stim and non stim, that can get confusing.  I like the standard C4, gives me enough energy but I can't tolerate it well if I workout at night and I can't sleep.

Does anyone have any experience with stimless pre-workout? the thing that Jay Cutler sells?

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I've become a big fan of Bucked Up - Woke AF mixed with a scoop of Pump-ocalypse; - a decently high stim with a no stim - But I love my stims. 


I do find that the Non stims are great for evening workouts, or as additions to a stack. So for your sleep issue, a non stim may be a good idea

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I'm actually using the revolution nutrition canadian brand pre workout. Bulldose rush, tnt, their swole one - they have three different types.  I just get what's on sale.  I figure they all have stuff to make the pumps better.  I just watch the caffiene intake as a full serving sometimes has 400 mg of it..yikes!!! so half scoops or even 1/3 scoops for me.  

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