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Summer shredding diet?

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What are you guys doing for diets this summer if you're shredding at all? or have you already shredded?  I'm doing ok, looking pretty lean but not where I want to be.  BBQ is hard to put down lol.

Trying to do some form of carb cycling, keeping protein about 1 g per pound of body weight (currently about 190 lbs), and try to keep fats low but i'm probably blowing it by not being clean enough and eating too much.

So if anyone has any summer time ideas where we got 2 months of this left to help me from not turning into a balloon that would help!!

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I'm doing an extension of my post show diet...it's really kind of my lifestyle

french toast

cream of rice

chicken/mixed veggies/rice or sweet potatoes

greek yogurt

lots of protein powder

That makes the basis of it but i'm consuming about 275-300 g protein, 300 g carbs, then less than 50 g of fat a day.  I'm doing 20-25 mins of LISS and zone 2 cardio every day with sometimes a day off on the weekend to fully recover.  Honestly I don't consume much for booze anymore, but I do enjoy the non-alcoholic guiness and its' only 70 calories per can.

I would try to do more cardio to allow yourself the more food, but understand that booze is going to mess you up more over teh summer with empty calories. Also just watch your portions with keeping your red meat under control.  You won't get fat eating tons of protein but only if it's lean.
Try 2500-3000 cals a day with cardio; 250 g of protein and carbs, then 30 g of fats at most - that'll bring you in that range and provide plenty of nutrition and enough energy to train hard.

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i prefer a low cabr diet,or near keto diet . i react well with more fat and less carbs

ive also incorporated semalgutide which has helped quite a bit because i feel content and no real cravings kicking in

but taking a shit is a problem at times(a minor reported side effect)

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I posted in another topic about my shit eating lately.  I should look into low carb, not keto. I don't think I could do that...but I know I could lower my carbs. I just gotta get over the sweet sugar cravings and just be disciplined.

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I haven't done any good dieting in years, just going through the daily training, eating what I want.  I'm not a fat ass that's for sure.  I heard somewhere that we should probably do one good shred a year to optimize our blood markers and health...can't remember for the life of me when I heard that!

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