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Exploring the Role of Semaglutide, Tirzepatide, and Retatrutide in Bodybuilding and Fat Loss

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After seeing some of the new additions to the stack, I am curious as to what some of you may think, or your experiences, I am debating an addition to my fat loss cycle or to rework it all together. 


With the increasing use of GLP-1 receptor agonists like Semaglutide, dual agonists like Tirzepatide, and the investigational triple agonist Retatrutide in medical treatments, how do you think these medications can be leveraged in bodybuilding and fat loss regimes? What are your thoughts on their potential benefits and drawbacks for athletes seeking improved metabolic health, muscle preservation, and enhanced fat loss? Have any of you had personal experiences or come across compelling research in this area?"

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I have a few patients who use ozempic due to obesity, some with diabetes type 2.  The most common thing they say is they just aren't hungry.  One person had lots of gut rot but I don't think they were eating clean foods and still consuming nasty fats which would settle.


I'm interested in trying it myself in the fall, particular tirzepetide which is the med name for mounjaro as it's much more tolerated as a 2nd generation ozempic style drug and gives equal if not better results.  I don't know too much about retutritide but i'll look up more ^_^

I just don't want to feel starving during prep and hard diet stages!!!! Get away the hunger and I can deal with the lack of energy!!

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