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Tb500 + BPC-157 for total body repair

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On 10/23/2018 at 10:55 AM, Physlifter said:

there's gotta be a protocol that doesn't involve the magnitude or heavy dosing of this from a cost perspective - that's a huge inhibitory effect even trying to promote this to clients even as a physio.  My wife has a herniated  disc in her back and associated joint pathology that even with my treatments will still take 6 months to fully recover.   But doing this or just TB500 alone may be the fix for this, but from what I read on the price of these you're asking to spend close to 1000-1500 for this protocol.  That's just out of reach for far too many people.

would you rather go for surgery?which may or may not work?and with a huge downtime?id give this protocol a chance if that was my option available prior to surgery

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New to forum (today in fact) and agree, cost can be a bit much. But, will offer this...

After having suffered various injuries and resultant pain for nearly 35 years (started lifting at 18), my setbacks have been numerous and long-lasting. 

My own protocol is listed in my bio and I'm spending the money to give my body all the "repair juice" I can afford.

8mg of TB/week, 250mcg BPC/day, 2iu GH/day, Epithalon nasal spray/2x day, GH releasers/2x week, IGF-1/2x week, and T-boosters/3x week. Loading and maintenance doses. 

Cheap? No. Worth it to do what numerous doctors, procedures, therapies, shots, and pills have yet to fix? I think so. 

My best to you.

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