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Big board changes happening


Hello everyone,

Northern Lifters is about to undergo a much needed refreshment.  There are hundreds and hundreds of members, but we have lost what made these boards great, and that is discussion.

Most sub-forums have not had posts in years.

This must change.

The board will do some necessary culling of sub-forums and keep the essentials of what made us great; general discussion, supplements, steroids discussion, members training logs, and introduction of the self - beyond other sub-forums that membership has access to. This list is not exclusive and may change.

We are also looking at integrating new experiences like a discord server to get real chatting going on whether it's through text or voice. We want to BE THE BEST in Canada for boards, and not reduced by the likes of reddit (which is utterly toxic in every way). 

We may never get our glory days back, but we can do better.  And we will do better. We need everyone on "board" to make NL the best!

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