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    Deus does and will have every opportunity,as does afflicted. Cant talk shit if you got no evidence. One thing this board wont allow. That is and will always be a universal rule here When stuff about taureau and dracorex came up,i made sure there was evidence and i reviewed all screenshots before permitting it here. We even offered any one of taureaus friends includiong taureau himself to come here and prove these accusations false,he did not and nor did any of his staff there We even went one up and shared info with biguglynewf form cjm,who agreed to speak to olympic but after many failed attempts,olympic backed off. Storing personal info is a horrible practice and hated by all big boards and results in an instant ban but seems like in the canadian politics its all fine if one of your own do it. So that should help all members see that CJM nor CB actually follow any type of law or enforce any law. They only implement it when it suits their agendas,where as this board wont allow shit. Time for members to open up their eyes aswell and start to understand,when you see a lab getting bashed on cjm or other boards,9/10 is has a political agenda and motive behind it. These owners dont give 2 shits about you or your info,they care about your money. Wake up and get a reality check,support a board that actually isnt owned by a bloody lab. We will always give a chance and voice to someone getting bashed,thats our promise Afflicted has another day or 2 to follow up,if he fails to do. You all can decide what the truth is,im not going to be the shit stirrer. But we will ban Afflicted because this board will not tolerate accusations with no evidence. This will be an example for future members who wish to leave a negative review,be ready to back it up or be prepared to get banned. The days of bullshit politics form shills and lab owners/board owners are over P.S if anyone has contact with CJM mods or CB staff and they wish to rebuke any accusations I have presented,they are free to come and talk. This board will be a platform for all in a fair manner.
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    Hi everyone, Feel free to send me any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them quickly. Remember this is uncensored so dont be shy, the only rule I have is no source posting. Ted
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    Hey NL, here's some useful material for you guys. This has training programs from tons of bodybuilders/trainers/YouTube fitness stars. As well as a lot of e-books on training/dieting. Some of the science based ones are actually a really enjoyable read. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1U1zSdTBhaMxzN8kYzo0dx7LvaqYscqL_ Enjoy!
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    So I differ from a lot here in that I need to do this purely for health/quality of life issues. Not taking away from anyone the factor of how much better you feel etc, not at all as I firmly believe everyone has a right to be the 100% best version of themselves however they can achieve that, but for me the need for supplementation of Test comes down to pretty much life threatening if left unattended to long enough and once my levels hit a certain low point things start rolling downward even faster I know from past exp. So having never pinned before I am going to start out at a 200mg/week pace because there's a good chance, that done right, I'll be on Test permanently now vs the ups and downs I have experienced over the last 10 years. One of the first things I started watching when I began my journey toward self medicating, was vids by Sam from "Live Like a Viking". Dunno if anyone is familiar with him but he has chronicled his journey from fat/out of shape to where he is now and honestly, he and I are close in age, and I could only hope in my wildest dreams to look like he does now. If he is to be believed, and he seems credible enough, he got his levels up to 900-1000 not having gone over 200mg/week. Now he is also running HGH and a host of SARMS. But he looks awesome and is big, maybe not huge by pro standards but to me he's big. Now I say that with my being a hair over 6'2" tall and in my youth, at 250lbs, I was big, for someone that hit the gym only once a week and really didn't eat well or live a lifestyle conducive to being as healthy as possible, but I worked like a MoFo, did a lot of physical labor back then which seemed as good as going to the gym lol. His vids are up on YT and I'm not in any way promoting him or pushing anything he has to say, just want to be clear about that, but maybe someone might find the stuff interesting to watch. He's one of those guys that has a personality that it's pretty hard not to like him, IMHO, but to each their own. There is however a lot of good info to be gleaned from the vid content. Info on everything from Test to SARMS and Peptides, diet, levels monitoring, side effects mitigation and he even recently opened a TRT clinic that does Tele/Vid appointments that may be of interest or help to someone.
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    Alright guys, we would like everyone's input on this. We will be doing a monthly giveaway, just a rough idea of what 1) $50 gift card per month,12 giveaways a year 2) This excludes any promos etc from sponsors, this is simply from the board to the members What we want is everyone's input, what type of contest would everyone like? Examples below, but please do leave your input after this post Top member contribution Most posts Most rep
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    absolute class on how this was handled,well done to @NorthernLifters this is how a board should be run. Doors are open for members from cjm or CB,lets chat and stop all the politics.
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    Just to throw my two cents into this as well, I 100% Deus should have the opportunity to explain and have a say - this isn't a shit board with a gang mentality like some others.
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    Be smart - you're new and fresh to everything, so ANYTHING will produce a stimulus. Personally, i think adding the dbol is overkill, save it for your next one. I'd advise something around 300mg per week and run that for about 8 to 12ish weeks. Don't use more than needed - most people always overdo the first cycle. And since you're willing to get blood work I strongly advise getting blood work PRIOR to your cycle so you have a baseline of what your natural test levels are.
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    This is my fave reply to this subject... those that have seen me post it before, carry on.
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    Excatly, the whole normal range, as defined by these labs is nonsense anyway. They take 12 months of data, throw out the top 2% and the bottom 2% and what is left is the range. So you end up with a great depiction of the results from guys who were there being tested because they were either already low or suspected to be so and some who were undergoing therapy and being tested again to evaluate results. 0 Clinical relevance. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum who is likely the world's leading authority on Fibromyalgia has a great analogy for this stupidity. the normal range of shoe sizes for women say are 6 to 10 and you were a size 9. If I give you a size 7 shoe and say there you go, you aren't going to have much luck with that shoe, wearing it, and then when you tell me it's not the right shoe and describe all your issues as a result of it not being the right shoe well I'll just respond with "But it's in the normal range so you should be fine. Now run along" lololol
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    I'd consider perhaps adding proviron in near the end to help with SHBG. But honestly man I'd start small. Run say 300/week 1:1 Tren to mast or even 75mg eod of each with the same test dose. Keeping diet the same, and look to recomp, and then we you need another stimulus bump it up. Keep it simple. See how you react to a smaller dose, and then bump it when you hit a plateau. don't run the same dose 6+ weeks. That is unless you're really just trying to squeeze the last little bit out of this - then I'd take the higher for shorter period.
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    Was offered to try some dnp from genetec and I hadn’t used capped dnp in a while so thought I’d give it a shot. can’t thank genetec enough for letting me try the dnp. I got some test prop and mast prop as well but haven’t used either yet. The dnp is powder, 100mg a cap, I never used powder dnp so I started at low doses to be safe first day 200mg and tapered to 500mg, the whole dnp cycle was 8 days but felt like it lasted weeks. I was doing a really low calorie diet and lost a good amount of bf and went down 8lbs. Was a kick start to getting back in the gym and it did the job for me It’s definitely real dnp the sides were pretty serious, not sure why the sides were a lot more uncomfortable than crystal dnp at similar dosages, there was less heat but more shortness of breath, higher heart rate sort of symptoms. I had to lower the dose some days, so it’s good the caps are 100mg. I’d take 1 cap every couple hours and skip the next doses if I ever felt too uncomfortable. Other than that, service was great, communication was great and quality of the caps were good, no loose caps of dnp
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    Here's Snickers. Got her from the animal shelter when she was 2. She was skinny and frightened. Four years later, she is the queen of the castle.
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    Keep in mind cycles vary greatly between individuals. As well AAS is NOT i repeat NOT what makes a pro bodybuilder. The bottom line is genetics in BB. You can do as much gear and gh as u like but if you dont have significantly good genes for BB you will never be very successful. My example is from pros I have worked with and from friends who are pros now who I have competed with in the past. Typically a long ester test base is used ie 1000mg to 1500mg weekly. Combine that with an anabolic such as Nandrolone, Equipoise, and or Trenbolone. Nandrolone 400-800mg weekly, EQ 400-800mg weekly, Tren acetate 100mg EOD. Very few use orals mostly because they kill appetite and are liver toxic so career longevity is a priority. HGH is used and this can vary greatly ive seen anything from 4iu daily to 10-15iu daily. Most typically run 6-10iu daily. The latest is running 10iu HGH post workout only. This is pharm grade stuff only. Most BB who use a tonne of gear are using shitty stuff and if it were good would be extremely sick at some of the dosages used. Also many use more out of fear that others are using more and that they dont want to give up any edge. Keep in mind it is an unfounded fear. The body can only use a maximum amount efficiently, any more and the body starts to fight the drug as a foreign substance and you will see gains diminish. T
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    seeing that @Afflicted didnt respond,ill let that speak for itself. As i said before,you want to talk shit and not back it up,then go back to cjm because you will get called out and banned Side note, i received an email from the mods at SST and they all confirmed that not only is afflicted lying but that none of the mods ever spoke to afflicted. All pics that were presented by deus were legitimate and that all the crap made by afflicted was bullshit. Talk about agendas
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    Yeah I find a lot of people rely on gear and it’s young chaps in my gym but there diet and training is lack lustre, I just want to use a small amount of gear as a tool . On another note I was introduced to GameChanger great guy nice first conversation very acomadating and willing to help. This site is great thus far.
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    so let me clear this up,he emailed me after posting here. it should of been the other way around he emails saying that these vials are 2+ months old,which they most likely are because we have not sent any order to him in quite some time he then goes to tell me its a bad batch, i then replied if it was a bad batch,we would have hundreds of complaints because each batch of popular is 4 litres at a time,which is 400 vials, he gets offended when i reply back with this answer, I said all of our oils are mct and if it doesnt suit you,then by all means you can go elsewhere. but i dont need some guy taking jabs at me,telling us its a bad batch and not pharma etc this is the same guy who was banned before because he went bonkers on us because his parcel went missing when it showed deliveried and somehow it is our fault. Then he found his parcel and apologized,go figure Im kind of tired of members just running their mouth and then when we reply logically,they get offended. We are not your punching bag and i take no onus on items from 2+months and as i said above,if its a bad batch,we would have tons of complaints. @NorthernLifters id like to see you guys enforce this law of members hitting up boards before taking the time out to email us,getting childish now,especially when its a repeat person
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    Anywhere between 3-500mg and nolva for pct. Dont forget to grab an AI as well. I prefer asin to adex, easier on my system and lipids. Don’t over think you first run and keep it simple, as in one compound. Try to go at least 12-16 weeks. Good luck in coming to the dark side lol
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    That’s what I was thinking also I know I don’t want to go over the 500mg mark.
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    I feel 10 weeks would be too short. Anywhere between 12 and 16 weeks with a full proper PCT of course.
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    My very first cycle I did was 8 weeks at 400 test e. Nothing else. Pinning once a week. I was advised to keep it shorter to See how I react. Get use to pinning. Etc etc. The gains were definitely noticeable though. Like @Corey5150 said anything is gonna give you results right away if you’ve never used. Take those big gains off small amount of gear for as long as you can.
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    Blast through training plateaus, add lean muscle, and achieve your best body ever with The M.A.X. Muscle Plan. M.A.X. is an acronym for Mitogen Activated Xtreme training, a scientifically proven program to help you maximize your muscle potential and transform your physique. No gimmicks, no expensive supplements, just results. Developed by renowned strength and fitness expert and bestselling author Brad Schoenfeld, Mitogen Activated Xtreme training is a six-month periodized program that manipulates exercise variables to generate clear and steady muscle growth. Each phase of the plan—strength, metabolic, and muscle—is explained in detail and insights and advice for optimal performance and immediate results are provided. With step-by-step instructions for 108 of the most effective exercises, guidance for incorporating cardiorespiratory workouts into the program, and nutrition recommendations for fueling muscle growth and recovery, The M.A.X. Muscle Plan is your complete guide to total-body transformation. If you’re ready to take your body to the next level, turn to Mitogen Activated Xtreme training - the scientifically based and most effective muscle building program available. Use The M.A.X. Muscle Plan and the results will speak for themselves. DOWNLOAD
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    I would throw the libido thing out there at every chance. If a middle aged woman was sitting in her Dr's office on her big fat butt blubbering about her dried up vagina and her husbands cute little secretary that's always giggling at him you better believe hrt would be a go for her. A healthy sex life is the key to a healthy marriage. Use that angle imo.
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    How about mods choose what they think are the 5 most helpful posts in that month and put it to a vote (poll) to the members?
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    You really start feeling the benefits after a few months. I think the libido increase was almost right away for me as well. But I feel great, even at the dr’s prescribed dosage, I run and work circles around kids almost 20 years younger then myself. I do occasionally go above the dosage in a blast and cruise type deal, and it definitely helps my (and yours) workouts. I didn’t find that I sleep anymore then I did pre-trt, but rather that I function a lot better while still only sleeping 4-6 hours a night, so I guess the quality improved. Same with confidence. I was stuck in the same dead end career that I hated but never had the balls to change or do anything about until all of a sudden I wasn’t afraid of trying something different, which I 100% attribute to being on trt, so there’s that too. Have fun with it man, it’s the closest thing to a fountain of youth that I know of.
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    Good to hear man. Nice to hear these stories about trt and the positive affects it has on ones life! Rad 140 is pretty good stuff, if you haven’t tried lgd yet I’d recommend to give that a go at some point also. I find this was one of the best sarms I’ve tried for strength and appearance. I used it as a bridge and almost seemed as tho once it started to kick in was like I was running a low dose simple test only blast. Both good compounds imo.
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    I think volume is important however I think that content is equally as important. I don't think anyone here would take issue with you folks deciding on the over-all merit of posts ie if someone posts a question and then someone else posts a relevant answer, the quality of that answer should weigh in maybe even more than the count of 1 you get for posting it. Like someone asks "What's the best way to boost NO pre-workout" and someone responds "Have you tried Arginine?". Someone else responds 'Well you should try Agmatine, at X dose and try taking it x minutes before work-out and stack it with x and y and if you aren't seeing the results you want boost the dose to here safely etc etc" you get the idea. I think that answer should be weighed more heavily in addition to the credit for the volume count. Some people can attend the board more than others so in this way the ones with less time to attend the board won't necessarily get punished in their chances to win a prize. If the quality of their content makes up a lot for a lower quantity then I think reward for that is good but you guys will have to decide the ratio/merit etc. Also, rewarding the quality of the posts will only benefit the quality of the board by perhaps instilling a sense of actually writing better content every time you post, and definitely not saying there is any issue in that area but any benefit will always be good/better for the community over-all. You definitely don't want people being overly verbose just for the sake of it, and some of us will yak your ear off given an opportunity ( looking in the mirror here lol) but again, that will be for the mgmt to decide where the sweet spot is in any given post etc. Anyway, as a really new guy here I'm slowly working my way through the already posted content and trying to post in where I can contribute something of value but what I have seen so far is a lot of really good content. I think the contest will only make that better, and a little bit of friendly competition driving folks, now and again, is always a good thing IMHO. Cheers
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    FWIW, Anyone can talk for the sake of talking but there might be little substance. So volume isn't necessarily valuable. I assume it's value that you want to reward and promote. Maybe most reactions to posts or rep/mnth is better. And then to continue to randomize the outcome, perhaps take the top 5 of whatever marker you settle on and draw from there. This may encourage ppl to write more and interact with reactions more. Just a thought. Also... Thanks. For trying to find ways to give. It's like Roll Up The Rim. I'm getting a coffee anyways but now there's free shit too? Whoohoo.
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    Lol if you’re pecker is shrinking you got some crazy gear there my friend. Balls yes, but pecker no lol.
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    Reading posts above. The “normal range” is not broken down by age. It’s anyone from 18-70 years old. So if you are 40 and at the lowest of normal, in my unprofessional broscience opinion that’s not normal. This is why why I TRT on my own. I was at the low end of normal 5 years ago at 35 years old. You just do what’s right for you and be sure to monitor blood.
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    Oh man I don’t know how people on the opposing side of the floor don’t run over and smash his ugly fucking nose flat during question period
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    Even if - just for the sake of argument - even if someone believes in the worst case scenario of the climate 'emergency' fanatics, it still doesn't make sense. Basically the government can't get anything right. They can't even figure out how to get the trains to run on time, not to mention healthcare, education, spiraling debt, and on and on and on... But they want us to believe that they're going to change the weather by raising taxes???!!! What a sad joke...
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    In the eyes of many performance enhancing athletes, the Trenbolone hormone is considered the single greatest anabolic steroid of all time. With Trenbolone, we have one of the most versatile steroids of all time, an anabolic steroid that can be used for nearly any purpose, and moreover at a rate of power that is unmatched. Of course, as you know most Trenbolone comes with the Acetate ester attached, but here we want to talk about Trenbolone Enanthate. Trenbolone Enanthate is the largest ester based version of the hormone; much larger than the Acetate version, and even larger than the once very popular Parabolan (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate). By its direct mode of action, Trenbolone Enanthate is the same as all other forms; the properties and traits remain the same; however, the large ester attached will affect its mode of action based on time release, duration of activity and even potency will vary. A very powerful steroid indeed, often considered the ultimate steroid for cutting purposes, the Trenbolone hormone is also a fantastic bulking agent and a tremendous strength increasing steroid, but unfortunately Trenbolone Enanthate can be extremely harsh in some individuals. For reasons that may not seem fair, some people will not be able to use Trenbolone Enanthate, and while this is a principle that holds true with all steroids there will be more who cannot touch the Trenbolone hormone than just about any steroid; the majority will be fine, but there will be a larger number that cannot touch it compared to other steroids. With the above in mind, lets take a direct look at Trenbolone Enanthate and the powerful properties it holds. We want to look at its direct mode of action, its traits and benefits as well as possible side effects, and of course, what we can do in-order to prevent them. Well even look at comparisons between this form and other Trenbolone forms, and in doing so determine if Trenbolone Enanthate is for you. Trenbolone Enanthate Nature & Traits: Trenbolone Enanthate is a 19-nortestosterone (19-nor) anabolic androgenic steroid that carries massive anabolic and androgenic ratings of 500 in both categories; this is five times greater than testosterone in both categories. More importantly than the rating, its translating anabolic and androgenic power corresponds perfectly to its ratings; this is important because thats not always the case. For example, steroids like Halotestin and Proviron among others can be misleading based on ratings; Halotestin carries a massive androgenic rating based on its structure but displays no androgenic activity whereas Proviron carries a pretty decent anabolic rating but very low translating anabolic activity; Trenbolone Enanthate translates perfectly. Carrying an active half-life of approximately 8 days, Trenbolone Enanthate carries the longest active half-life of any Trenbolone form; Trenbolone Acetate carries an active half-life of approximately 3 days with Parabolan carrying an active half-life of approximately 6 days. With an 8 day half-life, you could manage with one injection per week; however, in-order to maintain stable levels, an important performance enhancement factor two injections per week or one injection every 4 days will prove to be far more efficient. Carrying a strong progestin nature with absolutely no aromatizing activity, Trenbolone Enanthate carries almost every positive anabolic steroidal trait known to man. While many other steroids carry some of the same properties, Trenbolone Enanthate does so at a rate of power that is second to none. Without question, the most valuable of all these traits is this steroids ability to enhance nutrient efficiency; in short, each and every gram of carbohydrates, fats and proteins you consume becomes more valuable; you utilize each one to a larger degree. For example, and this is probably the best way to look at it, if you have $1 you are able to purchase $1 of goods and services. With the Trenbolone Enanthate steroid present, this is like being able to purchase $10 worth of goods and services with the same $1. This trait is so important, its the very reason the hormonal compound first came to the market; Trenbolone came to the market in the form of Finaplix pellets; small subcutaneous implant pellets used to beef cattle up by increasing their feed efficiency. Beyond nutrient efficiency, Trenbolone Enanthate is one of the best steroids on earth for promoting two of the most common anabolic steroid traits known to man; enhancing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Protein synthesis refers to the rate by-which cells build proteins, where nitrogen retention becomes important because the more we retain the more anabolic we remain. All muscle tissue is comprised of approximately 16% nitrogen, and while that may sound like a small amount, if we fall below an optimal state we will enter into a catabolic atmosphere. Its not to hard to see how enhanced nitrogen retention can be beneficial; as for protein synthesis, protein is the building block of muscle, necessary for growth and preservation, once again we have an easy concept to understand. Then we have another big one as Trenbolone Enanthate will increase the release rate of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) better than just about any anabolic steroid on earth. IGF-1 is a potent protein based peptide hormone produced by all human beings that carries tremendous anabolic power and is essential to healing and rejuvenation. So powerful, not only does IGF-1 affect our muscle tissue, but also affects nearly every cell in the body and plays an important role revolving around our ligaments and tendons, central nervous system and even our lungs among other areas. Another common steroidal trait Trenbolone Enanthate carries, although at an unbelievable rate is the increase in red blood cell production. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to and through the blood, and the more red blood cells we carry the greater our blood oxygenation levels; this will be extremely important in the benefits section based on muscular endurance. Then theres another common steroidal trait once again at a tremendous rate of power and it surrounds the reduction of glucocorticoid hormones; glucocorticoids are commonly referred to as stress hormones. While necessary to our immune system to a degree, it is very easy for stress, mental and physical to increase these muscle wasting and fat promoting hormones to an unsatisfactory level. When abundant amounts of glucocorticoids are present, especially cortisol, this can make fat loss extremely difficult as well as lean tissue building; in-fact, it can work against you in the opposite fashion. While perhaps a little simplistic, in many ways glucocorticoids are the direct opposite of anabolic androgenic steroids, but thankfully Trenbolone Enanthate can remedy this problem. As you can see, Trenbolone Enanthate carries numerous traits, but were not done yet. As is with most anabolic steroids, Trenbolone Enanthate will enhance your overall metabolic rate; however, it will go a step further. This is a steroid that binds firmly to the androgen receptor, and as a result directly promotes lipolysis; thats correct, Trenbolone Enanthate will directly promote fat loss. While its not the only steroid that carries this trait, when it comes to a fat burning steroid the Trenbolone hormone is king. The Benefits of Trenbolone Enanthate: In the eyes of many, the Trenbolone hormone is considered the ultimate in cutting cycles; thats not surprising with its strong metabolic increasing and fat burning properties. While those are tremendous benefits, where Trenbolone Enanthate truly shines is in its ability to greatly preserve lean muscle tissue; perhaps better than any anabolic steroid on earth. When we diet, in-order to lose body fat, not weight but body fat we must be in a caloric deficit; we must burn more calories than we consume. As a result, as the body fights change with a desire to hang onto stored body fat due to its survival nature lean muscle tissue is often sacrificed in-order to meet its energy needs. As we lose more lean muscle tissue, this slows down the metabolic rate, and of course, it makes the physique look worse; Trenbolone Enanthate will prevent this. Of course, it gets even better; through its traits, Trenbolone Enanthate will provide the ultimate in visual conditioning effects; were talking about the promotion of a dry, hard physique, and no steroid does it better. Beyond cutting, the benefits of Trenbolone Enanthate are tremendous when it comes to off-season bulking plans; with nutrient efficiency being promoted to such a strong degree along with all its other anabolic promoting effects this isnt hard to see. It is true, Trenbolone Enanthate is not going to pile weight on your frame at the rate of Anadrol or Dianabol; however, this non-aromatizing steroid will pile on nothing but lean tissue with no water weight due to its use, and with adequate calories it will be a significant gain. Further, and this is the big one, due to its metabolic increasing nature, Trenbolone Enanthate will enable you to gain more lean mass with less body fat accumulation that often accompanies off-season bulking phases, and this is invaluable. In-order to gain new lean tissue, unlike dieting you must be in a caloric surplus; your daily caloric intake must be slightly above maintenance. Of course, this will promote fat gain as well; however, Trenbolone Enanthate will minimize it. When it comes to the benefits of Trenbolone Enanthate, we could easily end our discussion with the above and youd already have a fantastic anabolic steroid, but Trenbolone continues to not disappoint. This is a steroid that will greatly increase muscular endurance, more work can be done and you will not tire out as fast. Of course, it will also play an important role in recovery and healing, but there is an interesting note. Some studies have shown the raw power of Trenbolone to be so great and extreme this enhanced rate actually weakens the tendons; however, more studies have shown the opposite affect; real life evidence shows only the positive. It should also be noted; some may find cardiovascular endurance to be slightly decreased with this steroids presence; however, it appears to be a little hit or miss meaning it doesnt appear to affect everyone in this way. The Side Effects of Trenbolone Enanthate: Theres no way to deny it; when it comes to the side effects of Trenbolone Enanthate we have one of the potentially harshest steroids on earth. As well see, this is a steroid that carries many traditional possible anabolic steroid side effects; however, it carries a group that is largely unique unto its own, and unfortunately that is very difficult to predict. As a non-aromatizing steroid, and as a result one that carries no testosterone to estrogen conversion many assume gynecomastia is of no concern; they would be wrong. As a 19-nor anabolic steroid, Trenbolone Enanthate carries a strong progestin nature, and progesterone can induce gynecomastia; however, it is typically only a problem in men who are sensitive to the condition. While a non-aromatizing steroid, Aromatase Inhibitors will protect against progesterone induced gynecomastia, and as youll more than likely be supplementing with testosterone too an Aromatase Inhibitor is a pretty good idea. This leads to another important point; Trenbolone Enanthate, as with all Trenbolone and 19-nor anabolic steroids is as suppressive to natural testosterone as a steroid can be. For this reason, exogenous testosterone supplementation is necessary in-order to prevent not only a potentially bothersome but extremely unhealthy low testosterone condition. The form of testosterone you choose does not matter; all that matters is you provide enough testosterone for your body for proper and healthy function. Beyond gynecomastia, Trenbolone Enanthate can promote high blood pressure; however, this one appears to be largely dose dependent. If you already suffer from high blood pressure, you should not touch this or any anabolic steroid, but if youre healthy and supplement with responsible doses and continue to live in a way that promotes the continuation of healthy levels you should be fine. The same can be said of cholesterol; however, to a lesser degree. Despite lacking no direct dihydrotestosterone (DHT) nature, Trenbolone Enanthate can be very unfriendly to the scalp; men who are predisposed to male pattern baldness will more than likely lose some of their hair; men who are not predisposed have no concern. Further, due to its extreme androgenic activity, the Trenbolone hormone can have a negative impact on the prostate by way of causing prostate enlargement; however, it can be dose dependent as well as surround other anabolic steroids being used such as those with a strong DHT nature. At any rate, it is imperative you do not supplement if you already suffer from prostate issues, and just as important you supplement with responsible doses for responsible periods of time; you must not supplement with the Trenbolone hormone indefinitely or you will greatly risk damage to your prostate. It should also be noted; the Trenbolone hormone appears to be one of the few anabolic steroids that do not carry the C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) nature that can increase liver enzymes, and as a result it should be treated as if it were a C17-aa anabolic steroid. Further, in some men it can cause undue stress to the kidneys; use must be of a responsible nature or you can easily get into trouble. The above largely represents the side effects of Trenbolone Enanthate most will need to concern themselves with; however, as mentioned there is a grouping that is a bit unique to this compound. There are four specific side effects of Trenbolone Enanthate that while they can be dose dependent they are in most cases dependent on your individualistic nature; in short, your personal response. In some ways, these side effects will not seem like much, they include anxiety, insomnia, night sweats and rapid heart rate. Such effects can be so harsh, they will display themselves in ways you cannot imagine, and far beyond what any man can tolerate. If such effects occur, you can try lowering your dose, but more than likely youll need to discontinue supplementation altogether. If your dose is of a responsible nature and such effects occur, unfortunately, this probably means the Trenbolone hormone is not for you. It may not seem fair, and maybe its not, but thats life; its not always fair. Comparing Trenbolones: With many Trenbolone forms available, three common forms, a common question is which form of Trenbolone should you choose? Of the three common forms, Trenbolone Acetate is the most powerful on a per milligram basis as its ester takes up less mass in the compound than any other form; more of the mass is actual Trenbolone. Further, it is much easier to maintain stable and peaked blood levels with the Acetate form, and this raises a question; why would we ever consider Trenbolone Enanthate? The only reason you might choose Trenbolone Enanthate over the often viewed superior Acetate version is based on injection frequency; Trenbolone Enanthate only has to be injected twice a week or once every four days, whereas the Acetate version must be injected every other day. Even so, while this is the largest difference, many report the benefits of the Acetate version are more effective and efficient than the Enanthate version; you may have to find out for yourself. It should be noted; theres really no distinct benefit when it comes to Parabolan; however, its the most expensive due to myths and legends that surround it, and one of the most expensive steroids out there in many cases. When deciding on a Trenbolone form, there is an important note; if you have never supplemented with Trenbolone before your first time must not be with Trenbolone Enanthate. If you end up being a poor responder and you have Trenbolone Enanthate in your system, even after you discontinue use you will have to wait weeks before the side effects dissipate due to the large ester. If its your first time, only choose the Acetate version, and if you run into trouble you can discontinue and the side effects will fade away in a few days. If you supplement with the Acetate version and enjoy a positive response, your next go around and then and only then can you consider Trenbolone Enanthate
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    A country with only 36 Millions will never pollute it is extremely clear the carbon taxes is to pay for the Refugee and this is to replace you my brother
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    Have you emailed your rep? This sounds like an MCT oil allergic reaction
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    I would bump the tbol to 40 mg a day for 6 weeks. Also, take as little AI as needed. At 500 mg test a week I would start at 0.5 mg arimidex once a week, yes once a week. Only increase it if you are having high estrogen sides. It is better to have a little high estrogen than low. Stan Efferding actually says not to take any AI at all because it hinders your gains in muscle and strength.
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    Hi all, I was turned on to Northern Lifters and advised this might be a good place for me to branch out to. I was naturally a bit disappointed to come here and see a number of things said about me that I don't believe to be true. Now, I don't know who you are, Afflicted, and I''m not one to make things personal, but I will address them one by one: 1. "Been there since october with one bloodwork posted and yet they are a verified lab now ya right lol. This is true! I have only been on SST since October. I do have more than customer who has posted bloodwork, but so far all bloods are only for Test E or Tren. I agree that more would be nice, that's why I offer an incentive for users to post bloods. I require that they show the date on the paperwork. If you have any more advice on how I can ensure that only legitimate reviews are posted, I will gladly take that into consideration. I only want honest reviews. 2. "They use shit packaging and toppers" How have you come to this conclusion? I use West Superior Flip Offs on top of proper stoppers. What about those do you feel are shit? And packaging? I disagree. I do purport myself to be "no frills"" presentation, but that has to do with labels and graphics. I should really call it "no nonsense". Please, if you have constructive criticism about how I can package my products better, I'd gladly take it into consideration. 3. "and I know for a fact their brewing practices are sub par, they don't even use a flow hood!" I'm afraid you must have me confused with another lab at this point. Where are you getting your information? I have great equipment, I simply don't have a pill press. I think that's the biggest difference between myself and more established labs. It's also something I'm not urgently looking to change as, with your intimate knowledge of sources, you know that they attract a lot of attention these days. 4. "They also tried to scam my buddy selling him fake black tops until my buddy called them out." Nope, but this might be your closest claim to date. I did in fact have a user inquiring about my HGH products after my transition from Meditrope Black Tops to another popular Black Top GH product. We're talking down to the same week that I restocked. Now, not only did I not provide payment instructions, but I actually advised him to go onto a very popular board where the original source of Meditrope products resides to research the product. Not only did I advise him of where to find information, but I even advised him about the custom tops and batch numbers. I had not even OPENED this new shipment of GH yet. This is somewhat my mistake, but I was *extremely* clear with him that I would not ship anything that was not as advertised, and I think we settled that with mutual satisfaction. Since then I've sold out of that GH with no confusion as to its branding (very popular, sourced by many large American operations). Further, I've restocked Meditrope Mauve Tops, and even emailed your friend directly in advance so that he might have first bid on them, as a bit of an apology for his disappointment earlier. Let me know if you'd be interested in purchasing some, though they're almost out of stock again. 5. "They don't even give out tracking ffs" Again, not true. I did make a post specifically saying that I would not send out tracking as a default with every order. In the past, after receiving an order, I'd ship the order the same or next business day and, without being asked, supply the tracking number for each parcel to each respective client. I only ceased my unwritten policy of defaulting to sending it. Now usually I still just send it, especially on a "slow" day, but under no circumstances does a client get told "no" if they ask for their tracking. I actually think my service here is above bar, as historically I haven't had sources send me tracking by default, but it's been a long time since I've been in the ordering game myself so I understand if times have changed and you think that customers having to request their tracking is unreasonable. Onto the next one: 1. I suppose this is true, anyone can make and add multiple accounts, but I do believe the moderators would probably become privvy to this fairly quickly, as they did with another popular Canadian source over on another major US board (can I say board names?). Anyways, I'm not here for a hit and run, I run no shill accounts, nor do I need to. I believe most of the posters who have commented in my thread and left reviews have well-known names, but unfortunately I suspect you'll always claim shill despite the fact that, once again, you claimed above I only have 1 or 2 reviews? Oof this is big one. 1. "I know about the brewing because I know a mod from there quite well who discussed his application with me." Care to say which one? I have a feeling this isn't true! Again, I'm sure you're a nice fellow who perhaps is confusing SST with another board. Maybe you don't remember who the moderators are, but we could certainly test this. Let's both email the SST modmail with your claim, they can respond via the modmail to conceal the identity of the moderator whom you spoke to, and confirm that any of them know who you are or speak about applications. I would love to see how this pans out. 2. "He doesn't use geometric dilution or an ungator for his orals." I don't use geometric dilution? How'd you catch me on this one? Did you watch me mix my last batch of Aromasin? OR did I put in my SST application that "Hey guys I don't use geometric dilution but I'm doing my best!". You are however correct I don't have an unguator (is this the word you mean to use?). I have a V-mixer. Different type of equipment, similar end goal. 3. "He definitely has not invested in a calibrated digital dispenser for filling, no autoclave, no flow hood, and uses cheap vials and stoppers." *Citation needed* 4. Re: GH. Post the emails my man! Like I said, I was very disappointed as well that when I ran out of the Meditropes I failed to keep track of stock. I thought I had some left and I was wrong. I didn't send payment information to your friend, and directed him to the proper forum to find more information. There was *definitely* no attempt to scam him here. I'd appreciate if you posted the emails in full because it's candid. I'd like people to see how I present myself when I've made a mistake. What I don't do, though, is lie. What I don't do, though, is conceal the true account of events. I can understand if this interaction got misconstrued, I would even understand your apprehension afterwards, but I think our closing emails at the time were very much friendly and I like to think there was a mutual understanding. Maybe he can chime in? 5. I can't comment on the reviews, man. You think multiple sources on a board pay a guy named King of Carbz to hype them all up? I don't know. I'm too cheap for nice vials but you think I'm paying shills to say my Tren is good to go. I do think you're being candid here regarding the GH. I think the way that could have been communicated between yourself and your friend may have not told the full story. I understand the disappointment, I was good on the Meditrope Black's for 20-40 kits at a time, and then my "connection" there begin to fail on me. The generics I brought in are very good, but you're right, I prefer the name brand recognition that TheProvider's products bring. That's why I've worked to establish a new connection here, that's why I've brought in the Meditrope Mauve Tops. Just a head's up, though, they're all Chinese. I think your last line about that makes it a bit confusing. Anyways, I hope that clears some things up. I apologize if I've stepped on any toes in coming here, but I think it's a bit unfair to see my name being wrongly disparaged. @Affliction I do invite you to take me up on that offer regarding your friendship with the SST moderators. I've been speaking with a few of them quite candidly the last couple of weeks and I think they'd be happy to clear up what equipment I've shown in my application, whether it's the fume hood, dispenser, v-mixer, autoclave, UV well, or otherwise. I'd be happy to continue this conversation and others. I hope that over time you can perhaps come to find I'm not the guy you think I am, nor do I neglect my operation the way you've claimed.
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    Here is some food for thought i don’t care if it’s the most expensive lab or the cheapest its all cheap!!!!!!! Fellas 20 years ago you didn’t have a shopping list and have every AAS, Serms etc available. You bought what your dealer had when he had it and paid dearly for it. here some common prices from back in the day...oh ya keep in mind 20 years ago $100 was a lot more than 100 today 30ml Upjohn winstrol $375 5mg Russian dbol $1 a tab Sustanon 20-25 an amp Brovel Deca $200-300 50ml jug of Ganabol (50mg/ml Equipoise) $350 Be happy what you have available to you today it’s never been better
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    I am running these three compounds right now. Test Cyp 1200 mg, mast E 400 mg, and tren E 200 mg a week. Feeling good so far. It is the highest I have ever ran test and my first time with tren, trying to see how much strength gains I can get out of it before nationals and then have a plan for worlds.
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    Nothing more rewarding than giving back! I coach hockey, and raise money for cancer research (I’m a cancer survivor). Great Job! I know it can be exhausting but worth every minute!
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    Personally I find if u were to bulk vs cut vs recomp ur dosages should be the same. Id say to cruise at 150-200mg/week for most people..and when U blast if U were to run test alone id say ramp up to 750-1000mg/week over 4-6 weeks. Hold at max dose for 16-20 weeks or until bloodwork begins to deteriorate. Keep an eye on hematocrit. As for myself I cruise at 250-400mg/week and if i were to blast test only id go 1250-2500mg/week. But I find a 2nd compound works wonders....no matter what it is. Even at low dose. If using a 2nd compound id lower my test from 2500mg/wk test to maybe 1000-1500mg/wk test + 500-750mg/wk masteron e or 250-350mg/wk tren ace or 300-600mg/wk NPP etc I'm on a cut emphasized recomp right now and the last 6 weeks I did test only for a short time to prep for adding tren and masteron. I ran 1250mg/wk but wouldve gone around 2g/wk if i wasnt trying to stay lower on the test bc i had originally planned to drop my test super low when I added the tren and mast.
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    Just did 1050mg of sust in my side delt a few hours ago. Most ive done was 2750mg (two full cannons both in my left quad bc I didnt have anywhere left to inject from all my previous injections) Was going on vacation for 10 days so haf to load up.
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    I hope you have a decent amount of experiences with tren to run an enanthate ester at 600. Also I think trest at that dose is too low. I'd prefer a little proviron/winstrol combo. But I'd also argue, as I've seen your other thread - bring your weight down naturally first before jumping into harsh compounds.
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    It's hard to see from the outside. I can't see any issues on that forum with there brewing process. Did it happen on the previous board? He claims to have have been selling his GH from the provider and another source. How did he try to fake it to your friend? Seems like he has one bloodwork posted there from a guy with next to no posts, then a recent one from a guy with quite a few, as well as a few amount of anecdotal reviews from members with more posts as well. Just trying to get the whole picture. Seems like every board has their own agenda and pushes one lab or the other. Pretty easy to see which vets on boards are inclined to push one brand, especially confusing when they happen to be vets/admins on multiple boards with different agendas. Not saying that's you, but I don't see how saying you can create multiple accounts there is a useful point, as anyone can do that on every forum.
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    Not ideal but just take Test e or C 1500 mg the day you leave or the day before. It will slowly dissipate but should get you through until you are home. By the third week it will be like 150-200 mg of test in your system that week.
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    If you know your normal dosage range and how you're body reacts....so your 'sweet spot', doing it self TRT is fine (yet not ideal). One of the major things I'd do for self TRT if not getting all the bloodwork would be to regularly donate blood, as that's one thing you don't want to get too high/thick. Just lie on the survey and say you didn't inject anything etc. Even blood full of test is fine for patients, won't interfere or have a negative response.
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