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    People online are starting to charge $3 a pound for plates. Ridiculous! And yet there are still good folks around. Picked up this Bodysolid ab/back machine for free.
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    Snowflakes running the show.... good grief.
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    Never used it but from a type-1 diabetic's perspective, it looks like a BS supplement. One clinical trial showed that Irvingia gabonesis improved the patient’s fasting blood glucose by 32.3%! Even more impressive, the participants given Irvingia gabonesis also saw a 5% decrease in waist circumference [3]. Funny, improved glucose by 32.3%? What the frick does that mean? Also funny, there is no footnote on the page for the citation [3] so there is no way to find out the actual wording of the study. IMO save your $$$ for real gear.
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    This was a good choice for 88 , I hope some of the senior members got through to this kid , you can do this lifestyle for a very long time if you do it right , take good advice and respect your health follow all the warning signs that come with it , But on the other side of done wrong with no consideration for your health and careless use of these drugs your run in this lifestyle can be very very short lived .
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    Yeah, I honestly think the best advice this guy could get is to drop the gear entirely, lose a lot of fat (easily 30+% bf right now) and train natty while getting nutrition in order. You're trying to put premium grade fuel in a used car you have yet to restore my man
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    Some TV if your interested is the Boondocks been watching that. It’s super hilarious. Pretty over the top. Think 3 or 4 seasons?
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    You for one need to choose better labs please research as I said browse our review section , I’m not judging here but you shouldn’t have your wife using gear just for libido these are serious hormones not to be taken lightly .
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    buy a standard black and decker jig saw - $50 buy amazon jigsaw massage adapter for $30 i have one, and it works like a fuckin' charm and my wife LOVES me pounding her ass
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    If the gyms close, I'm gonna get my daily exercise beating on TP hoarders...
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    Thank you for such positive feedback ! It’s our goal to provide you great customer service and top quality products at a fair price ! BT thanks you for your support hope we can serve you in the future !
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    I posted my order photos not too long ago, but its been a few weeks since I've been using the tren, anavar, and Stanalone. Im currently in a caloric deficit and training powerlifting. My strength is aggressively rising and I'm getting leaner at the same time. Yes, my diet is on point, but these drugs are making a huge difference. I was sitting at 240 on the dot, morning weight post pee. Im down to 233 morning weight, looking larger and leaner than before. Test is at TRT dose. Tren 400mg/week, anavar 50mg per day, stanalone 40 mg/day.
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    Why not get on TRT? If you are done with kids there is nothing stopping you. If you don't want to go the doctor route just cruise on 200mg of test a week to give yourself a break. Maintain a good diet and proper training you won't lose much size /strength.
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    Did you really just ask that question brother lol
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    It’s good to see you still grinding away big guy. Dedication!
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    This works for solid core work. We used to do bag body throws, shoulder carries, walking lunges with either heavy boxing bags or smaller sand bags when I was doing grappling. Although at this time of year, you would have to fill them with Canadian beach sand...ie; snow lol.
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    Brother I’ve been following this and for the money you are spending on test kits and other fixes , just go to janoshik and be done with it and have accurate verification. Best way to ease concerns.
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    did we just become best friends? in all seriousness, ur spot on. i think we are more alike than different . anyway, i did in fact revert to 200 test weekly and 25 proviron ED. the gym closings are definitely impacting my gains because i have absolutely no gym equipment at home ... so been feeling a little flat lately and missing that pump...all i can do is lift heavy objects and push ups / sit ups but they are atleast making me retain my current muscle while i slowly harden up... abs are starting to outline a bit more but nothing crazy yet..
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    Lol, I‘m starting to like 88. He’s egotistical, reckless, possibly psychotic and does whatever he thinks is necessary to achieve his goals. (Reminds me ... of a 20 year old me. What a dick that guy was). Yeah, I know a bit about how to build a physique in short time that turns heads. And I’d happily share what worked for me with 88 or anyone looking to get jacked with health as a priority. I went from 240 fat down 160 skinny and back up to 220 shredded in 4 years and 4 cycles and I believe anyone dedicated to the lifestyle can too. I for one am using this quarantine as a reason to work even harder. When the gyms reopen I wanna hear them say “what the fuck bro!”
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    That’s actually really good to hear. Kids got heart and very tenacious. Have no doubt if he does things right he’ll get them gains... and live passed 40 too.
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    Nice. I just got my hands on a clean version as well, so its on the list to watch now. A good way to kill two hours at least outside of all the anime I have been watching lol. Grab "Uncut Gems" if you have not seen it. Solid solid movie.
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    Ouch. I believe 88 has dropped down to TRT/Cruise levels for now pending his upcoming fat loss protocol. He is slowly getting things figured out after a tonne of recommendations (yes, most of which he took exception to) were offered, but I think some of it has gotten through. Hopefully. In theory.
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    Amazon is having a rough time. Random note, did you happen to catch the video of CBUM squatting his sofa?
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    Idiocracy, Clockwork Orange, and for a new release you should be able to grab Rise of Skywalker and Bloodshot torr...t as of now.
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    What a cool companion you have there! He looks in great shape.
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    The Pacifier with Vin Diesel. So funny My favorite part was Vin Diesel in the shower
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    Death to Smoochy was really good. I remember Safety not Guaranteed being a bit of a slow starter but I have a huge crush on Aubrey Plaza so that kept my attention.
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    One I always think of that when it came out everyone paned it. Critics hated it. Was Death To Smoochy. With Danny deVito and Edward Norton. It’s super dark humour. Totally twisted. It’s fucking great if you’ve never seen it. (If you’re into that kind of thing...)
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    I missed that with the date codes , brother with oils ideally look at it this way when the gear is cooked it is sterile along with some of the additives put in it to further sterilize it I don’t know what they used but oils in general for human consumption which is used in gear nothing magical there can become rancid over time and you don’t know how it was stored , if the gear was in direct sunlight or a warm area over time it will spoil and go rancid faster. Properly stored gear can last for about 2 years if conditions are ideal I’ve seen guys push it a touch longer but I wouldn’t do it , if I were you I wouldn’t be pinning that . I’d toss that in the garbage.
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    Wow, little cutie in the first pic and grew into a handsome boy.
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    Ty for your input. I was just saying that my diet was def not helping my LDL lebvels. I have been off the tren now for 2 weeks and am half dosing my test. My diet has changed as I am now consuming carbs and fruits and veggies. I have not heard from Dr yet to discuss my test results and future plans.
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    In all honesty my friend - excuse my brashness.. but unless you have ZERO clue in terms of what you're doing with your fat consumption then that could certainly contribute to it. BUT, and this isn't simply in regards to you but A LOT of people who use PEDs, will blame everything BUT the PEDs. Both test and ESPECIALLY Tren are notorious for raising LDL. So normally I'd suggest using any natural supplementation that can help in that area... to mitigate things. Personally, I'd get off the tren 100%, 1/2 your test dose and go see a doctor.
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    Why not send samples janoshik ? And get a definite answer.
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    It’s rare I use an anti-e but I always have it on hand better to be safe than sorry.
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    The thing with a lot of these is that they're $600+ and there's no return warranty on them. Literally if you buy it you can't return it. I'm not about to drop money on shit I can't even try to see if it's worth it. There's knock-offs on Aliexpress that I've heard are "good" and run around $200 CAD landed.
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    I second this. Last year I took break and cruised on 180mg test a week. The first cycle I did after, I kept the test at 180mg and ran 500mg Deca with a bit of d-bol pre-workout. I felt great and had very few sides other than a bit of oily skin.
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    I've ordered here in the past month, it seems it's not Jax the usual rep anymore and yes they take awhile - also some new packaging, for the orals at least.
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    A little more time might be a good idea just in case your are seeing some strange rebound effect or something from the adex. If time does not balance it out I would recommend 25-50mg of Proviron but if I recall you are not a fan of DHT based items. Aromasin at a low dose might also be something to try. Adex and Letro killed me in the past but I found with Aro I felt pretty good during my fertility recovery stint both when still on TRT and even when I came off fully.
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    You could try using nolvadex. I do not have experience with anadrol, however anadrol does not aromatize. The high estrogenic side effects come from the fact that it binds directly to some estrogen receptors. Therefore i dont know if using SERMs would mitigate this effect. I dont think using an AI would be good because your problem is not from high estrogen (anadrol doesnt convert to estrogen). Taking an AI would throw your estrogen way off. If you worry about high blood pressure i would just stop using compounds that produce a lot of water retention or at least limit doses. Hope this helps.
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    It looks like you don't even lift? .
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    Don’t beat yourself up see what I did there lol
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    Why not try aromasin instead of arimidex it’s so easy to mess up with arimidex and it’s harsh , why not try 12.5mg of aromasin eod or just shot days and adjust accordingly I think you will be happier.
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    Test prop 100mg daily , mast prop 100mg daily, Anavar 50mg daily 6 weeks , t3 20mcg daily adjust Accordingly, clen 20mcg adjust to tolerance, hcg 250iu 2xwk and solid diet !
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    test / tren / superdrol 400 tren 200 test 10mg superdrol /thread.
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    The best cycle would be one with focus. Either size or cutting. Not both. The drugs really don't impact it much, it's all diet. You can cut on test deca and dbol and you can bulk on test mast and tren.
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    Brother that’s a really dirty bulk , and you aren’t nearly on as much gear as he is , watch some of Seth Feroce YouTube vids he talks about nutrition and what it takes to get big.
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    Hello! If you'd like to have something tested, just email me at [email protected] and let me know what would you be interested in sending, which country would you be sending it from and we'll sort the details out. If you have any questions, feel free to email me and ask, or ask here. - Jano
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