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    Just sayin.... an auction is way more fun when you put your bids in $10 a turn or if you're @Jetpilot..... $10 and a bj....lol. There is a lot more action that way. Honestly, don't inflate the pot by $150 then walk away. You make a bid like that, you're chasing it till the end. Just my 2 cents. And I'm saying that as the guy who's won 2 auctions; vortex and guardian.
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    Don’t take offence on how quick I handle things I’ve handled multiple things today it’s to keep our board running smooth and weed out the bad , I treat each and every one Of the the members on this board like family. But don’t mistake my kindness for weakness because that can change on drop of a dime. When it comes to the board.
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    @eightyeight14 may I make a suggestion and it may make you think, Why don’t you drop the Tren I know sounds crazy right Here comes the but add primo-e in its place with give you the muscle sparing benefits with slow steady gains even in a caloric deficit , None of the issues with tren with your sex drive up and down along with the other Tren issues that you need to be on top of. Ramp your protein up to 200-210 grams per day , wake up in the middle of the night to get protein in if you have to. Btw primo works wonders for sex drive.
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    Wise choice sir actually the smartest thing I’ve ever heard you say
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    Hello NorthernLifters. Here is our Auction. 3 x Test-e 400 , 3 x EQ , 2 x Tren-e , 2 x Dbol and 1x Aromisan . Bidding Starts at $100.00 Auction runs Until June 30 at 9pm Atlantic time.
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    1 to 1.5 grams of protein for every one pound of body weight especially when cutting ! That’s the way I do it and I peel it off and that’s without DNP and trust me if you seen my family I’m not genetically gifted.
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    I have children that’s how I know how to handle you
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    I’m senior staff you didn’t think you could sneak that by did you ? I will tell you you are going to get flamed and poked at for the name change as I said it is frowned upon , I like you kid you have spunk don’t make me regret it. You bring character and a bit of entertainment, Don’t make me ban you. I’ll leave it at that. Carry on.
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    Because you are 88 don’t ask me how I know but multiple names are frowned upon in this community and you can never build reputation and status by starting over. Btw I’m over 40 and wise.
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    Everybody knows that it's much more important to get your nails done than go to a gym.
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    GoodLife issued a statement that they can't move forward with the dates they communicated earlier as they haven't gotten the go ahead from the government in Ontario. I'm sure every other gym advertising reopening was piggy backing off GoodLife intel. Hopefully we get more info soon.
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    Guys can we settle this down you both have your personal views move forward from this , I don’t want to have to play heavy handed and scold you tonight I’m trying to play the gentle approach lately. In all seriousness tho guys separate and cool off before it gets out of hand.
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    They are still waiting on approval. Hard to say if they will allow it then. Govt is slowly going to open things like it did with phase 2, but they haven't announced exactly when yet. I'm pragmatic and won't get my hopes up until its announced by Ford that phase 3 is in effect
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    Careful 88 You tend to push it trust this old dog now and then this stuff is serious.
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    LMAO. Just a note, with DNP, carbs = heat. I hope you are taking my advice for some added safety supps. I did see the note about the Benadryl. FYI, the other reason people will tend to dose lower for about a week the first go, is you dont know this product and how accurate the dosing is. It could be spot on 200 each, it could be +/-100mg. Just be careful. You don't really get a do over with DNP.
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    Things that make you go HMMMM.
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    I would say take some time and read the threads on DNP and how/why it works. There is so much anecdotal evidence and you have to ignore that and look into what it truly does. It can be very potent, very effective and potentially very deadly. Based on your statement on being impulsive and your habit of jumping the gun a bit or impulsively altering your dosages, I would avoid DNP. Your health is more important than dropping weight in that way, buddy. We want to see you succeed and survive! Trust me, people can easily go too deep into DNP and over do it. Just keep at it, patience can be a challenge but just focus on what you want and remember that results are not immediate.
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    Think you missed the point on that one
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    I'm going to say UGL. Few things - in Canada there isn't a company called novopharm that is licensed to produce Tamoxifen. I'm 99% sure only Apotex, AstraZeneca and Teva produce and distribute Tamoxifen in Canada - if it were Canadian there would be French on the label - not really seeing a novopharm registered anywhere to produce Tamoxifen at least not in any English speaking countries - you'll be very hard pressed to find a pharmaceutical company distributing a daily medication in a 50 tablet bottle. Single use medicines like sedatives and such might come in a 50 from the distributor but something like Tamoxifen which is taken daily for months would come in a 100+ bottle for the pharmacies to count and repackage. Like the middle eastern anadrol that floats around it comes in like a 500 tablet bottle and why you get a ziplock bag when ordering from a source, same with all the dyazide again comes in a 1000 tablet bottle. That or you'd have blisters which you see for finasteride, estrogen, etc a lot. Brand name nolvadex comes in a 30 tablet blister, Teva and Apotex come in 100, 250 and 500 tablet bottles. - all pharm grade will have a DIN and ATC on it that you can look up on their website
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    I agree with @BodyTechPharma he is on the mark for that suggestion. You would notice a shift from switching Tren to Primo, both ibln your sex drive and most likely your aggression. Save the extra steps like thermogenics and other burners until you hit a plateau. Less is more, Brother. Don't up doses and throw in everything and the Kitchen sink when you get frustrated. Its amazing how little you really need if you plan it right! And Facebook tough guys are always all talk, don't even bother with them. Its like playing chess with a chicken, In the end they shit everywhere and still strut around like they won.
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    Keep going until your mid section is lean. Don't worry about getting small for now.
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    Thanks for your positive review it’s always nice to see when a client is happy with our product and service . It lets us know we are doing our job, I’m glad you are happy enjoy your run , We are here anytime you need us even just to answer your questions.
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    @MaskedMisery done brother !
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    This for sure, if he posts up a picture not even shredded but at 10-12%, that'll be crazy progress. I'll be impressed not upset lol. I want to be proven wrong why would I give advice if I didn't want him to succeed.
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    I have to agree with @BodyTechPharma his overall synopses and his recommendations to talk to the vets is spot on. As well as @Ryujiin we do all cheer for you to succeed. The back and forth can be humorous and over the top popcorn worthy, but at the end of the day this is a brotherhood of meat heads trying to be bigger, stronger, look good naked and stay healthy as we do so.
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    I think we are all cheering for you to succeed man. More so in a healthy way. Looking forward too seeing the pics. I don't know about the pussy statement though...lol.
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    Again, prove me wrong. Post a picture shredded on July 4 like you said.
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    Kind of like their website.
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    Better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all , You have gained valuable experience.
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    Was your skin always that colour? Or is it the sun ? Or did this just come on ? Your response matters .
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    Its strange you're having that much of a negative reaction to protein. On DNP I have no issue with any food, other than the thermal effect being increased for some. You may have to dial it back. Protein is such a benefit while dieting.
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    Congrats Matho! Enjoy your products.
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    88 everything I have been reading and I’ve looked at all your posts you had a rough start here but you started to fall into a groove where there was no drama and I have to say @CapeBretonDadBod was very very tolerant with everything don’t get fired up and slide backwards earn your stripes and earn there respect and you will do well because you are determined and motivated.
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    The high bid right now is 400 by Matho
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    Please don't call cinnamon toast crunch a healthy treat. It's literally chemically processed garbage.. It's fine to have treats but remove the word healthy from pretty much anything you buy off a shelf.
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    This is highly not advised you need to wait atleast a week and let it build , it creeps up on you and this is not something you can build a tolerance less is more with this , this is a Fantastic but dangerous compound , I recommend give it a week at 200.
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    Goodlife gyms are open up in east coast, reduced hours. have to download app, book time, limit to. 1 hr workout, line up outside , go in. Mornings, noon, and after supper busy. Overall not too bad set-up. When I go, the gym it is pretty much empty. Walk in’s are permitted if people fail to show up within 15 mins or the gym is not over book. Sore as hell from working legs and chest.
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    Start lower it creeps up on you heed my warning . Slowly move up , I know we all joke with you 88 please be careful this stuff can kill you .
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    Yo are making progress, be patient. I tend to run T3 and Clen on 4 week cycles with a tight diet and can lose a layer of BF.
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    No you need to keep the doses low and SAFE , and scatter your days say 2 on 1 off 3 on 2 off , This is one of our products and I tell everyone they need to do their homework and respect it , this is something that feels like it’s not working and people up the dose then it hits them full force and that’s when you run into trouble.
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    Honestly you shouldn't be messing with estrogen if you don't have bloodwork. Yes really high estrogen can make it hard to lose fat but low estrogen can make it hard to lose fat as well. Shooting in the dark isn't the answer. You shouldn't focus on these little variables and instead look at the big picture. Losing fat takes time. We can argue whether you started at 30% or something lower, we can argue on the definition of shredded but regardless to go from where you were to where you want to be will take time. Just keep working. Once you get to 10-12% body fat youll be able to make better assessments on how things are impacting water retention, digestion, etc. At your body fat I'm not sure how you can tell what's water, gastric bloating or fat. You need to just keep dropping fat at this point and stop focusing on the details and trying to play with the small variables.
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    100g of proteins a day? Thats not enough man... you need at least 200. Also, I feel the peds are making you a bit too much aggrisive, tren as that effect on some people, just chill out man haha. Listen, it's very hard to lose muscle on tren, if you do lose muscle on it, its because your diet or your training is shit. Dont be paranoid about that man as many said, lose the fat, then start putting on the muscle. Your focus right now should not be to put on a ton of muscle with the extra weight you are carrying around, thats not gonna happen. On tren and test, you can put on muscle even if on a calorie deficit, just get your diet on track man.
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    In my experience using all of the above mentioned esters. Test suspension is great for peaking before a show or as a pre workout, as it gives and instant dose of testosterone, without (in my opinion) giving the body enough time to compensate with estrogen to hold onto water. I’m not the smartest dude in the world so I hope that makes sense. with longer ester test, the drug is being released a lot slower, giving estrogen time to ramp up as the test is ramping up. Test suspension, giving used properly will provide a more full, dry and lean look compared to let’s say Sustanon, which carries many longer esters. for me, when I use suspension, I can see a dramatic change the next day or 2 without holding onto water. The same can be said using NPP compared to deca. this is all based on my personal experiences
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    You need to lose the fat man, trust me, you may think you dont have much, but you always have to double what you think you need to lose. For example, I lost 30 pounds during this covid shit, I thought by losing 15 pounds Id be shredded but lol, you always need to loose much more than you think. What I would do if I were you is either cut more calories or do more cardio. What works for me is taking a walk everyday for 30 minutes after my workouts. Also you are on tren right now so you can go pretty low with the calories without loosing any muscles since tren is anti-catabolic. Cut the 48hours fasting also man, its not necessary, just eat less and leaner source of proteins. As @CapeBretonDadBod said, aim for 1g of protein per lbs of bodyweight, and fill in the rest with carbs/fats, however you like it. Lost 30 pounds on 2000 calories in about 3 months here, so you can do it man dont give up
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    You guys need to try madol
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    I like eq between 750-1000 mg during summer with 200-400 test. It’s great with masteron. Never had bad sides other than being a bigger asshole than usual. edit.. just started 750 eq with 200 test, 600 primo. In ten weeks I’ll swap primo for masteron (4-600mg) and increase test to 400mg and eq to 1000mg.
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    Second vote for either 5-10mg VAR or, a SARM as mentioned above. I have an ex who did amazing things on 5mg var, but 10mg was too much (she is Italian) and turned straight up mob boss at 10mg.
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    Honestly the best thing for me was decreasing my carb intake.
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