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    This is why they are here. When they approached us, their level of professionalism was second to none and I think Canada needs this
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    first off, no one gives a shit if you been around for 20+ years you clown. If you had been around for that long then you wouldn't of been caught trying to slander a lab(deus pharma) while simultaneously boasting up your lab that you rep for(genetec) . You recollect that you asshat? If you been in the game long enough which it doesn't seem like it,then you are well aware that a vial of test barely costs $3 . You are probably upset because being a 3rd tier rep,you will not be making a dime anymore selling your $50 vial of test. Forget being in the game for 20 years,it doesn't seem like you can read, you see his thread?it said a sale,introduction price. People do sales all day. So maybe you ought to shut the fuck up and learn to read prior to second Mr. I been here 20+ years . You been gone for quite some time but come back just to vent about how upset you are about a labs pricing? this board runs without your opinion . A lab is free to do what they want,its their product and they are free to conduct business the way they want to. They paid a fee to advertise and that is exactly what Medicus will do. You are nothing but a man child,coming here to throw a temper tantrum. We let your stupid ass step down with dignity rather than telling everyone publicly that you got caught with your pants down slandering a lab while promoting genetec. No one will delete your post,matter in fact, i want it to stay here so everyone can see how you are not just plain stupid but also illiterate . I also would prefer everyone to now know that you got caught red handed but the admins didn't make a scene about it but I personally do not give a shit about you because people like you are useless to the scene. Does Taureau know that before you were a mod there that you use to call him a scammer? Funny, you think your word should mean something?
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    @3ml In the first couple of sentences they say "introductory prices" and "prices are temporary". To me it sounds like they're just starting out and trying to get some customers, not start a price war. I'm sure once they're around for a bit, prices will be comparable to other labs.
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    Tribulus Terrestris isn't far away from being a "super" herb, but what does it have to do with bodybuilding and health? Why is everyone talking about Tribulus? In bodybuilding, Tribulus is used for its testosterone enhancing properties above anything else, and you'll be pleased to hear that Tribulus Terrestris is NOT a hormone! It raises the level of luteinizing hormones (LH) in your system, which in turn signals your testicles to produce more testosterone. LH is produced by the pituitary gland and it helps to regulate natural testosterone production and serum levels. Since it is neutral and useful, Tribulus is frequently stacked with prohormone supplements, particularly those containing DHEA, to maximize results. Stacking the two supplements boosts the hormone effect of DHEA, and it also detoxifies the kidneys and urinary tract. Tribulus has been used since the late '70's in Eastern Europe, and it has long been the secret weapon of bodybuilders in Bulgaria. It is the strongest all-natural herbal alternative to synthetic anabolic hormones. Commonly known as puncture vine or Caltrop fruit, Tribulus is grown in various parts of the world, particularly North and South America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The plant is a weed with burrs that look like goats' heads. It has been used for centuries in Europe for hormone deficiencies in men and women. It has also been used as a traditional remedy to treat sexual dysfunction and male infertility, before improvements in scientific extraction methods allowed detection of its active ingredient called protodioscin. A great deal of Tribulus research has been carried out, and every one has shown positive benefits of using it as a supplement. It has nearly no side effects – about one in ten people have linked it with gastrointestinal upsets. Most of this research was done in Eastern Europe in association with a Bulgarian company called Sopharma. One study assessing hormonal reactions used fit persons taking 750 mg/day of Tribulus Terrestris. It discovered a 72% increase in LH in males. Studies on laboratory animals have shown that besides enhancing male sexual function, Tribulus also has other benefits: Decreases cholesterol levels Lessens triglycerides Has antioxidant properties Diminishes serum glucose levels Helps treat hypertension Tribulus has increased in popularity in the past decade as a general tonic for male power athletes and bodybuilders who try to build muscle by escalating testosterone production. Because it boosts testosterone levels, but they stay within average ranges, it is a useful supplement for athletes in danger of over training syndrome and for persons on extended low-calorie diets. It is also a safe and natural alternative to anabolic steroids. The benefits for the bodybuilder are muscle cell growth and improved body strength, as well as quicker healing and recovery from muscular stress, because testosterone helps protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance. If you are trying to get off steroids, Tribulus can help because it will jump-start your body's natural testosterone production back to normal levels, thus eliminating the usual losses in mass and strength. Studies have shown over 50% increase in testosterone levels when Tribulus is taken. Since Tribulus is not a hormone supplement, it works within the body's natural limits, helping you attain muscle and strength. In a study done with 20 males and females, 75% of the participants had increased stamina, 80% had increased libido and sexual performance, and 95% of the females reported no PMS symptoms. Given the typical western diet where the liver is overloaded with sugar and fat, Tribulus is particularly useful. It quickens the bile flow and breakdown of fats in the liver, contributing to a more regular bowel pattern. It can also counteract the narrowing of blood vessels caused by caffeine and nicotine. It has been used for centuries by the Chinese to calm the liver, treat headaches, dizziness and premature ejaculation. It has also been used for the treatment of kidney and cardiovascular diseases. A Solution to Male Impotence Increasing numbers of scientific studies have established that herbs can assist impotent men, though these medicinal plants are frequently dismissed as useless. Tribulus is one of the most popular herbs available on the market at present, and more than nine clinical studies done by six universities and academic hospitals on its purified active ingredient protodioscin have confirmed its valuable effect. Tribulus Terrestris For Female Libido Feminine sexual complaints keep swelling, and a lot of women do not have strong, powerful sex drives. Many women feel responsible for their reduced sex drives, but this couldn't be further from reality. Chemical imbalances are what really stop you from getting stimulated and taking pleasure in sex. Tribulus Terrestris can be used to correct this. Tribulus is the secure, gentle way to find or to re-ignite the longing, the thrill and the responses that make sex amazing and gratifying. Touted as the sexual vitality booster for women with all the benefits men have had access to for years, Tribulus is sometimes hailed the "female Viagra." Tribulus Terrestris is a wonder herb, beneficial to males and females in several ways. Consult your physician, then use it as a supplement, and let it work miracles for you.
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    I’m not laughing at your body. I’m laughing at how ignorant you are for not listening to the truth pal. You said you’re 18% bf. I said you’re not and others have advice as well, and good advice at that. You didn’t like that so now you start attacking and telling all they are full of it. You posted this so you’re going to get criticism, it comes with the territory, Some may be bad and some good, you have to get used to it. There’s a lot of guys here with years on you I’m going to lock this thread and let it cool off for a bit, not going to get into this with someone who doesn’t want to listen or let everyone argue back and forth, we are not here for that. You had legit replies for the first few. Then it spiraled, so as a mod I won’t let us as well as yourself get into an argument over nonsense, that’s not why we’re here mate. I’ll unlock this in a few days and hopefully it’s all good by then. Good luck on your run.
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    Here I go with my review of the good folks at MedicusResearch. The communication so far has been fantastic. All of my questions and concerns were well met. I don’t need to say anything about the pricing... we all know it’s stellar. As soon as I sent the funds I was given a tracking number! I love it. i ordered 5x test cyp, 5x t400, 2x anavar and 5x proviron. as soon as the goods arrive I’ll include pics and an update. If the quality match’s the customer service I’ve received so far I’ll know I’m in good hands.
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    I contacted my overseas supplier and asked the question. The email responses start from the bottom and replies ascend the page.
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    Greetings NothernLiftes, As a thank you to Northern Lifters and the fine members of this board, we will be offering introductory pricing. While these prices are temporary, it is a our way of saying thank you for taking a chance on us. We will always do our best to keep pricing, affordable as possible without sacrificing quality. We offer a flat rate of 20$ shipping anywhere in Canada via Canada post. Items will be shipped within 24 hours of payment. We will be accepting orders and payment via EMT without any required limit or dollar value. We understand you are taking a chance on us and we want to show our gratitude by building strong long lasting relationships with you all. Within the next week or so we will launch our user friendly online store but until then orders can be sent to our email address. You are able to reach us anytime at our email [email protected] or live chat found on our website Monday-Friday 10am-5pm PST @ Medicus Research Items will be made available for order Monday November 25th at 10am PST. Orders can be made by emailing [email protected], Please copy paste form below and fill out. We will respond to the email order was sent by with a total and payment information. Once again, orders will be shipping within 24 hours of receiving payment and tracking will be provided immediately. Please triple check address as we do no receive packages, so all items lost by template error will be unable to be resolved by us. If you have any questions please do no hesitate to contact us! We are here to help and will respond as soon as possible. Thanks, Jax @MedicusResearch Email : [email protected] Order Template (Copy paste into email and fill out): Name: Address Street number: Street name: City: Province: Postal code: Order: Product (10ml Vials - 50tab Oral Packets Testoviron (Testosterone Propionate) 100mg/ml Delatestryl (Testosterone Enanthate) 250mg/ml Depo-Testosterone (Cypionate) 250mg/ml Sustanon 250 (30mg propionate,60mg phenylpropionate,60mg isocaproate,100mg decanoate) 250mg/ml Delatestryl-400 (Testosterone Enanthate) 400mg/ml Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Deconoate) 300mg/ml Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) 300mg/ml Durabolin (NPP-Nadrolone Phyenylpropionate) 150mg/ml Finajet (Trenbolone Acetate) 100mg/ml Trenabol (Trenbolone Enanthate) 200mg/ml Ultra-Lean Blend (Testosterone Propionate50mg, Trenbolone Acetate 50mg, Masterone Propionate 50mg) Testobolan-450 Blend (Testostosterone 250mg, Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg) Materil (Masteron Propionate) 100mg/ml Materil-E (Masteron Enanthate) 200mg/ml Primobolan-Depot (Metenolone Enanthate) 100mg/ml 1-testosterone (DHB-Dihydroboldenone) 100mg/ml Ment - Trestalone Acetate 50mg/ml Anavar (Oxandrolone)25mg/tab Winstrol (Stanozolol)20mg/tab Turinabol (Coming Soon)20mg/tab Anadrol (Coming Soon)50mg/tab Dianabol (Methandrostenolone)20mg/tab Proviron (Mesterolone)20mg/tab Clenbuterol (Clenbuterol Hydrochloride)50mcg/tab Arimidex (Anastrozole)1mg/tab Aromasin (Exemestane)25mg/tab Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate)20mg/tab Femara (Letrozole)1.25mg/tab Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)50mg/tab HCG (Coming Soon)5000IU/vial Cialis (Coming Soon)20mg/tab Cardarine (GW-501516) 10mg/tab Ostarine (Coming Soon) MK2866 25mg/tab Ibutamoren -(MK677) 12.5mg/tab Ligandrol (LGD-4033) 5mg/tab
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    We apologize for any misunderstanding, it is not our intention to start a price war in the least. Hopefully we can clarify, our pricing was set to simply encourage people to try Medicus. This is a thank you to the members of the board, we will be doing the same with auctions in the near future and donating 100% of proceeds to the board as a thank you to them as well for welcoming us on. These prices are very temporary and we could not afford to take such a huge loss as we are, long term. Our website isnt completed yet, our lineup is partial and we are still working out the beginning kinks with our processes, so hopefully our pricing makes up for that, our temporary pricing! We hope you change your mind and give us a chance to show you this is not about pricing or starting problems for anyone nor would we ever cut corners, infact quite the opposite we have gone to extremes to insure the highest of quality. If you havnt already please read our about us thread as I feel it sums up our intentions, we truly have a passion for this industry and helping others. We've heard nothing but great things about the other labs on here and are honored to be working along side with them, not against them. thanks for your time and comments as we appreciate any dialog, Jax @MedicusResearch
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    The three partners: We are local west coasters based out of Victoria and Vancouver, two of us met while attending University at SFU for a biomedical degree and shortly thereafter met our other partner who was visiting Vancouver from Victoria training at our local Gym. It wasn’t long before we all realized we had a common passion for health care and the wellbeing of not just ourselves but others. Our one partner had suffered a head injury resulting in his pituitary gland not functioning as it should, and being 25 years of age he received little to no help from the medical system, even after 10 years. As we commiserated with our own woes of the medical system failures we had experienced, as well as a huge pushback as athletes for performance enhancing medicine, we decided to take our health, our performance and ultimately our freedom of choice into our own hands. This is when we started independent research into health/performance enhancing options, now, 10+ years later, between the three of us, we have achieved a bachelor of science (BSc) in biomedical physiology, a masters in biomedical sciences as well as bachelor of business. With this education, mixed with a desire to help others, it has brought us to the point we are at today, serving Canadians with a common goal for health, performance and a safe option to achieve those goals! If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask!
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    Had a bottle of bodytech dnp left over, never used it cause scooping dnp in your mouth and washing it down with water is never fun. feels like choking on dirt and it stains your teeth anyways bt rep reccomended I squish it between some candy, got some fruit roll up, they sell these sheets of fruit roll up now. Tore off a piece of the fruit roll up sheet and put the dnp ontop, folded it and it turned into a ball you just swallowed. bt dnp worked like a charm, 3 days, lost 8lbs. Probably can’t handle another day of dnp though so I’m going to call it quits. I took calcium pyruvate, 1500mgs every morning as well. Not sure if it did anything but I was recommended by someone to. also used some old sibutramine from bodytech had, which completely suppressed appetite all day until night. I found dnp works WAY better when you use one bolus dose instead of splitting it through the day. I took my dnp all in one go at the morning, most sides are gone by the middle of the night, so it doesn’t disturb sleep as much. anyways just giving credit where it’s due
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    Advice is kinda the main purpose of this forum. And you're being disingenuous, you DO 'get' it, you just don't want to take good advice. You don't want to accept the reality that you're too young, but mostly far too underdeveloped for AAS to make sense. Also, you don't want to suck it up and at the very least lean out significantly first so even your work ethic is also questionable. You're practically the poster child of who should NOT do AAS.
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    Ok man your smarter than us man you got us ! Enjoy your cycle .
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    It’s not letting me merge it in the thread I created, something going on with the merge it deletes itself lol, but I created a review thread and pinned it for @MedicusResearch. Hey @NorthernLifters can you merge the reviews from @funlog and @GainTrain in the new thread for me ? Thanks
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    Don’t want to sound like a dick but it’s how I roll so too bad, but you should be dropping another 15-20lbs of fat first before you start. Your estimate for bf% is way off. You’re no where close to the 18% that you think you are. I’d say you’re closer to 30-35%. And doesn’t even look like you lift man. Why don’t you instead of cutting corners to possibly screw your hormones up get in a good diet and lift like a mother then see where you’re at in another 4-6 months then decide to hop on a cycle.? Also no need to front load for a 500 run, plus us At your 200lbs you could do away with 20lbs of fat and then I’d start. Sorry for sounding like a dick dude. But anyhow good luck on your run since you’re committed already but keep that AI ready cause with your Bf% you’re estro will be high in no time. In fact I’d drop that letro and get some asin.
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    Hello! If you'd like to have something tested, just email me at [email protected] and let me know what would you be interested in sending, which country would you be sending it from and we'll sort the details out. If you have any questions, feel free to email me and ask, or ask here. - Jano
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    Been on Proviron for a few years. I actually reduced my weekly shot of Test because the Proviron was preventing the estrogen conversion
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    One of my degrees is in culinary arts, the study of which, strangely, runs the gamut from accounting practises to ice sculptures and everything inbetween. I was mentioning in chat this evening what I was cooking for the wife and I so I thought I would throw up some pics. Cooking also helps me to relax if I'm feling wound up or stressed. The full belly at the end sure doesn't hurt either lol... So the pictured dish is fairly simple but oh so tasty. pan seared then oven roasted boneless pork loin roast, oven roasted mini potatoes,and green/yellow beans with carrots, steamed over water with a splash of lime citrus and pink salt!. The potatoes and pork are seasoned with rosemary and thyme, salt and pepper and the pork is finished/served with a reduction of the pan juices, apple cider, shallot, skyr yogurt, and a small pat of butter for flavor and a nice sheen. The warm, happies, as my wife calls how your stomach feels, is the best relaxation tool ever, lol!
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    Up until new years, we will be offering free shipping on all orders over $150
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    It’s nice to see reviews rolling in , nice pics @GainTrain thanks for posting your experience, reviews like this really help members make an informed decision, also helps our new sponsors get exposure. Thanks man !
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    Touch down MedicusResearch!! Just to reiterate, my money was sent Sunday, goods in hand Tuesday. I must say I’m very, very impressed. Packaging was five star. Clearly TLC was put into shipping this to me.. and I loooove that! The goods look phenomenal. Orals and oils look fantastic! Here’s some pics to drool over. I’m very glad I chose MedicusResearch for this order. They will most certainly be handling my next order as well. Now, the taste test! I can’t wait to get some in me......(will update you all on quality soon enough) Big shoutout to the management for hosting amazing sources like MR. And thank you very much to the fine people at MedicusResearch. Keep doing what you do!
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    Got my order this AM, thanks guys! Maybe it's time to do a log! Thanks Jax and Medicus!
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    ya two hit the spot for me, i get benefits of both, sdrol is always strong so thats where the peak comes from, but, i used to love running tbol high its very unique, it gives very unique pumps and aggression, different than sdrol, so i find its nice together. Don't forget ppl use to do dbol + anadrol in the old days, i hate dbol. Even sdrol + anadrol works magically, but in the past when i did shit like that strength went way up too fast that i always would get injured. I like pulsing tdrol.. and i used to pulse 10mg sdrol... so its good enough for me... gives me the kick i need, nothing insane unless dosed higher but u dont have to do stupid crazy shit always. same with stanodrol i love it... but im a super responder to dht based drugs... i just need to not fuck up and injure myself
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    Man. That's some mad intro prices. Very tempting! Would love to see a review from someone here of the shipping/packing/initial impressions!
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    I had fantastic results off two pills a day.
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    What's recommended dosing for Tdrol? Thinking about ordering it... Sdrol recommendation is about 20mg ED and Tdrol I haven't really felt benefit from it until 50-60mg ED. How does the Tbol in this mix contribute?
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    Bro looks like an audition pic for magic mike ! Sorry man I had to , my honest opinion here man , work on your diet and train , you have a pretty high bf % I’d do just a trt dose get feeling better , you will start burning fat once your test level comes up , once you have your bodyfat reduced , the gear will start to shine and with lower bodyfat it reduces estrogen sides , I think you will be happier. You don’t want to run a blast until you learn your body, I recommend only one compound at a time, see how your body takes to each one. Then next time add another.
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    Just wait, this TDrol is going to be a massive hit - for powerlifters or bodybuilders. It fits everyone
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    For me, IF works, but only when combined with reduced caloric intake. Recommended reading:
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    Great read musclebeauty , did you see in the news that bodybuilding grannie that stopped the burglar in her home by beating him with a table
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    As much as I hate drama, he left the board for quite some time but comes back simply to come voice his opinion on pricing. Clearly he has no agenda Bottom line, a paid sponsor can do as they please. No member has a right to come and try to blast a sponsor. Especially someone who was previously biased towards an innocent lab while indirectly promoting one which he was affiliated with. With all due respect @3ml . You ruined your credibility by your actions. We simply took the high route and didn't want to create drama and did not say anything when you stepped down. But the staff here all wanted you banned for your mistreatment of deus pharma and clear favoritism of genetec. I posted url incase members wanted to verify what I said. We are about transparency and diplomacy but will not tolerate unnecessary drama created by people with agendas https://northernlifters.com/topic/1609-deus-pharmaceuticals/page/3/ @3ml
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    I been around AAS for 20+ years. if in fact these products are dose properly and have the correct hormone, your pricing structure is insane. What do you want to do ??? Start a price war with every lab. I’m sure there are several who can drown you out no problem. They could probably even operate at a loss for a short period of time just to snuff guys like you out. So let’s say a col labs say ok let’s take these guys out. Drop their pricing below yours, so what are you going to do ? Drop yours. It becomes a race to the bottom. Then there is a point where there is little to no profit. That’s when people start cutting corners. No thanks not interested in supporting a lab that thinks price is the most important thing.
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    I am definitely looking forward to the day you release one or both sir. Hopefully with an NL introductory price *wink wink*. I will say that Im sure if you stocked pre-capped 100 or 200mg DNP, you would not be able to keep it in stock.
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    Couple things to keep in mind with keto IMHO. Many people get a brain fog for the first few days of keto - this will pass, and some even say they feel better on keto after the adjustment period. Also, if you doing endurance training, be careful with electrolytes - have them handy. I was in full blown keto, feeling really good, and went out for a run. Because I was feeling good, I thought I'd go further than usual - bad decision. I was about 4k from home and hit a wall like I've never hit before in my life. There was NO WAY I could have even walked home - not a chance. The legs just stopped working and I was all woozy. Luckily I was running in a suburban area and was only about 100 meters from a drug store. I made it there and chugged about a litre of pedialyte (sp?). If I was running somewhere away from civilization, I'd have been screwed...
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    Belgium makes the best beers, chocolates and waffles. The Netherlands NEVER made good ones, their specialty: weed and genever
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    @MedicusResearchwelcome to the board. Product looks great. Look forward to giving it a try.
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    Agreed I always use a draw needle and change it out to the one I pin with goes in like butter.
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    Off topic, but back load my friend, a 28/29 needle will be very dull if you draw and shoot.
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    this is pretty well thought out, the only things I would suggest: - don't be so "for sure" on when you increase the dosage of compounds. Something I've been discussing with alot of my clients lately is strangling everything out of every variable before increasing them. Whether that be food intake, training volume, gear dosage, etc... Think of it as a tool to progression that you could potentially waste because you used it prematurely. So I'd only increase the test for example, if you hit a plateau in your training and nutrition - then use the additional testosterone as another means to push past. - I'm assuming the proviron is in there to increase free test? If so, I like it. - I think once you bump the test up, its not necessary to taper down. I'd just come off, let the test taper itself out of your system. Especially if running EQ at the end... and further to that: - I'd consider running EQ at the beginning as its the longest ester and in theory you'd want to run it for basically 12 weeks, cut it then its still going to be active while the test is active in your system. I Agree with the dose. - Great thinking on the AI.
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    Sorry perhaps I didn't make my own view points clear - I think the cancer accusations are drastically overstated and just like you showed (which is great by the way) its quite an extrapolation to compare. And its not something I am particularly concerned with. Every compound has a potential negative and we need to understand the risks... just like insulin, dnp, HGH, etc... I was more poking at the fact that those claims of cancer have not been shown on human trials. Or if they were I was unaware and perhaps he could have linked them lol
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    I'm not in this thread to back either side of this BP argument, but am I curious can you cite any studies that mention it to be carcinogenic in humans? As far as I was concerned it was discontinued from further development in 2007 when it was found to cause cancer in mice. In the limited human studies performed there were actually very little adverse reactions reported. I'm just looking for confirmation
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    Guys dial it back get back on topic or I’m going to start removing posting privileges. Get back on topic final warning, as well as @xSteazy please don’t publicly bash anyone on here , please keep personal feeling about MR. Doucette to yourself no matter what you think of him , we won’t have bashing take place here , we aren’t cjm , if want to be civil and take part in threads you are more than welcome. Very last chance !
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    Regarding orals, hyper tension is no joke, only oral id be opting for is fiber/cq10/fish oil, however, cardarine would be my choice, as ive found it can have positive effects on cholesterol. At that weight and bp i'd imagine your cholesterol to be funky. Just my two cents. Id avoid the endrocrine disruption of front loading in the future, im sure you have blood work checked but at 1200mg be interesting to see how much of that is converting to estrogen with a potential high estrogen issue causing BP, 1200mg is no joke, neither is 800 imo. Since you asked id suggest the following: 400mg test per week 400-500mg primo per week 20-30mg cardarine per day I know you've already started your cycle so obviously this isnt helpful but moving forward Prob a good idea to get health in check prior to starting what i'd call a heavy cycle and get the mindset off putting in an oral which will only exacerbate your preexisting issues
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    This is pretty cool and may be of value to some members. https://steroidcalc.com/
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    Could he not take , Folic Acid , Vitamin D , magnesium, potassium, CoQ10 , Fiber ,acetyl-L-carnitine, garlic , melatonin, Omega 3 fish oils and flaxseed , Anthocyanins , French maritime bark extract . I might be missing a few tho.
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    I don’t believe in fasted weight loss , I believe clean diet help of various Fatloss supplements and even fish oils and omegas help , I don’t believe in starving myself of nutrients , as mentioned before most times the rebound is very fast and you usually end up gaining more, @Corey5150 has a thread where he gives lots of good reasons against it. He’s the man to consult on this with his extensive experience with diet and competing .
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    I think more people need to read and understand the concept of insulin sensitivity/resistance and its role in metabolizing nutrients, as well as digestion.
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    Yep lol, she was close to a drug store once so I told her if she could swing by and get me some needles since I was almost out. She went to the same place I go normally and it was the same people, but they never asked her what it was for or anything really.. As soon as I come by and ask for the same thing I always have the : ''Is it for you?'' ''Whats is it for?'' and shit like that... They are biased as F***...
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    Had to add my latest experience to here. 1st of all customer service is killer! Product is the best ive tried. And ive tried REALLY good Canadian labs over the last 13 years. Other labs have been equal in quality with their test and/or tren or even most products but there was always one or two products from other labs that I suspected to be underdosed or mislabeled. With BT I've tried a lot of their line and had my people try even more...albeit not their entire lineup but never a complain. Literally. In 10 months..and ive blown thru a lot of juice this last month running test as high as 1400mg/week and mast as high as 1400mg/week also. Plus 100mg/day of Anavar and tbol. Winstrol..dht..cardarine..clen...t3...yohimbine..npp..tren ace...arimidex...aromasin...superdrol. And that's just my usage. But....With respect of being full disclosure and 100% honest. I just began their EQ (300mg/ml) and test cyp400 along with mast E. The eq and cyp400 both give the worst lumps and and PIP. ive ever encountered. Am I gunna stop? Fuck no. Bc it's good shit and I cant feel it working. Atleast the test...and mast..thx to frontloading. Im sure the EQ is also great once it kicks in. But just warning guys that there's a reason pharma test is 100mg or 200mg or 250mg/ml. And EQ was 50mg/ml. Its great that we have these concentrated compounds for convenience sake but dont bitch when it lumps up or gets more painful than usual for taking it. With that said ive done loads of their sust350 earlier this year. Probably 10 bottles or so. And never had a real issue. And I pin EVERYWHERE....calves inner outer....biceps inner outer....delts front and side....pecs...outer lats....quads all four....hamstrings. Everywhere but glute max oddly enough bc I dislike the pain there. But medial glute is great area nobody uses. Aka where they jab u with morphine in the ER. As usual....highly recommend this lab. Maybe just spend the $4 for a bottle of Inj b12 to buff it down a bit to help the pain if using highly concentrated compounds.
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    Got my order in last week looking forward to it and will let you guys know how everything is but bt rep was fast and on the ball got it within a couple days of payment, here’s a photo
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