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    Ok NorthernLifters We have a sale for a great cause, For every $200 spent you will receive one free item of equal or lesser value to your most expensive item and we will donate $5 per item to the board , If you spend more then $200 we will donate $7 per item to the board .
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    Thank You for your review , It was my pleasure to help you get that minor issue sorted out, We strive to please each and every client, Please enjoy your run , I hope you will allow us to serve you in the future.
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    I’d also like to jump in on a wife update since @Physlifter got things started it’s nice to have the wives onboard with us and into our would , I’d like to say nice work to @Physlifter wife, My wife has also jumped on with me she lost a total of 50lbs in a month and a half using all @BodyTechPharma products very strict high protein low carb diet one cheat day per month , Now for products she is using incenerate, Helios, albuterol, 5mg anavar x2 ed and 25mg test prop ew. She weight trains 1.5 hours per day , and approx 2 hours cardio daily.One hour of that daily cardio is job related as it is fast paced on her feet. Other is at the gym.
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    This is my first post to NL, as a fairly new steroid user at just under 2 years of using, I can’t praise @BodyTechPharma enough for the following: -Ease of ordering -Timely communication -Great gear -Discreet packaging I’ve had multiple family members over for lunch when the package came in the first time, I was sweating bullets and there was not a trace of what it might be... “Spark plugs” I said, and god damn if I wasn’t lying. It took me a little while to get these virgin muscles and pinning techniques used to the gear I ran (I started a beginner routine of D-bol and Test P) but the growth was incredible, in just 6 weeks I was making massive gains in my lifts and expecially my physique. Nothing feels better than walking around feeling like you could pull the head off a mans body lol. The reviews of @BodyTechPharma tell you most of the story, I’m just reiterating at this point for anyone that’s fairly new. I’m placing my next order today, already can’t wait to smash some gear and my fingers are crossed Canada Post isn’t too slow because of Covid but we’ll see what happens when it happens. I’m just excited. Lastly, thank you BTRep for helping me along the way! Completely changed my life and confidence in a way I couldn’t have imagined!
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    Try this a second Time second order from bt love there products service is always great they even threw in an oral and a vial for free love the quality of there products another order coming real soon
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    @bobtheoldlifter sorry I should clarify, this is pre-donation (the pin prick test the nurse gives you) - I seem to recall hearing that levels drop about 10 points after donation and re-hydration (important component). @Ryujiin I do supplement curcumin but will try looking for this IP6 you speak of. Diet is pretty clean, I also take fish oil caps and daily baby aspirin. I do feel like a million bucks after donating! The nurses also like my iron rich blood as most patients are anemic, they just don't need to know why my blood is rich : ) I would like to repeat the question posed above, are there any PED's that do not increase hemoglobin to the same extent as a nandrolone? I love the gains but I love my health allllmost as much.
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    I don’t keep track of mine too closely. But higher than normal test, and especially nandrolones produce more red blood cells, and at extremely elevated rate. Equipoise is even worse. As red blood cells increase, ofcourse blood composition levels will increase. As well as blood gasses will change. If it gets out of hand and in the extreme high range, then blood clots, strokes, DVT, a fib, etc can result. But keeping your diet healthy helps quite a bit. Keep an eye on blood pressure, and blood thickness (I will prick a finger tip) if blood is super dark red, and thick and takes a minute to poop up, you may have some issues. That’s a good sign it’s time to dump some blood. I for one will usually plan on donating blood about half way through any of my heavier cycles, just for this reason, and it’s pretty instant relief. as far as iron goes. Extreme high levels are concerning, but low levels are far more detrimental. Iron plays a big role in brain health and clotting for the smaller vessels. just my 2 cents
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    I know a fair number of people that supplement with IP6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate) and curcumin to help. Also keeping the amount or iron you intake down (which tends to be high in most bodybuilding diets) helps. Both should really be part of your health stack. I know my hemocrit will sit around 52 if I don't use something to pull it back down to within reference range.
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    Pumpkin Seed Oil Powder and Beta-Sitosterol are supposed to be good. Both around 1g per day. B-S is also good for a few other things. Saw Palmetto Extract also has a long history in prostate support, but I don't know if it has enough effect to warrant use. Normally around 500mg day. If I had to choose one, it would be the B-S.
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    Try to increase your sodium and potassium but try to get if from real food they only put the bare minimum in the supplements, So 90% food sources and 10% supplements would be the best bet for relief.
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    Carpal tunnel syndrome: A frequent HGH side effect, this is the direct result of fluid retention around the tendons, joints, and connective tissue. What occurs in this case is the water retention in surrounding tissues around the nerves will cause these tissues to press against nerves in various key spots (often around joints). What results is carpal tunnel syndrome, if temporary. Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by Human Growth Hormone administration is characterized by tingling or numbness in the extremities (hands and feet), especially when the user’s limbs are in folded positions for extended periods. In such a case, the extremities will often turn numb but feeling should slowly return after extending the limbs and moving them around, which is followed by tingling and then the return of feeling. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often a temporary side effect of Human Growth Hormone that tends to vanish following cessation of use. In the worst cases, nerve damage in the specific area is possible, which would result in long term or permanent loss of feeling. Once again, the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome worsens with higher doses. this can also be relative to mk677 but its not as common...
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    What did your cycle look like? Or was it just test at 300mg/wk? Second vote for 150 to 175mg/wk for the next 8 weeks here. Along with your follow up blood work near the end of the "cruise" to make sure you are clean to hit your next "blast" And yes, I do love me some "quotation" marks...
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    @floziko @Ollie please review the rules make an introduction allow us to get to know you , Both of your have been members no longer than a day, They are a top quality lab .
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    I agree with @BodyTechPharma Hairloss although exacerbated by some factors and compound conversions is genetic. If you're prone to hairloss it may speed it along, if not then you probably won't notice any loss.
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    No hair loss with this I believe hair loss is more genetic with the items we run sure there are some products that increase the speed in which we lose some but the greater part is genetics if you are prone to hair loss or it’s in your family you will lose it at. More rapid rate than and individual that is not prone to it.
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    I would wait 14-18 days after to get your carbs back up and well as get your thyroid back to as close to normal as you can and it should help with any histamine related effects. Tread lightly with this compound as there is no tolerance and it does creep up on you . Good Luck !
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    I have another review up with pics for recent body tech use. My wife started using their oral T3. Came in blue bottle with easily readible measured dropper. Started at 25 mcg a day for a week to measure tolerance then up to 50 mcg. She did not need higher. She needed some taurine at this point to mitigate cramping. Initial temps were 35 deg before taking her dose, then within 2 hours temp measured 36.9. Definite feeling of heat and validation that the thyroid has been stimulated. In 6 weeks of training 16-20 km bike rides, hard gym, measureable good eating (without hardcore dieting, just no cheating), she has dropped 10 lbs. This is visible everywhere on her small 5'0 frame. She started using their anavar 5mg 3 weeks ago, and has found good success in helping building the legs, giving her solid strength, albeit mild chin acne. Myself, I did a quick 6 week blast of test prop 500 (with my 200 mg enanthate TRT), 450 mg NPP, 2 pills of anabull a day. Huge huge huge increases in strength and size, returning from a 3.5 month covid training break. Now i'm on 'rest' until I see my endocrinologist on the 22 for a clean bill of health. In future; my wife wants to start ostarine and compare to the var, especially wondering if it has less effect on the skin. Both of us will be trying HGH-Frag for fat loss. I will be going into a full huge bulk blitz for 16 weeks once i'm giving the health clear. The pics do speak for themselves Enjoy
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    So goodies arrived with no issues.. tracking number provided promptly when order was shipped . Always a pleasure dealing with vortex
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    Thank you for your review I’m glad you are happy with BodyTech, We pride ourselves in providing you with great customer service and a top quality product , I hope you will allow us to serve you again.
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    I had used alot of different BodyTech products and they are top shelf! From the colossus to proviron, yohimbine, deca, npp are all awesome I've found their test product to be above other labs. I stick with test e 400 and the test prop is amazing. Smooth no pip and when it kicks in.....wow! Have a few winstrol with stanolone I'm waiting to try. Can't wait. Thank you for the great products!
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    Most of not all PED will increase red blood cells, as this is one of the main attributes to steroids. More blood = more nutrients to the muscle which means enhanced muscle gain. Ofcourse some are different than others. Nandrolones and equipoise would be towards the top, with billers like dbol and anadrol. On the lower range would be the more mild steroids such as winny, anavar, tbol etc. I can’t speak about tren, even though I’ve used it many times, I don’t want to give out any bad info. remember the higher dose and longer length of time on any steroid will produce higher blood volume levels. Short blasts usually balance themselves out. If you are prone to issues, my only good advice to give, is to try them one at a time at lower doses. Everyone reacts differently. You already know how you react to 400mg of nandrolone on top of your test. Next try something like masteron, or an oral. Get to know the deal for everything and the side effects for your own body. All of the information on the net is great, but you can never really know for sure unless you try for yourself. for example, my buddy can’t tolerate some orals because they give him extreme calf and lower back pumps that are just painful. Something I don’t experience with the same drug. the best advice I ever got while entering this world was to try each thing one by one, then you know what to expect, and then you can build your cycles. A lot of guys skip that and go directly into stacking compounds because someone told them they might benefit from it.
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    Yeah I hear ya. It's frustrating. My doc is anal about this and takes me off until it comes down. I don't seem to have it as bad as you, when I donate it usually falls below range. Except this time I couldn't get in to LifeLabs quickly enough after donating. They closed the closest location b/c of Covid, and other locations were totally swamped and I got turned away twice. Finally went to Dynacare and got in, but almost a week had passed and I was over again, and was told to stop. Fuuuuuck! I've never seen 200, that sounds high, but FWIW, if you're going by pre-donation readings, those are not very accurate. I'm thinking of seeking therapeutic phlebotomy if I have to wait too long. Maybe bribe my vet if I have to Also begs a question for you and others: Are there any compounds that have little effect on hematocrit that could be used during these intervals? Sarms maybe instead?
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    NPP and deca great for joints, BUT the joint benefits come after a decent time. I’ve found the joint relief kicking in about the same length of time with both. NPP will give gains faster, but not so much joint relief faster. Just my experience there, as nandrolone is my favorite and have ran it many times in different esters. since you do have a weight class to hit, keep the wet stuff at lower doses. i would suggest 300test 200deca 50anava (good strength gains) 50 proviron to help with water, and gives a little strength madol pre workout. thats a good, VERY mild cycle for strength gains, just remember (since you’re a bodybuilder). Keep your working sets in the 1-3 rep range for strength, you don’t want to be putting on a lot of mass training like a bodybuilder. Keep shoulders strong, and keep lats strong. Take longer rest periods between sets on bench. Keep in the 1-3 reps range. ill try to explain a strong base for a strong bench, but learning how to engage lats while driving the bar only comes with experience. 3 points of contact, balls of feet on ground, butt and upper back on bench. Don’t get into the habit of hyper extending so much your butt is in the air, you’ll see it on YouTube but it’s not much more beneficial. keep shoulders tight, you can practice by putting a pencil in the middle of your upper back and holding it there with your rhomboids. That will create the posture needed for upper back and flaring out the lats and give you a solid base as you drive the bar. Butt on the bench with your feet slightly behind your knees, this draws some power from your legs. Keep elbows in, and drive from about the nipple line. at lift off, up back tight, elbows in (this is where the power from the lats come in) lower back with a modest arch, butt on the bench, balls of feet behind the knee. Lower the bar in a controlled fashion, as you hit the bottom, be at nipple line, drive your feet into the floor, open up the lats and drive up with aggression. A good tip for feeling it stick at 3/4 the way up is to exhale, tighten up the back, and pull shoulder back, allowing that final bit of movement to lock the elbows out for the “full rep” I hope that helps
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    You look amazing man! Tightness and lines in the abdominals that a lot of guys envy! I am a firm believer that less in more. Some people fail to realize that the higher the dose doesn’t translate to more gains. There is a threshold for everyone, and once you go above that threshold, you’re only adding sides and nothing else. That is a good cycle, and at those doses can be ran for longer periods of time. I like the winny dose, just enough to reap some benefits but not enough to kill your joints. Post a before and after and this should be the poster child Prost for those first timers out there that claim “every board tells me to run 500mg test for my first cycle!” 250 test is close to 3 times a normal healthy adult males natural test production. For the first timer than means epic gains without the test bloat! props to you man, keep this trend going that less is more!
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    You won’t be disappointed I’ve personally used this lab for trt and no different than my Pharma grade .
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    We’ll just placed a little order with vortex , prompt response to email , and like usual easy to deal with . Keep everyone posted ...
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    So you think if someone is on here and doesn’t use insulin that’s him pussying out? I would think it’s probably pretty safe to say most people on here haven’t used insulin and absolutely have no need to.
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    As promised photos the professional secure packaging they took real care to avoid breakage.
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    Been taking it at a prwtty high dose for 10 days. Didnt feel anything at all. Turns out there no hcg in this vial at all according to 3 seperare pregnancy tests. This stuff has been around for years. This industry is fucked.
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