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    Hi every body! Just got my order from BT. Customer service ,delivery and products Rock. Btrep offered two free products Tdrol and Nectar of the Gods definitely will experiment with this two and let everybody know how it is works for me.
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    with our trdol being quite successful,we have now made Superbol(Sdrol+dbol) 25mg also injectable helios(clen+yohimbine) will be ready within a week and also yohimbine hcl injectable by itself for proven targeted fat loss
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    Thanks Corey for nipping this in the bud. I have hidden a few of the filthier posts but I see you have it quoted - this I think is publicly viewable. It's the c**k word...not a prude, just looks crass snd has no place being viewable
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    While it may be easy to forget how immensely knowledgeable Greg Doucette is, based on his comedic, or entertaining delivery, I think you would be hard pressed to find someone more knowledgeable, or with a sounder understanding. IFBB Pro card holder, Power-Lifting World record Holder, PHD level graduate in Kinesiology, I mean the man has smarts all kinds going on, in addition to his physical attributes he has cultivated, not too mention his many years coaching successful athletes. So in so far as expressing his opinions, that may be, but my own experince of him is that he expresses opinions based on fact, and experience, and not on conjecture.
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    So there's a lot of confusion regarding Masteron and after having looked at it very deeply I can see where a lot of it is coming from.Here is a quote from a particular source, doesn't really matter which one as the same has been said by many. I'll point out where the problems leading to confusion lie. " Masteron is classified as an anti estrogenic steroid. This is because of the ability of the androgenic-anabolic steroid to resist aromatization. Many androgenic-anabolic steroids get converted to the female sex hormone estrogen. This is called aromatization as it is caused or facilitated by aromatase enzymes. Masteron can actually inhibit these aromatase enzymes and block the receptors. This prevents conversions of testosterone to estrogen. The body then has more testosterone available that can be put to good use through workouts. " 1.Masteron is classified as an anti estrogenic steroid. This is because of the ability of the androgenic-anabolic steroid to resist aromatization - Anti-estrogenic? Only in the most facile sense of the term. Sinply because it does not aromatize doesn't make it anti anything it simply means it will not add additional problems or Estradiol as a result of its use. So right off the bat we have a very misleading statement. 2. Masteron can actually inhibit these aromatase enzymes and block the receptors - What is happening here actually is that Masteron binds to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), SHBG binds to Testosterone thus decreasing the amount of free Test available to the body. By binding to SHBG Masteron then as a result prevent SHBG from binding to testosterone and frees up more Test ie raises your "Free Testoserone" levels. What was said isn't technically incorrect but how it was expressed isn't clear at all and lends to the confusion. 3. If you look at the product literature for that was initialy disseminate by the manufacturer Syntex they have listed Masteron/Masteril/Drostanolone as a "Powerful" anabolic/anti-estrogenic compound. Now, regardless of the fine points we know that in actual fact it is neither. Whatever effects it does have you are not going to refer to them as "Powerful" - , Masteron: Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio:62:25, that right there tells the truth of it! The FDA (not what anyone would consider an authority on AAS) then classified Drostanolone according to the manufacturer's documentation when they approved it for use thus proliferating the misinformation. So taking that, along with a distinct lack of any realy sound, scientific support for either the manufacturer's claims, or the premise that drostanolone is a powerful anti-estrogenic, or really an anti-estrogenic compound of any sort, I think that although it may be fair to allow some leeway for Masteron not aromatizing and not contributing further to Estradiol issues, inhibiting natural Tesatosterone production (as do many/most AAS) and therefor indirectly decreasing Estradiol levels because there is no natural Testosterone being produced and therfore none being aromatized into Estrogen, I don't think it would be accurate at all to say that Masteron/similar DHT derivs can directly tank Estrogen levels as a result of anything it specifically does differently from any other AAS. On a side note, as is the case with a lot of this stuff, you can look at many, many, web pages and not only will you find completely incorrect information but even info that contradicts itself in the same page/site. the understanding that this is happening and the resulting confusion can go a long way to explaining why people have so many completely botched understandings of things or why "Bro Science" even exists to any extent. Not even mentioning the people that purposely disseminate ambiguous or downright false info purely for their own profit...cough cough Dylan Gemelli. *******Now, aside from all of that PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ONE OF OUR TOP RULES HERE IN THIS COMMUNITY IS TO PLAY NICE AND KEEP THE DISCUSSIONS FRIENDLY AND DEVOID OF ANY PERSONAL ATTACKS OR AD HOMINEM NONSENSE. Just a friendly reminder. Cheers
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    She’s so worth it..
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    Poked the BT tren base pre-wo a few hours ago. Chest and tris today. Cranked 1 cc and no pip, aggression was amped up within the hour, pump was utterly stupid (in a good way), and I felt like I could go for hours. I can see this gear being addictive. Usually, by the end of chest day I'm nauseous but today I just wanted to keep going. Rest and diet were same as always. I dislike leg day. I can see the tren base being very beneficial for extra motivation. Mocha colour suspension, micronized, mixed easily with minimal shaking and easily slid thru a 27Ga., 1/2" 'slin pin.
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    I find there oils very thick and I use a 23g.
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    I know you said that it's hard to get access to a doc where you are but you relly need to get in to see one. There are a ton of different things that can mimic hormonal imbalance and cause symptoms that the internet will tell you are low T. That may well be it but there are many other things too that could be at the root. At this point you have 0 idea what is going on and you could even be making things worse despite feeling a bit better in the meantime. Our bodies are really good about telling us when things are wrong and the sickness you are feeling may well have something to do with it. Not getting in to see a doc at this point is Russian Roulette IMHO. You need to get those bloods done, and should have before you ever pinned your first shot. it would have been another story, at least temporarilly, had you said you were feeling top notch before starting your cycle but you weren't and getting to the root cause of your malaise should have been your first step especially considering how easy it is to identify the levels to start with.
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    Ok something is not right here, and its not your fault. 500 mg of test a week is fine, that is a normal beginners cycle. If you need adex you won't need it for the first 3-4 weeks. You will know if you do, you will start to feel bloated, blood pressure may rise, nipples ache. 1. I have a couple questions, do you feel sick every time the day or 2 after the injection? Has it decreased over time or you still keep getting the same issue. 2. I want to know the lab you are using (private message me if you don't want to post it out in the open. if its a shit lab, I'll know and at least we will know right away what the issue is) 3. After 3 weeks you should be getting better wood. You should feel more pumped up, especially on your first cycle. You should feel different. Trust me your workout will be better and your strength should have started to increase. Its not like you are running 200 mg a week. you are running 500 mg, you should know after 3 weeks. I'm thinking maybe controlling estrogen too much with the 3x a week adex. You are doing nothing wrong, unless you are crashing your estrogen because you took adex from the start. BTW I'm older than you and adex does nothing to my lipids. .5 mg twice a week is more than enough, if any is needed. Usually since adex works so fast, I wait until I feel really bloated like bending over and breathing feels like an issue, and cant really keep wood then take .5 mg. I feel as though you need estrogen to grow better. After a while you may get tired of the estrogen bloat and do what I do, Run low test and another non estrogenizing drug as your cycle. So low dose test and primo for example. You should stick will one drug for now. If you drop the adex and want to run priviron 50 mg a day to control estrogen sides instead, go ahead, proviron is nothing to be scared of. Anyhow you wont die, lol. You have been training for 5 years, if you had a serious health condition I bet it may have shown up already, but like anything in life I do not know everything, but 99% of the people in this world would be completely fine on 500 mg and a bit of proviron. BTW 46 is not old. Feel free to private message me if you have questions you feel embarrassed about and don't want to ask in the open. I do not know everything, and am very basic when it comes to gear, but can help you get over the noob gitters, lol
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    Nobody use a stove top anymore?
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    Please read prior to posting. 1) do not create a new thread, unless the lab you wish to review doesn't exist 2) don't expect members to take you seriously if your post count is in single digits 3) prior to posting a negative review, contact the rep to resolve it. If it is still unresolved, please pm staff. 3a) present evidence to staff, ultimately we will decide as staff if your story is legitimate or not. This is important as we want to weed out shills and trolls who basically are competitors in disguise. 4) breaking rules will result in a instant ban. 5) staff can tweak rules as we see fit
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    Fixed lol now hopefully this discussion can get back on track!
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    I'm sorry I fail to realize what this has to do with DHB? This place is a community and I expect members to treat each other in a respectful way. So enough of this shit - if this doesn't concern DHB it doesn't belong.
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    Once you have access to proper food I would suggest dropping as much fat as possible prior to doing any type of gaining cycle. You are carrying significant amounts of body fat and when levels get this high your just increasing insulin resistance and any type of calorie surplus will result in predominantly fat gain not muscle. Get your weight down to 200lbs and then look at gaining muscle. T
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    Some sexy pharma goodies from our bro’s in the Middle East! Ya, it costs more. But 100% it is what it says, doses to the label claim. some test! Abombs! And some var for my sexy wife
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    BT tren base is the shit! 10x better than test base imho. Been running it for a while now, pwo and it is insane. It's like crack for BBers lol
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    I hear you...Have a great day mate and best of luck with that PR!
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    Tdrol is a mix of superdrol and tbol. 12.5 of each per tab. So 25mg hormone per pill. im using it right now. Great stuff! nectar is an injectable pre workout. 50mg test suspension, 20mg Superdrol, 20mg anadrol, 10mg dbol in each cc. Pinning it yields a slight strength boost, massive pumps and intense aggression. Beware the pip.
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    Thank you again for the love and support of BT! They sent me some Tdrol to try out with my order! Thank you so much!! I will let everyone know how it goes. I’ll be also trying their TND for the off-season! I’ll report back in a few weeks and I’m sure the gains will be insane as I have used BT for my last 5 contest preps. Let the GAINS begin! Cheers!!
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    Fuck. That. They are trying to get you to release liability, they are 100% liable. If they are under staffed, they are required to staff to capacity by law. I would also report this immediately. Kids run around. Get into shit. That’s being a child. That’s what they get paid for. They aren’t allowed to ask you to release liability unless you’re doing things like travel, sign a waiver so if the bus gets hit you won’t sue etc etc. Plus anything thing related to your children at day care has to be disclosed immediately, not 24 -36 hrs after the fact. I’d call/report. See exactly what your rights are here. Could be a more serious problem. And you might not be the only parent reporting it. And if that’s the case, it’s time to stick it to these pricks and move on.
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    @Francis "Frank" Castle yes it’s a licensed daycare funded by the provincial government, each worker is allowed to supervise 5 kids , they said he’s a flight risk , makes him sound like a criminal at 3 years old, one problem I noticed is that half of the staff is facedown in their phones half the time. When he bumped his head they never bothered to call me , or when he got out they didn’t call. They told me it would be expensive to get a swipe card system for all the doors and then went on to tell me it costs them 30,000 a year in groceries, like what do I care all that isn’t my problem.
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    Dude, they are 100% responsible for anything/everything involving the responsible care of your child while intheir custody. No wiggle room. If it happens on their watch it's their fault with 0 ability to rationalize away their ineptenss by saying things like "he knows how to open gates". That's absurd. Is this a "licensed" daycare? Do not under any circumstances sign anything that absolves them of any responsibility and if they try to force you call in the authorities. At this point they already owe you a written apology and assurances in writing that they will improve the quality of supervision to prevent this happening in the future. make that an issue, it's your right! If you didn't already you need to get him to a doc/the hospital to have his head looked at but perhaps even more importantly, documented as you may need this later on. Even though they are 100% responsible for him while in their care, if you knowingly drop him off, with reservations about the quality of the care, you then will share some of that responsibility, or at least that's what they will say if heaven forbid this ever ends up in court for any reason! But again, you need to get him to the doc/hospital to have his head looked at and documented!
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    Running a non aromatizing compound will not crash estrogen. Even proviron or masteron won’t. Proviron is often prescribed alone for low test. Dhb won’t crash your E. Steroids are not aromatase inhibitors.
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    Hey fellas, just became a memeber a few days again. I wanted to record my experience with BT as I progress through ordering, receiving, and cycling. So far I’m very pleased with the customer service, communication has been on point. I’ll keep updating everyone on how the order is going with pictures and all. Happy lifting
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    I'm good for a few weeks - personal stash Great service, excellent prices, fast shipping, top-notch gear!
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    calcific tendonitis within the long head biceps is plausible any forward movement that causes pain is almost exclusively biceps. If you do band movement from internal to external and back to internal rotation, does that hurt? Does chest pressing hurt at the most down stretch position? if those two don't hurt, then I can all but guarantee it's long head biceps. Lots and lots of low grade band rehab repeating that movement helps flood blood to it. Avoiding long reach and loading movements helps. Keep palms up and in close if you have to lift things. If it's a constant throb add ice to it first, then proceed with heat. If it is calcific tendonitis, there's lots in physio that can be done to help break down the deposits, absorb back into the body, and reduce the overall inflamed tendon. If there are larger deposits, nothing short of shockwave therapy will help that (and that hurts like a bitch), if it does at all. Lots of people have calcium deposits have zero symptoms either, so it may or may not be correlational.
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    Just want to thank the members that make such detailed reviews , this really helps new members that aren’t seasoned make the best decisions possible in there journey to become the best they can be it’s your valuable information that makes this possible for them. Sometimes us grizzled seasoned vets just take that for granted. With the quality of these reviews and the quality products BT produce the newbies have a great chance at success.
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    How are you liking the Tdrol? How are you dosing it?
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    To the best of my knowledge they rarely answer mails on Weekends. Just like the rest of us they have lives outside of this world and do not take it home with them for the weekend. I'm not sure what issue you are having sending email to them but I would suggest that you wait until Monday and try again then. Guys, lets not clutter this "REVIEW" thread up with non review related chatter please. We know that emailing the rep is what is required currently, reading this thread's most recent posts will tell everyone that. Beyond that there is nothing anyone from NL here can do about contact issues. Your best bet is to monitor this site, as in the event there were problems, of anything approaching an extended nature, I am sure our amazing BT Rep would let us all know, just as he did when he gave us the heads up to email him while the site is under construction. I will add that "patience is a virtue" and should be practiced at all times when contatcting our Reps. They have always got a lot on their plate and it may take a breath or two for them to get back to you. Realistically there is generally nothing so crucial that it wil suffer from a day or 2 waiting for a response, if it in fact takes that long. Cheers.
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    Check this video, I think its going to help you out :
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    @Jameslock can you show us some pictures of the gear you purchased ? Did you contact the rep about this ? And you have a zero post count lol, that’s also a petty strong statement that most of the positive reviews are fake , do you have evidence of that statement? Your review could also be taken as fake . I just want to throw this out there before you lie about any of the following we have access to the truth, it seems like there is a bit of a smear going on here . If this is a legit review so be it but you need to prove it because you have made some strong statements .
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    Nothing special, joining some yahoo chat rooms when I was in HS in the mid 90's.....first name starts with J....there was other J's in the room....nah nah...I"m therealj....kinda liked it and still do nearly 25 years later so it's stuck ( where'd the years go? )
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    thanks you 2. I should be working come January. heres progress update. waist trimmed a bit I've upped my cardio.
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    Ok I have to say this I’ve experienced these symptoms when I very first started and I pinned my first shot it’s a response to your body being laden with hormones that weren’t present and you wouldn’t get signs of infections or sickness minutes to even an hour after you push the plunger down that takes days it’s just an involuntary response and if it’s transpharma you are fine.. when it happened to me I knew it wasn’t gear because luckily for me I had access to one of the top labs in Canada used by top athletes even pros so the gear was great. It will pass it’s just your virgin body . Enjoy man have fun.
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    I think what it boils down to here is that this thread has givin you really good advice every answer on this thread had good advice everyone here will help now I think it’s up to you to sift through all this and pick something that works for you and ask any of us questions as you go , fine tuning persay, we all want each other to succeed here and we support eachother like family .
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    Guys, website is under construction. We are not closed for business. Just email me for any questions [email protected]
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    I would drop it down to 300 and see how your body reacts. The adex is good to have on hand, but don't use it right away as if you don't get the sides of high e, as sore puffy nipples or gyno the adex will lessen your overall gains. And really, you are not taking a high dose of test at 300. If you decide to run the 500mg, wait until you feel the sides, or wait at least a couple/3 weeks to start the adex. You can also take 2 Nolva a week to help with blocking the e receptors (if needed and are noticing sides). As far as HCG throughout cycle, that's not something i do, and usually wait until the end prior to the nolva clomid. I know some guys do, and that's cool. Theres no bad advice on this thread. These guys all know there stuff. Good luck bro ! Also if you dont mind the pinning, splitting the shots mon/thurs i find better for me. But after as many pins as i have done, sometimes less pins the better. But i feel better when i split them up.
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    Atta boy! Legit is correct.
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    My stash that I have already gone through. This lab is definitely legit.
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    Hey guys want to let unknow that I ran syn cyp 500mg/week and eq600mg/week for about 4 months About And the gains were fantastic. Great lab and I had great service. The only gear I have ever used that the entire time I was using not one and I mean not one issue of pip. Again that’s only with the two compounds I was running. Great lab and would recommend to anyone.
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    You tank your estrogen bro it’s a nightmare . At 500mg test I never use an ai but the moment I move past that is where the issues begin, did you get or can you get bloods done to see your range I don’t believe in taking things if there not necessary, this is not scientific by any means but gauge it by does your dick still work good? Still getting morning wood ? If it doesn’t work or goes limp might be time start a mild ai, too much acne can be a sign. Only use that guide if you can’t get bloods to see where your at no substitute for blood work. And I might also add maybe try to get some Proviron if you can’t get an ai try 25mg 2xdaily might be helpful.
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    I agree...I've just now posted to that effect in the Syn Pharma thread. We, the staff, try to be very easy going/easy to get along with, but as has been mentioned we simply can't have people posting reviews that are completely void of any significant content. It does no one any good, especially the people that are requesting reviews and ends up doing nothing but causing the veracity of the review to come under serious scrutiny. Many have seen other forums where they post BS reviews all the time with no intent other than to run down good labs, one of which, I know, for example, is unquestionably top notch however according to what you would read in one rubbish forum you'd think they were the worst lab ever. We can't have that nonsense happening here, as @NorthernLifters has already clearly stated. It's too bad really that commons sense can't rule and thusly we could have fewer rules. Sigh.... Anyway, that was just my very long winded agreement to your sentiment @instagrande
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    I appreciate that and I did so the mini rules section. I honestly wasn’t my intention to cause a shit storm. I understand approach was shit and would handle far differently now.
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    Yeah, I get it 100%. Like the people who eat 98% of a pizza THEN call Dominos to complain. It was a suspect post, no doubt. We don't need horse-shit conduct or shit-heads here. That's for CJM and Meso. Your reaction, imho for what it's worth, was spot-on and justified.
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    Love me some eq too. Donate blood every 3 months and that should keep most peoples rbc count in a good range but there are always exceptions. I get next to no sides, definitely increase in vascularity, increase in fullness especially shoulders and chest, stamina at a high level, and yes I do find it helps with joints. Very cost effective to. I'm staying away from tren havent touched it in two and a half years. Test eq and mast is all I need.
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    My wife also swears she can tell the trens kicking in by my sweat. (She 100% knows I run gear so it’s never really a surprise) But her thing I think she can tell by the obvious excess of sweat from tren. Not to sure about the extra smell.
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    Bit of a sketchy post there brother , if I was a betting man I’d say you were sent to discredit the lab . I also want to add just because this shit pisses me off , did you not read the 27 pages of positive reviews on BT products we all have used them without issue I can’t say it didn’t happen but highly unlikely. So this review doesn’t hold an ounce of credibility with us. Reviews are welcome on this board and never will be censored that’s what makes this board what it is. Just don’t come abuse it to discredit labs for certain others gain.
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    I hope you can prove it ? pictures? you at the hospital I want to see some documentation then I believe you. if not I ban your ass!
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