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    Test Suspension ready to ship for Feb 1st DHB Cyp 100 in testing phases (be prepared to have your socks blown off with this minimal PIP game changer)
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    Hi everyone nice guys from Kratos graciously sent me a few items to try out Madol and a few oils I haven’t used the oils yet but I did use the Madol at 20mg it a real kick in the ass I don’t imagine training without it now , tabs are well pressed not chalky or dusty none broken the dose seems spot on, communication was fast shipping even faster, rep was great to deal with, I will continue the review as I pin the oils.
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    With a family member in the hospital waiting on kidney transplant... my suggestion is do the test brother, better to know then not know. Ignorance isn’t bliss. This could change your life forever and trust me when I say that watching someone in the hospital on dialysis 4-5 times a week isn’t easy on family or the person suffering through it. mine is another vote for getting the bio done
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    These guys are great from amazing communication to shopping! Packaging was nice no noise no damage! Sust 250 ZERO pip and I mean none it’s great running it with their superdrol and man the strength gains are amazing!! superdrol has given me a bit of heartburn but as of yet no loss of appetite or back/shin pumps! (Knock on wood) thank you again @GenetecResearch for great service and helping out a member in need really appreciated!
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    Sorry to hear about this dude but I feel this is totally up to you man. This is an important health concern that could haunt you for life if you choose not to make the decision. Maybe you don’t need the biopsy and maybe you do. I’d have a chat with your family and get the support to either move forward with your decision or to pass, but if a nephrologist is suggesting this I think I’d get it done. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and the doctor suggested a bio even though his psa levels were good and was having no “usual” symptoms he was like fuck it, if the doc says it’s nothing then why do the bio. My mother told him it’d be best to go just to be sure and Lucky he went, as this desicion saved his life.
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    I can’t wait for the dhb !!
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    10 Most Jacked Muscle Grandpas. Featuring Bernie Cooper - Lee Priest's father!
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    We’re you about to assume my gender?
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    It had to do with factual firearm statistics on crime, that CBC removed from a website because it contradicted Trudeau. fucking ombudsperson lol
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    I'm doing it, it's booked for Feb 6th. Might as well do it and hopefully I'm fine. I've had the same nephrologist for all the blood work and now for the biopsy he ran a full panel and I still have the form for bloodwork. Not sure how bad my numbers were or how good they are now, he'll never show them to me which makes me wonder what's actually going on. I'll still be doing blood work every 3 months regardless of the outcome of the biopsy. Have any of you had a boipsy or know someone who has? Just curious on how long to take it easy in the gym.
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    I second all of this. Reason being i went through this myself a couple years back. I had random bloodwork done and my creatinine was through the roof high. I went to see a nephrologist and he did the bloodwork again, also ordered a CT and ultrasound of my kidneys. Function of kidneys were excellent. However the creatinine was still high. not as bad for second round of blood panels but still high. I kept up on my bloodwork for approximately 3 months and eventually my creatinine went back to normal. Since then i've continued to get bloods done every 3 months on my own with a nephrology panel like rhyno said. All good now! However if the Doc is suggesting a biopsy, i'd definitely strongly consider it brother. Keep us posted
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    Is there any risk to doing the biopsy? If only minor risks like usual stuff such as infections then I would do it to rule out the kidneys being the cause of high blood pressure. That being said, it is completely your decision and your health. Did he do all the kidney blood work? Creatinine, egfr, urea, etc? How did those come back?
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    Very interested always happy to see good new things from a lab like you guys! Heard dhb can work wonders but hurts like a bitch! My socks are on tight
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    I added it to a cycle last fall and loved it. I was a walking raging hard on 24/7. I took it with stanolone. Not bad for a 50 yr old fucker,
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    If you want a preworkout boost then you should look into test base. Madol was decent at 30mg for me. I think dbol works better at 50-60mg and ofcourse test base. I only used base before my heavy workouts but don't expect to turn into hulk as it will only help keep your endurance up which can lead to get more volume in.
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    Still new around here but just received my 2nd order from BT today. Admittedly the first order was simply for some Asin, proviron and test therefore I can only comment on the quality of those. The Test E has been smooth, I've been kinda cruising with it up until now. No complaints there. Don't have bloods to support my test levels but overall I feel great, if not better than with the previous Test E I had from another lab. For the prov, Have only been running it at 80mg/day. Overall, based on my mood/sex drive and minor aesthetic points , it appears to be working as expected. I feel the same way any other time I had run prov. That's a good sign. Just ordered a bunch of Tbol & some SARMS. I've never dealt with SARMS before, not too sure what to expect (If much at all). I do have extensive experience with Tbol though, so I'll touch base much later on to give a quick review on it. Customer service wise they've been great. Threw in a little gift for my first order. Have been super accommodating, quick replies and very fast shipping. So I would give these guys a solid 10. Like with the Tbol, I'll have to come back in about a month or so when I get some injectables and/or when the orals I just got start to fully come into play.
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    Thanks Genetec, you guys are great ! Just a few items .
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    Okay, here... i have to disagree with you. Texting and driving is fucking stupid. I'm a libertarian, 100% for free will and personal responsibility, and think we need less laws, not more, but man i'm really on the fence about this one... because it IS that fucking stupid. I'm pretty fucking quick, actually a legit pro driver (as in, racing, not a delivery truck driver...), and i can read faster than most, and text as well as anyone... and i cant fucking do it safely. All my friends that insist they can, cant. There is sooooo much science behind this one it doesn't even bear debate... right up there with driving while 10X over the legal limit (which no one would dare debate). Just dont do it.
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    Thank you @GenetecResearch presentation and new labels awesome!
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    Some recent test results from janoshik.
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    GENETEC Research JANOSHIK test results Dec 21 We sent in 10 samples all blind for Janoshiks' analysis. He nailed all of them and we scored very well on all. Very happy to see our exotics: MENT and Halo also 98%. Our Tren Ace scored at 96% which means there is slight impurity left over which is filtered out but we still want this at 98% so we are working with supply chain to remedy this 2% variance. Anavar 98% Masteron Propionate 98% Masteron Enanthate 98% Primoboloan Enanthate 98% Halotestin 98% Trestolone Acetate (MENT) 98% Trenbolone Acetate 96% Trenbolone Enanthate 98% Winstrol 98% Deca 98%
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    ever heard of albuterol?safer version of clen
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    Heads up,there are many fake bodytech emails out there. They are pretending to be bt and asking for bitcoin or paypal. Bt has only 2 confirmed emails. you can msg the rep here for confirmed emails. There website is https://bodytechpharma.com Leave your reviews here. @GameChanger is the main rep for BT, any questions and concerns please pm him. Aside from that,this is only for reviews,not for business
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    Once in a while I come across an ebook concerning weightlifting, exercise, steroids, recipes or just general health. Maybe we could have a section to share.
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    As for as both teaming up, last I seen they both had heated words when it can to letting AA back on the site. But this what I seen online, but I could be wrong.
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