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  1. My rep was always real good to me, he would even ship before EMT at times because we established a long running trust, or if I sent EMT and he didnt respond I knew he was sending it in and next day i got tracking but it was like already on its way. Usually within a day or two i got my stuff in the email... But for the first time ever I am not getting responses... I was going to order peptides beginning of month and he said he's going vacation. I followed up and still no response since...
  2. Yeah Fouad was the first one to tell me about it years ago.. except it didnt cost as much back then... I think thats my only option, thanks brother
  3. deca, dbol and winny... old school mix regiment... but i can never run winny, destroys my joints...
  4. I thought keto would be bad with blood acidity and fatty circulation?
  5. Another shoe I got which feels nice for lifting is the airforce 1
  6. So I thought I'd update I got some rebok old gen lifters that were on sale. Worth every penny for squats! Such a difference. I havent' felt this good in so long (well since i had my old lifting shoes that ive been without for so long) For deadlifts, its okay not a huge huge improvement but for squats world of difference!
  7. Sounds good man! Yeah belt is the best judge lol, I know if I am getting fatter or leaner by my lifting belt holes lol. I think all of us can rely on muscle memory.. but COVID sucked big time... I am a fat man now myself, I was doing great pre-covid
  8. So fellas how goes it Updates?
  9. Definitely and that show he did not deserve. I always thought Menzter was superior.
  10. tldr, lol jk, thats actually some good stuff
  11. I am looking for new lifting shoes. I've had dedicated lifting shoes before with a solid rear platform and loved it, was very different doing deads and squats with those. The stability was awesome. I've since been a cheapo and ran converse, but my current converse are 2 years old and so worn out they deserve to be chucked in the garbage. I have to keep tightening them after each set and they are so lose inside that I am definitely not stable. I've owned shoes from Adidas and Reebok. Ryder shoes is what some lifters advertised, I also heard wrestling shoes are good. Tell me. B
  12. LMAO @ soldier Yeah I dont know how people always say they have sex-drive issues on tren, I become an animal, it actually boosts sex drive for me. I need my sleep and work under control, then i'll get more aggressive with my regiment I am craving NPP and tbol man! But I want to settle down a bit, why break a thing that's working. Throwing in SD was a bad move on my part. Var and Stano were doing me so good. I even had BP under control. Like yesterday's squats went really well, I was happy with my workout. Feeling the burn today. I was fully pumped, strong, BP was under contr
  13. I would run deca all year long if it weren't for deca dick and then the bloof and when you come off you come off worse. While on it's frickin great. I mean you know what I mean when I say how smooth heavy lifts feel, you just feel butter smooth through the motions no matter how heavy a deadlift or squat, no shakes, no cracks, no creaks, just comfort and pumps. The fullness and vein size is unreal on me.. but yeah... I may throw in NPP in one of my next orders. Not gonna jack your thread, but as you know I dropped the SD, got on some tren and might compensate with some npp and get the bes
  14. I've done test/tren/deca, but I preferred test/tren/npp/mast. Deca always gave me deca-dick no matter what ancillaries I used so I hated using it for that reason. However if you don't have a sex life lol... It always got me huge, pumped and dinosaur sized veins (nothing gave me huge veins like deca and dbol...) I also always loved lifting super heavy on deca... no shaking, no stiffness, no aches, just butter smooth heavy ass weight... I've run deca up to 900mg and yes with tren and test in the mix. In earlier days I ran up to 1g of test or slightly over with that much deca, then
  15. wtf... we went to the pharmacy and got the prescription from the fertility docs... Both menopur (which she used this time) and gonal f (which was the pen and we used last time alongside menopur if i recall) cost so much...... definetely not 100 for a whole month.. this was for IVF/ICSI, not IUI, i dont think they even use this for IUI... for IUI i think they give clomid For all meds it cost us around $8000~ Deccapeptyl x2 Orgalutron (i think it was 8 total) Ovidrel (I think 1 only?) I think triptorelin also? I forget... Majority was 75iu vials of menopur (a
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