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  1. well i got one strenght band on the way lol, i bought the last one in stock. the pushup system hasnt shipped yet despite being "next day prime" so fuck i hope theyre not out of stock THat's all i got so far, didnt get any bands for biceps/etc... yet... couldnt find high strength ones only girly ones...
  2. Okay so far, ordered a strength band (heaviest one) that i found on amazon and now its sold out holy.. i may need some lower ones too but not sure yet... Ordered some pushup plate thing not sure if i mentioned it... Got some of my wife's hip bands (those short resistance bands).... and the extra heavy aint that heavy but eh i did some weird pussy squats and side hip movement thingamajigs. Did some pushups every hour (still with injury it was hard) and hopefully thats a start... Looking at some olympic tree setups for pullups... not sure the drill into the wall ones will last with my bodyweight and the drywall... or the door mount ones
  3. These are 5 feet or something, help a brother out... my wife has those hip tiny ones cant do these exercises with these.. ill snap them... if i try to stretch them that far... they are like not even one foot in length lol
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjC1VBuqs8s This is sick, but those bands from that brand is damn expensive 40 US plus shipping for one band.. wtf... and not sure how it feels until i try it.. i was thinking the two upper ones my wife will wana use it too so...
  5. ahaha im laughing but its sad, i dont have that kinda shit to do at home... cant find bands anywhere wtf... i ordered some pushup board with spots u can move around with attachments (shoulder, chest, tri, etc...) which aint gonna be that that helpful considering i have an injury...
  6. hah i was just watching vids of arnold classic strongman deadlifting This is beastly for sure
  7. https://bodylastics.com/shop/ Anyone ever try these? Not sure if this ships to Canada, anything local? Amazon seems to have this stuff sold out. If they are stackable and sturdy then you can add weight and get the weight up and do some basic push pull movements and even crunches. Not ideal but could probably get some ab, bi, tri, chest, back and shoulder movements here n there
  8. Okay so let's discuss. For the 90% of us that are screwed without gyms or home gyms, for the next two weeks (and hopefully not longer) what to do? Post away your body exercises. It's obvious pushups are easy for tricep and chest, what about back, shoulders, legs? I am injured so I can't even do pushups which is a big fail. No pull up bar or anything
  9. a_ahmed

    Gym closures

    Are LA Fitness still open?
  10. a_ahmed

    Gym closures

    as long as my gym doesnt close im good i was just ordered to work from home and i do not mind.
  11. bodybnuilding and powerlifting 10+ years ago got me out of bad feels and bad situation it definetely helps lead a mentally and emotionally better life despite it being physical in nature
  12. a_ahmed

    Gym closures

    Our gym they are cleaning on the regular (dummbbells, barbells, benches, etc... which is great)
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