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  1. Raising your calories to say 2900 and still lifting progressively should help you gain, work your way up slowly. What do you mean by gains seem to fade away, I would say you are expecting dramatic results, quality gains take time, years, even with gear. Eating 5 times a day is the minimum for me haha... I eat 6 days every day 100% Although I eat up to 4000 calories a day and I'm 230-240lbs and I need to increase my calories. Hard to tell without pictures your current conditioning and size. Also being more specific on nutrition matters, just saying you are eating aproximately some foods is not the same as saying I eat this specific type of meal. Just saying whole food is very broad. I eat chicken breast, salmon, rice, eggs, these are specifics.
  2. Well what's ur nutrition like, meal plan, calories, etc... If u want to gain u can't just train, u have to eat. Training is to stimulate and break down, but the repair and growth is dependent on food intake
  3. Hey welcome aboard, Never too late to start! Ask away any questions and we'll try to help out and guide you.
  4. ^What he said. That's a good starting point.
  5. Frankly, you're the new generation who wants to start with the harshest compounds and fuck themselves up. Your first cycle is the best gains and u don't need. Much. I'm more. Concerned with ur training regiment, experience and nutrition, food intake. Steroids don't turn you into a pro just by taking them. You should start with test enanthate at 400 or. 500mg and a low. Dose ai for 12 weeks then do a proper post cycle protocol. Clomiphene citrate or. Clomid as it's called for a month to a. Month and a half. You're just gonna harm urself
  6. Can you elaborate besides u just Wana hop on hard lol First time? Stats? Goals?
  7. Maybe Quebec it is but not Ontario?
  8. Old school guys ran 2:1 test to deca. Your dick will still suffer Prolactin and ai control still necessary
  9. You can dm the mods and admins in here for issues
  10. I stopped doing quads too any nerves and veins to nick. I only rotate glutes and hips now. Used to kill my quads
  11. Cool good to know so what about the protocol with b12 how often per week
  12. How much is a vial and what's the protocol I'm curious as I've never done it and is the pain like one day I mean if pain is there will that really dilute lol
  13. Oh b12 is otc in Canada? All provinces? I've been meaning to try it for years what is the protocol and is it painful I'm assuming it's not if ur trying to dilute it
  14. Ive never tried that Give it a shot no pun intended lol
  15. I ran 150 to 300 ish... Anymore and I was debilitatated limping, that was my experience
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