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    Where and how much? Amazon and chinese sites are all i can find these days... frickin bs, two weeks to a month or more to get here.. plus i question the sizings. Gold's Gym and World's Gym stringers fit me fine... XL is a nice fit but that's american XL... Chinese is like XXXL or some bs... Where do you get yours? Where can I get mine... it's a bloody stringer... how hard can it be... local gyms no longer sell them...
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    Stringers... one thing that's cheap but hard to find... and only place these days I find it is in china and it takes forever...
  3. This shit should be made available by peptide companies lol it's deoxycholic acid! 2ml vials.. 20mg/2ml that's a joke...
  4. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2017/06/kybella-the-injection-that-melts-a-double-chin/529893/ Also this is news to me apparently it works and has been approved since 2015 to melt away fat cells. Deoxycholic acid. This sounds literally like the liver bile stuff we take for the liver. Apparently discovered in this use in the 50s by some French researcher it was initially used to break down fats in vessels, but after some studies in 2000s, works to break down fat cells subcoutenously. Why arent more people using this? How do we get it lol... i'm surprised bodybuilders haven't tried this in some subq mix? Kybella is the brand medication name for the vials and the spas overcharge as always for this shit
  5. I know I haven't been totally ripped in a while, so carrying a bit more fat than usual gets to ya, but even when I lean out it seems one thing is not going away like many years ago, my damn chin. I am getting older and it may be genetic partly my dad has it badly and I don't want it for myself lol. I would get it when I bloated, but now I think it's just stored fat in that area I read into it, and it says genes can play a factor, loss of skin flexibility with age. Now I know 'surgeries' exist out there to get rid of this but fuck that. I rather use some kind of drugs lol... So as I was reading apparently there are some injections that 'melt the fat'. Anyone know about this crap https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318131.php Surgery Some people opt for invasive procedures to fix a double chin. There are three main procedures for treating a double chin: Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy involves injecting compounds into the chin that dissolve fat. The process can take up to 6 months and may require over 100 injections in some people. If done incorrectly, it may cause nerve damage. Liposculpting: Liposculpture treats a double chin by removing the fat through suction or with a laser. Liposcultping will not create more elasticity in the skin; it will only remove fat. Kybella: This drug is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A single treatment involves up to 50 injections of the drug into the fat tissue. A person may have up to six individual treatments, which they must have monthly. These options may cause side effects such as swelling, bruising, or pain. The double chin may still come back if the lifestyle does not change to maintain it. If you want to buy any of the face mask treatments mentioned in this article then they are available online.
  6. Another timely update, I added masterone enanthate and feeling happy. I will continue to use vortex. My lady noted my load is extreme and i know dhts do me well for sex too, feeling better too. Loving it. Been a long time since I've run masteron. I will drop the equipose as I have started having serious bp issues and I know even though im not running it high, EQ regardless of dose, over time, does this for me... i already have elevated RBC and yeah eq will do it in well...
  7. Could also do cupping or as we muslims call it hijama. I'm gonna get it done soon. I know a friend who's done it who's a competitive bodybuilder too.
  8. Could also do cupping or as we muslims call it hijama. I'm gonna get it done soon. I know a friend who's done it who's a competitive bodybuilder too.
  9. Anyone know of dr. craig fielding
  10. Who's done gyno surgery? Fat, glands and shaping? Did you regret it? From most guys I talked to none ever regretted it. It's been a few years since I've talked to anyone about it or considered it. I have some and just never bothered to get it fixed, but now I am thinking about it again. Who are the recommended local toronto and west-end doctors? What are the current costs? I know government won't cover it and htey only cover under 18< guys.
  11. So took a bit to kick in but I am sweating at night so tren is good to go. Piss is orange too lol. Strength coming in. Breathing hard and heavy. I'm on their EQ too only 450mg (0.5cc of 300 mon-wed-fri). I need some breathing help and endurance lol... BP is up Heavier squats become a problem sigh, I get all red.
  12. Aw man but im a long time CM vet lol...noooo
  13. Is this lab gone fully private I wanna try their stuff reviews sound insanely good
  14. lmao no i haven't and never thought of using it in that way, rather burn fat hahaha
  15. u know what got me worried LOL and changed my mind... DNP was used in dynamite ignition or something like that right? Sooo... wouldn't that trigger some kind of alarm at the airport.. like holy shit... then as I'm explaining myself "I'm just trying to burn fat" they throw me in a cell
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