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  1. wtf... we went to the pharmacy and got the prescription from the fertility docs... Both menopur (which she used this time) and gonal f (which was the pen and we used last time alongside menopur if i recall) cost so much...... definetely not 100 for a whole month.. this was for IVF/ICSI, not IUI, i dont think they even use this for IUI... for IUI i think they give clomid For all meds it cost us around $8000~ Deccapeptyl x2 Orgalutron (i think it was 8 total) Ovidrel (I think 1 only?) I think triptorelin also? I forget... Majority was 75iu vials of menopur (a shit ton, as she had to take 225iu AM, 225iu PM) for a good 12 days If we were to do implantation also would have had to do extra medications (progesterone for 10 weeks+), but it was meant to be done later, and only frozen due to covid now. That would have been $500-1000~ on top
  2. We were paying way more for menopur... it was almost like 1000 bux a day if i recall ill have to check the bill details... menopur is 75iu fsh and 75iu lh in one vial
  3. No we don't have insurance coverage on it... We went with first two attempts with government funded IVF and paid medications ourselves. The first attempt doctors screwed up (made us not come in for bloodwork and she was supposed to take meds but didnt because of them) So they cancelled it but it counted as an attempt. Second attempt got pregnant but we lost the child almost 3 months in... And now fully paid everything ourselves 20k... and no embryos could be frozen... at day 3 was good but at day 5 2 remained and day 6 all arrested. They wanted blastocyst only... we insisted day 3... due to covid had to freeze.. I have only one sample left...
  4. I dont know what hmg protocol would be if maybe it could help thats why i was wondering... and if we do ivf if now that BT has it.. we could at least get it a bit cheaper than in pharmacy........ she was on a high dose.... we spent 20 grand.... we are now broke...
  5. We just did IVF for the third time... and it's a failure. I've had hypogonadism and fertility issues since my early 20s, never touched gear up to until after I was on HRT.. Before HRT or any treatments i naturally had lower test at one point but more importantly had 1 million sperm this was when i was 23... I tried HCG,etc.. and no change got hrt and felt better but it made my sperm count 0. I got off and was on clomid for 4 months and could only produce 2mill max... and then 1 mill, half mill etc... so i froze a bunch of samples... i tried ivf 2x with my ex... Now 3x with my current wife... and we just got the bad news today... no eggs went to blastocyst... My wife just and I just cried for over an hour... I am trying to see what drug combinations i could try either way it may require ivf and we have no money no more... I have one more sample frozen... and then im completely out and now i am 36 and aging...
  6. https://journals.lww.com/md-journal/fulltext/2019/08020/optimal_treatment_for_spermatogenesis_in_male.25.aspx Can someone smart look at this and explain to me the action and results? I am thinking of how to produce sperm... I am on HRT and have 0 sperm... and off HRT crap low 80 year old test, despite clomid/etc... so I always knew HMG which is pricey can help but its like daily injections. This study talks about weekly injections of HCG and HMG. I don't know someone give me some hope.
  7. Deca dick is also very real, not on NPP and throw in mast if you do npp. I liked deca... but... the deca dick was the major turn off. Despite all the ancillaries, p5p, etc... it still gave me shitty sex and erections. As far as positives, insanely thick veins, pumps like an oral, fullness, SUPER SMOOTH lifts, joint pain masking (note, not true repair, it's really masking with all the fluid in there), and because I love my deadlifts and squats, it made every rep feel butter and water smooth. Tren on the other hand had me jittering and shaking and aching in comparison. But yeah I liked looking drier haha... deca is a michelin man type direction if you're fat also... DECA always won me over for shear strength and smooth heavy heavy lifts... but deca dick and bloof made me never run it agin. Oh yeah was great for appetite too. Bad part? Whenver I got off, I felt like I lost the gains and just got fat LOL... so I stuck to slow and steady quality gains instead and stuck to dry compounds...
  8. Keep test under 400 always imo... and continue to use safe compounds like var, npp, maybe throw in some mast. These will definetely make you feel and look good while helping with strength. Primobolan has always been a safe but expensive drug, for that reason I never used it but a lot of ppl (including old ppl) love that for low sides and quality results... just have to run 1g+ that's the problem and its not cheap Equipose might be a bad idea but its also a 'somehwat' safer steroid but it might cause heart issues or give u a heart attack LOL because of increased RBC count. I used to use it alot but I just could not handle the BP issues.. havent run it in years as a result... Everything else is wild and comes with more sides..
  9. Stim-wise for me it used to be 200mg caffeine and 8-32mg ephedrine In last three years or so ephedrine caused me too much fatigue so I stopped doing it. I would go hard and burn out hard that I would have to take days off (would feel really fatigued the next day), but I probably looked like I was on cocaine while training (animalistic set after set and high volume). I recently switched to 200mg and albuterol and I feel great. As far as actual preworkout stuff for pumps, nothing bits cialis and viagra. Viagra I get sides (dry eyes, stuffy nose) but it gave the best result. Citriuline malate is fantastic but I haven't used it in a few years because of $$$ Acetyl-l-carnitine, great for focus/strength, been using it forever and its cheap I mix in my BCAA pre-intraworkout Also used to throw in some arginine when I got it free, it was purely for pumps has no real benefit. I think pre-bed it used to help with sleep/recovery somewhat. I wouldn't waste money on actual branded preworkouts. Did that when I first started over a decade ago. Waste of money. There was one (purple) american only preworkout (used to import it) which had mdma and some other shit in it, lmao it got banned but it used to give me tunnel vision when I trained... that shit was whack!
  10. Man's a beast and always will be, 50+ and here he is:
  11. Man is in epic shape for 50+ and can throw some seriously hard hits, don't foul him one bit, he is still a killer. Them cheque drops made him eat ppl's ears tho He is a humble guy in reality, but he was taken advantage off alot... this guy literally would out of his heart gift ppl a car, things of all kinds u name it, and there are dishonest and cruel ppl out there.. Anyways heard about all this a while ago from a buddy of mine, apparently he's been on stem cells therapy for a while. This stuff is lik gold to regen even brain cells apparently and all kinds of organ damage. I will be watching
  12. That's cool man, alot of this stuff was cheap on marketplace or yard sales but with COVID ppl started price gouging like crazy...
  13. You're right masteron isn't an ai that's a myth but the circulating dht is what combats the estrogen doesn't actually drop e2. Thanks for sharing that good read. I've never run more than 1.5g and even at 600mg I get the BP sides. But to be honest the vascular if ur lean even if ur not that lean is out of this world.ido remember that my arms were running with veins everywhere. I am scared to run it because it took me a very long time to get my bp under control and i dont want to risk being Mr red face again. It was so bad that it would prevent me from Deadlifts n squats. I wasn't held back on bigger lifts becaud of lack of muscl but the bp being so bad that I felt I might get a heart attack or somme kind of stroke how my face would turn..or it would literally prevent me getting it up from the bottom. The moment I had no BP issues boom weights went up.... I liked the benefits but the BP was a big one for me...
  14. That makes no sense unless your EQ was masteron. And on that I stopped using EQ and stick mast, more results per buck imo
  15. 600-900mg but it's been years since i did, it gave a specific look and vascularity slow ass almost worthless gains but when i used to combine with tren it would increase appetite which worked well together. Also it definetely gave me initially paranoia, anxiety then eventually after a month noticeable endurance and euphoria/clarity. However the increased blood pressure would just make me want to drop it.. I'd get less BP from anadrol than this shit...
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