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  1. Aw man 🥺 but im a long time CM vet lol...noooo
  2. Is this lab gone fully private I wanna try their stuff reviews sound insanely good
  3. lmao no i haven't and never thought of using it in that way, rather burn fat hahaha
  4. u know what got me worried LOL and changed my mind... DNP was used in dynamite ignition or something like that right? Sooo... wouldn't that trigger some kind of alarm at the airport.. like holy shit... then as I'm explaining myself "I'm just trying to burn fat" they throw me in a cell
  5. well yea no shit, but simply i may not be able to find the time or place to train and eat other than restaurents for 5 days straight then im back home and back to my routine eating and training. DNP works regardless thats why i was like huh anyone done 5 days of dnp at such a low dose and how did it go. I agree though, regular training and a low dose dnp will probably net better results than no training for five days but its dnp. dnp also causes an increase in insulin sensitivity so once im back and i rebound should go in for some good training... Still unsure if i should try this for the duration... If I have a fridge id love to get some oats and greek yogurt on the hotel. Can't cook or get chicken, rice and veggies... im really limited and im not used to travelling so often but lately i have to
  6. lol why do any of us taking PEDs? lol The way dnp works.. u lose fat regardless... so i was wondering if i am not able to eat and train proper for a few days might as well make a short run... just wanted to hear other's experience with only 200mg ED
  7. I've been debating... I'm going on a business trip and going gym may not be a great possibility, ill get meals in restaurents... and i figured why not use some left over dnp i have havent used it in years and have some benadryl and caffeine on me... ive never run 200mg so i honestly dnot know all ive done is 400-800mg a day (yeah almost killed myself with 800mg a day fuck that never again but fuck i lost so much fat in like 3 days -- dont do it) People seem to report a good 4lbs of fat loss in a week on 200mg... true or not?... how about 5 days lol... shouldnt affect me much no? Share some input and experiences with low dosing dnp...
  8. come on guys my trip is coming up hahaha.... ill be staying in two locations sunday to tuesday Point Aux Trembles which is like north of montreal airport and then tuesday to thursday around Longeueil which is across st lawrence river
  9. Going on a lot of business trips to QC and I will be in Montreal for about 5 days... need a place to train for just those days... suggestions?
  10. im waiting for some kind of march break sale then ill consider it... sigh... i used to run peptitdes all the time then i bought a house lmao and mortages cost a lot
  11. im debating doing 250mcg ED... looked at getting 2 vials... but shipping costs a bit too... dunno... from the logs i read mediocre results most ppl say... I rather spend the money on running GHRP/GRF-MOD like back in the day (havent in over a year and a half and i miss it's benefits)...
  12. what ive found is 5mg vials of bpc157 on canadianpeptide... its like 40 bux + shipping + tax... thats insane Has anyone tried these protocols. I'm having horrible shoulder/pec pains and tennis elbow (really hurting bad). I'm just about sick and done with the tennis elbow shit... and want to get it healed but...
  13. I ordered some superdrol, aromasin and these puppies (attachment) sdrol gave me pumps preworkout, had a rough start to the blast work/life, but here I go. As far as service goes, very friendly rep, threw in a free sdrol due to no labels in supply. Looking forward to some gains!
  14. never heard of bpc... but tb500 i heard of and alot of guys said nah it doesnt... prp is what a pro told me he used and he healed himself... not too sure where to go for it myself he was gonna hook me up but at the time i was like $$$ is low... its not that pricey but... every penny counts haha.. i heard prp works for hair regrowth too... which is what made me get intesreste in it again...
  15. anyone used their tren?
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