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  3. TWO GOLD! MEN'S PHYSIQUE MASTERS AND OPEN SILVER Men's Masters Classic Physique BRONZE Men's Open Classic Physique in a VERY tough class!!
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  5. Our board sponsors are terrific and worthy of support. The old days of counterfeit are pretty behind us in this social media world. Glad you are feeling fantastic and keep on making content for this board!
  6. first order placed yesterday very easy quick response I can't wait to test the product it's not a scam
  7. Hello friends, I came across the new posting rules, which is great initiative, i wanted to put my contribution, I was on self trt for 2.5 years , came off last May, just want to appreciate all board sponsors for there great quality products , there awesome service and dirt cheap prices, I was on 140 mg/week and my t test was always between 1200-1300 and free to above 250, I have used various board sponsors and I have blood work to prove it.Great service guys! Cheers
  8. I’ve always just used HGH kits from Opti
  9. 25 mg of mk677 have shown significant improvement in GH and IGF-1 release, and has been used for decades, long term. Of course there's always a max dose amt but 25 mg seems to be the good sweet spot. Can be taken orally. Doesn't seem to have much for side effects. Something like ipamorelin and cjc1295 work on increase the immediate pulsatile and duration of GH release from the pituitary. The end game you get more GH release but through different mechanisms. Must be taken sub-q though. I think MK is probably a better long duration bang for your buck.
  10. Ladies and gents we are at peak week! I'm as shredded as I'm going to ever be. Now it's just hold this!
  11. And I’m seeing dosage also quite varied. But since this isn’t an artificial growth and you can’t just “add more” and it (if I’m understanding it correctly) is something that allows you to produce your own GH again. What role does dose play? I assume your natural level that can be drawn from your body would have a cap? i e you can only take so much before your just wasting MK 677 for no extra result. But again, I could be interpreting this wrong as well.
  12. No issue, take it as long as you want There are some longitudinal studies showing old lady populations > 2 years taking it without issues. Because it's not an exogenous source and it encourages release of the pulses, it has no (current) long term effects.
  13. 10 days out. There is also 10 years between these two photos. The photo on the right is when I moved to Owen Sound, Ontario. The photo on the left is this morning absolutely bone dry shredded at 197.4 lb ready to step on the stage and take the win. There was a lot to unpack here, and it's not even show day. 10 years of consistency, training, ups and downs, but staying on the course for health and fitness. This is a long game and more than just for vanity's sake, although for many of us I'm sure that's exactly why we get into it, I know it definitely was for me. But over the years I've developed an ups and passion for training, for living a healthy positive lifestyle, and projecting that to everyone around me (for better or worse lol). To be in this shape is not exactly the healthiest, as it's not my body's natural balance, but is a competitive sport and requires the most extreme dedication and focus to achieve the goals. If you aren't suffering, you weren't doing it right. But to see a decades worth of transformation, epitomized by what I see here validates the struggles and successes. And if anyone wishes to start, the guidance, please ask and I'll do the best I can to help. . . #10yearchallenge #10daysout
  14. Yeah I’m going to watch it for sure. Let’s face it, this is exactly what they wanted, this isn’t a legit fight. It’s a spectacle. That being said, I don’t think Tyson is gonna throw the fight. But There is no “win”. If Paul beats Tyson, it’s a 27 year old dude beating a 59 year old dude. That’s no win. and if Paul loses to Tyson, losing to a 59 year old while claiming to be a threat in the boxing world is an utter joke. I’m sure Tyson still has some of the old in him, but his punching power was gone like a decade ago. There’s now way it’s getting better with age after that. But again. This is a show not a fight. It’s going to be like being at the bar and hearing that shit head kid run his mouth to that old guy, that you know can throw down. You’re hoping once he called him out that kid get his ass kicked. But at the end of the day it’s a kid fighting an old man. That’s not a fight. But you’re still gonna wanna see it!!
  15. Alright! It has been a minute since I’ve been able to get on here! since I’ve been away I’ve come back to a lot of guys talking about using mk 677 while on cycle. As the obvious cheap route instead of growth. but the length sure doesn’t seem to have any, at least antidotal, consistency. One guy say 4 weeks, the other 12 etc etc. but as far as I remember if you were using actual GH you would run it long term like all year, not really expecting results for months after starting. Is there a reason MK 677 is used differently? It seems logical that if it was used as GH replacement it would be run like you were using GH does it not? anyway. As always throwing it at the peanut gallery seeing what’s what. Thanks in advance gents (and lady’s?).
  16. Im going to assume OP went with option A and is now a new IFBB Pro at 18 years old. Jokes aside, you don't need much on a first run (assuming your of the age and development level to handle it). I am on the flip side though a would say 300mg of Test C paired with 300mg of Primo and you will see some pretty amazing changes if your training and diet are on point. You also wont need an AI at 300mg test unless you are very unlucky (so have one on hand) Pre, mid and post bloodwork if you can so you can properly manage your continued use of gear in the future without destroying your health.
  17. I figured we didn't have one of these on the site, the site is still under construction but this is a must: https://www.steroidplanner.com/ You can add compounds from the drop down, the dosage and the frequency, once done click on plot and watch the graph, it will help you better understand the peaks, spikes and length of dosages. Quite useful IMHO.
  18. Welcome to Northern Lifters. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  19. Im just glad to see the red chucks are still in play.
  20. To be honest, no matter what happens, they both don't come out of this a winner. On TV, I have a sick feeling in my stomach that Tyson will throw it (paid) to "pass the torch" to Jake.
  21. It'll be entertaining to say the least. Everyone is frothing at how Tyson is going to be. Nostalgia and the "old man strength" is what's going to bring all the boomers in while the tik too club is going to see Paul do his thing, whatever that is. None the less, you're never going to see Tyson throw a fight.
  22. I agree matho, iv always been a tyson fan but some of the promo stuff they have been doing is abit cringy. Iv bet against Paul before and been shocked lol If Tysons able to stay on trt for this fight we might see a little bit of fire. I was really disappointed when he fought Roy Jones Jr. I swear someone told him not to hit Jones in the head, 80% of that fight was body shots. As long as it's free I'm game.
  23. Can’t say I’m really looking forward to it, I know it’s entertaining and gives people something to talk about but anything to do with Jake Paul fights is just a circus. Mind you, he makes a ton of money putting on these events so I tip my hat to him. The only way this goes good in my eyes is if Tyson flattens him which I believe wont happen as it would be “off script”.
  24. Lol I am and def Mike, Jake Paul is a joke if he doesn't get destroyed first round its def rigged. Apparently a contract letter was leaked and Mike will get paid per round so they may stretch it on purpose. Just look at Mike at 21 and Jake at 21.how many victories and how brutal Mike is vs boy toy jake
  25. Who's looking forward to the mike tyson vs. Jake Paul fight? Who you got?
  26. Update this morning! 198.2 lbs Just finished fasted cardio Shredded AF 3.5 weeks left I plan on winning Dropped test to 500 600 Masteron 400 primo 50 mg tren ace EOD 50 mg winny 50 mcg clen just started 25 mcg t3 as a little boost and likely up to 35 mcg end of week This shows you that drugs are not always the answer. You need to CRUSH it in the gym. Do your training, eat your food, and let it play out.
  27. Ok bro, You won me with the sneekers ! You look great too.
  28. I’m hearing a ridiculous rule set for this fight . I’m guessing is all social media rumours. It’s still too soon for a rule set yet. One was Jake Paul is allowed to wear head gear like an amateur and we all know Tyson won’t . And we don’t know if this is deemed an exhibition or a professional bout . But you are correct in saying there is no way Tyson will ever throw the fight .
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