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  2. What’s everyone thoughts on the shelf life of AAS? i recall reading once that unopened stored test is good up to three years. quick search reveals differing opinions. Just wondering what everyone’s experiences have been? Anyway the gear in question is Mast E, from a reputable lab, it’s good gear I’ve ran it before, but I got it for a friend that just never ran it, so he offered it back to me for nothing, so it’s a great freebie, but it’s close to 2 years old. So I’m Thinking that ship has sailed. But that’s what this community is for. Figured I’d open up the board see if
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  5. To be honest, as long as I take my time with the injection and give the spot a bit of a massage afterwards, I've never really had bad PIP with gear - specifically - Bayer (Pharma while in Mexico), Boss and PJD. Now, injectable L-carnitine is a different story and definitely has a bit of an afterbite.
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  7. MONACO (AP) — Russia moved a step closer to having its longstanding suspension from track and field lifted after a new plan of doping reforms was approved Monday by World Athletics. The plan was written by a commission set up by the Russian track federation and tasks it with implementing a series of “immediate actions” with deadlines at various points this year. That includes funding more testing of athletes, a crackdown on Russian regions with particular doping problems, encouraging whistleblowers and giving athletes more of a voice in how the sport is run. The plan also c
  8. So if not automated they simply just respond to the emails. Cool thanks! .
  9. I order from there also. They never let me down.
  10. They don’t have anything automated . Bzzzz plunk
  11. Only the one thanking me for my orders. Sorry i assumed it was a no reply address.
  12. If you regularly order from BT shouldn’t you have a contact e-mail ?
  13. I order regularly from BT but i recently have a couple questions come up, anyone have an email contact for someone?
  14. Yes it’s a very addictive drug have you seen the movie captain Phillips the pirates in the movie we’re using it on the beach, keeps you awake causes paranoia , psychosis, just bad news all around , But guys please keep the talk of illicit hard street drugs off the board I’ll ask you kindly, We don’t want that kind of attention on the board. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  15. It’s very addictive if abused. Withdrawal is typical opioid. Don’t use it daily.. trust me I know..
  16. You will need to search google it looks like. The external link was removed for stated reasons above.
  17. i was running a small amount of test/ 300 test e a week. still gotta ways to go before i jump on my cut cycle. my weight is 286 and arms 20 inches. id like to shoot for 25 pounds fat loss.
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  19. Keep on it man. Are you running TRT right now or any other form of hormone optimization?
  20. Do you guys do spring actions ? I just saw this thread... I really wish I was a member when this was happening.... thats an awesome auction guys ..wow !
  21. I’ve heard of this stuff and they sell it at the local gas stations and vape shops. I researched into a bit and the stuff can be extremely harsh on your system. You might want to dig deeper into some of the studies of the stuff. I’ll stick to my good ol CBD. Helps recovery, inflammation, anxiety, sleep and loads of other goodies
  22. Thanks for your insight This is encouraging. I have a few injuries that may be a hindrance, but I guess I won’t know until I know... lol. Again, thanks
  23. Thank you for your contribution we appreciate quality content here at NL , Please try to contribute more you are a very experienced member in the community. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  24. Can only budget for 20 IU a week. Appreciate any thoughts on how to maximize results on this amount. thks
  25. I looked but didn't see these on here. Just posting a pic from a recent order for those interested... Cials, Anadrol, Dianabol, Anavar, Turinabol Test P., Tren E., Mast E., Test E., TNE, EQ Thank you, OD
  26. Not sure where everyone is from but in guelph Ontario I can go to a needle exchange that is run by the government. I walk in I can get all my pins draw tips and all including wipes and a sharpes bin ALL FOR FREE ... as much as you want as often as you need... You just need to find out where they are located in your city... The people working there do not ask questions like what you need it for or anything... they basically are there to supply people with clean supplies to have safe injections. You do need to leave a code witch consist of your year and month of birth and your mothers ma
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