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  3. No problem glad I could assist you. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  4. Thank You for your kind words we strive to give you great customer service and excellent products to match. @juicyBoy133its our pleasure to do business with you. We are glad you are satisfied. MedicusResearch Team
  5. best lab so far ! their supplier responds really fast .. shipping really fast 3 days max ... depo testosterone is top notch i have nothing negative to say atm !
  6. Seems as you are correct, Let me look into this matter for you. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
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  8. SYN is a good source with top quality products.
  9. Shitty deal. This is why you don't order from non-official reps and websites. This your first go around?
  10. My pleasure, You need not worry you are in great hands with Bodytech Pharma. I’m Admin and I’ve used them exclusively for quite sometime. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  11. Yes. I have been looking since 2019 but worried about making a move on trying anything. Thank you for the reply
  12. Do you mean Bodytech Pharma ? If so yes , They have a top quality product the MK-677 is great and very accurately dosed. You will have nothing to worry about. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  13. Anyone have experience with bodypharmas mk677?
  14. This is the very reason we advise to use trusted board sponsors . If it was a sponsor we can quickly help to rectify the situation. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  15. I ordered SYN from CanadaPeds which was shipped to Saskatoon where my ship to address is Vancouver. They have not responded to an obvious error. Fraud Still interested in SYN, just a warning on CanadaPeds
  16. Try taking it with a glass of milk, Drops first and then drink the milk. The higher fat content in the milk gives the medication something to attach to and makes it easier to digest. The orange juice gives it a rapid release due to the acid and will upset your stomach. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  17. Hey all, Does anyone have any tips/ recommendation for taking the liquid form of pornstar? I really enjoyed the pill version but the liquid form made me feel quite nauseous, even with diluting it with juice.
  18. Online I'm not finding anything about referred endos and TRT. Most are referencing diabetes and such. Only thing coming up is private anti aging clinics which I would do if I have to but I'd prefer being referred to an Endo through my GP
  19. I’m not familiar with any but I would start online getting reviews and peoples real world experiences. That would be a good starting point. I’m sure other members will soon chime in. MedicusResearch Team
  20. Has anyone had any luck with a TRT friendly Endo in the Hamilton area? I was referred to one who didn't like the fact that I used steroids in the past so she refused to treat me. I'm speaking with my GP again to get a new referral but I'm wondering if there is someone I should request?
  21. Welcome to NorthernLifters. MedicusResearch Team
  22. Yes mate, wife jabbed me other night, .7ml of each so about 70mg test, 70 mast and 140 tren. Woke up feeling like I'd been shot in the arse AND run into a brick wall, by the time evening came around I felt tippy top. Feel like I could break cinder blocks over my cock now, its amazing feeling having this stuff in you. I have caber to take .25mg E3D and letro at .625 to 1.25mg EoD and ill be taking moxi as a preventative measure cause I have loads and don't want tits. I also have melatonin slow release pills so sleep disruption should be manageable. Thank you for your concern though, its good that you try to dissuade people from courses of action such as the one I'm taking. It's my second jab tonight and I'm going to opt for the 30mm 23g needle , see if getting it deeper into the tissue alleviates some of the ouch.
  23. I hope you are not taking tren for your first cycle. That is a compound for more seasoned users. There are a lot of side effects to deal with using that compound. You get prolactin sides and agressive mental sides , sleep deprivation excessive sweating. Paranoid thoughts just to name a few. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
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