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  5. Quick little update. New email address I'll be using is Medicusrep@proton.me
  6. Welcome to our board, And I believe that is a very safe cycle, I’d go 16 weeks with the cycle and I’d try to go maybe 150mg test on tues and thurs to keep stable blood levels and avoid the peaks and valley effect. Good luck. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  7. Greetings northernlifters! I am on trt 120 mg per week. Ready to do a blast cycle to gain some size! Goal is to have more muscle, maintain it afterwards, and be healthy for life. I'll be blasting Testo with some Oxondrolone at the end. I'm planning to go up to 300 mg/week of test. Maybe more if I tolerate it well and/or gains are not as much as expected. Training, diet and sleep are definitely in check. Where I'm looking for help/tips is on how long should my cycle be, and how should I get to my target dose? - Should I increase test dose by 50 mg weekly, until I reach 300mg/week, for example? Increase by 20 mg/week? 100 mg/week? How does this work? - Is a 12 week cycle ideal? 16 weeks? - I'm planning to do the Oxondrolone at the end of the blast cycle (the last 6-7 weeks at 20 mg per day). - How do I come back down to my TRT dose of 120 mg/week? Lessen the dose every week? If so, does that start AFTER the "x" amount of weeks at 300 mg/week (i.e is the tapering off period included in the 12 or 16 week cycle)? Thanks in advance fellow lifters!!
  8. You don't really need a prescription in Canada. There's a few diebetes shops in Ontario will ship without a script.
  9. Matho


    Welcome to the NL community, lots of useful information here , along with many knowledgeable members !!!
  10. Matho


    Welcome to NL !!!
  11. Guest

    Andriol Overview

    This stuff is absolutely no good. Only 3-8 percent is actually absorbed into the body and useful. The best route for testosterone is inter muscular injection. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  12. Guest

    Where did every one go

    We are still here ! People get busy and find new interests but we do have new members joining daily. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  13. I kinda thought all the active threads were just hidden to newer members, but might just be very little activity
  14. Guest

    Test in Ontario?

    You can use MedicusResearch or BodyTech Pharma . They are some of the best in Canada . CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  15. Guest

    Test in Ontario?

    Well it’s a controlled substance which means you need a prescription for it. It’s has legality issues. Do you understand now ? CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  16. Not sure why that was such a bad thing to ask? I took a moment and thought about it and posted my question. Was just looking for some info on an actual legit brand/website to go to.
  17. Guest

    Test in Ontario?

    Sir, Nobody in their right mind is going to give you that information. That is an underground operation do you really think you be privy to the location. Take a moment and think about the question you asked. You want test you order from a lab or a website and your products are shipped right to your doorstep. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  18. I’m new here and just wondering if there are any legit websites or places to get test in Canada , ontario specifically
  19. Unfortunately Life Labs is not in my province..You guys in Ontario have all the good stuff lol
  20. Guest


    Thanks for joining our Family, We are glad to have you here . Stick around contributing when and where you can. There is great information and members here . We are a board like no other we welcome everyone with no judgment or hate. Feel free to speak freely and confidently. Again welcome from a fellow maritimer . CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  21. Genex Pharmaceutical is glad to be here on your board thanks for having us.
  22. pete3406


    Hello everyone, new member here from NS. I used to be a member of northern muscle. I work as a heavy equipment mechanic and love everything to do with the gym. Been lifting for about 13 years now. Started when I was leaving high school trying to gain self confidence. Anyways just wanted to put out a quick intro. Thanks!
  23. Guest

    Second cycle

    That being said there is no need for PCT if you are on TRT as your level will just go back to normal with your synthetic testosterone replacement . I would toss the D-Bol and just run 30mg Anavar with your 500mg of test and some MK-677 at night . And you could put some cardrine in with that if you wish. But for what you are doing I see the D-Bill as detrimental. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  24. Thanks for the reply. I’m looking for strength and endurance. For work, I have to run and do CrossFit type training. I’m not a bodybuilder. I’m on TRT at 120mg of test E per week all year long under a doctor supervision.
  25. Guest

    Second cycle

    We need a little more input , Such as your goals and where you want to go with this. Is it for size , strength, or just to look pleasing to the eye or competitive bodybuilder? I personally don’t like D-Bol on any cycle it turns you into a watery puffy mess. As far as an Ai you shouldn’t need it on that dose of test unless you are sensitive. I’d keep it on hand and just just it if problems arise . You do need some estrogen it’s part of muscle growth. Now the rule of thumb for next cycle it is time on equals time off. I can’t comment on pct as you didn’t state if you are on TRT or a blast and cruise kind of guy. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
  26. Looking for some advice. I’m 6’1 and 190 lbs. First cycle, I was on 200mg of test e for 10 weeks. Now for my second cycle, this is what I’m aiming for: Weeks 1 to 4: Dbol 25mg per day Weeks 1 to 10: 500mg Test E per week Weeks 1 to 10: 1mg Arimidex every other day Any tips? Or adjustments? What do you suggest for PCT and how long before the third cycle? Thanks
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