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  2. Step #1) Choose a Bitcoin purchasing app. Here are a few of the more popular ones right now: Coinbase – Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more with trust - This has been one of the most popular and easy to use BTC purchasing apps for a few years now. Buy bitcoin and ethereum with credit card | Coinmama - Coinmama is pretty similar process as coinbase, and really easy to use as well Cash App - Bitcoin - Is a phone app that a lot of people have been using lately. Buying and sending BTC on the go! LocalBitcoins.com: Fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins - This is a site that connects you with BTC buyers and sellers. It's in person, so you'd be meeting someone most of the time. BTC ATMs - These are everywhere now. Bitcoin ATM Map – Find Bitcoin ATM, Online Rates You can see the closest one to you. These charge anywhere from 5-10% fees though, so watch that. Step #2) Once you research and choose the app you want to use, you link your CC, Debit card, or bank account to it. This is 100% perfectly legal and won't raise a single red flag. Millions of crypto investors do this daily, and you are off any radar. After you link your info, they have to approve your account. This takes 2-3 days normally. This is standard practice, and sources know this, and no need to apologize for this delay. Step #3) Once you are approved, you are free to buy as much BTC(or other crypto if you choose) as you'd like. Get an amount from your vendor, and use a app like preev.com or coin desk to see the conversion rate. All the apps you buy from should have them as well. Purchase the BTC and it should clear in 12-24 hours(the time there is depending on your bank). Step #4) I would say this is optional, but I HIGHLY reccomend this for security reasons. Download a cold storage wallet - https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/cold-storage.asp - Electrum, Wasabi, ETC are a few good ones. Step #5) Send the BTC to the vendor from your 3rd party wallet. Try not to send from a wallet linked to your personal info if at all possible. Your vendor will make everything safe from their end, but it is always good to add another layer of security on yourself! Your vendor will send you a brand new BTC address, and send it to you. Always copy and paste this to send BTC. Step #6) You can track and see your transactions, and if the vendor has received them. https://blockexplorer.com/ is one such website that you can track transactions on. Step #7) Get stuff, get HUGEEE!!! Now there are other apps that charge less fees, but are more advanced. Kraken, Gemini, Etc. Feel free to add in your input or experiences with buying BTC, and crypto! Billy
  3. Thank you to all who responded. I did use bac water and it’s kept in a cooler just in case
  4. I buy the raws as well. Definitely cheaper option. Been on mk677 almost a year now. Going to take a break at the 1 year mark. Love the stuff!
  5. To be honest the only canadians if consider doing well are Antoine, lain Valliere, Regan and Zane. All of which are known for being extremely health oriented and/or genetically bonkers (even for a pro) so they likely don't require that much. Also in zanes situation being a taller 212 guy who relies on conditioning. He doesn't need size at all so if anything he needs to be careful to keep dosage lower. There are always guys like rhoden who don't need much gear etc and come off in offseason or just do try...but most pros aren't like this. Most will REALLY push dosages etc coming up to become pro then they can back off a tad and hopefully market themselves for some income and use consistency and time for their gains as opposed to all drugs and food. Nobody WANTS to be partlow or meadows who fought for 20 years to become pro and then have to retire not long after. Ideally you want to become pro as young as u can...to have an opportunity to compete and bring ur best possible physique...at your peak...to a pro show. Atleast in my opinion. Ronnie coleman has discussed his cycle and it was up around what I'm saying. Not to mention pre contest these guys are pushing much harder. As has Dennis James..... King kamali.... Titus (not the best example).... Mccarver.... Andreas munzer (obviously another poor example) As for saying top pros don't go for pharma hgh only...thats the main thing they're known for. Many of the pros (smarter ones) will only take pharma gear also...obviously with the acception of tren, EQ, and maybe 1 more. One of the coaches i feel confident in tells all his guys that they should only use compounds that are FDA approved. No need for anything else..particularly when we don't know long term effects. Other than EQ. This means... Test e/c/p/sust, deca, npp, primo, masteron, proviron, tren, anavar, anadrol, DBol, halo, tbol (I think), winstrol, hgh, insulin, igf1 lr3 only, I've heard aceto has his guys go this route.
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  7. Mk is not expensive, might as well try it. Most who try it like it. It may not be exogenous HGH, but increases your endogenous HGH to a level equivalent to 2-3 IU's of exogenous HGH according to some blood work I have seen. Personally I have never used HGH, I cannot justify spending that kind of money on something that may be fake. I have used mk677 two times. I am on it now, I get better pumps and muscles look fuller, for the price I pay I will do it for life. I buy the raws and it is so cheap that way, can't go wrong
  8. Hey anyone have any first hand info on the turn around in MK in placement of growth? i hear a lot of guys talk about how they didn’t see any real effects of growth for months down the line. And that’s supposedly with legit growth. But with a lot of these guys, who knows, seems like it’s likely they don’t have pharm level/legit stuff. So that could be total bullshit for all I know. But cost effective wise MK definitely seems like something to try, but hard to gauge the success if I don’t know how long term I gotta be gauging for. Just trying to do a little homework before I commit.
  9. Sust was designed for trt but with bad logic. The thought was the short esters like prop and iso would kick in while you are waiting for the longer esters to kick in. That's great for the first two weeks but then the long esters are working and your still spiking your blood with short esters. Sust is great for cycles. Typically the longer the ester the better for trt. Cyp is common but decaonate or undecanoate would be ideal considering your on for life. 200mg of test decanoate ever week in a single shot will lead to perfectly stable levels and no sides. It'll take 3-4 weeks to ramp up but in the grand scheme of things that doesn't matter. If you're really concerned you can blend it in yourself for the first month Week 1 150D, 100E Week 2 200D, 50E Week 3 200D and on
  10. You don't have to worry, some do but most don't. You'd be much more likely to see a cycle like this in a regional or national MPD or by the 250lb bloated guy in the gym who's big but doesn't actually look good.
  11. I think you need to read more. I didn't say "any pro" I said "no ifbb pro... I know personally". But in any case you're delusional if you think the average pro runs what you have outlined there, guaranteed some do. Not the guys doing well. The guys doing well blow up on nothing and that's why they do well. The guys that nearly kill themselves to become pros (doing cycles like you have laid out) really fizzle once turn pro. I live in the western GTA. I think people can figure out which pros (and top nationals) I might be referring too but none have even hinted remotely at 6g+ like you have outlined. Not a single one uses orals during the off season let alone 1400mg of drol a week on top of 1400mg proviron. And I've never heard of anyone outside powerlifting do suspension. Imagine trying to lift with over 30cc of gear a week. 12+ shots a week. Imagine trying to eat to get to 300lb on 200mg of drol a day. The GH dose is correct but not pharma for most. I can say without a doubt one of the guys on the 212 Olympia stage this year won't use anywhere close to 5g+. He also will cycle off for 3+ months after the Olympia, no TRT.
  12. Hematocrit meters are pretty cheap and accurate if you ever felt like you wanted to monitor that in between lab/bloodwork visits. The "Live Like a Viking" YT channel has a vid reviewing an inexpensive one and an expensive one that worked basically identical/results. Again, not plugging Sam over at LLAV on YT, but he has great content that seems applicable very often
  13. Update here... tren ace is terrific. Still at little girl doses. But not for long. Masteron enth is killer! Mast is a very under used compound. Seems like people only use it when running prop and tren ace with it (which works great) but it's so much more than that. Mast will harden you up like winstrol except it won't obliterate ur lipids within 5 days. I'll NEVER take a cycle again without adding mast to my test base and keeping it there. Unless maybe I do a cycle without test entirely but that's another topic. I was at 1400mg/week of Test and starting to feel tough to breathe (typical..too much water retention). I dislike using AI at all but at that dose it must be done to some extent..atleast with my fat ass. Added mast and it dried things up nicely...i feel 10x better. No additional AI needed to be used. Superdrol still going well. Only on it for one more week so im going to crank it up to 40mg/day and see what happens. Next month planning to: -come off the Superdrol. -Up the tren from 245mg/week to 420mg/week. Then increase weekly by 70mg/week and probably wont go above 800mg/week but I may go well over 1gram/week of tren in August if I feel decent and bloodwork checks out. End of August tren comes out. -up masteron enanthate from 500mg/week to 800mg/week. Probably hold there. -get bloodwork. I'll likely need to remove some blood (high hemoglobin+hematocrit). And hopefully liver values are back to normal by August 1st (high dose choline+inositol+methionine+NAC) for 30 days fixes any liver issues ive EVER seen in under 1 month. Then I can throw orals back in on August 1 which will likely be a mixture of winstrol+standalone+superdrol+anadrol -also will be adding oral yohimbine aswell as cardarine on july1st Goal is to essentially "peak" for September 1st. Take progress pics+measurements etc. Then starting Sept 1st I'll be on my cruise which is cardarine + 200mg test + 400mg primo Ideally id like to last from september until January 1st on that cruise. But I'm sure I'll end up throwing in some other friends into the mix.
  14. I think u need to do more research then dude. My total weekly dosage was 3900mg. Which is a ton yes. But not more than "any pro" bodybuilder. Come on man....a good bodybuilder (not just a guy who got lucky to get his pro card bc nobody showed up) nowadays is 230-250 on stage at 5'7-5'9 which means offseason they're 270-300lbs with outline of abs still. That's absolutely cartoonish size. And that takes a ton of drugs. Plain and simple. To have their same proportions on my 6'4 frame id need to be legit 400lbs with outline of and in offseason and 340-350lbs on stage. Over the years there havent been many real interviews from good pros diwcussing their dosages. At least that I believe. For examplelee priest has been very open for yearsabout what he takes and his dosages etc and that's awesome. However...his story his changed a few times on dosages....if hes done hgh..how much etc. Regardless...from the limited interactions ive personally had with pros as well as legit interviews etc Here's a general idea of an offseason cycle. Test e/[email protected]/week (1 bottle per week. Nice and easy. Depending on ester or brand it may be 200mg or 250mg/ml) Alternate between deca/EQ/[email protected]/week [email protected]/week [email protected]/day Anadrol @100-200mg/day (alternating between anadrol/DBol/tbol. Or two at a time...or take all 3 and tailor dosages based on how u feel/look) Test Suspension @75-100mg/day preworkout only [email protected]/day (obviously they'll take as much as they can find/afford but most guys are in this dosage range. Remember..this is legit PHARMA HGH. Which means in north America its one of 6 products (NO ACCEPTIONS. IF ITS NOT ONE OF THESE ITS NOT REAL PHARMA HGH. No matter what story the guy selling it to you has lol. It may legit be tested to be pure etc but its still not the same thing. Period.) Norditropin by Novo Nordisk Genotropin by Pfizer Omnitrope by Sandoz Humatrope by Eli Lilly Saizen by EMD Serono Zomacton (formerly Tev-Tropin) by Ferring Pharmaceuticals insulin- Lantus as a base for the day + humalog pre and post workout sooooo that's 5.5-8.5g/week on the + 56-84iu/week of PHARMA HGH this is offseason also....precontest things get ramped up A LOT higher than this. sure there are guys doing less. But not many of them. id say pretty confidently that any top 5 pro from any show this year typically does over 5g/week of gear.
  15. Test E 600mg Tren E 400mg EQ 600mg 20mg nolva ED throughout cycle. 12 weeks
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  17. Still no pip after the shot no redness or rash , I never used a compound that used mct but I’m loving it how it draws up and flows .
  18. aslong as its not sweating balls but bac water is what preserves it. make sure you use bac water and not sterile water. proteins will die in less than 24 hrs with sterile water
  19. Lol 2/3 of the dosage? Unless you're walking around like big Ramy now you would have seen the same on probably 1/10. No ifbb pro or truly competitive powerlifter I know personally runs doses like that.
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