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  2. Anything within the normal range, preferably in the mid-high end of the normal range.
  3. I personally can tell us my test is good without blood work rather easily. I'm not sure why it would be good idea to check it while off if you are planning to go back on in the near term. I'd always ask what are your solving? If you've been off for 10 weeks and want to go back on what's going to change if your test is high or low?
  4. You would not check test levels? What if the test you have is junk/underdosed? There's no way to know unless you do bloodwork. It's also a good idea to check them while off or on TRT to see if you need to lower or increase the dose
  5. I would always get lipids, CBC and liver. I wouldn't get test levels, if you're on they will be high and if you're off they will be low. Your test, LH and FSH are not coming back for a long time after being on cycle. Unless you're taking 6 months off there really isn't a point to check those. 10 weeks past my last cycle my FSH is .1, LH is <.1 and test was 2.6. I wouldn't expect these to reach anywhere close to normal for another 4 months. Other tests would be situational. If you're on and having side effects your might want to check estrogen and prolactin but I wouldn't check those while off.
  6. Show these folks some generosity this is a very nice gesture from them , This will help pay to advance the board and do upgrades and do other tekkie things that goes on with the daily operations, This is not just the staffs board it’s yours too.
  7. IMO a trt dose of 250mg per week is a little high , I’ve seen guys getting results cycling 300mg per week , I’ve personally started my own at 100mg of test-e per week and made slight increases until I felt good and quite honestly I’ve never passed 175mg I felt great good sex drive not an emotional roller coaster. Keep us posted on your journey. CBDB.
  8. Fair enough after a blast your most of your panel we’ll be off my delmia is my testosterone was below normal before I jumped on cycle so I was going to get blood work then go on a trt dose of 250/wk and have it checked again in 3months to make sure everything leveled out
  9. Normally, the normal ranges will be indicated on the bloodwork. Without any values from you I can't say much I would need to look at one of your bloodwork. But yeah, the normal ranges are on the bloodwork itself and when it's out of range it will show.
  10. Ok after u get all that tested what ranges are good for each one
  11. Here's what you should always look for in my opinion, I usually also do bloodwork every 3 months to make sure everything is good to go before a blast or returning on a cruise dose : Testosterone Total / Free testosterone SHBG E2 Prolactin Lipid panel Hematocrit Hemoglobin Creatinine ALT / AST (Liver) Blood Urea Nitrogen (Kidney) PSA (Prostate - Elevated values seen after a blast but goes back to normal during cruise normally) If lipid panel is elevated LDL and really low HDL, normally you want to fix your diet before going back on a blast. Always get E2 checked out if you feel down, no libido, getting gyno etc. Althought E2 is great for putting on some mass (pretty clear by now that studies are showing E2 is a great muscle builder) you don't want it too high because of those issues and also dont want to crash it with an AI. Get it checked out, then see if you need an AI or not. For SHBG, this one is tricky, I feel better honestly when T frees up and when its not bound to SHBG, normally I would take either masteron or proviron to get it down. Prolactin to check when taking any 19-Nors
  12. Hey lifters I’ve looked threw many forums and I think this is a grey area that nobody really touch’s on so what do u look for on blood work weather coming of a blast going to to a cruise or reverse or going to run a pct what main things do u look for to determine what route to take
  13. Last week
  14. Ok NorthernLifters We have a sale for a great cause, For every $200 spent you will receive one free item of equal or lesser value to your most expensive item and we will donate $5 per item to the board , If you spend more then $200 we will donate $7 per item to the board .
  15. Let us know how it goes man. I dont have any prostate issues "yet" but I have my dad on the Beta and he swears by it now.
  16. Thanks my friend. I will try it.
  17. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GUO3XJ0/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?smid=A8MA32QEVO3GI&psc=1 FYI, of you can get to the US. Best price you will find...I think.
  18. Pumpkin Seed Oil Powder and Beta-Sitosterol are supposed to be good. Both around 1g per day. B-S is also good for a few other things. Saw Palmetto Extract also has a long history in prostate support, but I don't know if it has enough effect to warrant use. Normally around 500mg day. If I had to choose one, it would be the B-S.
  19. For $100, I got a pair of Adidas Powerlifts. Can't remember what model it is. It's pleather up top and has a strap for around the top of the foot. It works for me. Nice solid and flat sole. Adidas is always running sales. Sometimes already discounted shoes in their outlet section can have another 30-50% off. You could snag a pair for $60. But tbh, the advice I got was that ANY shoes that has a flat sole will do. As long as it's not one of those squishy comfy soles which isn't stable. So a cheap pair of Chucks will do the job.
  20. Any recommendations for prostate health? With BnC for so long, I thought I should introduce something to take care of my prostate.
  21. Try to increase your sodium and potassium but try to get if from real food they only put the bare minimum in the supplements, So 90% food sources and 10% supplements would be the best bet for relief.
  22. Carpal tunnel syndrome: A frequent HGH side effect, this is the direct result of fluid retention around the tendons, joints, and connective tissue. What occurs in this case is the water retention in surrounding tissues around the nerves will cause these tissues to press against nerves in various key spots (often around joints). What results is carpal tunnel syndrome, if temporary. Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by Human Growth Hormone administration is characterized by tingling or numbness in the extremities (hands and feet), especially when the user’s limbs are in folded positions for extended periods. In such a case, the extremities will often turn numb but feeling should slowly return after extending the limbs and moving them around, which is followed by tingling and then the return of feeling. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often a temporary side effect of Human Growth Hormone that tends to vanish following cessation of use. In the worst cases, nerve damage in the specific area is possible, which would result in long term or permanent loss of feeling. Once again, the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome worsens with higher doses. this can also be relative to mk677 but its not as common...
  23. Hey guys, Any of you manages to clear carpel tunnel using mk677 of hgh? Ive been using mk for 2 weeks now and the carpal tunnel is killing me, especially in the gym for grip strength and in the morning I feel like my hand is burning off. Currently at 20mg/day, I did lower the dose to 10mg for 4 days and seen some improvements but not by much. I also tried to lower carbs to get water retention down but that didnt help either. Thanks!
  24. What did your cycle look like? Or was it just test at 300mg/wk? Second vote for 150 to 175mg/wk for the next 8 weeks here. Along with your follow up blood work near the end of the "cruise" to make sure you are clean to hit your next "blast" And yes, I do love me some "quotation" marks...
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