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  2. If you are still dieting hard, I would probably throw it in at the beginning to keep fullness while dieting.
  3. not test base test as a base. 350cyp
  4. Yeah, I went through a stupid gh15 phase where I thought you had to use 700mg Tren a week minimum. Felt like shit, and didn't look much better. Now have my diet in check, and only do 350mg max a week and look 100x better. No real issues, other than maybe lack of sleep, but I really think it's more to do with low calories than the tren. Don't have a problem falling asleep so it's not like insomnia, just the leaner I get, the earlier I wake up. 5 maybe 6 hours max, and I'm wide awake without an alarm clock. Now that I increased my calories in the last week, I think it's the first time my a
  5. Last week
  6. about to start up a 16 testbase/600mg eq cycle....im coming of a hard diet and reverse dieting....id still like to lose some more body fat and the cycle is for lean gains....not bulking fast with dbol and other wet compounds.....i have enought tbol to run 40mg for 9 weeks just to give an idea how much i have not saying im gonna run it 9 straight weeks..... question which do you think would be most beneficial? run at the beginning 6 weeeks 40mg while reverse dieting for a few weeks to get past maintenance calories in which to lose some more bodyfat and small lean gains, or run it
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSx8Dk-ROZU
  8. For me there’s a few different reasons for different types on protein bars. There are a few good ones out there like Quest Nutrition (if you can get over the science project in a bag ingredients and sugar alcohols). for a cleaner, low carb on the go holy crap I’m hungry but have no food with me, I prefer Quest Bars. for the I need carbs and protein fast after workout bar, especially during a bulk I like the good ol MetRX big cookie crunch bars. now there’s all kinds of bars and cookies and snacks this day and age. I seriously found an oatmeal cream pie protei
  9. Depending on what I’m running, I’ll do 3 cc in the butt. 1.5 in delt
  10. Great read, thanks for sharing. I always rotate sites between delts, glutes and quads. Delts I don’t go over 1cc shots, glutes are good for up to 2cc and quads I haven’t found a limit yet lol.
  11. Definitely cant ignore any advice coming from a guy who gets as diced as @airman Im not at my BF goal yet but I am hoping (or dreaming) to be there by the time I would run this blast. Im looking at early/mid Feb to be honest. The last time I ran tren was 10 plus years ago via a TNT350 product at only 1CC E5D so that worked out to just over 200mg a week of tren. No side effects aside from the fact that I felt like no matter what I ate I felt I was gaining size while getting leaner. I remember crushing 4 or 5 BK or MC'd cheeseburgers before work (bouncing). I was also 10+ years youn
  12. For a recomp, nothing will beat Test and Tren (I don't even think Mast is necessary). Just depends how well you handle tren. From the choices presented (excluding tren), I would go with Test and Anadrol (if you are lean). From my experience, Masteron doesn't really do much. Don't get me wrong, I still use it every contest prep, just because I always have, but starting to question, whether it's worth it. This year I did something different, and I added 100mg Anadrol at the end of my contest prep, and got instant fullness. Felt great, no bad side effects and changed my look completel
  13. I use 1.5'' in my glutes i find anything smaller i'm getting a little knot in their unless i'm on cruise and only putting a half cc in or something like that. In my shoulder i take the cap and cut it in half on a 1.5'' needle and use the cap a as guide so i guess i'm using a .75 inch and it works great. I have tried to pin in my quads and it never really goes well i always seem to hit a nerve, no matter where i adjust the needle always the same result. I always use a 1'' in the quad i guess i could try to shorten it up.
  14. Alright guys, with 2021 coming and hopefully being in a position to go back on (god willing) I am hoping to do my first blast in what feels like forever. So, looking for some simple advice. Im torn between a low or heavier re-comp cycle to head into spring after pushing my current semi-natty recomp (which is just me trying to get my fat ass into the 15% range...see log). That said, I was thinking either a simple test (500-600mg) + TDrol or Anadrol (week 8-11 or 12) run or; a test (250) + mast (500) + ass end anavar (50) run or go nuts and a test (150-250)+ mast (500) + tren (200) run.
  15. Did you check your BP to see what it actually is? Do you get any bloods done when on too see what your numbers look like? Side question is; how long is the cycle or are you done? 14 weeks is getting close to pretty long.
  16. I even look at carbs and I gain weight might have to switch keto can’t weight to see your keto forum on how to approach it
  17. That’s awesome man I’m glad kietos working for you you’re definitely going to be a force to reckon with on stage
  18. Yes sir I am. I may break that around the first of the year. Thinking heavily about dabbling into a little bit of insulin to fill out some lacking body parts to compete next year. I need to gain some size in my legs, biceps and lower/mid back. Would like to compete in classic. I’ve always been kind of against insulin use, but I’ve educated myself a bit more on it and in talks with a guy that really knows what he’s doing and wins shows. keto works great for me, honestly I feel as if I have gained better in a keto lifestyle than when I was packing in the carbs. Gains are a hell
  19. I’ve not heard of rise. I’ll look it up. Just got back from a killer delt and arm workout. I got dark blue sweats with the 90’s style elastic cuffs at the ankles and a bring green tank that has an iPhone lock screen on it that says “BEAST” then “slide to unlock” under it. With laced up chucks. bestie had skin tight underarmor pants, with a smedium bright red stringer lol. Mind you this guy is 5’6 235 ripped to the bone lol. Height wise he is way bigger than me. He must be on steroids or something ROFLMAO
  20. I stick with th 1” in the glutes tried quad never again once I switched to leaving my vials in warm water before injecting made a world of difference
  21. Rise shirts and pants only gym apparel all use
  22. Cable high rows with a wide grip (shoulder length apart). This movement will activate both rear and side delts. You don’t have to go crazy heavy, but keep reps in the 8-12 range. While lifting, keep elbows up, top of rep will have you elbows flared out slightly above the delt. You’ll feel it if you go too far. if you’re having join pain with rear delt dumbell raises, you might be hyper extending the movement. Your rear delts are a small muscle group. You don’t need to extend your shoulder all the way back at the top of the movement. 60-75% range of motion to the top of the m
  23. Yea. I’ve accidentally gone subq when I was younger do to little experience, and too short of needles. I find that logic kind of flawed just by the physiology standpoint of have oil sitting between the skin and fat, causing inflammation and slower absorption. Now that I’m older, bigger and leaner, I can get away with a 5/8 in the glute with no issues. I’m a shaky guy, and have bent too many 1.5s in my ass which feels so amazing pulling out lol. I like to stick glutes, delts. And if I get a clean no pip source I’ll pin traps. No more quads for me. Muscle is too dense and too large a
  24. Hey guys! Out of boredom, and me just being the funny guy that I am. I figured this could be a fun conversation starter! We are all in the gym at various times and various places around this world. This is open for the men and the ladies! We have seen them all. the matchers, as I call them. You know these guys. Head to toe sporting one brand, usually expensive underarmor or Nike everything! the old lifter who doesn’t give a shit. The old guy that wears boots and cargo shorts with a stained wife beater in there doing no nonsense curls and presses. Keeping healthy and stro
  25. Yep Feroce is awesome, If any of you guys have ever heard his life story about coming up as amateur and getting his pro card its pretty amazing.
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