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  2. As an FYI: Me: "I just wanted to inquire if your business operation will continue as normal into the year 2020 with the rumours of tougher rules on distribution of product and raws?" Melody: "Yes, we will!" Only time will tell.
  3. Man that’s why I like you , your honest with us but your just as honest with yourself , you broke diet and you know you did but you have a plan with what your going to do about it. Eventually you will get nuts like me , when my kids want pizza or Wendy’s I just do a heavy back day or something I know is going to expend a bunch of calories, not only do I get food that tastes great but I get a great workout . Win win ! just don’t make it a habit and you will be fine , in case you haven’t noticed everything we do with this stuff is about balance.
  4. Love your progress bro, don't give up! Hard work pays off
  5. @Rosconow as Seth Feroce says you got to get chubby to get big , but when you can’t see your dick you went too far.
  6. I've never been that cut, don't have the discipline and i like food too much. I did get down to 14% measured by calipers years ago. Currently at 23% as measured on my doctors fancy scale where you have to go barefoot and hold a handle with both hands. But currently in a bulk and as far as i'm concerned, you have to be a little chubby to gain any serious mass.
  7. Last week
  8. somewhere around 25-30%bf now judging by some pics I just seen.
  9. The Ultimate Cookbook And Complete Nutrition Guide For Bodybuilding & Fitness More than 200 muscle building and fat burning recipes. - More than 200 "Anabolicious" recipes - For men and women - Designed to promote muscle building and fat loss - Beginner friendly - Most recipes can be prepared in minutes DOWNLOAD
  10. just got back from a buffet, loaded up 3 plates worth of meat at a Chinese restaurant then ate 3 bowls of ice cream...why, because I'm hoping I can nail a few prs on chest tomorroww. Checked my weight a few minutes ago and scale says 247 on a full, full stomach. Looks like more cardio coming for me and I hate the fact that tomorrow is international chest day.
  11. I know man and your weak as shit , still looks good tho , if I wasn’t married and still chasing the women . I’d try to be there . My wife is the last I’ll chase , frankly I scored over my head with her.
  12. @Rosconow thanks for posting that chart , this will help a lot of people before they post .
  13. today I did back and traps. couldn't find a pair of 135s so I shrugged the 140s for 4 and seen stars lol. Did more then that for traps but I don't want to talk about how much I lift. Just proud.
  14. It’s 100% his maturity level holding him back , I’m not even trying to be a dick here , I do think the kid has some issues. This isn’t the right time to be thinking about AAS for him, he feels we are all against him but it’s not the case we are looking out for his health and safety but he doesn’t want to hear it, we have done this for older members , I have to keep relating back to @whatsup he’s the poster boy for advice and change ,even came off gear for a time and look at the drastic changes.
  15. Yeah...is there a mental health condition that causes you to ignore all good advice that you hear? My son is exactly his age and as been my workout partner now for the last year and a half. If he had an attitude like this kid, he'd kill his old man. I'd have had a stroke a long time ago. Anyway, my son understands when to take advice and sucks it up like a sponge. We've put 15 lbs of muscle on him (naturally) and it's so friggin easy to gain when you're young and below your genetic limit. Also, it goes both ways too. I like to play video games from time to time, but compared to him, I suck. So he offers quality advice to improve my game and I take it. A little maturity and humilty is all it takes. Life is gonna be a hard road without this for this kid.
  16. if you guys ACTUALLY see nothing wrong with how you treated me it’s sad. good luck growing your forum . i’ll post again in 2 months under a new account and IP SO....yea, you’ll see me wether you like it or not.
  17. I’m going to take the high road on this one and not even comment , other than how do you apologize for your actions and then post a vid like that , your right about one thing you posted tho, it’s about to get you banned and we won’t be seeing you in two months, bro it’s not AAS you need, it’s mental health intervention.
  18. Advice is kinda the main purpose of this forum. And you're being disingenuous, you DO 'get' it, you just don't want to take good advice. You don't want to accept the reality that you're too young, but mostly far too underdeveloped for AAS to make sense. Also, you don't want to suck it up and at the very least lean out significantly first so even your work ethic is also questionable. You're practically the poster child of who should NOT do AAS.
  19. I made a nice little vid last night I was just going to delete anyway becuz I thougt I was doing too much but fuck it. that last PM from a "Trusted Member" just made me decide. laugh all you want, hate all you want. ill be back in 2 months as I assume this will get me banned even tho im clearly being shit on . no one respects progress until youre shredded I guess. ill simply just post this under a random acct just to prove I wasnt just talking shit
  20. T acts immediately, you dont need the peak to feel small effects the next few days. I even stressed when making those comments its was very slight stuff, I also frontloaded so its VERY possible I was getting legitimate effects although minimal. Seriously, can we stop though with the advice and lectures? I dont get you guys. Ive let it be known that im sticking to this, and ppl just keep on replying more comments. Its getting annoying to say the least. this is MY THREAD. MY CYCLE LOG. what can you not respect about this??? even after the mod said to get back on topic. once again, just hateful trolls. Thanks for the nice PM bud. Keep in mind I didnt say a single insult for this rant "Bro Ive been lifting 6 years before hoping on AAS. I was 5'7 190 pounds 9% body fat natural. You are sitting at 200 pounds with 30% body fat... You literally have 0 muscle on yourself and you should try to build your physique naturally before trying to pussy out and getting on roids to gain muscle. Whatever, even on roids Im pretty sure youre going to have the same shitty build, Im optimistic to say youre going to gain 5 pounds of muscle MAX. Plus have fun getting bitch tits with all the fat you have right now your estrogen is going to skyrocket." -MaskedMisery
  21. You do know the T takes about 4 weeks to peak right? I find it funny that after just 2-3 days on the T you were saying you felt more strength, endurance and quicker recovery. Just shows you needed more time and research to understand what you were going to put in your body. That was and will be my only comment. You were not ready for this, but have fun with the cycle I guess.
  22. I apologize for losing my temper last night. I will have to take a look at it, ill go check the archives. 12/7 - Nothing crazy to report, had an amazing upper body workout today. Muscles just dont get sore, lmao. Im like a machine. The edurance boost as far as muscle durability goes is awesome. Im doing the same routines that would kick my ass weeks ago and now they are just easily completed with a steady pace and increased aggression. whats not to love? 250mg inj into the booty cheek tommorow morning at 10. im not gonna go into detail with the lifts, I will however prob go for some PR's mid-cycle and ill post those numbers up. Ive been doing lower weight and higher reps, just builds a better look IME, and i was heavily favoring strength training and low reps before.... what did it earn me? Well, I got strong as fuck in 3 months of dirty bulking (explains my bodyfat muffin) but it was quite straining going 110% all the time. my knees kinda took a hit at the time (just mild stuff) so yea my approach has switched
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