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  2. I have been using metformin for several years the numerous health benefits and anti-aging properties and disease prevention benefits make metformin one of the best drugs you can take the bloating and gas from metformin is due to the fact you have a large amount of bad bacteria in your gut, this will pass in time, just reduce the dose and keep going make sure to take after a meal as this will help for those that suffer from this best health benefits come from around 1800mg daily from medical studies which is an odd number since most are 500mg tab dose start with 1000mg and once your stomach gets better bump to 1500mg Berberine is good also but metformin is much better, not in same league, plus much of berberine is of low quality so beware some coaches don't like it because of the fact it reduces igf-1, but if you are on gear you have nothing to worry about others complain of a lowered testosterone level but I have done my blood work even when not on any gear and it didn't effect me at all one of the best long term health compounds you can take plus it does help drop fat from another pathway, increase good gut bacteria, prevents diabetes, heart disease and even cancer among numerous other benefits
  3. CapeBrenton is on point gear can last much longer than you think a friend of mine used a few bottles of test that were expired over 5 years and it worked well the drug will degrade slightly so you have to consider this but it will last longer than most people will think it can
  4. Donating blood is must for all gear users elevated levels of RBC, Hematocrit, and Hemoglobin are all issues that veteran steroid users deal with EQ will increase them without a doubt I have my athletes donate blood 4x per year or every 3 months Making sure to get your blood work often as well at least twice per year minimum Keep your eyes on Ferritin as well because most don't know it but elevated levels also accelerate cardiovascular issues
  5. Clen can be a great fat burner but I only use it at key times with my athletes like in the prep phase. You do not won't to over do its use or depend on it like a pre workout which is something many people do you have to always consider long term heart health the best protocol that I have found is the following I like to run clen for 3 weeks on 1 week off On the 3rd week I also have my athletes to take 1 tablet of Benadryl at bedtime then the 4th week is off everything then repeat
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  7. Hey brother, I prefer to do the standard blood work test. Based on gh serum and igf-1 you can get a pretty good idea on how legitimate and dosed your gh is. I do 10iu fasted, 3 hours after that get your blood drawn. Your gh serum should be elevated. As for igf-1 its best tested after 1-2 months on hgh, I prefer 2. Establish your base line igf1 then when you test 2 months in your igf should be elevated roughly 100 per iu of legitimate gh. Again this will be subjective person to person but gives you a rough idea. As long as its elevated though thats all that matters. For myself 5iu a day of pharma gh put me around 500-600 igf1. And your 10iu gh serum should be 20+ Hope this helps
  8. Try Lifelabs look them up. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team
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  10. Hi Gents Is there any tests where I can send a vial out to be tested? Or is the protocol of blood tests before and after hgh use the only option? Thanks for any advice.
  11. Does anyone here use an online lab for bloodwork? Would like to know if it’s worth going that route or should I keep trying to find a Md who will help?
  12. You need to tell me when and how long it’s been, If it’s reasonable I’ll contact them on your behalf. There has been a tech issue on their site but items are still moving as they should. Don’t worry about BT they have an outstanding reputation. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  13. I placed an order but have not received any email confirmation or tracking number. My EMT was accepted but my order says "on hold". Can anyone help me with contacting the rep?
  14. Would be good if they took care of two week old orders as well.
  15. Appreciate it. Ya it’s always been super quick response time for me. So just odd.
  16. heres an old on cycle pic
  17. hope my roids are real come january. heres a hint im throwing in halo and winstrol not always legit hard to find stuff. heres a pic ive shrunk but no gear in a very long time. little bit left on the waist.
  18. No the rep was here this afternoon, They are good to go as always . They do get busy and also spend time with their families. Keep trying , BT won’t let you down. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team.
  19. EOD with acetate. Dose is very dependent from person to person and will also vary depending on what else you are using. A good starting point would be 50mg EOD tren mixed with 50mg EOD test. On that note, what does the rest of your cycle look like?
  20. Anyone been having issues reaching the reps? Mine has gone MIA. Been using him for years.
  21. I believe there are a few w ps80 and sterile water?I'll have to check my lists. I have all w grain and alternatives. Just give me a bit to get back.
  22. Hey I'm new here and I saw the CS logo and was hoping to be brought to there website (no luck)unfortunately. I can give you this information though;I brewed 500mgT.E. along w 100mg T.P. added and I had zero pip. Maybe my muscles were just adapted and I rotate site Injections as well so sometimes the shot may be broken down to 4-6=shots. That's just my experience. I do not have the recipe anymore as that was years ago.
  23. Just wanted to give a shoutout to BT... still good to go, good rep, all these years I've been with them... back on the sauce... and results reeling in steady...
  24. Ok guys I just took my very first injection it was way less scary than I thought and to my surprise no pain at all. I found a site called spot injections and went over it and ultimately decided to do my thigh and was a breeze. No pain no burning so let’s see where my figure goes.
  25. This is my first time dipping into the waters with Tren ace what is your usual dose and how often do you pin it is E3D enough ?
  26. Awesome man keep it up! Slowly and steady wins the race
  27. Nice haul! I will be using Medicus as my go to from now on. I won an auction from them recently and I love the stuff they manufacture. Including the anavar I love.
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