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  3. I've never tried primo, mainly because it's cost prohibitive in the amount required to get signficant benefit (along the lines of GH). But if it was a steroid i'd take primo or eq because of low sides Otherwise I would take low dose GH
  4. Payless medical Canada has by far the best prices you'll find. their search is a bit of a PITA but other than them Surgo and Life Supply with Surgo having the better stock and Life Supply the better prices on what they have but again, Payless has the best prices and cheap $7 flat rate shipping.
  5. Just off the top I believe it’s one in the morning and one in the afternoon, no later.
  6. Just recieved the new Helios and cadarine yesterday. Will report back with some results. Anyone have any dosing protocols for Helios?
  7. So I got my second order in, wanted to leave a positive review after the last time the ordeal which was part my fault. The tren that was not included was included in this order and i was given a free bottle of madol. I'm stoked to try cardarine for the first time and to get back on tren. I've been using the sdrol and it works. Test is good, mast is good. I got some stanolone, it may not be that much of a difference with me already on masterone but i was addicted to stanodrol years ago (prohormone to stanolone). Lowest dose of that stuff was 500mg ed if i recall something like that, i used to run it up to 1500mg, so what that translates to stanolone doses no idea lol.. but at those super high doses i ran it at it was probably super high... whatever im happy to try some real stanolone lol. I also got a bottle of melanotan, time to get tanned again haha... became paper white
  8. Yeah. Thanks for replying. Just wondering if it’s worth the expense of getting the pharma grade stuff shipped. It’s crazy expensive. I would assume that if you buy a good reputable organic mct with no fillers or preservatives just 100% mct from coco nuts , it should be good. $300 for pharma grade on one site with shipping and duties is a bit crazy. Another site has Parma grade for about $80 cad plus shipping and duties and all that so it’s just crazy. Can’t find a good pharma source here in Canada at all. I want to use the best but if there’s no difference, then I’d like to keep my $300. Lol
  9. I get organic if I can, buy I don't think it matters. See, after you cook and filter your homebrewed gear it is sterile. No, my MCT is not pharma grade, USP I think
  10. Yea it will be my first time using higher test in over 2 years. I've been going the lower test (125-300mg) for those past 2 years... so I think 1gr test is needed to add some size for myself with 900mg eq. I really only use test mast eq these days.
  11. We were able to find Banana Boat products at Shoppers Drug Mart and they are on sale for $9.95 a tube currently. Just make sure to read the label as all of them are not Paraben and Oxybenzone free. We got the "Sensitive" (White tube soft blue/green accents) product because the "Natural" one doesn't seem to be available in canada, or at least no one has it that i could find. Mind the smaller tube that says "Face" on it. It's the exact same product for more money in a smaller tube lol. Burt's Bees has some products as well but again not the entire line and strangely not the sunscreens. I was looking at them for my wife as pretty much her entire make-up table needs to go in the trash lol...
  12. Glad to see you stick around This board won't allow the stupid politics that were from other boards. And we will always give everyone an opportunity to speak. Hopefully this board unites people in the banner of truth
  13. That looks pro-fesh-en-al
  14. Decided to go with these wireless earbuds after I watched this honest looking review from someone who's actually active and uses them in a gym. They have not fallen out yet even when I do headstands. Got them at Costco last week, sound quality could be a little better but best of all I can't hear a thing happening in the gym around me (don't know if that's a good thing or not, lol). Hope this it helpful for someone. Cheers.
  15. @Francis "Frank" Castle I never thought of this... like you I am pasty as hell but unlike you I just burn and turn various shades of red though the summer. I hate wearing sunscreen because I always feel like I've been dipped in a vat of oil afterwards. Even though I hate wearing sunscreen it is a necessity for me. I will definitely think twice about what I'm smearing on my skin. Thanks for sharing!
  16. The Earth is not just Canada. I travel a lot and sometimes I stay at some places for months (talking about places that I've visited few times) and trust me there are changes, especially in Europe.
  17. Thanks bro. Is the mct that you buy pharma grade? Does that even matter??
  18. Nice cycle! I loooove high dose eq. I don’t go over 750 test, or I need an ai and I really try to avoid ai use. Last winter I ran 900 test 600 mast. Got huge fast but my nip started bugging me, so I’ll stick to 750 for now. And 300 test imo is to low, I just wanted to try it. I’m shredded atm but not packing on the size I’m after. should be a killer cycle bro! Hope you log it!
  19. I buy mine at the grocery store usually. Last bottle I got was from supplementsource.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Yea. I think I'll go the higher test route. 1gr test 900mg eq 50mg proviron.
  22. I’m currently on 300 test 750eq 600 masteron ,just lowered eq to 750 to add 350 dhb loving it, prefer higher test. But I thought I’d try it low once. My 4th cycle
  23. I wanted to run 1.2gr eq this next blast with moderate test 600mg or 900mg eq and 1gr test. Cant decide hah.
  24. First off I would question why your doc had you off weights for 10 weeks. Usually once the initial inflammation and overt pain subsides, commencement of rehab exercises is recommended. Are you doing rehab exercises now and/or have you implemented a rotator cuff preventative maintenance routine? If not then you really should IMO. As you have discovered, neglecting to train rotators, even when healthy, is a great way to eventually end up with an injury. I pretty much agree with Physlifter. Don't rush it. One of that hardest parts of dealing with injuries is finding the patience.
  25. I like to start at 750 for 8 weeks then bump to 1000 for 8 more. I’ve only used proviron once, but I loved it at 50-75mg
  26. Superdrol sends my liver readings way out of whack and seeing your piss turn that Coca-Cola colour is never an easy sight. Risk reward ratio always has me going back to anadrol
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