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  2. Bands are versatile, inexpensive and can be used to add or decrease resistance. Wonderful tool to use when you cant get weights or enough weights. As well as you can utilize household things. Like folding chairs, rods, stairs, clothes and wood floor, door frames etc (dips, tricep dips, inverted row, incline or decline pushups, pull ups, sliding push ups, inverted bicep curls, slider lunge. Etc etc.
  3. hopefully I catch up to you someday.
  4. It’s good to see you still grinding away big guy. Dedication!
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  6. GF, a comod at WCBB, told me to use bands. What do you think?
  7. Ryujiin

    My “little” buddy

    They do grow up fast dont they. Really good looking boy you got there.
  8. This works for solid core work. We used to do bag body throws, shoulder carries, walking lunges with either heavy boxing bags or smaller sand bags when I was doing grappling. Although at this time of year, you would have to fill them with Canadian beach sand...ie; snow lol.
  9. Not sure if anyone's mentioned it. But you can do a lot with sand bags or a pack / rucksack filled with sandbags
  10. Last week
  11. Thanks brutha! That was last months physique update pic. Been grinding hard. Appreciate the luv. Good luck with your raws,. Damn, wish I could brew too. Respect.
  12. Just wondering, as your supplier did not label, could you not email them to say "WTF, can you help a brother out with what these are? Here are the pics..."
  13. Thank you for the feedback GT, looking SICK in your avatar BTW
  14. Throw it all in together as a blend? Lol, I’m kidding.. Lab Max is prolly your best bang for buck. 100$ kit should cover all that.
  15. Did you miss the part where I said I have a new child and I've been laid off? I'd love to be able to drop a grand for Jano, but can't do that at the moment and before guys like Jano were around people still had to figure shit out the old school way so that's what I'm doing.........well trying to do lol
  16. Brewed yesterday, filtered twice today via .22 whatman syringe filter. On the left is 200mg test-e/25mg test-base per ml. On the right is 70mg tren-ace/25 mg per ml tren base.
  17. Brother I’ve been following this and for the money you are spending on test kits and other fixes , just go to janoshik and be done with it and have accurate verification. Best way to ease concerns.
  18. I just want to figure out the compound itself, the ester attached I can figure out for myself lol I'm going to order a few labmax tests, but not sure what to order? From what I read via their website I need to order the "Mini steroid test kit" AND the "Anavar/Winstrol" test kit? Any input I would appreciate brother.
  19. The lab max kit will just identify methenolone. Unfortunately not the esters attached. Chatted to Lab Max to confirm this ( uv test for methenolone glows violet/ purple, fyi). I dont know about roid test.
  20. I've ordered primo-ace before and it looked very similar, but I think C is primo-e because of the melt point test being 70c exactly. I'm thinking I will do roid test or labmax first before sending to Jano. Thanks for your input
  21. The only one i might have even the faintest idea about is "c". Order any methenelone (primo). White grainy consistancy with sweet chemical smell is definitely a hallmark. But just a shot in the dark.... a toss at the dart board.
  22. Yes this is exactly what happened. There was an error and my supplier reshipped my original order so now I am trying to deduce what the non labeled items are. Will end up sending samples to Jano at some point, but can't hurt to try and figure this out myself in the meantime
  23. Dude, did your raw supplier not properly identify your product? Or did you get it out of the back of a white van parked beside your gym? You're just shooting in the dark trying to identify after the fact. I could say more but i won't.....
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