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  3. That's a hard one as Blitz mentioned. I'm a fan of Morphogen and Revive products for both vitamin and cycle support products. You could check them out. Just as an example. Note however that they can add up in cost pretty quick. Amazon and picking individual support items along with say a vitamin like Nutrex Vitadapt is also a good way to go. MorphoMULTI - Full Spectrum Micronutrient Complex – Morphogen Nutrition MorphoPRIME - Organ Health & Blood Sugar Control – Morphogen Nutrition NEPHROGEN - Advanced Kidney Support – Morphogen Nutrition Revive Lipid
  4. Your progress from start to now is very solid man. Keep on it.
  5. Ryujiin


    Deleted this post/thread for reasons.
  6. Hello NorthernLifters, We would like to have the opportunity for each member to try our product at a slashed price . Like we said we will match other sponsors. Here goes all 250mg Testosterone products including Sustanon will be $25 per vial. Testosterone 400mg will be $35 per vial. NPP $30 , Finajet $35 , Equipoise $35. [email protected]
  7. Been a few days of MENT at 12.5mg/day with 200mg Test. E2 sides are already showing up: oily skin, little bit of itchy nips, increased aggression. Gonna pop some Aromasin but if this is what it's gonna be like at just 12.5mg I might drop it. I was hoping to move up to 25mg/day.
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  9. How old are you? Honestly it's not enough to do too much unfortunately, you'd want to use 4iu a day so you have a little over 3 months. Obviously it'll be no where near as effective as $200 worth of test, saying that if you are making a jump you'd be better off to use it with test than alone. I'd say it until the summer, run it with 400mg of test and get shredded.
  10. That's the tough thing it's everything "you" need and you don't need the same thing as everyone else. I don't think there is a multivitamin that really nails the general buckets let alone your unique needs. For example try to find a multi that has 5000iu of D3 or 200mg of k2. Anyways personally I just take a Kirkland and then add the few other things I need, if you want you can look into Revive or if HD has a multi I'm sure they are much better than most but still it's not going to be a silver bullet and often they'll be more expensive than Kirkland plus a few others
  11. Winstrol definitely doesn't burn fat. However, it's not a bad drug for women. My wife used it between 5-10mg starting like 6-8 weeks out from shows back when she was competing - this was more than 5 years ago but at that time she had a physique to be probably top 6 at Nationals in figure. Although I wouldn't start with winstrol. Anavar is a much better first drug option 5-10mg building up to 20-25 before needing to use win. If you want to burn fat than save the money and potential andro effects and buy ephedrine and yohimbine, that stack is drastically more effective than anything yo
  12. I never understood why (before I finish my sentence, Dack1975 this is not a knock on you or your wife) ppl keep thinking winny is a fat burner. Yes it is ideal for ppl who are trying to lose weight due to it won't add excess water to you and makes you look harder, but the compound itself does not burn fat.
  13. Thanks for the reply airman,your right i told her that already but now that she's reading it on your post she's gonna give Syn torch a try , Btw great shape bro.
  14. I'm not sure running Winstrol as a women is the best thing to do if you are just after losing weight. I would look more into running some standard fat burners, such as a bit of Clenbuteral. Maybe a tiny bit of AI. Winstrol doesn't actually burn fat (no anabolic really does), more so just helps to retain muscle while in a caloric deficit.
  15. Hey everyone,my wife's needs a little boost at loosing weight,does anyone knows the appropriate dosage of winstrol suspension she needs to use?thank you all
  16. Woo! Wicked haul gents. I went backpacking through the rockies and forgot about the auction! My loss!
  17. @Matho Its easier to ask for forgiveness then permission ! And thank you for your kind words. MedicusResearch Team
  18. scale says 243 this morning.
  19. Wow nice Haul bro! I started on my MK 677 from my auction winnings and so far so great. And I agree with you Matho that I love this lab as well. Every sponsor I have dealt with here has treated me like gold and the products have been great. I will continue to buy from these sponsors.
  20. My winnings from the last auction, should keep me occupied for awhile. Love this lab and their products and yes the wife made me sleep on the couch for 1 night for this 1 haha
  21. I've been using Bodytech for over 6 years and won't touch another lab. The quality and customer service is top not and the reps are always willing to help. Well just started a blast of 450mg sus + 450mg eq.... I saw bodytech had tdrol (12.5tbol/12.5mg sdrol) which I haven't touched sdrol since my prohormone days when I was younger and dumber running 20-30mg of the shit with no test base. Let me tell you tdrol simply put works for strength and size... but stay at a conservative dose 10-15mg is more then enough if you've never tried it. Props BodyTech for all you guys d
  22. Give it a try, I also use the zero calorie Walden maple syrup on it
  23. I cant comment on prep-level food but low calorie-ish for me would be shrimp stir-fry with a pile of veg and min oil. That french toast sounds baller though.
  24. I don't know about you guys but during prep I try to make most of my meals seem like it's not prep food. For example I'll make French toast with egg whites, stevia, vanilla extract, cinnamon and whole wheat toast, yes I keep bread in. Taste like heaven and I get 50g protein each time I do it. What's everyone's go to?
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