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  2. This is just myself only reason for it but I always run an even 500mg test , it’s just where I feel good if I go much higher and add compounds I feel like crap for some reason, so if it was me doing it I’d be at 500mg test.
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  4. Just as title states...im curious how much test you gentleman would use if paired with 400mg masteron enanthate weekly + 450mg EQ weekly to start. I was thinking 350mg/week, 525mg/week or even 700mg/week to start. Then after the 1st 4 weeks I'll adjust one or two of the dosages based on my results. I suppose it depends if you believe in the old style cycles which rely on test and run secondary compounds. Or the newer style of thinking seems to be keeping test low-moderate and focusing on other more anabolic compounds. Which is what im leaning towards. Goals- Keep sides as low as possible and get lean gains while dropping bodyfat. I understand it sounds very noob-ish to want to add all lean muscle while dropping fat and zero sides but ive done it last year for many months while using test + mast at various doses. Now I'm adding EQ to the mix in hopes of allowing more lean tissue gains. I'm coming off of being wayyy fat (6'4 406lbs) and dropped to 299.9lbs in just under a year and have rebounded a tad since. And sitting at 308-310 currently. Planning to drop to 280lbs with this cycle... or less if my body wants to go lower. Cycle will be 30 weeks long providing bloodwork allows so that's really only about 1lb per week loss. What would u guys do? Thanks
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  6. thanks capebreton and ted
  7. Indeed, my thanks as well, much appreciated. My diplomacy hat has since/already been donated to Goodwill.
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  9. Fixed lol now hopefully this discussion can get back on track!
  10. Thanks Corey for nipping this in the bud. I have hidden a few of the filthier posts but I see you have it quoted - this I think is publicly viewable. It's the c**k word...not a prude, just looks crass snd has no place being viewable
  11. I'm sorry I fail to realize what this has to do with DHB? This place is a community and I expect members to treat each other in a respectful way. So enough of this shit - if this doesn't concern DHB it doesn't belong.
  12. Method dont repost that. Just report it. Best to edit it out.
  13. Agreed CapeBretonDadBod...this guy who goes by the name GainTrain just sent me a private message exposing his genitalia...definitely a step too far.
  14. Ok guys seriously shut it down ! It’s enough , stop the pissing match and move on, you are both going to end up on the wrong end of a mods ban hammer and it will suck for both of you as you will end up missing lots of good content , just agree to disagree , you both have beliefs stand by your own and move on. I’m saying this to both of you in the most respectful way.
  15. Ha ha ha! awww, * lift shirt to show worse than natural abs * lol, “I’m not gay...” sure, sure
  16. Not at all, I don't eat enough nor take enough gear to get massive. Plus, I like my blood pressure in a normal range. That said, my waist is tiny and my shoulders are extremely wide.
  17. Sure, upload a photo measuring your shoulder width with a tape measure and I'll do the same. Why not.
  18. Lol, “I’m not going down the rabbit hole” All I hear is “your way bigger and more aesthetic than me” Thanks again little buddy, you really made my day
  19. Don’t tell me about a little boy show me! Pics or it didn’t happen ...
  20. Hmm...no thanks. You should keep your G4P photos to yourself, and not embarrass yourself any further. Dude, you're small. Not that it matters, but I'm pretty sure I've heavier and wider than you are, even on TRT level doses (220lbs+). But good luck, I'm not going down that rabbit hole. I merely wanted to point out factual evidence regarding crashed estrogen etc, which refuted some of the asinine claims that you made.
  21. Bwahaha! Where’s your pecs, or arms. Don't ya know abs on a skinny boy are like tits on a fat chick? oh shit lol... I can’t believe you’re proud of that thank you for sharing! You totally made my day!! I looked better than you natural. Thanks again Toothpick , I was having a shitty day and you made it awesome!!
  22. Derek from mpmd reiterates similar mechanisms described by Fizzyx: When you take 19-nor testosterone, you've shut down endogenous testosterone production, but the by product effect of this is, you've shut down your DHT (because you have no testosterone being produced), in addition, you have no aromatization from testosterone to estrogen. So, without this pathway being fulfilled of testosterone to estrogen conversion, you effectively crush your endogenous sex hormones that are necessary for mediating many physiological functions (ie 'crashed estrogen'). // end of quote Thus, Derek considered a DECA only cycle, with endogenous estrogen. 900mg test? A lot of people would say you were natural, or on a minimal trt dose. 6"1, 16% bf:
  23. Placed my first order 2 months ago for raws and semi finished products. Received both in about two weeks. Prompt service with tracking and great stealth. About to place my next order!! Highly recommended.
  24. A very long read from here: http://physiqonomics.com/fat-loss/ I was going to copy and paste it but there are pile of graphics. Anyway, it was a good read for some chuckles.
  25. No, the argument is that: DHT derivatives COULD unhealthily lower estrogenic activity, NOT WILL (because it varies person to person, and may be dose dependent). As stated, I experienced the same thing Matt Porter reported, about two weeks after starting legit Syn Primo E, at about 400mg wk, test e 300 mg. I don't have joint issues, but my joints suddenly started feeling like they were run over by a train. Dry and creaky. Stopped the primo and the joint issues immediately starting clearing up. If the test base was 500 mg+, I suspect this issue wouldn't have occurred. Previously, this happened after about .25 mg of arimidex. I don't get gyno, even at higher doses. If I get any sensitivity, I take a little mast prop, and it goes away. If you take DHB without a test base, you likely won't get any estrogen conversion, which is a bad thing (as Dr. Serrano noted in the video). Longer term, I will be daily 'microdosing' with shorter esters, as the research also suggests this may be better for estrogen management, while I continue to avoid all AIs and serms.
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