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  1. Mmmm.... I love me some sexy, hairless, chicken-legs - pass the hot sauce
  2. I can see taking a break for healing, then keeping light for a while, but advising you to stop for good sounds fishy. I'd suggest see a sports doc and take it from there.
  3. I'm not worked up at all, but that's hardly the issue. To be 100% candid, I'm very concerned. "i’m causing shitstorms from a simple theory i’ve posted, that’s not my problem." Yes, yes it is. The problem that you don't see it as YOUR problem is THE problem. Sure, there are others here that have lost their temper and 'raged', that's a fair point. Most would agree that this wasn't necessary and could have been handled better. I can agree with that. What's missing though is any hint of acknowledgment of your contribution to the issue. I sincerely suggest that you really work on trying to get a handle on this and not just lip service, real insight. You don't owe anyone here anything, so you don't have to be contrite, sheepish or apologetic. But your ongoing, continual and complete deflection of basically all criticism fuels the rage you're seeing hurled in your direction. This doesn't make it right, fair enough, but the fuel is coming from YOU. You have to get on top of this. Otherwise, you're heading in a really bad direction - for real. I'm quite sure you could get enormous support here. Life-changing levels I'd say. But you gotta get a grip on this.
  4. Ummm, no we haven't all been there. But the more important point is that you keep missing the friggin' point. Yes, people do stupid shit and can learn from their mistakes, fine. Not the point. The point is that your implication that having liver values like that means that most people could bounce back from that and therefore we may be over-worrying about liver toxicity is spectacularly obtuse. I strongly suggest you humbly reflect on why you seem to cause shitstorms repeatedly. It's called introspection, but I don't think you can do that, and that is essentially the problem in a nutshell. And channeling the immortal Jim Lahey - there will be a shit cloud following you wherever you go until you figure this shit out.
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't say Valentino is a wealth of quality information, but he can be really funny. (Dog barking in the background) Valentino: "One sec, my mother-in-law is trying to talk to me." Ahahahahahah....
  6. No kidding! "just to keep my dick working 100%" If it's not working at 200% something's wrong.
  7. You can get fruit flavoured oils now that taste pretty good and no fish burps at all - been there, didn't like that!! One time a few years ago, I had some fish oil tablets that fell out of a pocket or something and were in the bottom of my gym bag. Must have gotten stepped on or something and they broke and got all over my gym clothes. Stunk like hell...Well, I could go all the way home and get new clothes, or... Yep, did the workout anyway smelling like a fish processing plant in July. Surprised that cats weren't chasing me around.
  8. Let's pick this apart so you're clear on what I'm saying - wasn't worded so clearly initially. "people with natural physiques don’t have the ability to recover like those who use PEDs." Of course, 100% agree. " So they more so need to manage volume." Don't know what you mean by 'manage'. "The point of using PEDs is to recover faster... so why not work HARDER?" Sure, yes, and also more often potentially, but I'm saying for a natural after a certain point, you WILL not get larger if you're not also getting stronger, so naturals should, at least part of time, work in the high intensity ranges. In fact I think it's a MUST for naturals to grow when they become advanced. "That statement sounds like someone who is training at say 70% and sure they’d probably get more results than a natural at the same rate. But again why?" Yeah I don't disagree, but one will still get results and one won't. My point is that an advanced natural will not gain without significant strength focus as part of their program, whereas a noob AAS user can train like a moron for quite some time and still grow. Sub-optimally, yes. Wasteful, yes. Stupid, yes. But grow all the same.
  9. I'm just pulling this number out of my ass, but I think that at LEAST 80% of optimal gains are achieved with being regular with your workouts, and working hard... very hard. To get 100% optimal is more technical and individual. But hard work is MANDATORY!
  10. I don't disagree, but you can do a couple 'discovery' workouts from time to time to nail this down more accurately. But I'm a more high-intensity guy myself as well and don't like high volume. Hell, the high volume might be better for me for growth purposes, I'm just saying I don't like it. "Give it your all, get strong as hell, then add in more sets to build volume. Thats basically my philosophy lol" Well, yeah I agree, especially for naturals, but assisted you may be able to get away with more growth with less intensity. Just look at those strongmen guys. If you peeled the blubber off those fat bastards they'd still be mighty huge!
  11. Maybe, but not necessarily. It depends on a lot of things, perhaps the most important is training status. 4 hard sets is probably overkill if you're not advanced. Sure you can do it, but two good ones could be enough to grow just as much or more. Frequency is also an important variable that also can vary significantly with training status. Also, there is generally value in periodized programs, but they're not simple one-sentence programs. The intensity and volume changes over time.
  12. Haha...yes 'the most effective approach'. To say that this is a topic of debate is a huge understatement. But the best advice is to TRY them. Give Isratel's approach a try and see. Or, give doggcrapp a try (an example of the other end of the spectrum). MONSTERS have been built with DC training. But don't do a bastardization of a program. Do them properly and give them a real chance and see what works for you.
  13. Common misconception here. Lower intensity is a technical term meaning lower percentage of one rep max NOT feeling like you could be training harder. Even volume advocates like Isratel say two or three reps in reserve max. Combined with high volume, that is a tough workout. Even Isratel cautions against 'junk volume'. If you feel like you could be training harder, your entire workout is probably junk volume.
  14. Thanks gents, I will give those supps a shot, and continue to eat buckets of grapefruit! I give blood regularly as well, as often as I can. I'm O neg, so I kinda consider it a public service anyway.
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