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  1. No. Bad reviews are acceptable, clearly, just not without at least a hint of credibility. Perfectly understandable.
  2. While skipping meals for some might be a bad idea, it's been great for me. However, it's 'skipping' in the context of time restricted eating or intermittent fasting. I eat two meals a day with a little snacking here and there and only eat noon - 7pm. TRT dose with little else so far and I'm down 35 lbs and hitting PRs in the gym after a lifetime of lifting. I'm now approaching single digit bf % and other than a mini bulk here and there, I'm probably sticking with this for life. Blood markers dramatically improving. For those above maybe 20%bf, I think IF is a great protocol.
  3. I asked the same question from a UGL and the answer was 2-3 yrs. Store upright at room temp, out of sunlight. Once the stopper is pierced, shelf life drops to a few months.
  4. The problem with Bernier though is that a vote for him is a vote for Justin the man-child groper. As a conservative he's got my vote. As PPC, no way.
  5. And also lower or TRT levels of gear can be really helpful in dropping the fat (especially visceral fat) as well.
  6. Just ordered my agmatine, and also added a glucosamine chondroitin msm supplement combo into the regimen. Fortunately my knees and shoulders are fine, but the hips can be painful.
  7. The adequan looks interesting. My old dog might benefit too! Thanks. "intra articular injections of hyaluronic acid" Should be no prob to self-inject into my hip joint...
  8. This looks reasonably priced - have to stop by there anyway to stock up on my other supps - doesn't mention any arcaine sulphate. Does this look right?
  9. Other than the basic glucosamine/chondroitin I'm not up to speed on the newer peptides that also might be a help in this area. Basically I don't have too much pain - shoulders, knees pretty good, but I get some nagging/recurring hip joint pain. Any thoughts/suggestions on some helpers for this?
  10. Yeah, one idea was that the universe was closed but unbounded. I think that is the correct terminology. Where three dimensional space is wrapped around a fourth so if you travelled far enough in one direction you'd end up back where you started. Similar to the surface of the earth (2D) wrapped around a 3D sphere. Not infinite, but unbounded (no edge). This makes sense to me, but as I understand it, current evidence points to infinite with an apparent high degree of certainty.
  11. Bathman and Showergirl??
  12. "I'm not an expert in this area but I think that normal hemoglobin with a high hematocrit is uncommon" Yeah, that's my understanding too. A quick pubmed search comes up with the finger stick method not quite as good as the venous blood test. "Recently, a study in Ireland has demonstrated in routinely collected fingerstick Hb deferred donors that venous Hb is higher than the fingerstick value by 1.07 g/dL (males) and 0.67 g/dL (females)." This was my experience. Finger stick was considerably lower than the blood test.
  13. Do you mean hemoglobin? They didn't test hematocrit at my recent blood donation. AND FWIW, my doc seemed quite confident that the blood donation hemoglobin isn't very accurate. I had my blood tested about an hour after my donation and my hemoglobin only dropped 4 points after giving blood, but dropped 10 points from the blood test the previous day.
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