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  1. FWIW, I'd love to bid to try a few new things, and it still looks like excellent value, but Mig is a no-go for me.
  2. Everybody knows that it's much more important to get your nails done than go to a gym.
  3. In all seriousness, although I don't know a helluva lot about this, I do know that this can be dangerous and there are some idiosyncratic reactions even at low doses. So for the love of everything holy, start low...
  4. Basic Stats: 53 yrs old, 255lbs, 5'11', 15% -ish bf Background: Lifting since forever. Very lucky I still have healthy shoulders - can bench a lot. Hips a little tender these days, but still squat, but not too heavy. As I've talked about in the past, I'm on TRT prescribed, 100mg/wk - best thing I ever did. Puts me just under the high limit of normal at 5 days after injection. I test my blood 4X/yr. When cruising on TRT, I pin once/wk. I notice no up/downs. No prob increasing frequency when augmenting. I seem to be lucky in that I have responded very well to low dosages so far. Saw some fantastic results on TRT alone. On it now for a little more than a year. Previous 'Cycles': Increased T to about 225 mg/wk total (2 pins/wk) and 50 mg Anavar/day. Did this for about 6 weeks then gyms closed - fuck! Back to TRT since. Holy mother of jesus, what a brief but fun ride. All lifts improved, but my bench especially. Not bragging, but it's just the facts here, this put me over the Canadian Bench Record with a gym lift. Signed up to make it official at a meet, but then this Covid BS happened - fuck again!! Anyway, I have access to a well-equipped home gym now, so I'm back on the horse again for a few weeks now. But it's a bit of a drive, so I'm just kinda maintaining with 2 full body workouts/wk, plus cardio on my own. I won't do any augmentation until gyms open and I can be properly frequent again, but I want to prepare now for when this happens. Goals: To officially break the Bench record. However, this will require a little recomp, as I will compete in the 241 class. Nutrition is no prob - former BB'er and can control food. So basically looking for suggestions for strength/recomp/joint protection protocol for an older, but high-responder type who doesn't want to fuck with my health. I really don't think I need high doses of anything considering my history, but I know there's so much experience here, I'd love to hear suggestions to optimize my goals. Thanks in advance! PS - In addition, if anyone has any suggestions for a Bench Technique/Training coach, I'd be grateful too. I know the basics of powerlifting benching, but am a newbie at shooting for maxes.
  5. Happy to contribute when I CAN ACTUALLY LIFT IN A GYM AGAIN!!!
  6. 40+? No way! You kids can go play somewhere else!
  7. Exactly! And don't fucking tell me what's essential to me. Garden centres more important than gyms? Never ceases to amaze me how spectacularly stupid government is.
  8. Maybe get a blood test and remove all speculation as to the cause. High E is only one possible reason.
  9. You mean today? Bit of a cautionary tale there I'd say...
  10. Yeah, I'm the same. My base TRT is only 100 mg and I just go once per week. Every blood test puts me at top of normal range 5 days after. I don't notice any swings at all. But everyone's different. Edit: And just to add, I've had E levels come back very high a couple times when I was augmenting my TRT and I felt perfectly fine. Don't notice it at all.
  11. "seized 31 various steroids and medications for bodybuilding " Yeah, sounds like a normal contest prep...
  12. Yep, i get it. Slowly increase dose on a full stomach. Takes time but you will build tolerance.
  13. If the gyms close, I'm gonna get my daily exercise beating on TP hoarders...
  14. Yeah, I've slowy worked my way up to 1000mg/day. Been about 9 months or so. Still try to take it after meals, but flushing is much less now. Works like a charm. LDL has dropped 50%. Cut right in half over this time.
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