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  1. Absolutely top notch service and painless pin. Only tried Test E 250 so far but looking forward to more soon.
  2. Wonder how long before the mainstream media blames it on the 'roids...
  3. So why the delay I wonder? It happened in Oct 2018, and she went to police right away, so why did it take until now to charge him? Maybe they needed to get his DNA or something.
  4. Congrats man! Being fortunate enough to have a good woman makes everything in life so much better! I just celebrated my 25th a little while back and they'll have to pry this great woman out of my cold dead hands!! Wait, that doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean!
  5. I agree that this is highly variable on an individual basis, but I don't agree that you can't grow on three meals. Or, maybe you're saying the 'average' guy can't grow on 3 meals, not sure I agree with this either, but that's a different claim. I can gain muscle on 2 meals per day. Optimal? Probably not, but gains nonetheless and not beginner gains either - far, far from that. However, I am very far from average. FFMI was just over 27 long before any pharma assistance - so definitely an outlier.
  6. To me this is questionable. Going from 15 to 10% bf, for the average guy ain't that tough with attention to food and a little self-discipline with little to zero muscle loss. Sure, low single digits can be murder, I've been there, but 15 to 10? EC(A) maybe... To me it's similar to someone asking "I'm just starting to lift weights and want to get bigger and stronger, what gear should I use?".
  7. Yikes! Did it just happen to be a dud of an engine? Did they make it right?
  8. My most expensive TRT side-effect so far... Dodge has some excellent incentives. First Dodge, so far, so good... Everything is black on black on black. Grill looks a little lighter, but just a reflection.
  9. Congrats! Same here, been getting 2,4,6 and 8am wood. Threw in some Cialis on the weekend, and it might be time to invite my wife's sisters over!
  10. I'm on DHEA too. What the doc said to me was that low DHEA is associated with many poor health conditions. Meaning patients with insulin resistance, heart issues etc often have low DHEA. Causal? Not clear. My levels were not very low, but he put me on low dose anyway. Expensive for the prescription stuff, about a buck a pill.
  11. Actually, I much much prefer being a customer. When he was giving me the first couple of injections and teaching me to do it, he just told me to come by any time and he would find a couple mins to do it. I did that, twice, and never waited more than 2 mins. When I call his office and want an appointment, I get in the next day instead of the "I have an opening 12 weeks from next October". Not being a customer is the biggest single issue facing our socialist medical system IMHO. I've also lived in the US and had the best medical care you could possibly imagine - because I paid for it (well had great insurance - same difference). If more Canadians knew how bad our system sucks compared to the US, they'd be outraged. But that's admittedly only if you have insurance. But clearly, when you see how good it can be in the US, universal insurance is a much better option than universal crappy care we have in this country.
  12. The quote below from @Francis "Frank" Castle inspired me to suggest a new thread. Being a noob at this I don't have any of my own stories (yet), but have an interest in others' stories either from a prurient angle or cautionary tale. So, what did you do that you have to chalk up to the PED's flowing through your veins?? " (well there was this time with this Scandinavian goddess and her Vietnamese BFF g/f but that's a whole other story lol)" Care to elaborate???
  13. "If I had, at that time, a doc that was more knowledgeable about all of this in addition to his being very co-operative in helping, I would have been doing things much differently" Yeah, what I find so fascinating is the powerful, profound really, effect on mood - even at my relatively low dose up to this point. I had no idea, and I don't think even most Docs have an idea either. Also, the discussion got a little derailed, so I'll ask the original question again to the veterans - does the mood/libido boost continue indefinitely and become the 'new normal' or does it decline over time? I'm thinking that it doesn't really decline b/c if you recall adolescence when the first surges of T was happening naturally, there was no decline - the opposite actually - from say 15 to 25 yrs old.
  14. I would disagree with this in a couple of areas. First of all, at least where I go (in Canada), it's a business every bit as much as it is in the US. I pay out-of-pocket for services annually. The clinic is not a primary care facility, it's a TRT and Life Extension business and is totally upfront about it. Secondly the guy I know on 300mg is monitored very closely and regularly. Lipids perfect, PSA rock bottom, no need for anti-E even though T levels occasionally spike slightly above the 'normal' range. it didn't start at this dose - it began with gels, creams and so on with poor effect. Then injections gradually increased to 300 over several years. I don't think it's necessarily outside the bounds of responsible TRT at least for some people. For others? Sure - but it's the blood that tells the story. However, what I would caution against (and we all know it's individual) is the long-term androgenic sides. If you have a little hair on your back, you should expect to get a lot more, and if you're balding... and so on. These things I've definitely noticed on him, although he was already bald, so that wasn't an issue.
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