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  1. That's very helpful - thanks!
  2. Interesting. I'm curious, do you think the same applies if you're on TRT in the first place? Meaning could one get benefits from shorter duration blasting in this scenario, or basically any test cycle of short duration is a waste?
  3. This basic idea (test-only blast/cruise) is what I'm thinking for my first time, and maybe first several times. My goal is to learn from folks here, so feel free to criticize harshly if you'd like - no prob. My aim might be a little different than some here in that my primary goal isn't maximum muscle growth - at least right now. I'm older (>50) and through a lifetime of lifting, I'm probably at or close to my natural limit. 5'11'' and just coming down through 240 lbs. Abs beginning to show, and my short term goal is 225. At this weight I'll be happily lean and nearing single digit bodyfat %. My TRT has the cruise covered. I'd have no problem with a few extra lbs of muscle, but for me it's more about the other health-related, mood, and other lifestyle benefits of TRT. So a little boost here and there is what I'm thinking I'd like to start with. Thinking 400mg for a month or so at a time, with roughly twice as much time cruising to see how it goes. Is this too low, too short? Make sense at all wrt my goal(s).
  4. Yeah, my doctor complains that a huge proportion of his colleagues still believe in the connection. Thankfully he doesn't. Must have been a topic in med school or something that they just won't let go.
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