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  1. Yep, i get it. Slowly increase dose on a full stomach. Takes time but you will build tolerance.
  2. If the gyms close, I'm gonna get my daily exercise beating on TP hoarders...
  3. Yeah, I've slowy worked my way up to 1000mg/day. Been about 9 months or so. Still try to take it after meals, but flushing is much less now. Works like a charm. LDL has dropped 50%. Cut right in half over this time.
  4. Well, if you re-read this before it went off the rails, he basically was complaining about migraines but had absolutely no intention whatsoever to moderate dosages or eliminate a compound or two to figure out the culprit. I just pointed out the obvious facts that have been spelled out to him ad nauseum - too much, too soon, too early in development, and no ability to follow advice or look inward and self-scrutinize. If the truth feels like an attack, he needs to reevaluate his life circumstances in a big way. Blowing a gasket is all on him.
  5. Right, it's actually the Government that supports and protects the Mafias' monopolies by law, so yeah, ultimately it's government's fault. Far too many Canadians in my opinion expect big government to solve all their problems when in reality government almost always IS the problem. Personally, I've always felt that I need to protect myself FROM the government much more often than being protected BY the government.
  6. Yep, If we want carbon taxes in addition to the existing mega-taxes on fuel (personally I think it's a scam) all food prices will increase. If we want to protect our dairy farmers and egg producers and keep the monopoly marketing boards and quotas, we will pay higher prices for milk and eggs. Same for cheese, but IIRC this is changing. ( a little while ago, I read about a poor schmuck in St Catherines I think it was, that went to jail for illegally importing cheese and selling to restaurants. I think he would probably have done less time if it was fentanyl) Then there's the Maple Syrup Mafia - try to sell syrup from your own trees and you go straight to jail - if you're lucky and don't get kneecapped first. Da comrades... IMHO, markets should be as free as possible and this will ensure the best possible prices because of maximum competition.
  7. Seeking professional help is most certainly among the best advice he's received here, but unfortunately won't take of course. I don't think he even understands the main thrust of most of the advice. He seems obsessed with the defiance of risks, but that's largely secondary. The primary point is that what he is doing is a waste of time because he's starting small, fat, and untrained. Any one of which should mean gear use should be postponed, not for safety reasons, but rather mainly for efficacy. This is one of the many important and valuable ideas that are completely lost on him. But there's no doubt that there's a number of shitstorms swirling around him at all times and he hasn't realized that he's at the centre of them all and it's time to look inward. Again, professional help is definitely good advice.
  8. I disagree. Why? Because he would have to: - follow advice - take less drugs - have some self discipline - have a little introspection There is absolutely no evidence he is capable of any of these, much less all at once.
  9. No, I don't know for sure. I'll go out on a limb and speculate that Tren might be an issue especially to those who are sensitive to the cough, but just speculation...
  10. This might be different for different compounds, but my Doc said that although aspiration is the "proper" technique, with no air in the syringe, there is minimal risk even if you accidentally mainlined the test, so aspiration is optional.
  11. Mmmm.... I love me some sexy, hairless, chicken-legs - pass the hot sauce
  12. I can see taking a break for healing, then keeping light for a while, but advising you to stop for good sounds fishy. I'd suggest see a sports doc and take it from there.
  13. I'm not worked up at all, but that's hardly the issue. To be 100% candid, I'm very concerned. "i’m causing shitstorms from a simple theory i’ve posted, that’s not my problem." Yes, yes it is. The problem that you don't see it as YOUR problem is THE problem. Sure, there are others here that have lost their temper and 'raged', that's a fair point. Most would agree that this wasn't necessary and could have been handled better. I can agree with that. What's missing though is any hint of acknowledgment of your contribution to the issue. I sincerely suggest that you really work on trying to get a handle on this and not just lip service, real insight. You don't owe anyone here anything, so you don't have to be contrite, sheepish or apologetic. But your ongoing, continual and complete deflection of basically all criticism fuels the rage you're seeing hurled in your direction. This doesn't make it right, fair enough, but the fuel is coming from YOU. You have to get on top of this. Otherwise, you're heading in a really bad direction - for real. I'm quite sure you could get enormous support here. Life-changing levels I'd say. But you gotta get a grip on this.
  14. Ummm, no we haven't all been there. But the more important point is that you keep missing the friggin' point. Yes, people do stupid shit and can learn from their mistakes, fine. Not the point. The point is that your implication that having liver values like that means that most people could bounce back from that and therefore we may be over-worrying about liver toxicity is spectacularly obtuse. I strongly suggest you humbly reflect on why you seem to cause shitstorms repeatedly. It's called introspection, but I don't think you can do that, and that is essentially the problem in a nutshell. And channeling the immortal Jim Lahey - there will be a shit cloud following you wherever you go until you figure this shit out.
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