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  1. Yeah...is there a mental health condition that causes you to ignore all good advice that you hear? My son is exactly his age and as been my workout partner now for the last year and a half. If he had an attitude like this kid, he'd kill his old man. I'd have had a stroke a long time ago. Anyway, my son understands when to take advice and sucks it up like a sponge. We've put 15 lbs of muscle on him (naturally) and it's so friggin easy to gain when you're young and below your genetic limit. Also, it goes both ways too. I like to play video games from time to time, but compared to him, I suck. So he offers quality advice to improve my game and I take it. A little maturity and humilty is all it takes. Life is gonna be a hard road without this for this kid.
  2. Advice is kinda the main purpose of this forum. And you're being disingenuous, you DO 'get' it, you just don't want to take good advice. You don't want to accept the reality that you're too young, but mostly far too underdeveloped for AAS to make sense. Also, you don't want to suck it up and at the very least lean out significantly first so even your work ethic is also questionable. You're practically the poster child of who should NOT do AAS.
  3. I thought about buying a set of these just so I could sneak them on my truck when I knew my wife would be driving it. She'd either choke me or beat me with them when she found them, but worth it...
  4. ART worked miracles for my shoulders and I'm a big believer, but damn, around the pelvis ART would be hella painful...
  5. I have to second the Nubret vote. He looks like what would happen if Frank Zane ate another Frank Zane.
  6. So....what I'm hearing is that if we're running low, you'll hook us all up.
  7. Haha, yeah. I wouldn't go through this in a decade!
  8. Little ??!!! Edit: It's three stories high and still can't fit it all in the frame!
  9. Yeah, I'm thinking a few more greased palms and it will be business as usual, maybe with moderate price increases.
  10. Yeah, where there's demand, there will be supply, just a matter of price.
  11. 300 is more than cruise. You should cruise at the lowest dose that makes you feel well AND keeps blood markers in the green zone. No mention of blood testing going foward, and you discard lifelong dependence in your early twenties?? Big red flags here....
  12. Yeah, just when we thought that the Pontiac Aztec was the worst design.
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