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  1. There is an older thread someplace with a load of designs in it. Never came to light though. Not a bad plan man.
  2. Its a mass scam email that is going around to a large number of their clients. The story is mixed but the gist of it is that it is an ex employee who had access to their data base and is using a bot to mass email anyone it has access too. This is why the details are limited to the name and address used (email address as well) but no actual order details. It has been confirmed by Panda as being a scam and the advice is to just delete and move on (do not reply to it) On a side note, the employee in question lives in the same city as Panda (PRC) and is being dealt with. If
  3. I'm a fan of the teacup approach. Some scalding (not boiling) hot water, stand the vial up in it, wait 10-15min, pull and swirl. Never tried with base though.
  4. That sucks. Hope the re-batch works out. Have you ever used product with Mig before? Just wondering as most guys prefer MCT for home brew.
  5. Hold tight @Phatpandas and @BodyTechPharma will get you all sorted out.
  6. Ah, got cha. It happens. Im not surprised about the test-e melting. Its not garbage but may be hard to get accurate measurements as it would be very difficult to get it all out of the bag in that state. You can put it in the freezer for a few days and it will go solid again, in theory.
  7. You heat post brew, pre-filter. FYI. I did not mean to bake the raws.
  8. CBDB is on point about getting diet and training dialed, but I would add to get some prelim bloodwork done just so we can see where you are sitting hormones' and basic health marker wise. I would be curious to see where you test/estrogen's are sitting as well as your T3 and T4 levels. If...and I do mean if, cycle advice advice was needed based on your current stats I would go with a low dose of test and maybe a low dose of a DHT derivative to help offset the E sides due to your BF. Maybe 150 test-e and 150 mast-e or primo (or 50mg of proviron) Then again, Im not the lea
  9. Classic Physique Olympia Results 1. Chris Bumstead, $30,000 2. Terrence Ruffin, $10,000 3. Breon Ansley, $5,000 4. Alex Cambronero, $3000 5. Bryan Jones, $2000 vs. 1. Big Ramy, $400,000 2. Brandon Curry, $150,000 3. Phil Heath, $100,000 4. Hadi Choopan, $45,000 5. William Bonac, $40,000 If I am not mistaken, its classic that has the lowest payout in all divisions. Lower than men's physique. Wild.
  10. Ramy deserved the win by far, but by special invite will open up some haters for sure. Health should have been 4th as Hadi had him beat. I think Breon needs to move to 212, but I doubt he would do any damage there. The changes in Chris vs. last year are just silly. Ruffin was indeed on point.
  11. The recommended sterilization at a hospital is 15 min at 250F (in an autoclave), FYI. So 20-25min is a good window to account for heat up time. 400F is overkill. Try a small batch and see how it turns out before you brew up your big batch.
  12. Winkler and Hadi might both be out... Also pretty bummed about Flex dropping out, but health is number 1 so he did the right thing.
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