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  1. Some mixing info for those who want to cap there own raws. Not that the actual measuring and capping process is not included below because, well, math. Mixing of pharmaceutical powder is a unit operation that serves to make two or more components uniformly distributed in the powder bed. In most cases, solid dosage forms do not only contain one component. Several ingredients are combined together to serve different and specialized pharmaceutical purposes during manufacture, storage, or use. For instance, a tablet formulation often consists of the drug substance and many other excipients, such as binders, bulking agents, disintegrants, lubricants, glidants, etc. As a result, the mixing process is necessary to ensure that the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and other components are homogeneously distributed throughout the tablet. This article focuses on methods of mixing powders in small-scale operations. Mechanisms involved in the mixing of pharmaceutical powder: There are three main mechanisms involved in the mixing process, related to the different kinds of particle motion. These include: Convection Shear Diffusion Mixing of Pharmaceutical Powders: There are four main methods of mixing powders in small-scale operations: Trituration Spatulation Sifting Tumbling 1. Trituration The trituration process involves direct rubbing or grinding of hard powder in a mortar and pestle. The trituration method is used for both pulverization and mixing. Two different types of mortar and pestle are commonly used: A Wedgewood mortar is used for pulverization and grinding because of its rough inner surface. A glass mortar is used for simple mixing and for mixing of coloured materials and dyes. 2. Spatulation A powder spatula is used in the spatulation method, and the powders are mixed on a pill tile (ointment slab) or in a mortar. This method is adequate for mixing small amounts of powders and combinations of powders having the same densities. The possible loss during transfer is minimal in this method, and mixing does not reduce the particle size. This method is used when there is a possibility of liquefaction during the mixing of two solid powders. 3. Sifting The sifting method is helpful for powders that resist mixing by trituration. Very light powders, such as magnesium oxide and charcoal, can be completely mixed by shaking them through a sieve. Standardize prescription sieves are available, but an ordinary household flour sifter can be used effectively for this purpose. This process allows the removal of any large foreign bodies and agglomerates from the powder mix. 4. Tumbling Tumbling is a process of mixing powders by shaking or rotating them in a closed container. This method is used when two or more powders have considerable density differences. This mode of mixing does not yield particle size reduction and compaction. Wide-mouthed closed containers or zip-locked bags can be used when the powder volume should be within one third to one-half field. The powder mixture should flow freely in the air and avoid sliding the powder through the side of the container. Homogeneity in large-scale mixing is achieved through the use of an appropriate mixer, which ensures the correct speed and sufficient time for mixing. Homogenous mixing is ascertained in a mixture when the concentration of each component in any region of the mixture is identical. The mixing of pharmaceutical powders generally requires low shear rates; the mixers used for this purpose are planetary bowl mixers, high speed mixers, V blenders, ribbon/trough mixers, and rotating drum mixers. Three basic rules for mixing pharmaceutical powders: When mixing powders with different particle sizes (granular salt and fine powders), reduce each powder separately to fine particles before mixing. When mixing powders with different densities, put the light powder first and then put the heavier one on top of it. When mixing small amounts of a drug to a large volume of bulk powder, use the principle of geometric dilution. Geometric dilution: When two powders with unequal quantities are mixed, the small weight (least weight) of the powder, usually the active ingredient is first triturated with an equal bulk of the diluting powder. This first dilution is then mixed with an equal portion of diluents. This process is repeated until all the powders are intimately mixed. Example: Geometric dilution of one gram of a potent drug to be mixed with 20 g of the diluent lactose. First dilution: Mix 1 g drug with B1 g lactose (B2 g mixture). Second dilution: Mix 2 g of the first dilution with 2 g of lactose with trituration (B4 g mixture). Third dilution: Mix 4 g of the second dilution with 4 g of lactose with trituration (B8 g mixture). Fourth dilution: Mix 8 g of the third dilution with 8 g of lactose with trituration (B16 g mixture). This process continues until the lactose is fully mixed with the blend. For my die to ensure mix, I prefer to use curcumin/BioPerine. Trituration for the win.
  2. Very normal. Both the cardio hit and the urge to pound anything with breasts. Tren; when’s she’s a 4 but you smash her because it told you she was a 10.
  3. That's a hard one as Blitz mentioned. I'm a fan of Morphogen and Revive products for both vitamin and cycle support products. You could check them out. Just as an example. Note however that they can add up in cost pretty quick. Amazon and picking individual support items along with say a vitamin like Nutrex Vitadapt is also a good way to go. MorphoMULTI - Full Spectrum Micronutrient Complex – Morphogen Nutrition MorphoPRIME - Organ Health & Blood Sugar Control – Morphogen Nutrition NEPHROGEN - Advanced Kidney Support – Morphogen Nutrition Revive Lipid Revive Kidney
  4. Your progress from start to now is very solid man. Keep on it.
  5. Ryujiin


    Deleted this post/thread for reasons.
  6. I cant comment on prep-level food but low calorie-ish for me would be shrimp stir-fry with a pile of veg and min oil. That french toast sounds baller though.
  7. Ryujiin


    Nothing Boring About Boron (nih.gov) Been reading up on Boron more recently with people claiming that taking 10-15mg per day have substantially raises both total and free T while running a cruise/trt. There also seems to be evidence that is helps with E2 as well amongst other things. I will be adding 12mg/day when I drop down to my base TRT later next moth to see if I notice any difference.
  8. What are the stats looking like now man? Hows the diet and training going?
  9. Has anyone seen this video by VS? Steve's EXTREME Fat Loss 5 Day Fasting-Mimicking Diet - YouTube It has me curious to say the least as I normally back off calories a little bit when "dloading" but I cant imagine under 500cals a day... Will be curious to see his blood work next week and side by side results next week.
  10. Does that include international sponsors?
  11. Ghost calories are real and the body can be a mofo. I had to suck it up and reverse diet to reset my maintenance calories to a higher level before starting to see any progress again.
  12. Drop some updated pics before and on stage if you can man. Motivate us. Agree that if you throw some size on your legs you will be doing some damage for sure. Great waist.
  13. John Meadows, Renowned Bodybuilder And Coach, Reportedly Dies At 49 (generationiron.com) I will truly miss him. John was a great inspiration to so many.
  14. Ryujiin

    Our dog pack

    You have a full house there man.
  15. The above info about caber is very notable as way to many people abuse it. Its not fun when the solution is worse than the problem. I would like to add that not everyone gets deca dick, so don't jump the gun with using any harsh form of prolactin/progesterone suppression. If your paranoid then you could try supplementing with 100-300mg P5P per day for peace of mind in the absence of any side effects. Another side note is to figure out what ratio of test:deca works best for you (some people do better on high test/low deca, low test/high deca or even a 1:1 ratio) side effect wise. Last note: this is some nice thread necromancy as the OP was in Feb lol.
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