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  1. As an FYI: Me: "I just wanted to inquire if your business operation will continue as normal into the year 2020 with the rumours of tougher rules on distribution of product and raws?" Melody: "Yes, we will!" Only time will tell.
  2. Here the link for the press release for those who want to drop it into google translate: http://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1650655188269513998&wfr=spider&for=pc
  3. Chem names are all in English and Chinese. The intro more or rest just states that its an update to existing policies. Whats a little odd as it states the implementation date as of Jan 1, 2019...so take that with a grain of salt. Rough translation as: State General Administration of Sports Ministry of Commerce of the People's National Health And Health Commission of the People's Republic of China General Administration of Customs of the People' State Drug Administration Public notice Number 39 2019 Doping Catalog Announcement According to UNESCO's "State against Doping in Sport" the relevant provisions of the Convention and the State Council's Anti-Doping Regulations, which will now be The doping catalog is published as follows. Relevant departments shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Anti-Doping Regulations of the State Council, Production, sale, import and export of substances listed in the 2019 doping catalog, and Supervision and administration of anti-doping. Protein assimilation agents and peptide hormones Import and export management in accordance with the "protein assimilation agents and peptide hormones import and export management office Law (State Food and Drug Administration General Administration General Administration General Administration Order of the General Administration of Sports no. 9) of the relevant provisions of the implementation. This directory is different from previous years' catalogs, whichever is the basis for this directory. This announcement will be implemented as of January 1, 2019. General Bureau of Physical Education, Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China National Health and Health Commission of the People's Republic of China General Administration of Customs State Drug Administration
  4. Fresh off the press: 2019 Banned Substance List.pdf
  5. I would be curious to see what the new "banned" list will cover once it is released or if a draft is available.
  6. That said, were there is money to be made, people will always find a work around. The number of things that are "banned" in the PRC but are still in operation is pretty silly. Just less out in the open. Same as other countries. I do agree we will see some price increases though given the supplier that do stay open will have less competition and higher "expenses" with all the "greasing" they will be doing with local authorities.
  7. 150K pre-orders though, at least according to the "news"... Im not a fan of the design myself, but I have talked to a few friends who love it. Either way, aside form the on stage boo boo it is one hell of a piece of marketing. Everyone is talking about. I wish they had of gone the route of some of the renders I had seen online though:
  8. I am definitely looking forward to the day you release one or both sir. Hopefully with an NL introductory price *wink wink*. I will say that Im sure if you stocked pre-capped 100 or 200mg DNP, you would not be able to keep it in stock.
  9. Any plans in the future to offer a liothyronine sodium product? @MedicusResearch I was also going to ask about capped DNP but I dont think that fits into your medical grade looking wheelhouse.
  10. Just to throw up a fun topic thread. What your go to gym gear? (not....gear gear, but shoes, gloves, shirts, shorts/leggins etc) For me, Im a huge fan of Metcons for shoes (new 5's are pretty sick) and pretty much all my clothing is UA. Headphones are knock off beats pro because Im poor.
  11. Old post, but hell, you can get it off Amazon as well.
  12. For those of us that run TRT via sub-Q this is very interesting given the draw time through a 28/29g. Very cool.
  13. Should start a supplement company called "The Law Of Thermodynamics" with the slogan, "Pointing the Way to Fast Weight Loss". I have read a lot of articles about rapid fat loss protocols but they always seem to come with a rapid rebound. That said, would love to see some open opinions on this older thread.
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