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  1. https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a36166124/kumail-nanjiani-post-workout-photo/ This kills me inside. I wish I could see his diet and training protocol as well as his stack. (his real protocol, not the BS cover story one) GH is your friend?
  2. I think its the correct choice for him. He can focus on business and family. He was not getting any bigger so not really anyplace for him to go anyways. I think on a generous TRT he will hold on to about 75% of it if he keeps training hard. Look at guys like Seth and what they have been able to hold on to.
  3. Still making solid progress man. Your actually looking thicker in muscle density and that will drive up your BMR. Keep on it man.
  4. I have seen them post in the chat box a few times in the last week or two so they are around-ish @MedicusResearch
  5. PCT can be a very individual thing. There was a good post by M&B here: Personally I have had the best luck with a little HCG (500IU) EOD for 2 weeks at the end transitioning into 4 weeks of clomid at 50mg day, but then I know guys who turn into school girls on clomid. That was back when I was younger and not so much now as I am old and TRT now.
  6. Not at 250-300mg unless you have a uniquely bad estrogen response (and that’s why you have the aromasin on hand) Note that it does not take much to crush your estrogen (you don’t want that to happen) so if you do feel it’s needed, dose it the day after your shots at half a tab. Also remember your body’s response to test improves as you get leaner.
  7. How about some TRT/HRT subsections for items such as fertility, “enhanced” trt, trt basics, training & trt, supplements & trt, nutrition & trt. All sections more focused on optimal trt and health vs. general bodybuilding or powerlifting. Just thinking out loud, or typing that is.
  8. A million times better than the Whedon release. Much more coherent and way more back story. The added gore is nice too. Thumbs up from this guy.
  9. Given it would be your first "real" cycle, I would shy away from multiple compounds and anything short ester (to avoid a lot of shots) and to asses your response. I think you would see pretty drastic results on 250 - 300mg of test a week (cyp or enth) run for about 12-16 weeks. You should not need an AI at that does but just in case, keep something on hand such as aromasin and nolva. Make sure you have your PCT lined up and on hand as well. If, and if, you feel its warranted around the 8-10 week mark, titrate in some clen and/or add in oral winny (again, less injections). Fo
  10. Did you go IM or sub-Q with the growth? Post workout I would guess IM bi-lateral? My interest would lay in 2-3IU pre-fasted AM cardio.
  11. I don't know why, but it really makes me want to try GH lol. Maybe in a year or so when I am not such a fat ass. The boosted thyroid conversion rates is also of interest to a fat boy like me and Chinese black top's make 2-3IU a day almost affordable.
  12. Hey man, throw up your stats, experience, short term/long term goals and your plan of attack (supplements aside). On that note, winny only wont be fun or good and I honestly would not be using clen unless you are 12% or less and trying to get sub 10% (but I feel ya on the temptation) Let get some info and see if we can help you (and indirectly, others) out.
  13. Check out Seth's most recent YouTube update on his cutting progress. The routine at the start of the video...I mean, his legs are just nuts. I hope he decides to do something in 212 this year, but with his "no more blasting and abuse" stance, I doubt it. Goes to show you, if you have the muscle foundation, you don't need much (claims 250mg test week) to look fucking impressive.
  14. Another vote for CBD. I have tried many different things and while some of the harder prescription items do work, I find I always wake up feeling like a pile of poo. CBD pre-bed and if needed in the middle of the night. I also find just focusing on feeling my breathing vs. letting my mind bounce off the walls helps.
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