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  1. When you guys do get back into it, if they have mask rules in place, be careful. I have almost blacked out a few times now due to the air-restriction.
  2. Im from the hard time camp. I had almost zero forward motility but low normal counts. Ended up coming off, threw in some HCG and clomid and almost 6 months later she was preg. That said, I have a buddy who runs trt+blasts year round and got his girl pregnant the fist time he barebacked her. Never hurts to get your swimmers checked.
  3. Ventrogluteal if your using the 1.5inch or delt if you want to grab some 1inch darts. If this is your first time injecting your quads it might be a rough couple of days for you man, even at just 1cc total volume. (at least from past experience) To answer your question directly, my first time hitting quads it was almost a full week of limping around, and that was a clean shot.
  4. Yip, I believe there is talk about him and Holyfield doing it. I'm sure they would both side pocket some coin though.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvwb08rorMg
  6. Anybody been watching his recent training vids? "Gods of war have summoned me back" + little GH, little test, little tren, little cocain... I mean, I can box, but that guys scares the shit outta me.
  7. This is what it was like here. The gym was a ghost town for the first few weeks after it re-opened.
  8. Geriatric Lifters (50+)
  9. Keep doing what you are doing brother. How has the diet and "at home workout" been going? Gym's will reopen and then you can get back to smashing it, for now, I would be trying to maintain your levels after you dropped all that bodyfat and added all the muscle. Rebound sucks.
  10. How about an update man @whatsup Wondering how you are making out. Hope your still crushing it.
  11. Zane or Sarcev to bump and old thread.
  12. Just wanted to get a discussion on this topic going as I have been reading a lot about ED sub-Q shots for TRT at much lower effective doses (higher free T, lower E2 conversion) vs. bi-weekly etc. Both version using longer esters. If this was an effective protocol, a dream trt blend product could be something like 150mg Test /150mg Mast or Primo per ML (or even 100/100 depending on how effective the ED efficacy is); running 1/10cc ED. Has anyone tried an ED protocol vs. a more standard approach?
  13. Just wanted to add onto this. Have you had your numbers checked for fertility? I ask as I know a lot of guys who have knocked up girls while on a cruise as well as guys on heavy blasts.
  14. I just went through this. Everyone is a little different but for me, I had to come off 100% and my protocol was 500iu HCG Mon/Wed/Fri + Clomid 50mg Mon/Wed/Fri. After 3 months...preggers. (We ended up losing him at 13 weeks though) A little Cialis also helped for other reasons. I also ran Aromasin 25mg Mon/Wed/Fri for the first 3 weeks but that made me feel like ass. I tried HCG while on with no dice so for me, I had to come off 100%. Goodluck man.
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