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  1. Ryujiin

    My “little” buddy

    They do grow up fast dont they. Really good looking boy you got there.
  2. This works for solid core work. We used to do bag body throws, shoulder carries, walking lunges with either heavy boxing bags or smaller sand bags when I was doing grappling. Although at this time of year, you would have to fill them with Canadian beach sand...ie; snow lol.
  3. Just wondering, as your supplier did not label, could you not email them to say "WTF, can you help a brother out with what these are? Here are the pics..."
  4. @GainTrain Did you polish off all that Cialis yet?
  5. Nice. Did you check out "The Gentlemen" yet? Heavy allstar cast. Also, 6 Underground, Code 8 and IP Man 4 if your up for it lol.
  6. You guys are all hardcore. Water, Ice, 2 scoops whey, 1 serving daily cleanse (flax, etc) and a little instant coffee.
  7. Second vote for either 5-10mg VAR or, a SARM as mentioned above. I have an ex who did amazing things on 5mg var, but 10mg was too much (she is Italian) and turned straight up mob boss at 10mg.
  8. Now is a really good time to work on mobility, motility and rehab any items that have been nagging. My rotator cuffs are so jacked now. Time to smash some resistance band kegels...
  9. @eightyeight14 You will have to throw up some update shots (no dic pics man) so we can see where you are at once all the water weight drops off.
  10. @BobTheOldLifter I thought I would try and be a big boy today and popped 500mg this morning with the rest of my stack....needless to say, no bueno
  11. Nice. I just got my hands on a clean version as well, so its on the list to watch now. A good way to kill two hours at least outside of all the anime I have been watching lol. Grab "Uncut Gems" if you have not seen it. Solid solid movie.
  12. Ouch. I believe 88 has dropped down to TRT/Cruise levels for now pending his upcoming fat loss protocol. He is slowly getting things figured out after a tonne of recommendations (yes, most of which he took exception to) were offered, but I think some of it has gotten through. Hopefully. In theory.
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