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  1. I actually gave this a go last night lol. It was brutal. I don't have a pendulum squat so I did that work on the smith with a more narrow and forward placed foot position so I could almost touch my ass to the floor. You don't need a lot of weight at all.
  2. You should start a log in the members log section big dog. Throw up some nice posts with your diet intake for the day, training, positives, negatives, etc. Its a good way to track yourself, create a teaching tool for others as well as be accountable for your results.
  3. Be cool if you could throw up your training as well man. Curious minds.
  4. You went from a harsh chemical "dirty" cut that you had to stop early due to almost turning to ash; to a 6 week mixed ester test "dirty" bulk... I'm going to be honest man, you should pick a direction and stick to it for 6 months. Why not do a 6 month re-comp running an advanced cruise protocol with a little blast mid way. At your level I'm pretty sure you would add a good amount of lean tissue while also dropping a decent amount of bodyfat....also; more healthy. Just my thoughts and I know your a big boy and will do what you gonna do lol. Either way, good luck man. P.S. Put the DNP away until next spring.
  5. Solid question. Would be nice to see more bloods posted under everyone, not just for results but its also nice to see people keeping an eye on health. Just wondering, did you ever get a chance to do any bloods with your previous run/runs?
  6. Ill be honest, its hard to recommend much without getting a look at your most recent bloods man. Also, throw up your BM stats. Height, BF%, etc.
  7. Drop you dose to 175 and watch The Notebook a few times? What did your doc say, or are you self prescribing your TRT? You might have to wait it out for your levels to normalize. Maybe talk to @BodyTechPharma about some HCG.
  8. Come off, do a PCT, reset to baseline and verify all is good. Then cycle back on as needed. FYI, ED injections do not bring down E2, the just support a better E2 conversion profile (so a lower possible number) than say once a week injections.
  9. Ryujiin

    My girl

    100% Dude...respect.
  10. I believe he was running 0.5mg ED. FYI There is a lot here that does not make any sense. If you were "fat" and injecting into your "love handles" then you were probably not injecting sub-Q assuming you were using a slin pin. Must have had some nice oil pockets. Anyway, that's off topic. From the timeline I am trying to wrap my head around this; You were on 125mg test week (with a total T of 369) and crashed your estro with adex and your current protocol is 250mg test with an E2 of 72? Or you had an E2 of 72 on 125mg (which is...odd) so you killed it with the adex after getting the test report back...now you are 250mg and don't have your current E2 number or test results?
  11. What else did you test for? I would be curious to see you total and free test levels as well at 125mg. Do you also have the follow up test for 250mg prop with the same metrics?
  12. I think there are a lot of possible routes you could go. NPP or Primo is on the table for sure if frequent-ish or high oil volume pinning is not a problem. Why not do a repeat of your pre-closure run if you were feeling really good on it? Or even add a little something extra in. For giggles Ill throw my 2 pennies in and say 250mg Test, 500mg Mast (enanthate), 50mg Var or 20mg Rad-140...and a couple IU of GH.
  13. As title suggests, what's in your health stack and why. I just ordered a few bottle of morphoprime (not looking forward to the shipping time or the friggin import tax into China) as it has almost everything in it I would want except for Astragalus for kidneys at 3000mg or so, IP6 at 500mg to 1000mg for hemocrit (if it actually works) and a baby asprin lol. Tudca is also on the list but only when needed. Here is the list of whats in morphoprime: (copy and paste) BERBERINE Possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects. It can also improve intestinal health, lower cholesterol, and decrease systolic blood pressure. Shown to be as potent as the pharmaceutical drug Metformin at reducing blood glucose levels and biomarkers of Type II diabetes. Berberine is commonly dosed between 500-1,500mg per day in divided doses. MORPHOPRIME contains 1,000mg berberine per serving. NAC N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) supplementation is able to reliably increase levels of glutathione, a potent antioxidant that prevents free radical damage from toxic exposures. Promotes kidney and liver protection and helps with chronic lung conditions such as COPD. MORPHOPRIME contains 600mg NAC per serving. ALA Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is involved in energy metabolism blood glucose metabolism as well as antioxidant activity. ALA reduces oxidation and inflammation, reversing some of the oxidative damage related to the effects of aging. Protects against heart diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, and neurological decline associated with aging. Standard dosages of ALA are 300-600mg, with little differentiation based on whether the racemic mixture of ALA (S- and R- isomers) orNa-R-ALA results in higher blood levels. MORPHOPRIME contains 600mg ALA per serving. ARJUNA Terminalia arjuna (Arjuna) is a tree that has its bark used medicinally, usually for the purposes of cardioprotection. It appears to reduce blood pressure and pulse rate, and may increase aerobic exercise capacity. A standard dose for the purposes of cardiac health appears to be 500mg taken daily. For persons who suffered cardiac trauma (such as Myocardial Infarction), this dose tends to be taken three times a day every 8 hours. MORPHOPRIME contains the research supported dose of 500mg Arjuna (std. 40% polyphenols and 0.5% arjuinolic acid) per serving. CITRUS BERGAMOT A citrus extract that have been clinically documented to provide natural support for healthy cholesterol levels and blood glucose metabolism. Promotes Cardiovascular Health. Clinically shown to raise HDL cholesterol and reduce LDL cholesterol levels. Supports healthy blood glucose metabolism. Reduces triglycerides and maintains blood pressure. MORPHOPRIME contains 500mg citrus bergamot per serving. CURCUMIN Curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric. It is an anti-inflammatory molecule with anti-cancer properties. Also shown to help alleviate cognitive decline associated with aging, reduce lipid and plaque levels in arteries, and reduce diabetes risk. Curcumin has poor bioavailability and should be paired with piperine (black pepper extract); 20mg for every 500mg curcumin. Curcumin absorption up to 2,000% has been noted in human studies. MORPHOPRIME contains 500mg curcumin (standardized for 95% curcuminoids) per serving alongside 20mg piperine (as Bioperine) and 50mg AstraGin™ for maximum absorption. UBIQUINOL Also known as Coenzyme Q10, a molecule found in mitochondria that has a critical role in producing energy for the body. Enhances blood flow and protects blood vessels. Reduces oxidative damage and plaque buildup in the arteries. Common dosing is 90-200mg per day. MORPHOPRIME contains 200mg ubiquinol per serving. RESVERATROL Found commonly in wine, Resveratrol (as trans-resveratrol) appears to be effective at protecting the heart and increasing blood flow, and may be an insulin sensitizer. May protect humans from heart disease and insulin resistance. The lower end of supplementation tends to be for cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, and longevity for somebody who is otherwise unhealthy is 5-10mg daily. For persons who are otherwise healthy, dosages between the range of 150-445mg have been used (with no clear indication for what is the optimal dose). MORPHOPRIME contains the research supported dose of 150mg Trans-Resveratrol per serving. ASTRAGIN® AstraGin® is a patented blend of highly purified saponins isolated from the Astragalus membranaceous and Panax notoginseng plant. Shown to dramatically increase the absorption and bioavailability of a variety of nutrients, such as peptides, amino acids, glucose, vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, and various sports nutrition supplements. Supports the gut ecosystem by providing a favorable microbiome environment. Enhances the immune system. Recommended daily dose is 50mg per day. MORPHOPRIME contains 50mg AstraGin® per serving. BIOPERINE® The trademarked version of piperine, a black pepper extract that increases the absorption of various nutrients such as curcumin (up to 2,000% in humans) as well as inhibits the breakdown of fat-burning compounds such as caffeine and the catecholamines, prolonging the effects of preworkout stimulants and increasing their bioavailability. Piperine also reduces LDL cholesterol and plasma lipids while elevating HDL cholesterol and the thyroid hormones. Common dosing is 5-10mg for preworkout supplements and 20mg for curcumin containing products. MORPHOPRIME contains 20mg Bioperine® per serving.
  14. Welcome to NL btw... Both my BT orders were through the website, before I knew that BTR could setup direct. No issues with either order. Quick turn, quick landing, not much communication needed as again, through the site.
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