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2024 Jim Morris Classic

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Hello everyone

The Jim Morris classic is held on April 13, 2024 in Cambridge, Ontario. Find and follow them on instagram.

I will be competing in what will be my last show. I'm am pulling out all the stop to bring the best package ever. 

I've hired Juan Rojas of Physique Academy as my coach who's based in Kitchener. He's mind blowing and amazing in his knowledge, application of training, a great investment and still continues to compete himself on his quest for an IFBB pro card. I'm sure he'll get in within two years. 

I started dieting on November 20, avoiding all xmas goodies up to the holiday itself with zero cheats so that I could have a good few meals during that time and I would be ready early in the prep. You'll see below why I chose that method. 

I am competing in 4 divisions:

Masters and open classic physique

Masters and open men's physique

I'm not big enough for bodybuilding. 

6'2, currently 200.6 lbs this morning dry and flatter, EXTREMELY lean. Started at 227. 6.5 weeks out from the show. 

Gear as of today (using bodytech):

800 mg test e

450 NPP (ends this week

Masteron E 400 mg per week

Primo e 400 mg per week

Incinerate fat burner 

Clen 25 mcg per day

I'll do my next post for training. 

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Currently training is a 5 day split. I am doing ONLY 45 mins cardio fasted in mornings. No 2 hour a day bullshit. This is why I started dieting early so I could avoid that nonsense. 






Then repeat but instead of shoulders 1 it's now shoulders 2 with different exercises

Today is shoulders 1 which exercises will be:

Smith Machine Press 1x7-10,11-15

Seated Barbell Shoulder Press 1x7-10 1X11-15

Dumbbell Lateral Raises 3x10-15

Dumbbell Lying Rear Delt Flyes 2x15-20

Dumbbell Front Raises 2x10-15

Reverse Pec Dec or Cable Rear delt Flyes 2x10-15

Straight Leg Calves 3x10-15


All training employs a 2-3 second negative, pause at full stretch, then hard contract top with an good squeeze. Failure happens often using lots of safeties to squeeze even half reps into negatives. I can't emphasise enough how game changing this training is for overall training and injury prevention. You HAVE to go lighter, you have to check ego, but you will actually get much stronger overall and your muscular development will improve drastically.

It's hard now so deep into prep to maintaining my strength but I'm managing well. There are a few more reps in reserve and some reps I gotta go a little faster on but I'm keeping load consistent and I haven't lost any huge strength which is paramount to keeping my mass.

Next diet 

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Meals are included in two photos, separated with training day (today) and off day.

This is the last major change to my diet.  It's low. But I'm still doing ok. Lots of coffee and pre-workout. But this is necessary. 

Refeed days happen on avg every ten days when I'm so completely drained and flat, acting like a zombie. I get about 400 g of carbs that day and I feel MUCH better and stronger for training. 

For those wondering, breakfast is a nice oatmeal protein pancake 🤤🥞

Screenshot_20240228_054504_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

Screenshot_20240228_054451_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

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Now the money shots 😂💪

Shots are m/w/f fasted right when I get up after bathroom and weigh in for check ins, looking my very worst lol

This was today, February 28. 5:30 am before my 45 cardio. PLUS I included a first day shot. I am also doing posing work with Fedel Clark, IFBB pro. 

Try guessing my bf % 😂💪














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Are you happy with your physique? With all due respect and I do mean total respect to you here. Your work and dedication I admire. Something is off. It’s definitely not your commitment or effort in the gym. It’s diet or gear. Look at some of your photos way back on here. Again not trying to be a douche bag here. I just want you to walk on stage at your best . 

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Hey man

No disrespect noted. All these photos are at my worst, flat, depleted. Done this on purpose. 5:30 am shots hah. 

All my old photos you see me in I'm full, carbed up, gym lighting. Loads of gear.

I can 100% assure you my diet is great, and the gear has been doing everything I've needed it to. 

My shape and conditioning are far bigger than my last two shows...like by a far margin.

Please also keep in mind I am a very tall man. I don't have the greatest genetics. I am not doing open bodybuilding because I just don't have an additional 50 lbs on my frame. This is where classic and men's physique are better suited for me. 

Appreciate the comments 🙂

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Today, I'm sitting at 202 after a solid refeed. I'm sitting extremely close to where I need to be. I still have 6 weeks to go. It's just a matter of staying fresh, injury free, and slowly start pulling water away and sharpen up some more. I'm dry, vascular, and pretty full. 

Current gear protocol:


Gear 6 weeks out: 

NPP out and done 

800 mg/week test e

600 mg/week mast e

400 mg/week primo

200 mg/week tren ace 

50 mg winstrol daily

2.5 iu GH before bed and am. We're just starting this to see how my body responds to fullness and if I pull too much water. 

Insulin 4 iu pre/post workout only on shoulder and arm days to trial if I can get them a little bigger and fuller. 

As we get closer we'll lower dosages, bring in AI. 

Halo and t3 pending

Photos are 5:45 am direct out of bed.











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I run my tren at 400mg when I run it , But the other side of it I should not be allowed around any other humans. I love the results but I’m really hard to tolerate when I’m on that much. It does absolutely change my personality. 

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35 minutes ago, FitFatMan said:

I run my tren at 400mg when I run it , But the other side of it I should not be allowed around any other humans. I love the results but I’m really hard to tolerate when I’m on that much. It does absolutely change my personality. 

I'm pretty good on it. I typically use 400 but my coach doesn't want all that much gear in me and honestly doesn't think it's going to make that big of a difference in the final push with the other compounds. Just gotta check yourself bro. 

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Update this morning!


198.2 lbs

Just finished fasted cardio 

Shredded AF

3.5 weeks left

I plan on winning 


Dropped test to 500

600 Masteron

400 primo

50 mg tren ace EOD

50 mg winny

50 mcg clen just started

25 mcg t3 as a little boost and likely up to 35 mcg end of week

This shows you that drugs are not always the answer. You need to CRUSH it in the gym. Do your training, eat your food, and let it play out. 






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10 days out. There is also 10 years between these two photos. The photo on the right is when I moved to Owen Sound, Ontario. The photo on the left is this morning absolutely bone dry shredded at 197.4 lb ready to step on the stage and take the win. There was a lot to unpack here, and it's not even show day. 10 years of consistency, training, ups and downs, but staying on the course for health and fitness. This is a long game and more than just for vanity's sake, although for many of us I'm sure that's exactly why we get into it, I know it definitely was for me. But over the years I've developed an ups and passion for training, for living a healthy positive lifestyle, and projecting that to everyone around me (for better or worse lol). To be in this shape is not exactly the healthiest, as it's not my body's natural balance, but is a competitive sport and requires the most extreme dedication and focus to achieve the goals. If you aren't suffering, you weren't doing it right. But to see a decades worth of transformation, epitomized by what I see here validates the struggles and successes. And if anyone wishes to start, the guidance, please ask and I'll do the best I can to help.



#10yearchallenge #10daysout


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On 4/20/2024 at 9:22 PM, FitFatMan said:

Good job bro , sorry I doubted you

Never was offended at all. I let my body do the talking and I suffered for it.  Once i get the official photos this week i'll upload more.

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May 21st, 2024. 

Body weigh 225 lbs. Up 28 lb from stage weight in 5 weeks. 

I'm lean, full, completely rebounded spectacularly, recompositioned unbelievable. 

Proof: comparison picture shows left at 225 lb November 28th 2023, right is yesterday morning, same weight. 

I don't understand how there's continued bad blood towards body tech. There's clearly ulterior motives trying to continue to say and do negative things. Their product is 100% unbelievably top-notch. I am not on their payroll nor was I sponsored. The biggest game changer was the GH and insulin use. 

Pool cycle I run four IU GH split morning and night. 

Four IU insulin post workout on all upper body training days 

50 mcg IGF-1 LR3 split between both deltoids on all upper body training days. I just finished this yesterday. 

400 mg test E

200 mg Tren e 

200 mg Primo e


GH as far as I'm concerned will continue indefinitely So long as I can afford it

3500 calories a day, with 300 g of protein, 300-400 g of carbs, the rest fats. 

Training combination of push, pull, upper, legs, shoulders, back and hamstring. I'm ensuring I'm hitting my delts 2 to 3 times a weeks.

Results speak for themselves. No matter the opinions of others, I am proof of the product, proof of the hard work, proof of discipline.










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