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  1. My previous (and my third marriage) was like this. To this day I have some PTSD from it. Not to mention all the physical aspects being stacked on top of the mental. Having people follow you, threaten you and your co-workers (at knifepoint), your apartment (post separation) being broken into etc. Good times. I actually almost died from one altercation do to a severed artery resulting in severe blood loss. Best part is when the police wont help you since domestic violence against men is....well, not supported. Divorce ended up costing me everything financially as well and putting me in pretty heavy debt. My current girl is great and my daughter is an angel, so I am in a better place now but I still have moments where I get caught in a memory and it can throw me into a panic attack. I feel for you man and hope you get it resolved asap. You need to do what is best for you and get that weight off you. Rebuilding yourself also takes time. Moral of the story...know when to call it.
  2. If your keeping it in the fridge after reconning it you should be fine.
  3. I don't think she will be needing any test or PCT protocols. I think you will like the torch and 20mg var is a decent top end female dose. The yohimbine in there will also work some magic if you are taking it fasted pre-cardio.
  4. Some people (like myself) need to fully come off and some lucky others don’t. Get your semen analysis back and go from there.
  5. Doing good man. Been a wild 6 months but still at it. Your looking lean and mean. Being downsized a little fits you well.
  6. And thus my soul was crushed.
  7. A lot of "buddies" in there lol. Logistics can be a bitch, but if communication is good and explanations and expectations are on point, Im happy. If you take my order and it takes you two weeks to ship it, that's one thing vs. getting it out in a couple of days and CP dropping the ball.
  8. Wrapped up the first 5 weeks. Phase 2 underway. No change in diet yet. Added 50mcg T3 (titrating up from 25mcg over 7 days) Added 200mg DNP (this dose will not increase) Occasional night sweats last week before adding the DNP this week, so I will see if they get worse. Sitting at 106kg on the nose as of Dec 18th. BP: 126/82 RHR: 72 FBG: 4.6 Training split update: Monday: Upper One Machine Chest Press: 3 x warmup, 2 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x 6) Incline Press: 2 x feeder, 2 x working (2 x 10 + 5 partials) Dip & S-Pushup: 2 rounds Narrow-grip Pulldown: 2 x warmup, 2 x feeder, 4 x working (4 x 10) Rack Pulls: 4 x feeder, 4 x working (4 x 6) Incline DB Front Raise: 1 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x 10) 6 Ways Press: 3 x working (3 x 10) BB Drag Curls: 1 x feeder, 2 x working (2 x 10) Preacher Curls: 1 x feeder, 2 x working (2 x 10) Tricep Extensions: 2 x warmup, 1 x feeder, 2 x working (2 x 10) Tuesday: Lower One Leg Curls: 2 x warmup, 2 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x 12) Leg Press: 4 x warmup, 3 x working (3 x DB Squats: 1 x warmup, 2 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x 8 + tri drop) Leg Extensions: 1 x feeder, 2 x working (2 x 10 + 3 second hold each top) Calf Raise: 2 x warmup, 1 x feeder, 4 x working (4 x 10) Wednesday: Off Thursday: Upper Two One arm landmine rows: 2 x warmup, 1 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x Incline DB Rows: 1 x feeder, 2 x working (2 x 10 + tri drop) Single Arm Pulldown: 1 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x 10) Machine Chest Press: 2 x warmup, 1 x feeder, 4 x working (4 x 10) Incline Flyes: 1 x feeder, 4 x working (4 x 10) Reverse Pec Deck: 1 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x 15) Hang Laterals: 1 x warmup, 1 x feeder, 4 x working (4 x 30) Ez Curl Reverse Curls: 1 x feeder, 2 x working (2 x 10) Reverse Grip Pushdowns: 1 x feeder, 2 x working (2 x 10) DB Lying Extensions: 1 x feeder, 2 x working (2 x 10) Friday: Lower Two Rest/Pause Leg Curls: 2 x warmup, 2 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x 10) Reverse Lunge: 1 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x 8 + drop) Hip Thrust: 2 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x 10) Cable Pull Through: 1 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x Calf Raises: 1 x warmup, 2 x feeder, 3 x working (3 x 15) Saturday, Sunday: Off
  9. 2 weeks in and a total drop of 3kg since starting which is a win more or less. No major changes except I am adding 5mg of yohimbine HCL pre morning walk that I will titrate up to 10-15mg over time. AM body temp is stable just shy of 37C so I will hold off on the T3 for now until it either drops or my weight loss hits a wall that a small carb cut cant fix. BP still slightly high but nothing crazy considering. FBG consistent around 4.5. Sleep is OK (waking up to feed the baby aside) but every time I wake up through the night I am rock hard, which sounds great but makes a 3am pee very complicated. Next check in is this Saturday and depending on the results I will make some small tweaks.
  10. 1 week in. Feeling good. Waking up every 2-3 hours to feed the baby is wrecking my sleep though lol. Nothing to really update on as its too early other then that I added 10mg cardarine to my stack this go for my lipids. No "fat burners" at this point in time. Saving those for later. BP slightly up (130/90) so will be keeping an eye on that. Slight night sweats last night, but nothing crazy. Will be monitoring my thyroid for the next week to see if adding in a HRT+ dose of T3/T4 is advised. Faster BG was 4.5 so I am good there.
  11. Solid placing man. You cam in looking pretty solid. You look like you have a small ass waist from that photo.
  12. EOD with acetate. Dose is very dependent from person to person and will also vary depending on what else you are using. A good starting point would be 50mg EOD tren mixed with 50mg EOD test. On that note, what does the rest of your cycle look like?
  13. Updated diet plan that will be running with the above programming split. Weekdays: Meal 1: 8:00am 60g oats, 1 tbsp almond butter, 2 servings whey, cinnamon, pink salt Meal 2: 11:30pm 200g Chicken Breast, 200-250g mini potato, Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry Meal 3: 2:00pm 2 package DGI bread or two wraps, 150g chicken breast, mixed raw veg, 5 caps EFA Pre-workout Meal: 4:30 to 5:30pm* 60-90g oats, 1 tbsp almond butter, 2 servings whey, cinnamon, pink salt Post-workout Meal: 1 Kirkland Soft Chew, 1 medium banana, 2 servings whey Meal 4: 9:00pm 100g chicken breast, 100-150g rice, 1-2 eggs, mixed vegetables *Wednesday is a non training day, so this meal will be 60g vs. 90g on training days Weekend: Meal 1: 2-3 whole egg omelet with 200g chicken and mixed veggies Meal 2: 300g steak, vegetables Meal 3: 200g chicken or shrimp, mixed vegetables, 1tbs coconut oil Meal 4: 200g chicken, 1-2 whole eggs, salad Meal 5: 500 calorie mystery meal Feel free to comment.
  14. Would need some strict moderation as too many lads out there with way too high T levels lol. But I agree it is a good idea. Members Photos/Ladies Lounge
  15. Welcome to NL. Feel free to throw up some info about your stats, diet, training and goals. We have some pretty solid people here who can definitely help out.
  16. That back shot is wild. The PS shot of you in the white trunks should be on a magazine cover or an add for something lol.
  17. The first 5 weeks of my new training split starting Nov 15. For reference, this would be a 4 week block, but after almost 8 weeks out of the gym, the 1st week is just me breaking back into it with more moderate weight. Squats are back in, but ill be wrapping my knees and seeing how it goes. 4 days per week split. 2 upper, 2 lower. Open for comments. Goal is to get recover strength and size before hitting the next block. Monday: Upper 1 Incline Machine Press: 2 warmup, 2 feeder, 3 working (3 x 8 Flat DB Press: 1 feeder, 2 working (1 x 10, 1 x 10+8 drop set) Pec Dec Flyes: 1 feeder, 3 working (3 x 10) Dumbell Rows: 2 warmup, 2 feeder, 4 working (4 x 8 Pull Ups: 1 warmup, 4 working (4 x 10) DB Shoulder Press: 1 warmup, 1 feeder, 3 working (3 x 8 DB Laterals: 1 warmup, 3 working (3 x 10) DB Hammer Curls: 1 warmup, 2 working (2 x 10) Preacher Curl: 1 feeder, 2 working (2 x 10) Dual Handle Pushdown: 1 warmup, 1 working (2 x 10) Tuesday: Lower 1 Lying Leg Curl: 2 warmup, 1 feeder, 3 working (3 x 8 *Smith Squats: 2 warmup, 1 feeder, 3 working (3 x 6) Y-stance Leg Press: 1 warmup, 3 feeder, 3 working (3 x 10) Leg Extensions: 1 feeder, 3 working (3 x 12) Calf Raises: 2 warmup, 1 feeder, 3 working (3 x 10) Wednesday: Off Thursday: Upper 2 Meadowns Row: 2 warmup, 1 feeder, 3 working (3 x 8 Seated Row: 1 feeder, 2 working (1 x 10, 1 x 10 drop set) DB Pullover: 1 feeder set, 3 working sets (3 x 10) DB Hex Press: 1 feeder set, 4 working sets (4 x 8 DB Y-raises: 1 feeder set, 3 working sets (3 x 12) Rear Delt Raise: 3 working sets (3 x 15) Palms Up DB Curl: 1 feeder set, 2 working sets (2 x 12) Rope PushDowns: 1 feeder, 2 working (2 x 12) EZ Curl Skull Crusher: 1 feeder, 2 working (2 x 12) Friday: Lower 2 Standing Leg Curls: 2 warmup, 2 feeder, 3 working (2 x 8, 1 x 8 + drop) High & Wide Leg Press: 2 feeder, 3 working (3 x 12) Walking Lunges: 3 working (10 forward, 10 back) BB Stiff Leg Deadlift: 1 feeder, 3 working (3 x 8 Calf Raise: 1 warmup, 2 feeder, 3 working (3 x 10) Saturday: Off Sunday: Off
  18. Some mixing info for those who want to cap there own raws. Not that the actual measuring and capping process is not included below because, well, math. Mixing of pharmaceutical powder is a unit operation that serves to make two or more components uniformly distributed in the powder bed. In most cases, solid dosage forms do not only contain one component. Several ingredients are combined together to serve different and specialized pharmaceutical purposes during manufacture, storage, or use. For instance, a tablet formulation often consists of the drug substance and many other excipients, such as binders, bulking agents, disintegrants, lubricants, glidants, etc. As a result, the mixing process is necessary to ensure that the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and other components are homogeneously distributed throughout the tablet. This article focuses on methods of mixing powders in small-scale operations. Mechanisms involved in the mixing of pharmaceutical powder: There are three main mechanisms involved in the mixing process, related to the different kinds of particle motion. These include: Convection Shear Diffusion Mixing of Pharmaceutical Powders: There are four main methods of mixing powders in small-scale operations: Trituration Spatulation Sifting Tumbling 1. Trituration The trituration process involves direct rubbing or grinding of hard powder in a mortar and pestle. The trituration method is used for both pulverization and mixing. Two different types of mortar and pestle are commonly used: A Wedgewood mortar is used for pulverization and grinding because of its rough inner surface. A glass mortar is used for simple mixing and for mixing of coloured materials and dyes. 2. Spatulation A powder spatula is used in the spatulation method, and the powders are mixed on a pill tile (ointment slab) or in a mortar. This method is adequate for mixing small amounts of powders and combinations of powders having the same densities. The possible loss during transfer is minimal in this method, and mixing does not reduce the particle size. This method is used when there is a possibility of liquefaction during the mixing of two solid powders. 3. Sifting The sifting method is helpful for powders that resist mixing by trituration. Very light powders, such as magnesium oxide and charcoal, can be completely mixed by shaking them through a sieve. Standardize prescription sieves are available, but an ordinary household flour sifter can be used effectively for this purpose. This process allows the removal of any large foreign bodies and agglomerates from the powder mix. 4. Tumbling Tumbling is a process of mixing powders by shaking or rotating them in a closed container. This method is used when two or more powders have considerable density differences. This mode of mixing does not yield particle size reduction and compaction. Wide-mouthed closed containers or zip-locked bags can be used when the powder volume should be within one third to one-half field. The powder mixture should flow freely in the air and avoid sliding the powder through the side of the container. Homogeneity in large-scale mixing is achieved through the use of an appropriate mixer, which ensures the correct speed and sufficient time for mixing. Homogenous mixing is ascertained in a mixture when the concentration of each component in any region of the mixture is identical. The mixing of pharmaceutical powders generally requires low shear rates; the mixers used for this purpose are planetary bowl mixers, high speed mixers, V blenders, ribbon/trough mixers, and rotating drum mixers. Three basic rules for mixing pharmaceutical powders: When mixing powders with different particle sizes (granular salt and fine powders), reduce each powder separately to fine particles before mixing. When mixing powders with different densities, put the light powder first and then put the heavier one on top of it. When mixing small amounts of a drug to a large volume of bulk powder, use the principle of geometric dilution. Geometric dilution: When two powders with unequal quantities are mixed, the small weight (least weight) of the powder, usually the active ingredient is first triturated with an equal bulk of the diluting powder. This first dilution is then mixed with an equal portion of diluents. This process is repeated until all the powders are intimately mixed. Example: Geometric dilution of one gram of a potent drug to be mixed with 20 g of the diluent lactose. First dilution: Mix 1 g drug with B1 g lactose (B2 g mixture). Second dilution: Mix 2 g of the first dilution with 2 g of lactose with trituration (B4 g mixture). Third dilution: Mix 4 g of the second dilution with 4 g of lactose with trituration (B8 g mixture). Fourth dilution: Mix 8 g of the third dilution with 8 g of lactose with trituration (B16 g mixture). This process continues until the lactose is fully mixed with the blend. For my die to ensure mix, I prefer to use curcumin/BioPerine. Trituration for the win.
  19. Forgot to add weight is sitting around 104.5kg right now and to anyone running a TRT level dose solo, I highly recommend giving 12-15mg of boron a go with it. I feel really good. Better then my last stint on TRT doses. Could also be the lower BF though...so grain of salt.
  20. Damn man, I was just typing an update as you posted that lol. Timing.
  21. Update. Its been a bit since I posted. My daughter was born a couple of weeks ago so my time has been very limited between her and work. To top it off my gym closed until mid/late November. Needless to say I am on a cruise (150mg/wk test) for now and have pulled my calories back a little bit while training 3 days a week at home with some bands, kettlebells, etc to try and maintain. Once the gym reopens I will be back to a 4 day per week modified PPL to see if I can put on some size while leaning out more or keeping my current leanness. It will also be blast time (600 test, 500 mast, 50mg anadrol PW at week 4 to 8 and 12 to 16...in theory) I have not run test that high in a very very long time. Should be interesting. My health stack is the same as it was on cycle and Ill be checking my health markers early next month. That's about it for now.
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