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  2. There are a lot of wonderful things about summer that make it easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle: The nicer weather makes heading outside for a walk, bike ride or swim more tempting; fresh veggies are abundant and affordable at roadside stands and farmers’ markets; and dessert is easier (and healthier) than ever thanks to the availability of ripe, fresh, sweet fruit! Of course, there’s room in our diets for the occasional piece of pie or fudgy brownie, but for a healthy everyday treat, you can’t beat fresh fruit. And summer is the time to really get your fill! We absolutely love fresh summer melons because they’re not only super tasty and naturally sweet, but they are packed with water and tons of nutrients (not to mention, bright and beautiful to the eye!). Watermelon slices are great for a quick and easy weeknight dessert for your family, but here’s a way to elevate your fruit and its appearance for something a little more special. This super simple, three-ingredient summer melon salad still comes together in a flash. And you’ll be amazed at how melons taste even fresher and tastier with a little bit of lemon zest. It’s the perfect way to celebrate summer! Three-Ingredient Summer Melon Salad Makes 2 servings Ingredients 1 cup watermelon balls 1 cup cantaloupe balls Zest of one lemon Directions Combine all three ingredients. Toss until well-combined. Serve immediately. Nutrition Per Serving 47 calories, 0.1g fat, 13.1g carbohydrates, 0.9g protein
  3. Nutrition labels are meant to be informative, but more often than not they can be difficult to understand. I’d like to think that I’m intelligent, but ask me to read the nutrition label on a box of popcorn, and my brain is reduced to the mental equivalent of garbanzo beans. Serving size – the first thing you want to look at is the serving size, and how many servings are in the container. I used to think that the serving size for Oreos was “one package.” Turns out it’s two cookies. Clearly you can see my discrepancy. Caloric Content – trying to watch your weight? Watch your calories! Essentially, this part of the label tells you how much energy you’re taking in. It also tells you how much of that energy is coming from fat. The Nutrients – this part of the label clues you in on macro-nutrients (fat and protein), vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The left side of the column lists the nutrient (e.g. Iron, total fat, fiber), and the right side of the columns lists the percentage of the recommended daily value (%DV) for that nutrient. Too Much Generally speaking, most Americans consume too much of the following nutrients: Total fat Saturated fat Cholesterol Sodium Protein Not Enough We want to work on getting more of these: Fiber Mono and polyunsaturated fat Iron Vitamins A and C One thing to keep in mind when talking about Daily Value percentages is these percentages are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. So, if you’re daily calorie budget is 1,500, the percentages will be higher for you. So there you have it! The nutrition label, decoded. Now, if anyone can tell me why un-popped popcorn is listed on a nutrition label…that would solve one of life’s mysteries for me.
  4. If you want to gain mass within a short time, there are fewer steroids that can give you the bulk you need than Anadrol. The anabolic steroid is also referred to as Anadrol 50 but in scientific circles, is known as Oxymetholone. Anadrol 50 was first unveiled in the market in the early 1960s. When introduced, the steroid was marketed as excellent treatment for muscle wasting diseases, osteoporosis and anemia. While the compound is still used in medical circles in treatment of various ailments, it is more popular in the bodybuilding community. The steroid is one of the most toxic anabolics available in the market but can give you immense muscular explosion. What Can Anadrol Do? Let’s look at some effects of using Anadrol 50 for performance enhancement. i) Serious Mass Gain When you use Adrol 50, you can realize serious mass gains within a short time. In a typical cycle lasting between 4 to 6 weeks, you can gain between 20 and 30 pounds. The mass gaining trait of the steroid is recognized in the medical community and this is why Anadrol is usually prescribed for treatment of muscle atrophy. Apart from this, patients with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) are usually prescribed the drug to help them gain lean muscle mass. ii) High Anabolic-to-Androgenic Ratio The anabolic rate of Adrol is very high compared to its androgenic rate. The steroid is rated to have an anabolic rate of 320 while its androgenic rate is 45. To get an idea of the discrepancy in the ratio, compare it to testosterone, which has an anabolic rate of 100 and androgenic rate of 100. Oxymetholone is highly anabolic because its structure has been altered, with a 2-hydroxymethylene group being added to it. As a result, the compound remains active in the muscle tissue longer than most steroids. However, Anadrol does not bind very well with androgen receptors. This is why it has a low androgenic rate. iii) Reduction in SHBG Level Using Adrol will reduce the level of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) in your body. One of the important building blocks that contribute to strength and a great physique is testosterone. However, the SHBG likes to bind itself on free testosterone. On binding, SHBG prevents testosterone from doing its job effectively. Taking Anadrol pills helps to lower SHBG activity in the body. In turn, the testosterone hormone can build more muscles and increase your libido. iv) Increase in Strength When you use Adrol 50, you will get immense strength within a short time. Some users have reported increases of up to 40 pounds in compound lifts less than 30 days. These results are backed up by various studies that have investigated the effect of the compound on strength. Android pills, also known as “A-Bombs” are popular among bodybuilders because of the strength gains they lead to. Most power lifters use the pills when competitions are near. However, it is important to remember that the sudden bursts of strength experienced when you take Anadrol tablets can disappear just as quickly as they appeared. v) Used in Medical Treatment While there is restriction on the use of Anadrol, the steroid is still used in medical circles. In particular, Anadrol steroids are used to treat anemia due to their ability to increase the production of red blood cells in the body. The compound is also effective in treating Fanconi and other types of anemia. Given the effect of the compound in production of red blood cells, taking Adrol pills can help to improve your muscle endurance and allow you to carry out more intense weightlifting workouts. However, keep in mind that the sudden increase in blood due to the effects of Adrol 50 can lead painful “bumps” when you are working out. These pains are usually felt on the shin and lower back during workouts. Side Effects of Anadrol 50 There are a number of possible side effects that can be encountered when using Anadrol. The side effects are not absolute and some people do not experience them. However, depending on how your body reacts to the steroid, you will be at risk of the following: i) Gynecomastia Like is the case with majority of anabolic steroids, Anadrol is non-aromatizing. This means it does not convert to estrogen. With this information, you may think using the steroid will not lead to side effects like water retention and gynecomastia. However, these side effects are still experienced despite the compound’s non-estrogenic nature. Before you buy Anadrol tables online and start taking them, it’s advisable to have the necessary compounds that can counter the anticipated side effects. For example, you need a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) during a cycle. ii) Liver Damage Anadrol is an oral anabolic steroid and have been modified to pass through the liver. The compound is modified at the 17th carbon position, which makes it a C17-alpha-alkylaed steroid. Being able to take the steroid orally is convenient for most people than having to inject it. However, the steroid is hepatotoxic and can damage your liver when taken in higher doses. iii) Androgenicity Side Effects Androgenicity side effects such as hair loss and acne can also be encountered when you start taking Adrol 50 pills. The side effects are quickly manifested among users that have a genetic predisposition to suffer from them. This being the case, you should closely monitor your body for any signs of androgenic side effects. You can also reduce the impact of the side effects by using Finasteride (Propecia) and/or a good anti-acne body scrub during your cycle. iv) Not Good For Women Anadrol has serious side effects among women. For example, it can cause virilization (development of male sex characteristics). Some of the virilization effects that can be manifested in women include facial hair, increased body hair, having a deeper voice, clitoral enlargement and acne. It is important to know how Anadrol steroid works before you start using it.
  5. 1. Train With Light And Heavy Weight When people want to gain muscle, they tend to stick with heavy weight. When they want to get ripped, they tend to stick with light weight. However, if you want to get the best results, then your workout regime should consist of training with light weight, heavy weight, high reps and low reps. Training this way will give you the best of both worlds. Also, to balance things out, half your workout should consist of training with heavy weight and the other half should consist of training with light weight. 2. Do Cardio Daily There is no way around it, if you want to get into shape and stay in shape, then you need to do cardio. You don’t necessarily have to do a lot of cardio, but you do want to do high-intensity cardio. If you’re not able to do high-intensity cardio, then you can do things such as long walks, jumping jacks or cycling. The key is to do cardio daily or at least 5-6 days per week. Running, jogging, cycling, dancing and the elliptical are some of the best forms of cardio. Also, feel free to mix up your cardio workouts or do different cardio workouts daily. 3. Eat Sensibly Diet and nutrition plays a huge role in fitness. If your goal is to get into shape, then you need to eat right. This doesn’t mean you have to follow a strict diet, but you do want to eat with commonsense in mind. This means stay away from sugary foods and drinks. Everyone knows what types of junk food they should stay away from, but they find it difficult. There are things you can do to increase your chances of staying away from bad food, and one of those things is keeping fruit in your home. When you get a sugar craving, then you can eat fruit instead of junk food. When you combine healthy eating habits with exercise, then you will slowly change your body over time and before you know it you will look better and feel better. 4. Bring Lunch With You To Work All too often, people ruin their fitness goals because they get hungry while they are at work and instead of eating a healthy lunch, they head to the nearest fast food restaurant. If you’re serious about getting in shape, then you need to get serious about your lunch, even if you work a hectic job or have a short lunch break. What you should do is prepare your lunch the night before you go to work, and you should eat things such as grilled chicken salad with no dressing or grilled chicken sandwiches on wholegrain bread. Also make sure to visit this legal steroids here website social pages to get way more information on diets, bodybuilding, supplements. 5. Do Squats Throughout The Day The squat is the king of all leg exercises and it is one of the best exercises you can do to improve your fitness levels and physique. Best of all, you can do squats anywhere and anytime, and you don’t need weights. If you want to get in shape, then do body weight squats throughout the day. You can do 3-4 quick sets first thing in the morning and another 3-4 quick sets in the afternoon, followed by 3-4 more sets late afternoon and another 3-4 sets in the evening time. Also, do squats throughout the day, even on the days you train with the weights and the number of reps you do per set is completely up to you.
  6. While it would truly be a dream scenario in which every single gym we walk into would be the perfect gym of our dreams. However, as many of us gym rats know, a lot of gyms are currently operating today in ways that would put a scare in those who visit their gyms. What is going to be following here is a list of nine things to look out for to spot a bad gym, because they are around and they do exist. #1: A Friendly Smile When you walk through the front doors of a gym, the first employee you spot should welcome you with a smile, if they do not, then the rest of the experience from beginning to end could be foretold by that first unpleasant outing. #2: Cleanliness If everything in the gym from the floors to the lockers to the majority of equipment is dirtier than a pile of mud, than you should escape immediately because if the gym owner does not care enough to clean, then they clearly do not care about their patrons. #3: Freezing Or Warm The temperature of the gym can make all the difference in the fall, winter, spring and summer, so if you are uncomfortable with the temperature every time you hit the gym, then you may want to find another place to go. #4: Bouncing Prices If you routinely have to pay a wide variety of different prices, especially if they continue on going up with each passing year, then clearly the owner of the gym has one thing in mind, it is money and not the people who workout there. #5: Crappy Equipment Gym equipment is the most important reason to ever enter a gym, because that is the stuff you will be using on route to building the perfect body and if it is falling apart at the seams, than how are you going to build that perfect body? #6: The Staff We touched upon this briefly earlier in number one, but just for the sake of an add on, if the staff of the gym is scummier than the potentially dirty gym, then you need to turn around and exit the gym before speaking a single word. #7: Membership Staff This one is much like some stuff we discussed earlier, but a tad bit different because if the membership staff you talk to pushes a membership over your concerns, then they only care about one thing and that one thing is definitely not you. #8: Personal Training Not everybody who goes to the gym is in need of a personal trainer, but if you do need one and they are pushing their goals instead of helping you, find a new trainer right away. #9: Policy Followers Some gyms have policies about how long and how many reps other gym members can use the machines for, so you should find out if other members and the staff follow these policies, because many gyms should get return visits if the policy is followed.
  7. Prohormones act on the human body in multiple ways. This means just exercising and good diet isn’t enough to benefit from the best prohormone. Pro hormones augment protein synthesis within the body – the mechanism that helps add muscle mass. The following are the other effects of prohormones: • Heightened carbohydrate storage • Increased growth factor levels • Improved creatine synthesis • Lowered cortisol levels The aforementioned actions contribute to muscle-building. Moreover, the best prohormones help with recovery, which makes it easier to train even harder. Improved neural drive means increased focus and aggression when exercising. On the negative front, prohormone supplements can cause issues relating to elevated estrogen levels, excess androgen, lowered cortisol levels, and negative effects on various organs such as liver. With this information, let’s learn how to improve legal prohormones cycle effectiveness and maximize its benefits. Training Considerations Most people look up prohormone reviews and believe high cost prohormones for sale are self-sufficient and that the right training isn’t necessary. Proper training is important for extracting the maximum juice out of even the strongest prohormone. The majority doesn’t differentiate between pro hormone off- and on-cycle training regimens. Most individuals invariably use their increased strength to further elevate their training. This means, when using the best prohormones on the market, they are able to rapidly add strength each week, which motivates them at a psychological level. Such results are likely to make one feel extremely satisfied after a few weeks or a month. But there are other things to consider as well. First, testosterone levels would be low at the end of a prohormone cycle, meaning supporting/building muscle mass becomes much difficult. In fact, some level of muscle loss is also likely. The low testosterone levels also mean loss of positive psychological effect. This means you’d find it difficult to lift even normal weights during the off-cycle period. This is not the ideal scenario for any athlete or bodybuilder. To prevent such situations, it’s advised to buy prohormones and use them before taking on the heaviest weights. Even better, use prohormones when using light training weights. Another option for athletes or bodybuilders who don’t schedule their training program is to increase training volume when administering prohormones. As a result, the better recovery rates when on prohormones would let you increase both the sets and repetitions if needed, which would show its effects on the muscle tissue. Later, during the off cycle, head back again to your regular rep/set range and add more weights to the bar. On a physiological level, the reduction in heavier weights would prompt the body to not let go the gained muscle mass. Psychologically, being able to increase and maintain bar weight would provide greater satisfaction and assist with adherence and motivation, as a result. Diet and Nutrition Since prohormones can rapidly augment protein synthesis, some major changes to the diet are essential for maximizing gains. If most athletes take approximately 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight, this protein intake should be doubled to 4 grams when on cycle. Normally, such higher protein consumption won’t bring any additional benefits. The body will use what it needs and excrete the surplus. But, when on prohormones, the body’s intake or absorption capacity goes up some notches. In fact, it increases to a point where ultra-high protein becomes the norm. The required protein intake equips the body with the essential building blocks for building muscle at an increased rate, helping it capitalize on the favorable hormonal environment. Carbohydrate intake must be high too – fat consumption should be low. The little amount of fat entering the body won’t mess up the whole anabolic arrangement. In fact, the protein-rich diet would ensure the extra calories get used for building muscle instead of fat. However, people susceptible to putting on weight shouldn’t consider increasing calories by much. For athletes, the high protein and additional calories are necessary for obtaining the maximum possible benefits. Prohormones for sale are recommended with food – a fat-rich diet at that, to help with absorption. Grapefruit may replace fat, if needed. Grapefruit juice is, however, not recommended since the increasing bioavailability would stress out the liver. Essential Supplements To optimise prohormones usage, working out the right methods to utilize other drugs or supplements when on prohormones is equally important. First, stop taking all other supplements designed for boosting performance when you buy prohormones online or offline for consumption. This doesn’t mean the other supplements cause cross-contamination, but their usage is ideal for the post cycle treatment (PCT) phase when they would be required for offsetting performance loss post prohormone cycle discontinuation. As aforementioned, when on prohormones, there is nothing else needed to boost performance. However, since prohormones present their own side effects, you may use other supplements to offset those unfavorable effects. If you don’t wish to take additional supplements, then that’s fine too. Prohormones side effects shouldn’t be a major worry, using the supplements intelligently can help combat the ill effects. Anti-estrogen supplements would help resolve potential problems arising from specific prohormones turning into estrogen. Though these supplements are recommended post cycle, keeping them handy during the cycle is still wise, to combat estrogenic effects, if noted. As far as cardiovascular and liver concerns go, supplements would effectively help safeguard and regenerate the liver, along with normalizing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and aiding with other health concerns. In fact, some individuals even recommend taking these supplements during the off-cycle period to enhance overall health. People can use prohormones for their anabolic effects and to increase muscular strength and mass. However, all of those benefits shouldn’t come at the cost of poor general health.
  8. I would suggest starting with 10 to 20mg and work your way up...
  9. I do 40mg a day and been awesome on that dose every woman is different some more sensitive than others on the sides....
  10. A few things i received from BT today....there new label's are great...
  11. Hey hun great to have you on board my dear friend...your the best
  12. Honestly if your girls looking for something to make her more hornier a simple very low dose shot of test propionate would definitely do the job I take that stuff at a lower dose and absolutely I'm climbing the walls.. I will also mention to that if you've familiar with the peptides but melatonin 2 acts as an aphrodisiac and makes you insanely horny something to keep in mind plus you get nice and brown from it... you can try low dose anavar i get more off of test personally but everyone has individual sides...
  13. Whether you’re new to using anabolic steroids, or a seasoned pro, you’ll be wanting to get the most out of your cycle. Cutting, bulking or recomping; whatever the type of cycle you’re running, you won’t see results from the very start. This is because it takes a while for most steroids to have an effect, particularly those which are injected. This delay is why a lot of bodybuilders opt to kickstart their cycle so they don’t waste a day waiting for the drugs with a longer ester to start to work. Here’s what you need to know about kickstarting your cycle and how it works in practice. What is kickstarting? If you’ve done your homework, you’ll have probably heard of kickstarting already. It’s a common way of stacking which ensures that every day during your cycle counts. A lot of the steroids used take a while to get properly into the system, sometimes as long as a few weeks. This means that at the beginning of the cycle, you’ll be missing out on any extra cutting or bulking results you were hoping to see. It is possible to get around this by using an additional drug, usually an anabolic steroid but not always, that works much more quickly. This extra drug is the kickstarter, and is only used right at the beginning of a longer cycle. As the main steroids in your cycle start to take effect, the kickstarter drug stops so you don’t end up with too many side effects or taking too high a dose. Using a faster-acting performance enhancing drug in this way means that you can bulk, cut or recomp from the start of your cycle and enjoy better results straight away. Oral steroids are often used as a kickstarter. This is because they’re often too toxic to the liver to run for an entire cycle but because they act quickly and can be very effective, they’re the perfect short term solution. When to start kickstarting The principle of kickstarting is attractive to most bodybuilders, but the question is often asked: how many cycles should I have behind me before I can try this? If you’re just starting out on anabolic steroids you are probably eager to get amazing results, but you need to take it easy. Everyone reacts differently to anabolic steroids and until you know what side effects you are more prone to, you can’t plan your optimal cycle. For this reason, all the experts recommend only running one steroid at a time for your first cycle, but if you’re using a testosterone with a longer ester (such as cypionate or enanthate) you won’t see the effects for a few weeks anyway. That leaves you free to try kickstarting your cycle with a little bit of Dbol for the first 3-4 weeks. This will allow you to judge the effect that the Dbol has on your body, before later assessing the testosterone when it finally starts to work. The only proviso is that the dosage of the Dbol should be low, around 30mg per day, because this is your first run-out. In subsequent cycles, Dbol can still be used to kickstart results, but typically at the higher dose of 50mg per day. You might also run this kickstarter with a longer acting stack of two or more drugs, unlike your initial cycle. Dianabol isn’t the only steroid which can be useful for kickstarting a cycle; winstrol and anavar are favored by some. And testosterone can also be used to kickstart, but in the form of the short-acting ester, testosterone propionate. Alternatives Oral steroids are effective, and some users say deliver the best results they see without the need to pin. However, although you’ll get results, lots of people suffer from side effects, and there’s the added problem of liver toxicity too. Some users are able to tolerate oral steroids for a short time while kickstarting a cycle but for others, their reaction is far too strong to make it desirable or safe. For these individuals, there is an alternative: SARMs. A different type of drug entirely but producing similar results, SARMs can be a viable alternative. It’s possible to get quicker results, in the same way as oral steroids, although the effect won’t usually be quite as dramatic. However, the benefit is that you can run SARMs for much longer and the side effects are far more tolerable than anabolic steroids. They also don’t cause any toxicity to the liver either which is one of the biggest oral steroid concerns. Therefore, if you don’t want to use test prop, and oral steroids are causing you problems, SARMs could give your cycle a kickstart without the unpleasant effects. Make your cycle count When you’re cycling you should be feeling the effects every single day to really push your boundaries and get the results you want. Kickstarting your cycle is a great way to ensure that you don’t waste time sitting around and waiting for the drugs to start working. But make sure you do your research and understand how your body reacts to steroids before going in too hard, too soon. Remember – just because it worked for your buddy, doesn’t mean it’s right for you too!
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