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  1. And do u stop the hcg and the aromasin after 2 wks
  2. Ok thank u what do u look for in blood work before and after
  3. How much hcg would u take with pct
  4. And what would u run for a pct I have clomid nova and arimadex would u use hcg
  5. Ok would u run any cycle support like nac or tudca And what would u look for on blood work after cycle before running pct
  6. So take the proviron everyday and how long would u run the 2 and 1 for the helios the 12 weeks
  7. And I appreciate that that's why I ask for everyone's input would u just do 150 mg twice a week of test e and do the proviron everyday And add the helios in at what mg how many days and how long And I was going to get blood work before what should I look for halfway thru
  8. I just told u that I haven't done anything so I clearly dont have any experience that why the post says asking for anyone's input on this bodytech pre designed cycle these aren't ones that I just thru together
  9. Bulk cycle 2 x Test Enth 250mg 1 x Dbol 25mg 1 x Arimidex 1mg Cut cycle 3 x Testosterone Propionate 100mg 2 x Winstrol 25mg 1 x Arimidex 1mg both are 8 weeks
  10. I no I need to clean up my diet I wasn't going to start tell I drop some weight I just wanted to no if the beginner cycles bodytech are worth getting with it only being an 8 week cycle
  11. 25 yrs 5 11 height 243 weight 20 % of 5 yrs training last 2 yrs serious
  12. Yea first cycle that's why I'm looking at that beginners cycle I've used peptides and sarms and compete in shows but build a better structure before competeing
  13. Anyone look at the pre designed cycles I was looking at the beginners and wanting some input on it if it's worth even looking at
  14. second order from northern love the products included two extra bottles definitely well a customer for life
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