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  1. Ok thanks everyone appreciate it
  2. Ok any advice on wear to do it im using inch and a half needle i only went half way down checked for blood and squeeze it in
  3. Hey just curious how long pip last I pinned on Monday and my thigh still hurts I did half a cc of test e and a half a cc of eq any help would be great
  4. Upper bc is open heard lower bc supposed end of the month
  5. 150g chicken Peppers onions mushrooms Flavor god seasoning
  6. And do u stop the hcg and the aromasin after 2 wks
  7. Ok thank u what do u look for in blood work before and after
  8. How much hcg would u take with pct
  9. And what would u run for a pct I have clomid nova and arimadex would u use hcg
  10. Ok would u run any cycle support like nac or tudca And what would u look for on blood work after cycle before running pct
  11. So take the proviron everyday and how long would u run the 2 and 1 for the helios the 12 weeks
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