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  1. I even look at carbs and I gain weight might have to switch keto can’t weight to see your keto forum on how to approach it
  2. That’s awesome man I’m glad kietos working for you you’re definitely going to be a force to reckon with on stage
  3. I stick with th 1” in the glutes tried quad never again once I switched to leaving my vials in warm water before injecting made a world of difference
  4. Rise shirts and pants only gym apparel all use
  5. Well it’s not enjoyable by any means but they bring u in a room and and dope u up pretty good by the end of it u won’t remember it
  6. Yea alll just hold of and not run it rather not wreck my life Thanks @CapeBretonDadBod
  7. I wanted to add dhb but I have a couple bottles of tren on hand Any advice is appreciated thanks @CapeBretonDadBod
  8. I’ve used npp eq test Clen winstrol finished my second blast a month ago just went back down to trt dose no mental health issues if it’s that bad I’ll hold of
  9. @[email protected] I have a couple bottles of teen ace on hand I wanted to add it in just curious what would be a good start dose
  10. Yea no definitely I’ve just talked to a few guys that run it a lot and they where saying the prolactin buildings up after awhile of being on it
  11. Hey lifters trying to put together a good cycle for the new year any help would be appreciated I wanna keep the test low As I’m making good gains of trt dose was thinking any input would be appropriated thanks lifters test e 250 350mg a week npp 150 75mg m/w/f HGH 2iu morning and post work out arimadex .5 twice a week later in cycle phitzer (caber) .5mg once a week
  12. I agree on that I got blood work before I started and part way thru I always ask to get everything that can be tested even an ECG test I appreciate everyone’s input I will check what I’m at this bloodwork and go down to a 100 mg trt dose and adjust from there
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