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  1. Anyone have any experince in take peds with u flying ofcourse not out of country but with in canada ?
  2. Can u be more elaborate on not feeling good ?
  3. Looking for some help just seeing if anyone knows of one multivitamin that has everything u need instead of buying a bunch of different vitamins
  4. Was gonna compete but not for me love the process but hard to do with work and and family so think all grind some more down little bit more lean the reverse out of it
  5. Can say enough good things about the guys at @BodyTechPharma always good communication quality products and the best prices keep up the good work guy’s customer for life
  6. Are orders thru there online website still going to go thru ?
  7. @airman it’s hard to explain it’s like a acid smell just started a month or two ago but yea I’m going to get it blood work done this week
  8. Thanks @CapeBretonDadBod all get blood work and see what’s going on
  9. Any one ever have there body odour change getting a little concerned every thing I look up says kidney disease
  10. Ruffin possing was so on point
  11. It’s your body reacting to the solvent I’ve had the same problem it’s nothing wrong with there products try putting the vial in warm water and doing splitting up the dose in 2 injection sites might help and usually if there’s a big bump like that means the oil is under your skin and is have a bad reaction your going to have to role it into the muscle listen or don’t just trying to help
  12. I even look at carbs and I gain weight might have to switch keto can’t weight to see your keto forum on how to approach it
  13. That’s awesome man I’m glad kietos working for you you’re definitely going to be a force to reckon with on stage
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