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    I have a loyal protector in a Labrador Retriever, He thinks he’s a guard dog. What can I say I have the dumbest lab on the planet but wouldn’t trade the big dummy for the world . Has the be 100 lbs no fat on the dog just big keeps you warm in the winter tho.
  2. So I just got Covid tested due to an exposure in my gym ! I’m fully vaxed not by choice. But are you watching the news of how many fully vaxed people are ending up in the hospitals and ICU ? What was the real point of putting this in our body if it’s not helping and we get the negative side effects? I’ve grown so tired of this now.
  3. Hi MedicusResearch do you need a referral or reference to place an order with you ? What is the oil you use in your testosterone?
  4. Hey new guy here messed up bad younger in life started abusing gear at 15 now on a lifetime of TRT just wanted to join a board where I’m mature and want to learn. I did everything wrong now time to get it right. Open to all criticism and opinions.
  5. Hey guys I was really young when I started using gear, So now I’m on 100mg of testosterone enathate but still not feeling good I’m going to jump to 125mg what is your thoughts of adding 150mg of primo with it ?
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