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  1. Just wanted to make sure you were ok , Don’t take offense , just concerned about liver and kidney function, Please drink lots of water.
  2. I was more so concerned with toxicity, You just looked very red with an off colour , If that’s normal for you carry on , Just be careful sir .
  3. Was your skin always that colour? Or is it the sun ? Or did this just come on ? Your response matters .
  4. Congratulations for winning our auction, Please leave us a review when you start we are excited to know what you think
  5. Mig only affects less than 1% of the population and usually dissipates after the body adapts to the change . Hope this helped
  6. 88 everything I have been reading and I’ve looked at all your posts you had a rough start here but you started to fall into a groove where there was no drama and I have to say @CapeBretonDadBod was very very tolerant with everything don’t get fired up and slide backwards earn your stripes and earn there respect and you will do well because you are determined and motivated.
  7. Time’s ticking now , Get your bids in there is still value here.
  8. I believe now is the time to stop looking at the scale and go by how your clothing is fitting and how you look in the mirror the scale can drive you crazy at times , You are killing it bro !
  9. Countdown is on 5 days left great stack there , Yes there is still value here !
  10. Start lower it creeps up on you heed my warning . Slowly move up , I know we all joke with you 88 please be careful this stuff can kill you .
  11. Thank you for your review it is very encouraging to hear these comments it helps us know we are doing things right and producing a top quality for you that is virtually pain free we welcome all reviews positive or negative they all help us work harder to perfect our products for you .
  12. With all due respect and I mean it , You aren’t ready for DNP just yet . Grind the diet and cardio it will come at the end maybe as a polish use the DNP.
  13. Yes keep bidding lots of time left , We have some great items here.
  14. No sir , It’s Miglyol 840 it flows even faster than MCT , Makes for a faster more comfortable injection , We are having an auction right now with various products if you are interested in tying them at a great price.
  15. Hello NorthernLifters. Here is our Auction. 3 x Test-e 400 , 3 x EQ , 2 x Tren-e , 2 x Dbol and 1x Aromisan . Bidding Starts at $100.00 Auction runs Until June 30 at 9pm Atlantic time.
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