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  1. GoodLife issued a statement that they can't move forward with the dates they communicated earlier as they haven't gotten the go ahead from the government in Ontario. I'm sure every other gym advertising reopening was piggy backing off GoodLife intel. Hopefully we get more info soon.
  2. I'm not natural lol but I am over 220 and under 10%. You're being a goof now, so I'm going to stop posting in your thread. I really hope you're mentally delayed or something because as a grown man not being able to take honest feedback is going to hold you back. Your skin is so thin and not in the bodybuilding sense lol. You sound delusional talking about being shredded, taking all these drugs, not taking anyone's advice on diet but still looking like you do. Losing weight is so fucking easy all it takes is discipline. You'll learn fat people try to take the easy way and remain fat, people in shape just do it. Also back to our first back and forth in this thread, you said you were going to be shredded by July 4, how's that going? How's it knowing that I told you what you needed to do and you could have been shredded but instead you ate cereal, took DNP and look like you do?
  3. If you can't take honest feedback you're not going anywhere. I hope it fuels you. I'm not posting here because I want you to stay fat. I'm posting because I want you to get healthy. You can insult me but I'm sitting here with a six pack not taking DNP my advice might be worth something.
  4. Don't eat sugar for 30 days if you're not mentally weak. It's not a bold statement, this entire thread is proof. You're addicted to garbage and that addiction is because your lack the mental toughness to push through little cravings long enough to get into decent shape.
  5. I've heard good things however it seems like most bodybuilders now use berberine instead of metformin. There are studies showing 1500mg of berberine is the same as 1500mg of metformin. If you find a good glucose disposal agent they usually include berberine, cinnamon and other supplements that in sum do more than metformin.
  6. I'm not the best source for GH info but I've always really known before bed to be the best for fat loss. Is your gh human grade or UGL? If it's hg I think what you have planned is good, if it's UGL I would take all 4iu before bed.
  7. Honestly if you're too mentally weak to not eat a treat everyday, hell twice a day according to this post, you shouldn't be taking any drugs. How are you going to feel when you finish this DNP and you still aren't shredded? Are you going to look for the next drug? Literally anything to avoid addressing the issue.
  8. It is straight junk man. That mindset is why you're where you are. You don't eat cereal on a diet unless it's a cheat or if you're shredded and using it pre or post workout. It's not perfectly fine, that's why you're overweight. Look at the ingredients - Whole Grain Wheat, Sugar, Rice Flour, Canola Oil, Fructose, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Salt, Cinnamon, Trisodium Phosphate, Soy Lecithin, Caramel Color, BHT. 4 of the ingredients are synonyms for sugar. Canola oil is pure garbage, they use chemicals to extract the oil out of the seed. 350 calories is a lot lol, didn't you say you're eating 1500-2000 calories? At your weight, while cutting you need 1000-1200 calories just for protein, I don't know how you spare 350 on chemicals and sugar. Why do you need a treat everyday? Once you eat it everyday, it's not a treat. It's now a staple of your diet. A treat would be once a week. The reason the world is fat is because people eat "treats" everyday. Discipline. You're literally taking the hardest bodybuilding drugs out there. Suck on a lemon when you have a craving. You don't eat fruit because you don't want to spike your blood sugar but you eat a kids cereal loaded with sugar, next to no fibre and then have it with milk? You keep saying skim milk like it's a diet food. A cup of skim milk has 12g of sugar. If you eat a serving of cereal with a skim milk you're getting way more sugar than you'd get eating watermelon. Milk and cereal is literally the greatest dirty bulk food out there, doesn't keep you full and it's loaded with carbs.
  9. Please don't call cinnamon toast crunch a healthy treat. It's literally chemically processed garbage.. It's fine to have treats but remove the word healthy from pretty much anything you buy off a shelf.
  10. Even 200mg is terrible for me, I had to dose EOD if it was less than freezing outside. I also believe it is the most overhyped compound fighting up there with insulin. Take pictures before and after, post them up.
  11. Well I'd fucking die at 400mg a day for 7 days but I guess if that's where it want to start.
  12. I've recently been running 400 test e, 300 tren e and 450 eq. Probably the best cycle I've ever run.
  13. Just keep going, don't set a timeline. You'll get there.
  14. Honestly if you want to do DNP you can but despite what people say online it isn't magic. You need to learn how to get down to a healthy 12% naturally. At that point at least you have your mind in check. If you need drugs to get down to 12% there is an issue with mental fortitude. 10-15% is healthy. It doesn't matter what this pussy, fucked up, lizzo loving world says being fat is not healthy. As a man being over 15% is unnecessary and suboptimal. Once you get to 20% you're just plain unhealthy.
  15. There is no need to take DNP. I've eaten the same food every single day just tapering down the amounts since April 1 except for scheduled refeeds, I've averaged around 1-1.5 hours of liss every single day, I haven't missed a workout despite the gym closing. This is what it takes to get shredded. I haven't even missed a cup of water.
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