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  1. Anything within the normal range, preferably in the mid-high end of the normal range.
  2. I personally can tell us my test is good without blood work rather easily. I'm not sure why it would be good idea to check it while off if you are planning to go back on in the near term. I'd always ask what are your solving? If you've been off for 10 weeks and want to go back on what's going to change if your test is high or low?
  3. I would always get lipids, CBC and liver. I wouldn't get test levels, if you're on they will be high and if you're off they will be low. Your test, LH and FSH are not coming back for a long time after being on cycle. Unless you're taking 6 months off there really isn't a point to check those. 10 weeks past my last cycle my FSH is .1, LH is <.1 and test was 2.6. I wouldn't expect these to reach anywhere close to normal for another 4 months. Other tests would be situational. If you're on and having side effects your might want to check estrogen and prolactin but I wouldn't check tho
  4. I always liked it. I don't run orals too much anymore but superdrol, M1T and winstrol were always my favorites. Superdrol is definitely worth trying.
  5. Do you have some pictures of the line ups where someone who clearly should be in 5-6 place, won the show? I have never seen it. As I said, I've seen where I really thought 2nd should have won but the guy in first had more name recognition or came off another big win. But I am not sure where dollars are coming from? Most bodybuilders are pulling up to the show in a beat up car, how much influence is their money having lol
  6. A lot of the people who say politics are just poor sports or upset their favorite pro isn't as good as someone else. In every judged sport there is obviously subjective favoritism but it's not systemic like people want to think. Arnold returning that's people with a bit of nostalgia looking at him with rose colored glasses. Slightly controversial wins or loses usually is because people tend the favor the champion. For the local level, yea some judges are coaches and or sponsors but if you knock out the competition, you win. Simple as that.
  7. Are you in Canada? My wife may have to take daily FSH and the entire pen which would dose for a month is $100
  8. I'm not sure man. I don't know what BT price is but regular treatment of hmg for fertility is 75-150iu everyday for months. Minimum 2 months before you start to get a real effect. I know at the pharmacy 75iu is like $10. Getting a prescription usually is cheaper than underground. If there is a real medical need it's always better to look to a doc.
  9. If you're getting IVF I'm sure the fertility specialists would have brought up hmg if they thought it would work for you. I would talk to the doc regardless see if they think hmg+HCG+clomid could still help. If you have workplace insurance it will all be covered most likely.
  10. On HRT there have been studies done that have shown combinations of clomid, HCG and to a lesser extent hmg will bring sperm into the normal range 20mill + If you're hrt is real hrt (100-200mg a week/every other week) running 50mg of clomid a day and 1000iu of HCG every 3 days for at least 8 weeks or until you get her pregnant will probably do the trick. I was at the end of a cycle where I used deca and tren, my levels were nearly 0. While still on test and tren I did HCG every 3 days after my initial sperm test. I did 5000 for my first two shots, 2500 for my 3rd and 4th and 1000 ther
  11. I don't know what your size/weight is but I think the internet forums make us inflate our doses beyond what we need. Definitely did for me. Similar to you I ran probably my lowest dose cycle in a decade. Starting around 245lb I cut on 400 test and 300 tren and had one of the best cycles ever. Working from home allowed me to be spot on my diet however and I have a power rack and weights in the basement.
  12. Look at Hosstile Bloodshot you'll get some good ideas there
  13. I believe you can get PRP covered. My doc did prolotherapy on my torn tricep tendon and it improved a lot.
  14. Got GoodLife booked for my first workout in the gym this Sunday.
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