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  1. Sust was designed for trt but with bad logic. The thought was the short esters like prop and iso would kick in while you are waiting for the longer esters to kick in. That's great for the first two weeks but then the long esters are working and your still spiking your blood with short esters. Sust is great for cycles. Typically the longer the ester the better for trt. Cyp is common but decaonate or undecanoate would be ideal considering your on for life. 200mg of test decanoate ever week in a single shot will lead to perfectly stable levels and no sides. It'll take 3-4 weeks to ramp up but in the grand scheme of things that doesn't matter. If you're really concerned you can blend it in yourself for the first month Week 1 150D, 100E Week 2 200D, 50E Week 3 200D and on
  2. You don't have to worry, some do but most don't. You'd be much more likely to see a cycle like this in a regional or national MPD or by the 250lb bloated guy in the gym who's big but doesn't actually look good.
  3. I think you need to read more. I didn't say "any pro" I said "no ifbb pro... I know personally". But in any case you're delusional if you think the average pro runs what you have outlined there, guaranteed some do. Not the guys doing well. The guys doing well blow up on nothing and that's why they do well. The guys that nearly kill themselves to become pros (doing cycles like you have laid out) really fizzle once turn pro. I live in the western GTA. I think people can figure out which pros (and top nationals) I might be referring too but none have even hinted remotely at 6g+ like you have outlined. Not a single one uses orals during the off season let alone 1400mg of drol a week on top of 1400mg proviron. And I've never heard of anyone outside powerlifting do suspension. Imagine trying to lift with over 30cc of gear a week. 12+ shots a week. Imagine trying to eat to get to 300lb on 200mg of drol a day. The GH dose is correct but not pharma for most. I can say without a doubt one of the guys on the 212 Olympia stage this year won't use anywhere close to 5g+. He also will cycle off for 3+ months after the Olympia, no TRT.
  4. Lol 2/3 of the dosage? Unless you're walking around like big Ramy now you would have seen the same on probably 1/10. No ifbb pro or truly competitive powerlifter I know personally runs doses like that.
  5. Test and tren. If I could eliminate the joint issues I get with win I would do test and win. I've heard S23 is similar to winstrol so I'm going to give that a run this summer and see.
  6. I'm lucky, tren has never caused me issues and I think I've used it in almost every cycle for the last 6 years. I have had thin hair since I was a child and my dad was bald before 30. I seem to be beating the odds, but anadrol got me a bit.
  7. I was having issues with anadrol a couple years ago, stopped the cycle and haven't used drol since. Priorities I guess.
  8. Prolactin issues are super rare, people over use drugs too much using caber, bromo or other ancillaries.
  9. I've never met a serious lifter who ran a cycle and didn't use it consistently after that. Everything is a plateau, juice ruins lifting naturally. If you're a serious lifter and juice, you'll use it pretty much forever whether that is cycling or cruising. Cycling is much better imo. If you're not a serious lifter and then juice, you'll love it and then when you go off you'll hate it and it'll either force you back on or out of the gym. No one does one or two cycles and then goes back to natural lifting consistently.
  10. Overall it's amazing. Every other car feels old once you drive a Tesla, or it drives you. Everything is so intuitive and simple. It's quick, looks great. Any issue I could comment on would be the most minor nitpicking type thing.
  11. I missed both rebates. I was long after the Ontario rebate and too early for the federal rebate.
  12. Yea for sure, I drive 144km round trip to work. Plus driving to the gym, any other stops, weekend driving etc. I was spending over $600 a month on gas in my Camry. Not to mention oil changes on that much driving was every two months, so conservatively $50 a month. My last car was done, over 300k. Assuming the cost of gas would be roughly the same a focus would be around $300 car payment assuming I put some down and got some upgrades. Plus my gas I'm easily at $900 a month, oil changes $950. I was paying $60 a month for a toll pass which is now included for a green car so $1010. I'll leave any other maintenance but that's a pretty good number. My Tesla has a payment of $600 a month, so double. But the average of two months of charging has been $40 a month. So $640 a month to drive. I don't need to buy a toll pass which is bonus, no oil, really no other maintenance ever. My cost of ownership given I had to buy a car and needed something reliable is $3-400 cheaper per month in a Tesla than an entry model car. Obviously if I didn't drive so much, this wouldn't be the case.
  13. Two bottles of test would get you ten weeks.
  14. Gas is around $1.20 in my area. Have seen it as low as 1.10 and as high as 1.30 recently. I drive ~150km a day. I bought a Tesla, cost of ownership is less than a Chevy Cruze or Ford Focus for me.
  15. 500mg for ten weeks is a really good first cycle in my opinion.
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