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  1. The best cycle would be one with focus. Either size or cutting. Not both. The drugs really don't impact it much, it's all diet. You can cut on test deca and dbol and you can bulk on test mast and tren.
  2. Drink a ton of water and make sure you're salting your food
  3. This is spot on, obviously some supply will fall off, but the mass of licensed suppliers are still in business. However I'm not hoping any misinformation floating around is just ignorance and not malicious to inflate prices further than they need to be. Kind of like when oil went up and the government saw the gas prices increase so they threw additional taxes on it so we would just associate it with the barrel cost.
  4. It's not a country wide ban. You can literally go to government websites hit translate and read word for word what it is. Do you think the Chinese versions of Pfizer and Merck just shut down Jan 1? Where are Chinese pharmacies getting their products to fill prescriptions? You think they are importing from the USA lol? Part of the same legislation was to promote the innovation of these Chinese companies to invent new drugs how are they doing that if there is a country wide ban on hormones? China has like 3 human trials going right now for hormonal male birth control - 2 with steroids and 1 with a sarm. Are they abandoning this research?
  5. They were not licensed if they were shut down.
  6. Sorry, could you share where you got 3 certified manufacturers in China? There are more than 3 (dozens) state owned pharmaceutical compounding companies that produce hormones alone, not even taking into account the private companies in China or Hong Kong.
  7. I know some UGLs have already made some adjustments but as I said before, if your supplier was legitimate this shouldn't impact your raws. Getting a license to produce AAS legally in China is ready, it just takes money. This is the same as all the body rub shit in Ontario. Body rubs are legal, you pay like $10,000 a year for a license. However a homeopathic massage license is like $275. If you give body rubs with the wrong license it's against the law.
  8. Blitz


    I just used Maple as well, super convenient. Paid the $50 took the req to the lab and my results were uploaded a few days later.
  9. I would taper down for 4-5 weeks, as I tapered down to 50mg on the final week, I would use HCG at 1000iu e3d. One week after my final shot I would start nolvadex at 20mg a day for 8 weeks.
  10. So my results were added to the app without issue. Results came in good for anyone curious. This was super simple and I'll be doing it again in 6 months
  11. I've been using the same source who came through this community for years without issue, he's never steered me wrong. I'm also coming up to 12 years using PEDs so I'm pretty tuned into how I respond.
  12. It's been awhile but obviously I finished. I wouldn't recommend it personally. Can't see it offering any benefit to serious lifters over traditional orals.
  13. Are you in Canada or US? Do you mean life insurance or medical insurance? You can't be dropped by OHIP/provincial medical insurance. Usually the only other coverage you have is a workplace plan but those don't require medical exam, also plan results aren't shared to workplace benefit insurers. Your doctor is not allowed to disclose what you discuss to insurance. They can say you have high bp and liver damage on a medical exam but can't say that you said you took steroids. Unless you're in the US I'd be hesitant to believe what your friend told you.
  14. Individual labs will upload online, I went to dynacore which charges a fee for online access. It all gets posted in the app by Maple included in the consultation fee.
  15. So on Maple they pair you with a doctor in your province ask you'll be able to get someone from NB. Or are you saying this happened in Maple?
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