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  1. I believe this is overhyped. China has agreed to crack down on illegal steroid producers in 2020, not to ban steroids. Believe it or not the vast majority of our raws come from legal suppliers in China. It's not hard at all in China to get approval to manufacture drugs in general let alone steroids for distribution. Illegal producers would be ones manufacturing patented drugs or doing it without a permit. None of our drugs are still under patent in NA and it's so easy to get a permit in China. I believe the patent issue is why they are cracking down specifically in Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.
  2. Looks really nice, they took a lot of good lessons of Tesla. I'm sure it'll be popular.
  3. Obviously loosing weight is the biggest factor. Outside of that I would perform the following circuit at least 3x a week Core circuit x 4 rounds Plank - work up to 120 seconds Ab wheel - work up to 30 reps Hyper back extensions - work up to 60 reps Roman chair - work up to 30 reps I'm saying work up to because these are pretty good numbers you might plank for 30 seconds, ab wheel 10 reps, etc. When you start.
  4. Pre workout I like to have either cookies or muffins with a cup of egg whites. Post workout I time with dinner so it's a full meal of meat, vegetables and starch.
  5. I used a fusion a decade ago lol not sure if it's the same. Painful but worked.
  6. Bpc157 and tb500 have science behind it. Not sure if any sarms have any science for tendons, ligaments or muscle injuries. If there is I'd like to see it.
  7. The average pro does not use 5+ grams of gear. This is a myth parroted on the internet as an out for people who either don't have the genetics to get big or can't put in the work and consistency to get big. I think you're believing far too much of the garbage online. You're saying the average 180lb would run 900mg - 900mg can easily get you to a solid 220lb, 180lb should be natural. You're saying that someone at 180 would be cruising - there is absolutely no need unless it's medical hrt. I almost feel like I should call out exact names but if anyone knows some of the top Canadian pros of the last 10 years you'd know how off base this is. I guess specifically we can talk about is Fouad because he's open with it. He said he runs 1200-1500mg test and then would run something like 600mg of deca or 400mg of tren. I believe he said he's never gone above 500 tren. So you're cycle of 2800 test and 1400 tren, you've literally doubled what a pro who's competed at the Olympia at 270lb has done. I personally know a pro who I would say is the top pro out of Canada currently and arguably up there of best Canadian of all time. Unless he's just flat out lied to me with complete consistently since before he turned pro he's never ran a cycle above 2500mg, his total mg is lower than the test you said. I'm talking in all the conversations over the last nearly 10 years he's never said more than that. He also comes off completely after the Olympia (or whatever his target show was for the year) for 3-4 months. Sure he shrinks down but 2-3 weeks back on he's just as big. The only reason I'm harping on this is because I started to believe some of the shit too when I was a bit younger. The only guys I know taking crazy doses are the bloated always kinda chubby looks the same year after year 220-240lb guy who talks about gear too much at the gym. My best cycle in years was 1200mg a week with no orals. Which is one of my lowest doses in years and really the results came from diet and training. I had close friends call me a liar when they asked me what I was taking.
  8. I've gotta say I wouldn't spend my money on it again. I'm coming up to 4 weeks and not really noticing anything I can directly attribute to it. My strength came on like it regularly would with 1000mg of test and now coming up to 4 weeks, vascularity is increasing like it should for 600mg of EQ. Orals aren't ever great for me so it wasn't likely to do much. I would definitely rather run winstrol or M1T. I'll continue to run it until I'm out, we'll see.
  9. Just Express post your vial and needles to your hotel...
  10. Do you drink enough water? Salt shouldn't bloat you with proper hydration and kidney function.
  11. He's a little too animated for my tastes a lot of the videos I want to watch but can't get through. Also he seems too focused on drama giving his opinion on irrelevant YouTubers. But content is content and happy to have his perspective out there.
  12. I think your thought process is a little off. I know ifbb pros who don't cruise and ones that when they do use 250mg max. 350-750mg a week is a continuous blast. The point of cruising (or coming off) isn't to build muscle. It isn't even to maintain muscle which really anyone should be able to do at 250 for 8 weeks. It is to clean your body out, get as close to normal as possible and get healthy. Just because you're over 300lb doesn't mean you need more to get healthy. If anything it means you need to go lower.
  13. I wouldn't do it on my own. When I plan to stay on I'll go to my doc and get a referral to a urologist. If you're doctor is a pest find a urologist you want, go to a walk in and ask for a referral. Might be $50 for the note or something. If you're staying on why would you want to miss out first on pharm grade, but also the ability to travel with it, the ability to get regular blood work without hassle,etc.
  14. I'm a week in now, nothing yet but I typically don't notice orals until the end of week two. So as of right now I can say the onset doesn't seem faster than AAS orals.
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