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  1. How old are you? Honestly it's not enough to do too much unfortunately, you'd want to use 4iu a day so you have a little over 3 months. Obviously it'll be no where near as effective as $200 worth of test, saying that if you are making a jump you'd be better off to use it with test than alone. I'd say it until the summer, run it with 400mg of test and get shredded.
  2. That's the tough thing it's everything "you" need and you don't need the same thing as everyone else. I don't think there is a multivitamin that really nails the general buckets let alone your unique needs. For example try to find a multi that has 5000iu of D3 or 200mg of k2. Anyways personally I just take a Kirkland and then add the few other things I need, if you want you can look into Revive or if HD has a multi I'm sure they are much better than most but still it's not going to be a silver bullet and often they'll be more expensive than Kirkland plus a few others
  3. Winstrol definitely doesn't burn fat. However, it's not a bad drug for women. My wife used it between 5-10mg starting like 6-8 weeks out from shows back when she was competing - this was more than 5 years ago but at that time she had a physique to be probably top 6 at Nationals in figure. Although I wouldn't start with winstrol. Anavar is a much better first drug option 5-10mg building up to 20-25 before needing to use win. If you want to burn fat than save the money and potential andro effects and buy ephedrine and yohimbine, that stack is drastically more effective than anything you can buy on the black market except for DNP.
  4. White noise can help for sure. If you are going pee or something make sure you don't turn on the light. You could also get a low dose melatonin pill and take it when you wake up to go pee. That could help your body signal it's still time to sleep. THC soft gels have been a godsend for me but that's more so to fall asleep.
  5. Depends on the brand and type. Some of the pens state to refrigerate for storage and then room temperature after the fact. If you are getting HG, look it up. If you are getting Chinese product, you should refrigerate it under all circumstances even prior to reconstitution.
  6. Current threads to argue on? It's not like you bumped a thread to share more/new information and you were trying not to create redundant threads. You literally replied to an old thread to insult and brag. This is not the type of activity we need. Get your priorities straightened out.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I think I'll stick with the oats as well. I'm currently using Fairlife high protein whole milk + 1 scoop of universal egg pro + 10g of collagen powder and 60g of ground quick oats. It's doing me really well, I've been using it twice a day. Today I tried two fat sources to see if I could bulk it up a bit. One I added 15ml of olive oil and the other I've added a tablespoon or two of flax and chia seeds. Just finished the seed one which was fine but made it thicker, almost too thick to get down. Tonight I'll try the olive oil one, I'm just hoping the raw oil doesn't just pass through me.
  8. Hadi is in Orlando, comfirmed.
  9. I never understood all the fuss around Kai, don't get me wrong he was an awesome bodybuilder but he was a distant second to Phil. He had a blown out stomach for years and for some reason his fans forgave that but jumped on Phils. It's kinda sad how he keeps poking his head up hinting at a comeback, using old videos as updates, etc.
  10. I think we'll know if Phil wins the minute he walks out, if his stomach is tight it's his. If it's off its Brandons. I like Brandon alot but I'll put my money on Phil. It's such a toss up after that, Hadi, Ramy, Roelly, Bonac could all easily be 3rd even 2nd if Brandon or Phil slip. I'm excited to see the three Canadians in open. I'm pretty sure Iain will be the best but I'm rooting for them all. I'd love to see Antoine surprise and get top 10 or even top 8. His conditioning is always on point, he's always positive and he's actually the first bodybuilder I ever saw in person. This was before he was a pro. I see Chris winning classic and Breon dropping to third. I'd love to see Terrance Ruffin move into 2nd. I hope to see Logan in the top 6.
  11. Wondering if anyone has tried this. I've been grinding quick oats in a blender and then added them to milk and protein powder as a carb source. This has been going well and I know oatmeal absorbs a lot of liquid when cold anyways as lots of people do overnight oats. Figured grinding it takes it a step further. Rice sits easier with me than oatmeal. Obviously gains of white rice won't digest well uncooked but does anyone have experience with cream of rice added to cold shakes? Does the rice absorb at all or stay sand like?
  12. These are always such weird reports. Not saying this isn't true,I haven't used the lab or the product, but the most common HCG coming from China is 5,000iu per vial, the most common GH coming from China is 10iu per vial. If you're getting it from China that HCG costs you 10-20 a vial and domestically it goes for 30-80. The GH costs 5-10 from China and domestically it goes for 12-30. Given that HCG costs more and goes for more, why would a lab in Canada or manufacturer in China swap it out? Even if the HCG was 1,000iu per vial instead of 5,000iu the cost of the GH is probably the same or even still cheaper because the odd dose of the HCG would drive the cost up.
  13. I've done 20+ weeks of deca and tren and never had my prolactin come up as a concern on blood work. If you get a side take it. Look at the side effect list of caber (bloating, strength loss, heart valve abnormalities, etc.) and decide whether you want to use that just in case. Just my opinion.
  14. This is an abortion drug right? I've never tried it. I couldn't justify trying an obscure drug for fat loss when I can just cut my rice portion lol
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