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  1. "included titles such as Frisky Business and Big Bad Granny's" I'm sure Big Bad Grannies must have been a collectible. Dude must be upset about that one. Now how is he gonna watch Mavis and Mary-Lou get it on?
  2. Hey bro, my bad, that wasn't a direct link. Looks like that Sale is still going. Here's the actual link https://ca.myprotein.com
  3. Only way to break Through a plateau is to eat less or bump up the cardio. I found that when I get stuck, I change up my cardio to keep things fresh. I'll switch from LISS to HIIT or something like that and usually that'll keep things a little more interesting for me.
  4. Myprotein.ca has their 60% off sale today. Cheapest it goes i think. 11lbs of whey is 67 bucks, and 11lbs of isolate is 87 I believe. Their Chocolate smooth and vanilla are good.
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