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  1. Oh sweet good to see they lowered prices as their prices were too high before. It's way better priced now!
  2. Lmao you could just tell the dude was full of shit. A good old hearty fuck you to @afflicted
  3. Interesting. 99% of everything I read online says 12 weeks. Why do you feel differently?
  4. 141.9 in Vancouver. Feels cheap AF compared to a month or so ago.
  5. The dudes lab was being trashed. As well as his presentation. What was he supposed to do? If something I worked hard at was being attacked, I'd sure as shit want to stand behind whatever I did as well.
  6. No worries, you guys are allowed to do with the forum as you please. I for one am not interested in a board heavily censored towards the success of sponsors and not free discussion. Enjoyed my stay here, have a good one NL!
  7. I have a metric shit ton of their protein, bcaa's and creatine. Some of the best protein I've ever tasted for half the price of stuff at Popeyes. Same for bcaa's.
  8. I usually buy everything I want from myprotein. However I don't buy either of those by themselves so no personal experience. However I love their products. https://ca.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/100-citrulline-malate-amino-acid/10852402.html I don't think they have agmatine though.
  9. Have you noticed anything negative on your bloodwork since starting TRT?
  10. Going through the process of all this right now. Test levels at 11 on a scale of 8.8-28.8. Endo said I'm in range so can't do anything about it unless I'm under 10. Blood test again this Friday to see if it's below 10. Tanking sleep on purpose before to try to lower it. If not, self prescribed it is I guess...
  11. This is a quality response. And congrats on 295-209 that's seriously impressive. But it's totally true that people carry more fat than they realize. Ive been cutting since the start of the year (albeit a controlled slow cut) and surprised myself with how much I needed to lose. I'm down about 18-20lbs averaging around a pound a week. However I would have thought I would be nearing my goal around now, but in reality I've still easily got another 10-15lbs to go. It may sound discouraging to think of getting down to 200lbs OP but he is 100% correct. Form a diet that is a lifestyle and you will get there. It's going to take a while but it will be fully worth it.
  12. Tbol every day for the entire cycle? Do you know if you'll need an AI every single day, or are you just assuming that you might need it?
  13. I'd be surprised if this dude doesn't have a major Injury soon. I hope he doesn't but some of the stuff he does is pretty insane.
  14. https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/wiki/faq Check out this link. There's a lot you can do without the use of drugs. Also make sure your Estro levels are in check
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