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  1. Originally the dude tried to brush it off and clear the code. Told her to drive it for a few weeks. Of course the light immediately went back on. I drove that thing in there myself and told them to fuck the idea of driving on it. They just gave her a different one off the lot. No way I was letting her get a lemon
  2. Nice truck. Sister got a new one of these a month or two back, drove off the lot and around the corner then check engine light came on. Whole engine was shit lol. Hope it's good for you!
  3. If anyone plans on using this, make sure to add the items to your cart then check them every once in a while. They raise their prices and have fake sales every day. The whey is 15$ more expensive today at 60% off than when I bought it at 40% off. The 11 pound whey will go to low 60$ range regularly
  4. My money is on its dnp sourced internationally"int"
  5. Oh sweet good to see they lowered prices as their prices were too high before. It's way better priced now!
  6. Lmao you could just tell the dude was full of shit. A good old hearty fuck you to @afflicted
  7. Interesting. 99% of everything I read online says 12 weeks. Why do you feel differently?
  8. 141.9 in Vancouver. Feels cheap AF compared to a month or so ago.
  9. The dudes lab was being trashed. As well as his presentation. What was he supposed to do? If something I worked hard at was being attacked, I'd sure as shit want to stand behind whatever I did as well.
  10. No worries, you guys are allowed to do with the forum as you please. I for one am not interested in a board heavily censored towards the success of sponsors and not free discussion. Enjoyed my stay here, have a good one NL!
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