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  1. Hey guys - on 750 test e, 625 EQ, 150 tren a at the moment. Pinning everything EOD. Cardio is fine, been doing 30 mins fasted in the morning getting HR to ~130 on the treadmill. However my resting HR is 90-100. This causes me to burn up in the gym and also during sex which is annoying- it feels my whole torso just lights up. I have put on about 20 pounds in 14 weeks. SO my question is- this is a BP issue correct? Should i go give blood or would cialis 5mg ED be enough to lower my BP and bring my HR down.
  2. Ordered from Medicus way back in August. I remember the time from my first message to the rep to the box at my door being about 3-4 days. Test e, tren a, eq, cialis, asin. None of the pills were crumbled or anything. Coach had me on high test and eq with a bit of tren. Up 20 pounds in about 15 weeks and have not gotten much fatter. Asked him honestly if he thinks its working and he said the progress I've been making is very good and it seems like it is quality gear. PIP was almost non existent with the Mig carrier oil. Asin definitely did its job and my girl loved the cialis. Will be
  3. I saw some stuff online but always thought it was half the aromatization of test. I was on a test eq for a blast and my coach brought me down to a cruise test dose as soon as we finished with eq. after a week and a half i was sad, didn't want to fuck the girl, and my dick wouldnt really work. someone suggested i pop some dbol and bump up my test dose for a little while longer and im perfectly fine now. i know for sure i was not going overboard with the ai, so i guess the eq somehow crashed me.
  4. I thought EQ had AI properties? Pretty sure my coach crashed my E2 by dropping my test dose immediately after stopping eq
  5. need some help- thinking of test/deca/sdrol to pack some size on but also thinking of test/tren/sdrol because I aromatize easily- don't know how I'll fair with deca. also just love tren
  6. manage ai, lots of water, lower carb/sodium, fasted morning cardio helped me
  7. i had a delt shot of 0.5ml test e that felt hot swollen and very sensitive to the touch. scared my shitless but it went away in a week. possible just a leak
  8. is there any way i can contact a rep? pmd the guy twice over a span of a few months and have heard nothing.
  9. i read something where the bodys peak levels for performance occur between 2-4 in the afternoon. something to do with the circadian rhythm
  10. all good now thanks for the help guys. just turned out to be a little leak.
  11. now that i think about it i think i did go a little higher than usual for whatever reason. four and a half days later it is still red and swollen as well as a little hot. if it doesnt go down tomorrow would it be safe to say its cellulitis?
  12. ive been rotating glutes and delts every week so my shoulder will have two weeks recover ideally. Im still trying to put more mass on as it is my first cycle so i dont think low bodyfat is the issue
  13. I think this was my 6th pin and all others have gone smoothly. Used a 23g 1" for my right delt. A little pain when i went in but nothing to alarming. When I pulled out i had a stream of blood run down my arm. It wasnt a lot, but ive never experienced that much before. Two days later the pin site is bruised but no pain. However, about two inches underneath has some redness and swelling. Its painful to move shoulder- like bad pip. I either suspect i hit a vein or it is a sub q leak. My question is- is it infected? Will i have to go get antibiotics? thanks boys. kill your lifts
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