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  1. Week 7 update. So far I'm actually quite enjoying DHB. Once again cycle is 600mg test + 400mg DHB + 25mg MK677. As you can see moderate test and dhb dose. The pip isn't bad at all 1ml dhb mixed with .5ml test and no pip what so ever. Warm the syringe under warm water for a couple minutes before injecting and I'm good to go. Once again this is just what works for me. As far as DHB definite fullness, added vascularity, and strength is going up every gym session. Tore my pec tendon years back, so I'm careful with it but hitting 225lbsx12 on incline bench is something I haven't done in
  2. This exactly. I think this forum is one of the better forums out there as far as guidance for people to learn. Most forums will just throw high dose cycles 1gr this pis 1gr that, around for anyone and everyone and that's a recipe for disaster. Here at northernlifters we actually are smart, well I like to think most members are and we keep health in mind.
  3. I'll definitely keep you guys updated every week or so on the DHB trial.
  4. I agree with this. Lots of information is parroted from various forums, cause this person did this and it worked for them... Its all genetic and how you respond to different anabolics, not one person is going to be the same. I dont like high test, nor do I like deca but thats just personally how my body responds. Haven't touched tren in over 3 years, great compound but don't feel healthy and good on it... So DHB has gained some small popularity, I figured I'd see how I respond to it. So far so good but only into week 3 so we shall see after 12 weeks my opinion on it.
  5. So far 2 weeks into cycle only change was adding 25mg mk677 before bed as I chose to not run any orals this blast and am pretty conservative on my doses. Some of the cycles I hear of ppl blasting at my gym are just ridiculous for what there physiques look like not to mention there terrible diets... crazy what ppl will put into there own body both anabolics and diet wise. Loving the sleep and appetite increase from mk677. Will run it for the full duration of cycle and maybe longer 3-6 months to judge its overall effectiveness as a type of gh replacement. Note BT DHB flows so smooth.
  6. Always used BT for all my gear needs. Just started a small blast, nothing crazy as I dont high dose anything really. Haven't touched over 350mg test in over 2 years, usually low test + medium eq, mast ect.. That being said dhb has always intrigued me as I'm a huge eq fan, and after researching for the past year decided to give dhb a shot. Cycle is 12 weeks of 600mg test-e + 400mg DHB + 25mg mk677 and ai as required. So far only a week in but man the DHB flows so nice and no pip to speak of... I'll keep you guys posted every couple of weeks and do a review on dhb in the end.
  7. Just use berberine 2-3x a day 500mg or r-ala 300-600mg 2-3x a day with high carb meals. Much better then any "slin mimic" pills out there. Way more cost effective
  8. Well its almost time for another blast and DHB has really peaked my interest as of late. Been researching it for the last 6 months (covid boredom I've learnt alot about aas) and it seems like a great compound especially since I love equipoise. Although I've researched DHB alot I wanted to ask my fellow northern members who have ran it there thoughts on use, dose, stacking ect... seems like it would be a great compound for a lean bulk / recomp run. I know Mike Arnold as of recently has stated he likes DHB alot. So any of you members that have ran it please drop your comments and expe
  9. Exactly. Reset your baselines as stated come off and clean your system out. As somehow your running 2x (from 125mg to 250mg) the test and your estro is like 7x lower (72 vs 12) which does not make any sense. And as Ryu stated ed injections do not bring down e2. 250mg once a week vs 250mg split over 7 days is still 250mg regardless of the Ester is still going to convert to estrogen. . "Someone" is not you or your body. As stated come off and pct reset your baselines...
  10. You never mentioned how much test you where running when you took 5mg adex daily? Something isn't making sense... so on 125mg test e 72 estro, on 250mg prop 12 estro? The only difference is the Ester the test is still test. Cause somehow you doubled your test dose and your estro went down more, which does not make sense no matter what the Ester of test is...maybe someone else has an opinion on this but to me it does not make sense on paper. My advice would be come off everything and do a good pct. Your trying to balance your body by adding and removing drugs. Pct and let your
  11. What do the rest of your bloods look like? What else where you running when you where popping 5mg adex ED, test dose, other drugs, ect... cause something doesn't make sense here. On 125mg test only. Not saying it can't be but we need the full picture to look at... Note do research, playing with your hormomes isn't something to just mess with. Lots of knowledge ppl on these boards to reach out to.
  12. This is why people need to be diligent with researching what they put into there body. Honestly you probably felt like garbage on 5mg adex daily... that's an absurd amount even if you were to run say 1gr test it would be extreme overkill on your estro. Why are you on 250mg prop as of right now? 125-250mg is a trt dose or cruise and unless your shooting like 25mg prop daily that 250mg prop a week is going to fluctuate your hormones up and down even more. My suggestion is to research more before you add anymore drugs. Come off the prop and run a proper pct and let your body reset to
  13. Honestly males have emotions to, i believe that anabolics just enhance the emotional side of us as well as the physical. I've found the same thing as during a blast I tend to be more emotional but I have come to accept these emotions and be more in tune with them. There is nothing wrong with showing your emotions or crying. It does not make you any less of a man, if anything it shows we are all human.
  14. I blast and cruise. Blast test dose depends on goals although at this point in my lifting I really don't go over 500mg test during my Blast. Cruise at 125mg test for 8-10 weeks between blasts minimum. I just cruise on 125mg nothing else. Estro and bloods always come back good on that trt cruise dose.
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