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  1. Currently using 500mg berberine 2-3x a day with meals containing 60-75gr carbs. I've used metformin a long while back and much prefer berberine to it. I got lots of gas from metformin and minor bloating from it. Nothing from berberine... In fact toss 2-3 berberine back with a couple five guys burgers and fries at night, go hit legs the next morning, prepare for a pump.
  2. Just starting a recomp cycle over summer to keep in shape and accountable with cardio. Get out doors do some running, hiking, skipping, biking etc... Weeks 1-12: 350mg sus Weeks 1-12: 1.2gr eq Weeks 1-6: 50mg var Ai as needed. All BT products and have solely been using BT only for the past 5 years or longer. Never any complaints, hands down great lab and good guys to deal with. Then will cruise for 8 weeks and assess where I'm at and decide where to go from here.
  3. Never had any ED with eq. Usually anything over 250mg test is more then enough for my libido and any ED issues. Also why I use ai as needed to control estrogen not just a set dose.
  4. Love me some eq. Coming out of quarantine this is my recomp blast... Weeks 1-12: 350mg sus Weeks 1-12: 900mg eq Weeks 1-6: 50mg var Ai as needed. Then cruise for 8 weeks on 125mg test get bloods and see we I'm at.
  5. I'm definitely looking to incorporate primo into my next blast. Pretty much along those same lines but swap proviron for stanolone. Just started 350mg sus + 900mg eq + 50mg var + ai as needed. All BT products, 12 weeks on injects 4-6 on oral, then cruise for 8 weeks get bloods and see where we at.
  6. Nice looking cycle. Tren just isnt my thing anymore, love lost hah. But eq is my main.
  7. Just wanted to say I've been running stanolone at 60mg for the past 3 weeks along side trt dose of test 125mg and man what a great drug. Dht dev and packs a nice punch to it. Within the first week dropped a couple pounds water weight, dried and tightened me up a ton, vascularity through the roof, as well as libido through the roof. A nice simple healthy stack to cut up during covid until gyms reopen. Great product might be my favorite oral now.
  8. This exactly. Those wraps are my go to on low carb days. They taste great to.
  9. I do love me some stanolone. But I'd still rather take them in pill form rather then inject. The less volume I can inject the better but that's just a personal preference.
  10. Sounds good. Thinking simple 600mg test 300-400mg Dhb and 75mg var. Lean bulk on it for 14 weeks
  11. Quick question. Thinking of adding DHB to my next blast instead of eq. Was wondering who here has used Bodytechs DHB as I've only seen a couple logs on it. Been using BT for years and if there DHB is pip free then sign me up.
  12. It does have slight AI properties but you always have to remember everyone's body reacts uniquely/different to compound which is why there will never be a definitive answer to who will get what sides from a compound. You have to see how you react, which is why it's good to have ancillaries on hand. If you dont react good to a compound dont use it. Its still about health in the end.
  13. I shoot all long eaters and have for a while, probably the past 4-5 years long eaters only. I personally dont feel alot of difference between long and short eaters besides the number of pins I have to do a week. As far as sides long or short ester I experience the same, it is the same compound essentially so just saturation time should be different not effects / sides.
  14. That is one hefty blast. Id be bloated from the test dosage alone... Tbol slightly reminds me of the prohormone epistane from back in the day just not as dry as epi was. Man that was a solid oral.
  15. Yes... Lots of the ancillaries and extra peptides and sarms guys throw on top of cycles is doing more harm then good. If your estro is high lower your test or other compounds, if your prolactin is high on tren/deca lower your dose, not add in more chemicals to counter sides.
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