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  1. You look good brother ! Never too lean , easier to bulk than cut !
  2. Did you drop all ai ? So you need your estrogen to climb again ? Leave this with me .
  3. I feel my best on 375mg of test , toss in 50mg proviron , npp for joints , health wise I just feel good. I’m older myself I do occasionally run 500mg of test but lately with age I’ve stuck at 375mg and feel great, And occasionally some Madol pre-workout , nothing fancy here and I have access to it all.
  4. @Dewy Sir without communication from your end we cannot work to rectify your issue, I asked you to email me with information I asked for and received nothing ,
  5. I would also increase your water intake , Keeping the liver and kidneys functions moving properly , I would also add 8oz of pure pomegranate juice ed in the morning and 8oz of pure diet cranberry juice before bed to keep the kidneys flushed and the pomegranate juice is a powerful antioxidant for good health but also aids in inflammation of the internal organs, Atleast do that for the oral part of your cycle , But I tend to do it the whole cycle myself.
  6. I personally don’t run anadrol longer than 8 weeks
  7. Thanks for the review of our products , These reviews are what help us perfect our products ! If there is a problem we need to know so we can keep our quality up to your expectations, And if you love the products tell us and more importantly tell others !
  8. BodyTech of course Vortex is quite smooth also.
  9. We are experiencing extreme delays with Canada Post , please understand this is one thing we cannot control.
  10. I also run 125mg per week I’m trt for life , I’m going to experiment with 125mg every 2 weeks to see how I feel I have been blasting and cruising so long I feel like my body needs more of a normal rest now , But as @Corey5150 said you MUST have bloodwork done all of us agree that is very very important.
  11. You will be fine I promise , I’ve just sent an email on your behalf to my superiors . It will get resolved.
  12. Which email did you use brother ? I respond to each and everyone of you very promptly. Is there an issue I can assist you with ?
  13. I have my kids I don’t worry about my balls atleast I don’t sit on them anymore ! I knew it was game over when the wife said where did your balls go
  14. I have to admit guys we are loving all your positive feedback ! We are passionate about the quality of our products that’s why we do this , We use the very same products we deliver to you , We wouldn’t give them to you if didn’t use them ourselves.
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