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  1. That would be like training with an altitude mask all the time , Brutal !!
  2. Do you binge eat ? Or can you stay on a diet , this information depends on what I can recommend with either one compound or a combination of compounds .
  3. I do not believe this conversation needs to go any further please have a nice evening.
  4. @king101 which you know is a complete lie , I’ve replied to you each time I do have the email thread , I also believe that you were using 2 different email addys and trying to be a little deceiving? Which is factual because it would be awfully ironic that 2 different people would have the same shipping address
  5. Shoot me an email sir I haven’t received anything from you , I responded to everyone promptly.
  6. Are you taking anything for fat loss ? Or strictly diet alone ?
  7. Yeah this covid made a mess of a lot of things I’m waiting on appointments myself that took a back burner
  8. I know it can get expensive but have you seen a fertility doc ? If you do just be completely honest about your use of gear and maybe between him and an endocrinologist might be your ticket
  9. Seth Feroce just became a new father so yes you can do it , just stay the protocol with your HCG , Clomid and Nolva, I got an unexpected surprise when I was on a cycle . Good luck my friend I wish you and the wife luck . Don’t get down if it doesn’t happen fast if she is stressed or feels yours it makes it harder , I’m pulling for you guys. A new baby brings so much joy !
  10. Thank you for the well written review , and we appreciate the time you put into it , we are glad you like our products and will always be there when you need us.
  11. Thank you for your kind comments , We are always here to help in anyway we can , thank you for giving us your business.
  12. My wife calls me a man child
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