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  1. Ok LoL that would have been a recipe for disaster.
  2. @decasustcombo I hope you don’t mean that blend in one vial , 1 it wouldn’t hold and 2 you think pip is bad now that would feel like you were shot , I wouldn’t even want to think about taking that injection.
  3. All the responses in this thread do hold true you haven’t received a wrong answer here , You said it correctly this is a compound you need to run it and see how you and your body react to it. @Talon gave a great response and so did @CapeBretonDadBod and it does hold true some people swear by it and some people hate it. I’m eagerly awaiting your review and thoughts of it at the end.
  4. No hair loss with this I believe hair loss is more genetic with the items we run sure there are some products that increase the speed in which we lose some but the greater part is genetics if you are prone to hair loss or it’s in your family you will lose it at. More rapid rate than and individual that is not prone to it.
  5. Thank You for your review , It was my pleasure to help you get that minor issue sorted out, We strive to please each and every client, Please enjoy your run , I hope you will allow us to serve you in the future.
  6. Thank you for your review I’m glad you are happy with BodyTech, We pride ourselves in providing you with great customer service and a top quality product , I hope you will allow us to serve you again.
  7. There are two orders more information will be posted as it becomes available. We have built a stellar reputation and wouldn’t allow it to be smeared with the likes of this , simply ask our hundreds of satisfied customers, We respect and appreciate each and everyone of them .
  8. Thank you it was our pleasure to serve you , We are happy that you are happy I hope we have the pleasure of doing business again in the future.
  9. Hello Sir My Apologies. There are times our website has a glitch updating and it gets stuck in the processing phase I assure you your order is still moving , Technology what can you say , Our techie is on it . Bt will always deliver
  10. You look good brother ! Never too lean , easier to bulk than cut !
  11. Did you drop all ai ? So you need your estrogen to climb again ? Leave this with me .
  12. I feel my best on 375mg of test , toss in 50mg proviron , npp for joints , health wise I just feel good. I’m older myself I do occasionally run 500mg of test but lately with age I’ve stuck at 375mg and feel great, And occasionally some Madol pre-workout , nothing fancy here and I have access to it all.
  13. @Dewy Sir without communication from your end we cannot work to rectify your issue, I asked you to email me with information I asked for and received nothing ,
  14. I would also increase your water intake , Keeping the liver and kidneys functions moving properly , I would also add 8oz of pure pomegranate juice ed in the morning and 8oz of pure diet cranberry juice before bed to keep the kidneys flushed and the pomegranate juice is a powerful antioxidant for good health but also aids in inflammation of the internal organs, Atleast do that for the oral part of your cycle , But I tend to do it the whole cycle myself.
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