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  1. Brother I’ve been following this and for the money you are spending on test kits and other fixes , just go to janoshik and be done with it and have accurate verification. Best way to ease concerns.
  2. Thank you for the kind words sir, We thrive to provide you with the best customer service and a top quality product and a reasonable price , we are here to serve you.
  3. Thanks for the positive words brother , We strive to make sure each and every customer is taken care of and that will never change we are always here to serve you . Enjoy your blast !!
  4. Part ways with them brother , Don’t take it like I’m bashing on your gear or trying to pick up a customer we have plenty but my concern is your health and safety, look at the reviews here . Make a good decision
  5. And I also noticed that the vial that says test-250 is not correct , by reading the ingredients on the back of the vial you actually have sustanon-250 there
  6. Toss them that can’t be trusted , ask yourself why an old date on front and a more current one on back ? That seems a little shady if you ask me.
  7. Is that the same vials ? Because the date on the front has reason for concern , and if it is the same vials clearly I don’t know if it is or not , but if the gear is double dated I’d toss it and never use that source because they don’t care about your health and well being. I know we want customers for life so your health is very important to each and every customer , your health is not worth a few dollars to us. Money is replaceable your health is not.
  8. I missed that with the date codes , brother with oils ideally look at it this way when the gear is cooked it is sterile along with some of the additives put in it to further sterilize it I don’t know what they used but oils in general for human consumption which is used in gear nothing magical there can become rancid over time and you don’t know how it was stored , if the gear was in direct sunlight or a warm area over time it will spoil and go rancid faster. Properly stored gear can last for about 2 years if conditions are ideal I’ve seen guys push it a touch longer but I wouldn’t do it , if I were you I wouldn’t be pinning that . I’d toss that in the garbage.
  9. Currently using the new CBD Oil by these guys works very well I’m finding it great for sleep and inflammation and the taste is great too I’m currently using strawberry and pineapple, if you haven’t tried it give it a try , it can be purchased from Northern Peptides as well as us at BT.
  10. Come down to a trt dose until your gym re-opens .
  11. Top shelf and very accurately dosed you can’t fool around with clen
  12. Thank you for such positive feedback ! It’s our goal to provide you great customer service and top quality products at a fair price ! BT thanks you for your support hope we can serve you in the future !
  13. Wow I just seen that when @Corey5150 pointed it out , Brother please go get that checked out and taken care of please heed the advice of @Corey5150 he knows his stuff been at this a long time. I wouldn’t want to feel “ OK “ I’d want to feel Great ! Your body always needs a break from this Bro Science rule of thumb is time one equals time off or at least trt cruise . You know the old saying here today gone tomorrow.
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