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  1. We appreciate your kind words thank you , We believe in giving you a top quality product at an affordable price we realize everyone has lives and debts to pay as do we so it feels good that we can keep a little of that hard earned cash in your pocket and still help you achieve your goals.
  2. Thank you for the kind words sir , We always strive to bring you the best products at a reasonable price , If you like our products please tell everyone, If you have a problem please tell us and we will make it right ! As far as splitting our tabs the way I do it and recommend is a good quality pill cutter with slow even pressure they split fine and keep them away from moisture that’s how they crumble as it softens up the tab. Hope this tip helps. Thank You For An HONEST review we appreciate them.
  3. You can walk into Walmart and purchase insulin over the counter.
  4. We prefer the gentle heat method approx 190 - 200 for no longer than 20 minutes it’s best with less is more as soon as you notice it return to the liquid state gentle swirls adding benzyl if inexperienced can lead to a stinging injection if too much is added to the solution.
  5. I’ve resorted to home gym training and have actually been enjoying band training I have a pretty good set you can stack the resistance to over 150 pounds.
  6. @CapeBretonDadBod Thank you for looking out for us, We appreciate it.
  7. I assure you we have strict quality controls in place and if we ever think there is a problem or an issue of the smallest sort the entire batch is dumped and we start over. Our clients safety and health is the upmost importance to us and we won’t comprise on that. Please see our hundreds of satisfied clients. Keep in mind we use our own products .
  8. So if I understand this correctly, You ordered from us but don’t know how to contact us ?????
  9. I’m glad you are happy with our products we do our best to please each and everyone of you valued clients , Welcome To the BT Family . You were a pleasure to work with please reach out to us we will be happy to serve you in the future.
  10. At the age of 28 I would be inclined to do a proper pct and come off , Do you have or want children ? Are you ok injecting every week of your young life for the rest of your life ? At your age do yourself a favor and come off my friend.
  11. Ok LoL that would have been a recipe for disaster.
  12. @decasustcombo I hope you don’t mean that blend in one vial , 1 it wouldn’t hold and 2 you think pip is bad now that would feel like you were shot , I wouldn’t even want to think about taking that injection.
  13. All the responses in this thread do hold true you haven’t received a wrong answer here , You said it correctly this is a compound you need to run it and see how you and your body react to it. @Talon gave a great response and so did @CapeBretonDadBod and it does hold true some people swear by it and some people hate it. I’m eagerly awaiting your review and thoughts of it at the end.
  14. No hair loss with this I believe hair loss is more genetic with the items we run sure there are some products that increase the speed in which we lose some but the greater part is genetics if you are prone to hair loss or it’s in your family you will lose it at. More rapid rate than and individual that is not prone to it.
  15. Thank You for your review , It was my pleasure to help you get that minor issue sorted out, We strive to please each and every client, Please enjoy your run , I hope you will allow us to serve you in the future.
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