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  1. test e,primo,stanolone,hgh+igf des and peg mgf peptides are so under rated that people are missing out
  2. i know purple panda is down,sr health tech,crazy steroids,hu pharma etc
  3. there is always an email sir,when you receive a reply post order,you can email there ive pmd you to clairfy labels
  4. Interesting I also haven't heard of that, but as you continue on keep this updated.
  5. Are you prescribed the Arimidex? Crashing estrogen can also cause ED issues as we need both to function sexually. do you get bloodwork done regularly to see where your levels are actually at? That’s a much better solution than adding/taking things away in hopes of finding a solution.
  6. We'll always take care of our customers! Appreciate the kind feedback!
  7. Love hearing these reviews! These kits are top notch.
  8. That waist is getting smaller and smaller!
  9. This has turned out to be quite the thread. Lots of good information in here.
  10. I'm not going to get into what I think you should or shouldn't do, thats up to you. BUT have you ever considered hiring a coach to point you in the right direction and manage everything a little better? Remember, this is a MARATHON not a sprint, assume the risk but take care of yourself too!
  11. Take care of yourself, some doctors can be a blessing and be very helpful.. others not so much. But at the end of the day they can probably lend a helping hand to you. And again, in terms of the source there are many different options out there, and as @Vortex mentioned there are also different carrier oils. So don't think this will be your experience with every lab out there.
  12. There are plenty of other sources out there my friend. Feeling slightly down due to the lower T levels is VERY normal post cycle, thats why people become impatient and jump back on (not the best idea). I'm not too sure about the side effects you were receiving, could have been a reaction to the preparation could have been your technique... there are many possibilities. Test flu is not typically associated with the injection itself, it comes from the fact that AAS weaken your immune system and you're more likely to actually develop some type of sickness.
  13. I think it’s hilarious that people continue to think these diet documentaries on Netflix are actually legit sources of information.
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