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  1. Check out both of my threads in this topic “a different type of offseason stack” ”offseason 2.0” the lab that I like to use is mentioned in atleast one of those threads cheers!
  2. Not a bad idea! I’ll start it tonight with some pics and a weigh in.
  3. Test E 800mg/week Tren E 800mg/week Eq 900mg/week Last 8-12 weeks NPP 400mg/week Aromasin 12.5mg/ED Prami .25mg ED *All products BT
  4. Well guys I didn’t keep an active log which I would do differently next time but I made it about 3 1/2months running the cycle before I dropped the DHB I work a labour intensive job and the pip wasn’t conducive to my work but the results were fantastic! Lean hard full I packed on 14 lbs and came out the other side a good deal leaner. Props to BT for the solid products
  5. I’ll be sure to right a review or maybe start a log once it starts kicking but there’s already a bro here doing a dhb log and honestly I pull 1.5 cc into a syringe and pull 1cc of something else and the pip is less than I’ve had from some sust I’ve gotten in the past
  6. Honestly you could go that route forsure I debated it myself with proviron being more effective at binding to the SHBG and I may opt to switch out for the prov/eq option down the road on the next cycle but I want to let the dhb shine without having another anabolic In the mix so I can see what the compound really does for me mast won’t have much of an anabolic effect
  7. Test E 800mg DHB 600mg mast E 400mg(SHBG and something to help dilute all that DHB) GH 6 iu daily split 3 and 3 aromasin 12.5 mg per day
  8. Intra workout shake 50g Dextrose 45 grams of protein from whey and a pack of Welch’s fruit gummies(gotta slip in the good shit where you can use it)
  9. I thought so aswell, I’ve seen some rather convincing literature and palumbo has even made some commentary on peptide igf and I ran it in my off season a little bit last year but on the same key this is one of the top dogs, trains with one of the biggest coaches in the industry I was hoping to spark a bit more conversationn here im sure a lot of the fellas here can speak to experience
  10. Hey guys looking for some input here. I recently spoke to one of the highest ranking Canadian ifbb pros about GH and igf1 lr3, just going to keep this about igf1 here though. I had asked him about peptide igf and he said it’s 100 percent useless in humans and that unless it was increlex it would not do a single thing for us. Anybody care to chime in here?
  11. 3cc straight dhb into each glute! Won’t be doing that again lol but honestly I pulled 2x(1.5 cc dhb and cut it with 1ml test e) and shot one into each quad 2 days ago and Ive been climbing ladders at work all day no problem my ass still hurts from Thursday though
  12. My first experience with this lab was great customer service is good products are fantastic.BT carries some products that many other labs don’t and I think that really separates BT from the pack. 10/10 my go to lab from here forward. products ordered dhb(still waiting to kick in) cardarine and anavar,the orals are doing what they should.
  13. Deffinitely agree with this one mixing it 1/1 makes it nice quads can handle it and im still fully functional but I dropped 3cc into both gutes for the front load and I had to lower myself with my hands to get into a laying down position for the last few days.
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