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  1. You have found one of the realest guys out there. Hats off to whoever he is and ya, don't let him go
  2. Please post reviews in the review section This is a section for sponsor to post pricing and updates
  3. Please post all reviews here. Rep is @MedicusResearch
  4. For people who don't know, janoshik is on many forums and is an expert in his fields His services help rid the drama that competitors and their reps create, simply to benefit their business. I will be working directly with janoshik in regards to labs here and to create some rules to ensure competitors do not sabotage other competitors deliberately
  5. This is why they are here. When they approached us, their level of professionalism was second to none and I think Canada needs this
  6. This is why hgh is a must as we age And some trt Great read @ElectricRocker
  7. Lot of talk on PM about this and confirmed by a few sources/sponsors "There is new law in China, steroids will be banned 2020 and all factories will be closed according to the new law. If all factories closed, we will have no source to get raws. " This would cause a major disruption and kill off many ugl. Stay tuned..
  8. As much as I hate drama, he left the board for quite some time but comes back simply to come voice his opinion on pricing. Clearly he has no agenda Bottom line, a paid sponsor can do as they please. No member has a right to come and try to blast a sponsor. Especially someone who was previously biased towards an innocent lab while indirectly promoting one which he was affiliated with. With all due respect @3ml . You ruined your credibility by your actions. We simply took the high route and didn't want to create drama and did not say anything when you stepped down. But the staff here all wanted you banned for your mistreatment of deus pharma and clear favoritism of genetec. I posted url incase members wanted to verify what I said. We are about transparency and diplomacy but will not tolerate unnecessary drama created by people with agendas https://northernlifters.com/topic/1609-deus-pharmaceuticals/page/3/ @3ml
  9. I am also pro keto. I did bloodwork twice on keto and it's my fav diet because my hdl to ldl was so good, my family doctor was amazed
  10. dnp is also great for pct and refreshing receptors and great during bulk why during bulk?so you can eat more junk and not get too fat
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