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  1. i love cbd,i live by it,daily calms me,helps me stay focused and helps with my mild insomnia i use cbd oil tinctures
  2. do bloods,keep updated lot of good advice given here
  3. Amazing man, seeing your pics and now this. My hats off to you. Keep at it, eyes on the prize.
  4. hes shipping from china honestly,i am not receiving anything from china during this virus crap or atleast soak it in lysol
  5. i basically use it anytime im fasted whether its fasted cardio,or bike riding etc. i have done it upto twice a day for weeks at a time to counter appetite issues,i used an item called meridia,works like a miracle.helps me stay fasted longer
  6. to be honest,i first thought this was some hoax by the china suppliers,trying to cash in before the new year but i did buy some extra goodies just incase but i have spoken to a few sources and 90% have gone underground and have no idea when they will resume business,on professional muscle we have tons of suppliers from china and many of them are gone. As i said above,lets see how it plays out. Either way,always hope for the best but expect the worst
  7. just let time by and enjoy the show supply and demand is what matters ,so lets see how it plays out
  8. was this yday?if so i missed it fuck
  9. from my understanding,it circulates where it needs ot go
  10. did you dissolve with bac water?injecting bac water shouldnt hurt at all
  11. @Guardian Dispensaries is a reputable person(rep) and lab im sure he can help but also offer good "services" staff is aware and are trying to help everyone here please be patient as we do this
  12. not for raws,thats for sure i heard maybe domestic canada oils
  13. from my personal sources in china,there have been over 30 arrests already. All major companies are Underground,some companies who have stock are selling raws at an inflated price. There are already labs on PM that have gone under because they are out of stock @Blitz all these raw companies are distributors,distribution is dead and not permitted any longer. SO even if raws are being produced by a legal lmanufacturer(there are 3 certified manufacturers),raws wont come out because distribution doesnt exist,or possibly some does exist but underground. ill keep on updated but you can go on the big boards and you can see how many are gone for now
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