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  1. @musclebeauty what doseage for women do you suggest? @Rosconow for men what do you feel is a good number?
  2. clen is old school,this is why albuterol came out. C,en after prolonged usages showed that it damaged the heart,where as albuterol did not
  3. major crackdown by health canada from what i heard from my contacts be prepared for a major price increase if some companies stick around
  4. perfect,ill be following along best of luck on the cycle
  5. great posts,thank you for the share
  6. hopefully everyone enjoyed their long weekend
  7. Here is the email from sst admins who verified that afflicted is full of shit. Board is about transparency, thx to the sst staff for helping us resolve this. I'd like for you members to start and understand how much bullshit politics is within this Canadian scene. So called "vets" are mainly vets because they either rep some lab or a board. But we here at NL are going to weed out the shit and call them out. In agreement with sst and brotherhoodofpain.com @DWBO we will be sharing info and listing members who we catch lying or shit stirring people and make sure their names and their labs are listed in the scammer section on all boards. This Canadian scene definitely needs some vetting. This will not be some form of meso or cjm where people get blasted just because they are competition.
  8. congrats on vet, i totally respect people who stay cool no matter what people say. You sir have my respect
  9. @Corey5150 totally admire your professionalism,always keeping it real but politely
  10. aslong as its not sweating balls but bac water is what preserves it. make sure you use bac water and not sterile water. proteins will die in less than 24 hrs with sterile water
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