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  1. Your English is fine Remember BB function is to thin the oil out. 600 MG can be extremely thick, especially as gso viscosity is medium
  2. Deleting your personal info post. Your review I am letting it stay because I want people to see how this board handles stuff. This is the same treatment I would give for any sponsor because there's way too much politics involved and labs get killed because it only takes 2 minutes to create an account. I dont censor stuff and I also don't back track on what I say. I also didn't ban you for that reason because I'm hoping you can use common sense and see where I am coming from, unlike that clown keto who doesn't understand anything. Staff isn't here to waste time on people who don't want to try and understand. I'm glad you understand my position and I'm hoping no one else ever takes this approach against a lab I created a mini rules section within this section aswell to avoid a repeat. Thank you for your review and patience. I'm also going to promote you to a trusted member because I truly feel you have understood the many dilemmas us staff are put in. Cheers
  3. Please read prior to posting. 1) do not create a new thread, unless the lab you wish to review doesn't exist 2) don't expect members to take you seriously if your post count is in single digits 3) prior to posting a negative review, contact the rep to resolve it. If it is still unresolved, please pm staff. 3a) present evidence to staff, ultimately we will decide as staff if your story is legitimate or not. This is important as we want to weed out shills and trolls who basically are competitors in disguise. 4) breaking rules will result in a instant ban. 5) staff can tweak rules as we see fit
  4. Im deleting all this Because if you read my post, what's the proof you went to hospital due to this? You could of went due to a flu if all we know If you sit back and see from a neutral angle, you may understand where I am coming from My main problem was your approach, you could be 100% truthful but your approach has burned your credibility in front of my eyes. Especially because you said you have been on forums for a long time and multiple forums, yet a courtesy email wasn't done. Forgive me if I'm rude or call me old school. But we always gave our contacts the benefit of the doubt and spoke to them prior to going public. Please remove your image, you could pm me it privately as id like you to feel secure NL
  5. Standard guaicol use is 2x per gram. So you used the correct amount. But why is your ba equal to bb? That's where the problem is. Bb is what thins out the oil
  6. He doesn't seem to have a problem spending time on the forums explaining his story but through out the whole process of him "suffering" he couldn't take a minute to email the rep? All of these are red flags. Typical scammers who are trying to extort for freebies or just a competitor who sends their troll army. All of his non actions are red flags for us staff These are all red flags. Seen this way too many times
  7. The problem I'm having is that this kid has claimed to be hospitalized. He ran through a whole vial yet couldn't contact the rep ever? And even after he "recovered" he still couldn't contact. Goes against every basic principle
  8. This discussion has gone on long enough so I'm giving a closing statement and this story is closed. For some here, who seem like total noobs.its common courtesy to msg your rep if something is wrong with a product, especially if you had a reaction. Do you know why sponsors pay us on the big boards 2k a month? Because us staff offer them a fair chance. Or else 2 post trolls would be slamming a competitor lab all day. If that was the case, no labs would pay us and would simply join meso which is the epitome of a shit hole zoo full of shills and trolls. Simply because you said you are not a shill or you got other gear, you expect me to believe you? I wouldn't believe anyone with no credibility and 2 posts, whether it was a positive review or negative. But negative causes damage to a lab. And that is where we step in to verify the poster and post, to ensure it's valid. Imagine we let every troll come here and post negative reviews with one posts, how fair is that? I wouldn't need to be a mod at Profesional Muscle and sponsors wouldn't bother paying because they can go to meso for free and get blasted for free. The amount of politics in the Canadian game is astonishing, also seems like lack of common sense and conduct doesn't exist, or some people just feel like they can do what they want. Maybe you guys should hop on the big boards and see what happens when someone with 2 posts comes and blasts a very credible lab, topped with the fact that they haven't even contacted the lab yet you had time to come on the board to make a post. That is a joke, the way you handled it is a joke. You're 100% coming off as a shill and you would get fully blasted on other boards. It's actually said that basic conduct will now need to be written into rules because people lack basic common sense and respect. @CapeBretonDadBod you don't need to apologize to this clown keto, your assessment was 100% spot on because the 2 post member is nothing but red flags. Whats to say he didn't have a reaction from any other gear or a narcotic? We should simply believe him because he said so? Come on, use some common sense
  9. Correct, that is exactly what I said. Or else we will have all the haters creating fake accounts and come make our jobs difficult. Not going to happen
  10. Balls? Maybe you should try to read prior to speaking. Did I say no negative reviews? I did not. I said he has 2 posts and also didn't bothering emailing the rep. All of his responses are red flags. No posts Didn't email rep 4 months old order So called hospital visit but no proof No one was refraining anyone from positing but I am not letting this board turn into a meso shit show where people can say whatever they want and there is no moderation. If people can't be civil and follow basic conduct then there is no reason to have them here. You probably don't understand because you are not a sponsor, nor have you moderated a board. We look at stuff in many angles. And I'll repeat it one last time. Everyone needs to follow basic protocol and respect, if simple rules can't be followed, then you can bet the staff here will ban. If we allow all people with no posts start posting negative feedback, the board will turn into a shit show, something that we didn't sign up for. Whats stopping people from creating accounts and slandering a lab? You think other sponsors would appreciate it if we don't have some rules set up? Of course they won't. You may want to start thinking outside of the box vs thinking we are censoring. You want to see censoring? Go to cjm We are the only board that even allowed scammers like taureau a chance to prove his innocence. I don't see any of the other boards reciprocating. Would be greatly appreciated if you don't spin my words out of context and let us staff handle it the way we have all agreed on. And rules won't be bent, not for anyone
  11. There's nothing to apologize to him about. Your opinion was correct, as anyone would assume that someone with 2 posts is making negative feedback. Screw what others think, as long as you're following the basic rules, feel free to voice your opinion.
  12. All I've said is, your logic made no sense. Who wouldn't report to a lab about discomfort and and pain or reaction from their items and then a hospitalization scenario. I've been a mod for 13 years on professional muscle and when I see someone with 2 posts who didn't even bothering emailing the rep but came straight on the board to make a negative post. We ban on spot because people like that clearly show they don't deserve to be on the board.
  13. Judging from his reply, he said he used mast e and it caused less or no discomfort, so that would rule out mct being the issue if one item didn't cause him an issue. But to be hospitalized after a vial which is 10 injections I'm assuming, if I was allergic to something, I would most likely be in the hospital right after the first injection, possibly the second. Because maybe after the first shot the body tried to fight it off.
  14. The problem is rules were broken. Without rules, chaos reigns. I didn't sign up to work in a chaotic environment. Rules are clear that if you have an issue, email the rep. If they don't help you, then approach us. What happened here is, he skipped all rules and came here to blast the lab. And on top of that, it's his second post. No one is going to take you seriously, not on any board. All types of reviews are permitted but rules must be followed. We are not cjm here and ban people who post negative reviews. But your approach is 100% incorrect and you broke rules. I have a hard time understanding why anyone who suffered some type of serious reaction after the first shot would not contact the lab. And then you went to a hospital and still didn't contact the lab? This is unheard of and strange. After the first reaction, I would of contacted the lab, let alone continue injecting and causing myself grief. So ya, your post comes across as a total fake because nothing adds up. Only reason I didn't ban because I was interested in seeing some type of proof but I see nothing. Gamechanger emailed us back saying that you only contacted him today, bt rep was never contacted through all this Also they said your order was end of April, which is nearly 5 months ago and that the issue has arisen now? I'm only using my logic here as a mod and this all doesn't add up or make any sense. Chapter closed
  15. Nice second post Did you contact the lab to report this? Did you try to sort it out? Did you bother reading the rules even? Or did you only make an account to come say negative stuff? Judging from your post count, I'll put money on it that you did none of the above. So thanks for coming out and go find a new board
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