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  1. lol honestly,i wouldnt of mind . But this crosses lines by supporting one and discrediting another in someones review section. Lack of maturity is what astonishes me. You simply dont do this to anyone. I guess it made it worse because he bashed taureaus old lab with taureaus new one. Im sure bull is telling the world its not his,playing the innocent old man he pretends to be Just keep it clean,all i ask. If people like his lab,then thats fine. Free choice, free will. Support who you want,just be mature about it. We at NL wish him and his board/lab the best but wont tolerate fake news spewed by him and his minions if it arises
  2. you are a reviewing a lab under their thread,that is all that is supposed to be posted here. We dont want anyones comparison here because there is so much politics involved its impossible to trust anyone,especially since all the drama was created from taureau. This rule is for all labs here,no one compares anyone in another labs thread. That is immature.
  3. your logic to state another lab?first time seeing this. the irony is that dracorex being taureaus and taureau being ex bt rep,like he pushed you to say this.
  4. DHb is fantastic,if you can find a good source. if its over 100mg and no pip its definitely fake,i brew my own and have experimented many times. there is no need for EO if you can get a good MCT oil. it may not be as popular is the same reason why Primo isn’t more popular because you don’t see the instant results of blowing up. building quality muscle over a longer period of time and people are more interested in that instant gratification they can get after two days of taking dbol when they put on 5 pounds of water i never understood why people took winstrol in comparison to DHT,all the benefits(including hair loss lol) without the joint pains.
  5. Appreciate you stepping in. Please leave reviews in correct thread
  6. Peptides are a gift. Tens machines done nothing for me. Mini cycles of tb and bpc done miracles. I am on pharma gh and there is not the slightest competition. Peptides out due everything for me, aside from surgery which I refuse to do. Usually I do a 3 week blitz and works like magic
  7. This is a review section, not a Q and A section. Got questions, pm or email the rep. Everything else will be deleted
  8. thank you for the share brother,good looking out. Added rep for that