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  1. you will be working out in a cubicle that will reek of odor and be full of bacteria but the sheep will think thats the best way to do it P.S no air filteration either so we can all breathe in all of that shit together like a chemical mix of death
  2. i believe its switzerland or sweden who kept everything open. They only urgen older people to stay home,kept schools open etc.
  3. solid progress brother,hats off to your consistency and dedication
  4. well said,like i said, i never had a bad dealing with genetec in general. But after seeing the way that G-Froce lied about afflicted being a rep and then cried after i posted his lies,i got some major doubts about this lab. Then i found out that they also work with or actually the same as syn,the people who apprently sell a 5ml vial for $80 , i lost all trust in them. You can't trust people who don't actually care for their buyers,they brainwash people into believing higher cost means higher quality. As I have said many times, come on the big international boards such as BoP and PM and yo
  5. what would you like the name of the thread be?
  6. thanks for your review, this isnt a discussion thread. you not happy,that is fine. dont order again this board doesn't accept bloods from random people due to the drama and politics caused by idiots ,mainly in the canadian business. Have a look at the scammer section and you'll be amazed with the nonsense that comes out from the canadian boards and labs. Again thank you for your review P.S tren e and cough have absolutely 0 Correlation,many report it from tren ace only Like I stated prior,there’s a few reasons you could experience this..I’ll start with the leading one! It
  7. are you giving a review?if not,then shut up and move along before you get banned again
  8. Angry? You're an idiot who can't comprehend English and is trying to weasel his way out of his own grave. You lied, he lied, truth is in screenshots. Let me simplify it for you, refer to last screenshot of same convo. "he was repping Genetec as a sponsor here but then we terminated him" The sad part is, even with proof in your eyes you need to lie. But thats expected by labs from cjm because for years all you've people done is lie and slander others, banning anyone who opposed. This thread will be locked so everyone can view it, let people make their own decision If lyin
  9. Is your purpose to stay natty while on sarms? Suppression occurs at higher dosages but if you're goal is to stay natty, I'd keep my dose at 10mg and gauge yourself through bloodwork in 3 weeks. If you're not trying to stay natty, then yes some test would be ideal because your sex drive will be minimal. Again, factor here is dosage. 20mg is on the higher end, 10 seems ideal from most reviews. NL
  10. Maybe you can't read but here's a link of your buddy afflicted bashing deus and also 3ml supporting afflicted while muting @Deus Pharmaceuticals Even a screenshot from mods of SST saying afflicted is a lying sack of shit. So are you going to say that SST is also unprofessional because they proved that your reps accusations were fabricated? Why don't you post this on cjm, tell me how it goes. Then come back and talk to me about what's professional.
  11. Lmao are you actually trying to turn this around? First you lied, said afflicted wasn't a part of Genetec. That screenshot was to show that you lie and all the people affiliated with cjm. Time after time again, evidence has been prevented and truth has prevailed. Where as, baseless claims from idiots on cjm babble on with no proof, other than the fact that they are supported by mods and admins on cjm who actually own the labs. You clearly wrote he was repping Genetec as a sponsor here and he was removed after the drama from deus. Is comprehending English difficult for you? Can you
  12. oral suspensions are easy and convenient always double check dissolving temperature,some raws can be cooked into an oral suspension for near perfect dosages
  13. Edited March 9 by NorthernLifters changing product list requested by rep i edited their price a while ago on their behalf. For example test was 40 and now it is 35
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