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  1. have you tried selank and semak?i beleive northenr peptides have it. they were discovered in russia and work quite well,especially for anxiety etc
  2. everything comes down to an individual and the sides they get. as @bebeav prefers the steady taper because he can control sides vs some people dont need to because they get no sides
  3. meditation is very important in a world full of stress and worry. We as humans need to learn to ground ourselves For some,the gym grounds them but that is a temp relief. Our goal is to find a solution that helps us through out the day and self time is very important for that
  4. do you not see the vet section?
  5. its created guy,look in the vet section. the bst has its own section
  6. i agree with ,yet tren is veyr different. higher tren and lower test was better than equal parts again,a lot of this has to do with individual genetics and a lot of placebo effect ive notived from many people. Bloodwork helps you understand how your body reacts to each ester accordingly I got a friend who can run eq and tren together and has no prolactin issues,then there are people who cant run any type of "olone" (trenbolone,bolderone,nandrolone" without an anti prolactin
  7. that is very interesting,90% people who use higher amounts of deca over test will have their weiner shut down. I salute you bro haha
  8. there is the libido effect with this item,there are many reports on many benefits but everything is based on individuals. Your dna is unique so effects vary from person to person. I love my natural remedies,they have shunned upon by big pharmas because they lose money
  9. yes its for vets,there is a buy sell trade section there. ill set you up
  10. i typically stay out of drama as i was invited to help the board grow but i done my research on all the forums. Here is my analysis in a quick summary,people left cjm because cjm fabricated stories to bash a competitor. Over here,we dont allow bashing. Stating the truth and showing facts/evidence is not bashing. Matter in fact,a boards reputation is based off of truth and facts. Thus far traps and others who have made posts have done so through our staff authorization because we investigated everything prior to letting them post because we did not want to be CJm who bashed others just to promote their own business. CB is no different,majority of those people bashing bt are typical haters and majority of those people are no different than cjm. I myself have tried bt,as has @DWBO ,both of us agreed that their products are top notch and this is why bt was allowed on both big boards. I dont see any other ugl on the big boards?I also dont see any of these so called amazing ugl backed by any 3rd party testing,all it is is a bunch of clowns who support the lab boasting about their lab and hating on others. So cjm and cb are no different from one another in a sense. If cjm and CB are good boards,will they allow evidence to be posted on their boards?i doubt it That is what seperates NL from taureaus board and CJM. This board let the truth out,members deserve the truth, truth should not be surpessed. People who supress the truth or spin it are a danger to forums. In regards to your replies @Sorbate and @eazy57 id like you both to understand that stating the truth is not bashing,that is merely your way of making or trying to point a finger at us,whats bad is surpressing the truth and siding with a scam. This is why i have no respect for many of you previous vets because all you did was look away when your friend committed a crime. Trying to spin this into a bash is what guilty parties do because they are trying to defend their friend. This board will permit any and all truth,regardless of what any of you previous vets say because i do not give a crap about a previous rep status. Matter in fact,most of you are vets from NM because you were friends of taureau,so your value is nothing to me. Only people i respect are people who can stand up when shit gets tough and can side with whos right and many of you failed to do so because securing your friendship with a scammer was more important. And i can respect that because hes your friend. I am actually quite surprised how Numb and Olympic were not hailed heroes for nuking NM?they did the correct thing by dismantling the board because many of you were at risk. Anyone with common sense can acknowledge that they deserve all the credit for what they did and taureau should be removed the community in general for breaking every code possible as a rep and board owner/partner. I guess we live in dark times when scammers and cheaters are considered the good and the ones who actually do good are the bad. Also, this board is open for all truths,anyone from cjm or taureaus board can come here and post if they can provide proof and evidence. Does cjm or CB have balls to allow people to post the truth?I hardly doubt it. This is why NL will continue growing because the board didnt take a side,the board allowed truth to be posted. Where as CJM bashed and fabricated because they run multiple labs and CB supressed the truth because the owner is a cheating scam who put many of you guys in danger by soliciting transactions openly on a board and had stored all of your personal information on his hard drive. In all due respect,its a no brainer thatr taureau messed up and messed up large,it only took 3 screenshots for all of us to see it. Taureau is the epitome of stupidity and the people who support him are just as equal. That is why taureau and his labs are officially listed on all the big international boards as a scammer,that is why dwbo and myself are here,to show support to a good board that doesnt hide the truth. I myself am from professional muscle as a mod and dwbo is admin at bOP, @3ml being an old school member at meso is a super mod here. I hardly doubt he would wish to be part of a board that is full of shit. Our boards have both enlisted taureau as a scammer and a cheater as has steroid-forums after i spoke to pat the head admin there and presented the screenshots. Our 3 boards are under no influence of NL,we enlisted them because facts were presented. What facts have any of you shown? has taureau presented any facts about the accusations against him?if so id love to see it but i know it doesnt exist. So tell me again,which board actually is legit and which are fakes?i think its open to see that cjm and cb are no different from one another and the people who support scammers are just as bad as scammers. If by any chance you guys can present to us any proof that all these claims and screenshots are fake,i will gladly ban traps and unknownman and de friend the staff here and step down because my standing is with the truth,not with the admins or a board. I will not sacrifice my reputation of many years for liars.
  11. "The results come from a meta-analysis of 274,683 patients in 25 studies. Dr. Niels Graudal of Copenhagen University Hospital led the study" out of 25,investigators said 2 were fully randomized controlled,which is still sufficient data to get a rough conclusion on the study.
  12. @German89 and @musclebeauty would be the experts here with tons of experience. but believe anavar can do what is required without much worry?>
  13. technically this isnt even a review thread,was a scammer section which got derailed. trapsandlats presented info which we feel is important so members can see the truth because giving accusations with no backing is not permitted. Taureau and his staff denied many times that taureau was dracorex,so traps screenshots are important because it shows how much one party is lying. Usually when people lie,its because they got a lot to cover up. rest of this convo was worthless and pointless which i will remove
  14. discussion of half lives of esters is irrelevant here. both of you had made your points and its visible whats going on. that being said,please stop
  15. @SoopaJoocy best pm the rep,his name is listed in the first post in this thread @GameChanger
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