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  1. Sure! It's called Swansons brand saw palmetto. Make sure you take a little more than the RDA for about 5 months stait.
  2. That's great info. Thank you! I think I might try some Mast. Do you have any recommendation on a good cycle length or even a good lab source you use ? Thanks in advance!
  3. What were the affects of Mast? Did you get any mood or mental benifets or libido?
  4. Any recommendations on a safe cycle length and dosage to avoid liver damage from oral stanolone ?
  5. How long would it be safe to run this stanolone? Do I need a pct? Newbie here. Thanks for any info.
  6. @physlifter how do I find your log ? Thanks
  7. Hmmm that interesting for sure. Def sounds like some dht was involved. How long did you take it for? Did you have a pct cycle ? Did you have any shutdown ?
  8. Nothing crazy. A little loss of motivation and libido, ringing in the ears and some pretty bad anxiaty. The anxiaty is gone but still have the others sides. I want the motivation I used to have and the general excitment for things...still feel a little apathetic about things in general. Basically I lost a little zest for life.
  9. Yeah I took it a few years back for about 5 months strait and experienced some sides from it. Most of them are gone now but any way I can boost my dht I'm for.
  10. Thanks for getting back to me. Have any idea where I can get agold of some. I need this in every way. I told a dht blocker called saw palmetto and it jacked me up.
  11. Hey guys, I'm new here. I'm trying to get info on the safty and afectivness of taking stanolone orally. Specifically the product from bodytech. Has anyone here ever tried this? If so any and all info is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Kit.
  12. Has anyone here used stanolone orally? If so what would be a safe cycle and or dosage? Any side effects? What were the positives ? Def want to stay away from liver issues. Thanks, Kit.
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