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  1. 1/2 lbs ground chicken (cooked with taco seasoning), little bbq sauce and some reduced fat mayo in a 10 inch whole wheat wrap.
  2. SVN Canada - 48 Hour Exclusive Sale. 25% Off Site Wide. Coupon Code - LITE25 Shipping is always free over $49
  3. I second this! When it comes to Tren especially, less is more - meaning smaller amount can be more effective than a large amount or too much of it! Once over 300mg/wk, you are entering the territory of diminishing returns. Tren is something you dont wanna fuck with - else it will fuck you up!
  4. Myprotein: 50% off EVERYTHING + $5 shipping. Promo Code: SALEVIP
  5. Top notch lab with great customer service! From payment to delivery - 3 days flat! Very professional rep & prompt communication!! Oils flow smooth!! A+++
  6. Looks like you are E sensitive like me. Albeit E2 is on the higher side - it is still within the range. If the lump is 'under control' - Letro might be an overkill. I would run Aromasin 25mg/day + 20 mg/day nolva & lower the Test(maybe ~ 200mg/wk) till the lump is gone. From there maintain at 12.5mg/EOD, drop the Nolva and bring Test back up. Another thing, being E sensitive myself, I always recommend pharma grade ancillaries (AI's, SERMS etc.). Trust me, its worth it! G/L!
  7. All they ship domestic is Test and Tren. I emailed them asking if they'll restock any time soon. 'We don't have any plans for the other products yet.' - PPL
  8. Both are virtually identical. Main differences; > Test E has a half life of 10.5 days vs. 12 days for Test C > Weight of the ester. Test E has a higher amount of testosterone/gram vs. Test C. The main reason E is more popular because its a universal product, whereas Test C is an American product. Have used both, no noticeable difference.
  9. Lab - A+ Quality - A+ Communication - A+
  10. Buying Test online is illegal officer Jarod.
  11. Ivacy VPN X-mas sale! $0.99/month! Reviews are decent. https://www.ivacy.com/
  12. Since the site is taking a little longer than expected, will you be posting the raws testing results here in the meanwhile?
  13. Any updates here? http://www.medicusresearch.ca/products.php
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