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  1. Anyone hear or tried Deus Pharmaceuticals. They're Canadian. I placed an order and will let you all know how that goes.
  2. Good to hear Trenians!!! Good to hear. Wish I could get a buldger on tren... Maybe not a23hr one tho. Lol Can't afford the cost of extra ginch. And I stopped wearn panties cause my tren balls would slightly hang out the sides.lol Anyway... I've tried the Tren A. Leaves a nice "knot" in my thighs. Not getting the cough tho.. and seem to be sleeping okay.. no sweats yet. I'll report back in a week's time.:)
  3. Whats your opinion on the tren? I ordered some and it does look a bit weak. (Im not saying it is weak. All Im saying is that it doesnt have the dark color that Im use to from past sources) It doesnt have that dark tren color, it looks a bit on the lighter shade of yellow. Im going to give it a try and I hope you can chime in before I do. I want to make sure Im not wasting my time with a weak product and if I should double the daily dose. And vice versa if it packs a good punch.
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