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  1. Hah sorry. I dont know why I was sure that I read that it is in test phase.
  2. South Europe, 20 degrees at the end of November. Real data, yeah! Tnx dont need, I'm experiencing it.
  3. My last trip was to Prague, Czech Republic last year in december for the Christmas market. Honestly... I fell in love with that city. The architecture is magnificent and almost every building has its own story and history behind it. We spent whole day walking around with our tour guide and listening to the stories and still there was so much more to see and to be told. It was something like a history lesson but so much more interesting. Even though the people living there are not very cheerful (they wont be rude to you in any way), you will still feel very welcome and warm. During that period around the Christmas market there are soooo many turists that it is almost insane because you literary get stuck in the little alleys not being able to pass so you have to push other people and also be pushed, but it is funny, no one was angry, it was quite an attraction to be honest. Theres only one moment when you dont want a lot of people to be around you and that is when you are trying to take a picture of some of Pragues most famous monuments. Also i should mention the food which is great. You wont regret ordering the first thing you see in the menu because it will be delicious. And of course every food there goes with beer (its a MUST). So thats it for Prague in short words.
  4. I love to travel and visit new places, meet new cultures, try out some traditional foods and drinks. Suggest a travel destination and share your experience.
  5. I understand, but still its risky when its in test phase
  6. Watch "Behind the curve"... it is a documentary about the Earth, whether it is flat or round (elliptical). For those who are familiar with the science and the science facts it will be very annoying to listen how a group of people try to deny everything that has been proven right and also, between the lines, so discretly, they are trying to make everybody, who is not a flatearther, a fool like "what's wrong with you, wake up and forget everything you have been taught, this is the truth". If they dont have an answer to a question they will avoid it not assuming that you got that, but never mind. Remember that flatearthers are going to raise children - this is a very important issue! You just cant deny science and tell every MD or PhD that they dont know what are they teaching.
  7. But be careful @millenium girl, some medications may have serious side effects.
  8. @Pump_And_Hump a man without a meal plan... shame on you
  9. @GameChanger Many times studies about placebo has been provided and it has been proven to work. The question standing is what happens in the body and in the brain that triggers this effect of false belief? Can the body heal itself on its own? Because it seems very logical. You cant be given a candy (told that it is a pill for headache) and after 30 mins you start to feel a relief.
  10. @Pump_And_Hump Dude you are way far behind, keep up with the fortune tellers and seers, WWIII happened 2 decades ago.
  11. Sooo.... does anyone know and care to explain how the Moon has been formed (since the topic is FLAT EARTH)? I am just curious where it came from.
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