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    Bud, there's good advice here. It seems like the culprit is simple: high blood pressure. Tren and Adrol are notorious for fucking with BP. If you're taking letro on cycle that means your E2 is out of whack. You don't need caber unless you're running something like 400-600mg tren/week. Nolva on cycle is a no-no unless you have oncoming gyno from gear but your gear dosage is not high enough to be causing gyno. Get bloods ASAP. Get a blood pressure monitor and track your BP daily. Drop the orals. Drink at least 4L of water daily. Eat one or two bananas daily. DO CARDIO. 30mins of LISS cardio 4-5 times a week. Every hour at work or sitting on the sofa or in front of the computer, go take a walk around the office or the house. Get a drink of water or take a piss or stand up and stretch your arms or legs. DON'T stare at digital screens an hour before bed. I'm not gonna tell you to drop everything but you need to get shit under control. This could get very dangerous for you.
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    I have used this lab and was trusting enough to accept the invite thinking this was and exclusive lab...... I am new to forums and trusting ( stupid maybe ) enough to take people's word that something is good. I would only expect that because I would do so myself.i ran Test E @ 750mg a week, Deca @ 600mg a week and EQ @ 900 a week for 10 weeks before I gave it up. My libido for sure was jacked up, I havent gained more than 5 lbs, nor has my body changed much. My strength increased slightly but not as it should have with the amount I was injecting. I train hard in the gym and am no beginner to AAS. Major let down and lesson learned. I have been clean for just over 3 years in trying to get preggo with the wife and some good news is we found out in Jan that we are having another little girl. Bad news is I am now 13 weeks behind on my goals for this year and wasted money. I do not recommend this lab
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