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  1. Asin helped to get rid of the sides that I mentioned earlier. Using 20mg/week split into four. I did up MENT to 25mg/day for two days and I felt awful. Terrible sleep quality, feeling hot and sweaty all the time. So I went back to 12.5/day and it's okay. Lots of endurance so I can push tons of volume at the gym but I didn't feel any mind-blowing strength gains. It's likely it's not the drug for me.
  2. Been a few days of MENT at 12.5mg/day with 200mg Test. E2 sides are already showing up: oily skin, little bit of itchy nips, increased aggression. Gonna pop some Aromasin but if this is what it's gonna be like at just 12.5mg I might drop it. I was hoping to move up to 25mg/day.
  3. RIP. What a great guy. The man had so much knowledge without all the bullshit self-peddling you see from a lot of guys these days. I can attest to his knowledge as its helped me break plateaus.
  4. Sorry dude, I haven't started pinning MENT yet. I'll be doing that as soon as I go through this last vial of test/deca. I'll be pinning once a day before bed. I can't be arsed to pin twice daily lol. If that messes with my sleep in any way I'll switch to the mornings. I'm going to start at 10mg/day alongside EQ and test.
  5. You need to pin trest ace daily at minimum. The half life is so short with EoD you're not going to have stable levels of the drug in your system. It's recommended to pin trest ace twice a day for steady levels. You don't need to run Test with it. Trest Ace / MENT is the only known injectable that acts as a Test replacement.
  6. Asking for a minimum is reasonable. I've seen some labs ask for $400 minimum so $100 is very courteous.
  7. Placed an order with Medicus (glad they're back!) last week and it arrived in my mailbox within something like two days of EMT accepted. Wicked fast shipping. I ordered MENT to try this time around with your staples (deca, test). Gonna wait another week before I add MENT to my current stack and see how that fares. Good/fast communication from the rep. Will update later once I pin some MENT.
  8. No luck via email lately. I forgot to get in touch with them for a while and reached out recently but haven't heard back.
  9. Folks, I only have good things to say about Surgo so far. Ordered on Monday evening arrived on Wednesday morning. Noticed on the invoice a couple items on backorder, realized I made a mistake in my order and emailed to see if they could change it. Within 24 hours changed and the rest of my items will be here tomorrow. Prices are good, too.
  10. My girlfriend has been using Headspace for something over a year now. It's neat. There's a free trial you can start with on your mobile phone. She'll put it on when we go to bed and the audio guides you through the process.
  11. That means no new clients right? I've been ordering for a couple years through email though. Hope I'm not shut out lol
  12. When I was on any gear that dries me out, I'd be pissing 1, 2, 3 times a night. Test only there's no problem. I'm lucky I don't have a problem falling back asleep. Wish I had some advice but if it's about work stress, try to end work right when work ends and try not to think about it. Maybe meditate a little bit before going to sleep to clear your mind?
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