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  1. I sent the coin at slightly below the average fee rate and I guess no miner wanted to mine my coins because the fee was too low for them. I don't have the $$$ to double-spend and knock that coin out of the chain lol
  2. Why do you need to PCT after 4 weeks? A 4 week blast is nothing. PCT is recommended at 20mg Nolva ED for 6 weeks minimum.
  3. I've got Bitcoin that's lost forever in the chain. I was foaming at the mouth when prices topped at $16k USD a few years back... Dam. But because it's so easy to lose coin in the chain and there's no chance of getting it back, there's just too much risk to look at Bitcoin as an "investment." Great tech to make anonymous purchases, though. Silk Road was awesome when it was running. Better to invest in Ethereum as there's practical uses to the coin and it's more secure, cheaper, faster.
  4. Looking forward to it! Got my eyes on my next EQ blast. Congrats on the new website!
  5. supplementsource.ca is having a decent sale on a bunch of stuff. I picked up clearance protein bars (don't expire until July/August) for $1.66 each. AllMax IsoFlex 5lbs tubs are on sale for $68 each - which is a good price for a nice tasting quality protein.
  6. Never tried this brand. Any reviews? Didn't see any third-party testing on their website like MyProtein or Canadian Protein.
  7. I can definitely say the tren is legit. It does its job. Insomnia, tren sweats, the occasional tren cough - it's all happened. I'm on a suicide cut and I haven't lost an ounce of strength in the gym. Pumps are freaking insane and I'm flat AF. I felt fucking fantastic at 350mg/week. At 525mg/week I jerked my dick raw and bought new underwear because of the crotch holes from my dick being hard 23/24 hours of the day. I just ramped up to 700mg/week a few days ago and I'm experiencing heartburn/digestive issues. Gonna give this dose a week or two and if it's still fucking with my stomach, I'll bring it back down to 525mg/week
  8. I'm not one to call out anyone but your first post on this forum was "lol hey boys where do i find gear to get sw0le?" This isn't a private board. There's a section for lab reviews in the fucking middle of this forum. Now you're calling out this lab and rep (19 pages of solid reviews, bud) with this bullshit? Fuck no. GTFO.
  9. You don't have to worry about that. Tbh I was freaked of having even the tiniest air bubbles in my first cycle. And I aspirated all the time. I don't even aspirate anymore. Four blasts in, I've never pulled blood, never injected into a vein and never had an issue with air. I'm a cheap fucker and hated seeing leftover gear in the syringe, so I started putting 0.2-0.5 cc of air (depending on how much I'm injecting) at the end of the syringe. Not only does it push all the gear into the muscle, but it helps prevent leaks. Even if you did inject into a vein or get air in one, you'd need something like 3cc of air before it does anything to you
  10. It happens sometimes if you pull the needle too fast or don't let it sit in the site for a bit. Did you have a bit of air at the end of the syringe? About 0.5 cc of air at the end of an injection keeps the gear trapped and prevents it from leaking out Edit: ah shit just saw how old this post is haha
  11. Lmao. Some people are fucked up. No joke though, porn addiction is serious and it's like a drug. Fun to watch a porno and jack off sometimes, but man, if you've got a stash worth 30 grand that's insane
  12. I've been doing 30 minutes of LISS pre-workout about a few weeks into this tren blast and it's worked wonders for my BP and HR. I no longer get winded going up a flight of stairs. If you look at human evolution, we were built to be long distance runners, so cardio is vital to our health
  13. IMO better to rest and come back to the gym feeling fit and happy. If it was just a light cold, w/e. But with a flu, you wanna get a rest otherwise you're just prolonging the flu. Better not to fuck around with your body
  14. Cheers for the replies, boys. Been pretty busy with work so even I didn't get a chance to check this thread haha. I personally never want to deal with gyno, so I nuked this shit. I doubled my Adex dosage and started taking 40mg Nolva for the first week and then 20mg for the next two weeks. Lump is gone - no itchy nips, dropped the Nolva but I've kept my Adex dosage at double what I started with. It was definitely the Tren causing this but I've got it all under control now. Pretty happy with the result!
  15. Looking thick, solid, tight bro!
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