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  1. Most doctors are quacks. They only know what they've been taught. They don't learn after starting a practice. There's no need for them. They get big $$$ so there's no more incentive to learn and adjust to new research and breakthroughs It's good that you're exposing your daughter to new foods. Do that. Children who are not exposed to various foods, tastes and textures are much more likely to have food allergies than children who have been exposed. No one in my family has food allergies because we feed babies a little bit of everything.
  2. Been reading up more and more about DNP and I'm very interested. Previous fat burner experience is with ECA stack and Clen. The amount of caffeine/day on ECA left me twitchy and jittery and couldn't get sleep. Clen made me jittery and shaky too so that's no for me. Seems like DNP doesn't cause shakiness. How do you guys take the crystalline form without capping it? Measure it out then swallow whole or mix into water or another liquid?
  3. Depends on what you're taking, how much you're taking, your body composition and how your body responds. I aromatize like a mofo so just 300mg Test/weekly needs 3mg of Adex/week. Some folks need 0 AI on that amount. Half-life of Adex is 72-hours so to keep blood levels stable, dose Adex at EoD and get bloods done and adjust accordingly.
  4. Thanks for doing this. I've got just one question for now, but besides Test, what is your preferred compound to use on-season and off-season, and what is the most commonly used compound in bodybuilding today?
  5. I like the idea of the winner being whoever gains the most rep in that month. Obvs people will give rep to quality posts.
  6. I don't see the advantage of Liv52 when on AAS. I don't find it "cheap" when compared to NAC and Inositol/Choline. The benefits from these two go beyond just liver care and I'd rather use these two when off cycle for liver health and function.
  7. Lol I don't doubt you. Don't think my lady would appreciate me growing tits bigger than hers haha
  8. Cheers. Bloods showed that prolactin was within range (on the lower end). I had/still have prami on hand so it wasn't necessary. Nolva's been the go-to for gyno for years and with multiple studies to back it up. For sure prolactin will be an influence in the growth of gyno and leaky nips - but my dick/mood was fine. Next blast will be on Tren again so this is information on tren gyno and how it differs is good to have. Thanks for sharing.
  9. That's a great guide. Was gonna link the same thing. What are you pinning? Are you keep blood levels stable? Have you done bloodwork to see where your E2 is? Before hopping on Accutane and dealing with its sides, get bloodwork done to know where your levels are. Stay clean. Take a shower right after the gym. Take another shower before you go to bed. Don't wear the same gym clothes twice. Wash your towels. Drop any soap/facewash/bodywash with sulfates. Buy plant-based organic facewash/bodywash.
  10. I sent the coin at slightly below the average fee rate and I guess no miner wanted to mine my coins because the fee was too low for them. I don't have the $$$ to double-spend and knock that coin out of the chain lol
  11. Why do you need to PCT after 4 weeks? A 4 week blast is nothing. PCT is recommended at 20mg Nolva ED for 6 weeks minimum.
  12. I've got Bitcoin that's lost forever in the chain. I was foaming at the mouth when prices topped at $16k USD a few years back... Dam. But because it's so easy to lose coin in the chain and there's no chance of getting it back, there's just too much risk to look at Bitcoin as an "investment." Great tech to make anonymous purchases, though. Silk Road was awesome when it was running. Better to invest in Ethereum as there's practical uses to the coin and it's more secure, cheaper, faster.
  13. Looking forward to it! Got my eyes on my next EQ blast. Congrats on the new website!
  14. supplementsource.ca is having a decent sale on a bunch of stuff. I picked up clearance protein bars (don't expire until July/August) for $1.66 each. AllMax IsoFlex 5lbs tubs are on sale for $68 each - which is a good price for a nice tasting quality protein.
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