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  1. $3 a pound is insane. Fitnessdepot.ca has brand new plates for half that... Nice score btw
  2. Other than ramping up test, the cycle looks good. With the enanthate ester you don't need to ramp up - just blast it from the beginning. I've never really understood using cialis during a blast - it might help with pump but 25mg would leave me flushed and with migraines. Save it for when you really need it As for PCT, choose clomid or nolva. I prefer using nolva.
  3. Ever since I switched from Adex to Asin, I've been able to control AI dosage and blast more test. Glad that I made the switch. Never tried epistane but I'm loving Tbol. No worries about estrogen and the pumps are insane. Definitely notice a strength boost and the increased BP isn't as bad as Dbol
  4. LMAO I'm gonna blast hard. It might three, maybe four months, really, until we can get back out into society. My plan: - 800mg Test - 600mg Deca - 600mg EQ - Tbol kickstart (40mg) - Anavar finisher (75mg) Hit this for about 16 weeks with orals 4-6 weeks each.
  5. It's back that I struggle with the most. Without a bar or some way to do pull ups or rows, what can I do?
  6. Quebec shutting down everything from today. My gym is closed for the next two weeks. At least. Gonna lose my shit
  7. probably will happen because most gyms don't give a fuck about cleanliness, not especially the people who go there. I've seen people sneeze and cough into their hands and then put those hands on machines and barbells. It's nasty
  8. Push it deep up your butthole and should be g2g
  9. The thing with a lot of these is that they're $600+ and there's no return warranty on them. Literally if you buy it you can't return it. I'm not about to drop money on shit I can't even try to see if it's worth it. There's knock-offs on Aliexpress that I've heard are "good" and run around $200 CAD landed.
  10. I haven't been on this board in a while. But I'm gonna slide in here and say that I had to drop BT's Tbol four weeks in. Holy shshshshshshshiiiiiiiiiiittttttt the back, forearm and shin pumps were brutal. I loved that shit. Absolutely loved it. Tbol veins were sexy AF; gave me those smexy 3D capped delts look and overall looked freaky. Been a week without the Tbol and I miss it . . . . And yes, I will probably order more Tbol in the future haha
  11. Bud, there's good advice here. It seems like the culprit is simple: high blood pressure. Tren and Adrol are notorious for fucking with BP. If you're taking letro on cycle that means your E2 is out of whack. You don't need caber unless you're running something like 400-600mg tren/week. Nolva on cycle is a no-no unless you have oncoming gyno from gear but your gear dosage is not high enough to be causing gyno. Get bloods ASAP. Get a blood pressure monitor and track your BP daily. Drop the orals. Drink at least 4L of water daily. Eat one or two bananas daily. DO CARDIO. 30mins of LISS cardio 4-5 times a week. Every hour at work or sitting on the sofa or in front of the computer, go take a walk around the office or the house. Get a drink of water or take a piss or stand up and stretch your arms or legs. DON'T stare at digital screens an hour before bed. I'm not gonna tell you to drop everything but you need to get shit under control. This could get very dangerous for you.
  12. instagrande


    I've been using Maple multiple times now. No issues with the doctors. They're happy to give you what you want. I straight up tell them my gear usage and they don't judge or say anything about. This is a lucrative way for them to make big $$$ all from sitting at home and not having to bother with patients.
  13. LMFAO. My girl has bigger legs than these dudes and she's barely over 110lbs on the scale
  14. Apologies to the lab for writing up a review so late. I bought a bunch of gear during the crazy prices for Black Friday and... couldn't resist lol. Canada Post delays meant that the gear got to me some weeks later but that's all good because it's not a fault of the lab. But the lab kept following up with me via email to provide updates, so they didn't go radio silence after providing a tracking number. Gear came safely packed with no issues. I love that the vials are hot wrapped in plastic for extra security. Nice touch with hologram stickers. The label on each vial is very professional and I like that little attention to detail. Got one of my Anavar packs with some black residue and after bringing it up with the lab I was told there's nothing to worry about and I'll take their word for that. I recently started a blast with their TnT (test/tren e) mix and it's smoooooooth. Zero pip from the pin. Actually pins. It's been multiple shots now haha. The day and night after the first pin I was pissing buckets of urine and losing all of that water weight. Probably went to piss something like 15 times in 24 hours. This is typical for me on tren I've found. I have to say, these guys are very professional with their attitude and I'm very satisfied with the customer service. Shipping, packaging etc. is also satisfactory. I'll do bloods sometime in March and will update then.
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