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  1. Gentlemen, based off of Goodlife's corporate communication, going to the gym is gonna suck... a lot. Have to book gym time with an app in advance. Can only work out for one hour max. One workout a day. Need to keep distance and follow the arrows. And every hour the gym shuts down for cleaning for 30 minutes. I wish I lived in a house with a garage or basement... then I could build a home gym.
  2. Recent order from BT for the lady and I. Can't wait to get shredded once the quarantine is over!!
  3. OK, folks. Another review for Bodytech. I'll keep it short because 38 pages of reviews speaks for itself. Last week I contacted the rep about placing an order for a few items to get shredded once the quarantine is over. Super fast communication - EMT payment convenience - and I got tracking on Monday. I was thinking with the coronavirus there would be delays, but NP! Canada Post is overloaded. Two days later - right there on my doorstep is the classic square box from BT. I knew exactly what it was looking at the box. Pop it open and all the gear I wanted is in there. Here's what I ordered. Everything came secure in lots of bubble wrap and extra bubble wrap for the liquids. If you're wondering why there's yellow all over the packages - that's DNP LOL. First time with DNP and I knew people said it stains yellow like hell but didn't really understand it until I started going through the gear. That is some bright yellow craziness! Cleaned up with a lysol wipe and it's all good. Now waiting for Amazon to deliver some fruit roll ups (got that tip from someone on this board). Everything came secure and I don't need to speak to the quality of the gear - I've been using BT ever since joining this board and their quality is top-notch. It's also my first time ordering T3 and I was worried about how to measure the liquid. But I pop open the bottle and there you go - the dropper has measurements on it! Super convenient! In a nutshell - I'm a happy camper. Soon, the lady will be also - it'll be her first time with Anavar and I'm excited for the results Thanks, BT!
  4. How are they calling him a bodybuilder? Dude looks like he's never lifted a dumbbell in his life and went the dumb route of synthol to look like he grabbed clouds out of the sky and slipped them into his arms
  5. Holy moly. This guy is a BEAST
  6. Yeah being stuck at home away from social settings with people is tough. This is a good board to shoot the shit and talk with people. If I can recommend something, stay off social media (completely; only use stuff like sms and whatsapp to keep in touch), go for a daily walk and get some sunshine, and pick up a hobby like cooking. I'm letting myself go and eating good food without worrying about every little calorie. It's been really good for my mental health knowing that I'll be back on track once the pandemic ends
  7. Dang! That's even more extreme. Didn't think that was possible lol
  8. Yup. Anavar is g2g. Enjoyed it. Didn't enjoy the back pumps lol
  9. I've given up on trying to figure how to workout. I've got exercise bands for conditioning, but that's it. At this point I'm just lucky I have a job and have something to do during the day. I'd go batshit insane, otherwise. Proud to be living in Canada with our government helping out people who have been laid off, including my girlfriend. I was worried about cutting into savings to pay rent/expenses. Say what you want about the Liberals (I've got my fair share of criticism) the CERB and wage-subsidy programs are A+. Now I just wish I could go out more often for walks/runs but my girl is too paranoid and has a multi-step program of what needs to be done when I come home: - throw all the clothes into the wash - take a shower / wash hair etc. - disinfect shoes with an alcohol spray Otherwise she'll get PO'd at me and I don't wanna deal with the fighting lol. I know she cares but it's insane, haha. All the best to all of you gents/ladies. We're in this together and we'll get through it together.
  10. Broscience from people who don't run bloods on new compounds and go by "feel" I'm guessing
  11. I haven't seen any thorough research on this. Just anecdotal info on reddit. EQ has never acted like an AI for me and no way I'd take that risk
  12. $3 a pound is insane. Fitnessdepot.ca has brand new plates for half that... Nice score btw
  13. Other than ramping up test, the cycle looks good. With the enanthate ester you don't need to ramp up - just blast it from the beginning. I've never really understood using cialis during a blast - it might help with pump but 25mg would leave me flushed and with migraines. Save it for when you really need it As for PCT, choose clomid or nolva. I prefer using nolva.
  14. Ever since I switched from Adex to Asin, I've been able to control AI dosage and blast more test. Glad that I made the switch. Never tried epistane but I'm loving Tbol. No worries about estrogen and the pumps are insane. Definitely notice a strength boost and the increased BP isn't as bad as Dbol
  15. LMAO I'm gonna blast hard. It might three, maybe four months, really, until we can get back out into society. My plan: - 800mg Test - 600mg Deca - 600mg EQ - Tbol kickstart (40mg) - Anavar finisher (75mg) Hit this for about 16 weeks with orals 4-6 weeks each.
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