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  1. That's definitely a lot. Unless OP is 260 lbs of lean mass that's an advanced cycle. Mild is 500mg Test + oral and that's it lol. To answer your question, though, OP, Mast and Proviron do basically the same thing. IMO, no point in running both. Pick one or the other. If you really want an oral to run, why not run something like Anavar?
  2. Would it be possible at the following rule: "Make reviews worthwhile and not just a one liner: "xxxxx lab is g2g." Before trying new labs I like to read in-depth reviews of customer service, packaging, shipping, discreteness, quality of the carrier oil, quality of the tabs/capsules, and of course, quality of the compound itself.
  3. I love Canadian Protein for their consistent flavours. If I get two bags of the same flavour months apart, the taste is the same. That's what I like. I wouldn't be surprised if CP and AllMax are sourcing their product from the same place. I find the nutrition profile and flavours very similar - and the taste - yep - flavours are really, really good in cold water or milk. I only buy the isolates, though. My only issue is that CP is definitely overpriced in the market. Would be nice if they'd run sales from time to time because MyProtein, as much as their flavour consistency sucks, can be had for $70-80 for 11lbs shipped. No tax. Highly recommend the CP Strawberry Milkshake flavour. Sooo good with milk .
  4. well shit that expains everything. Had no idea what IMO was until you linked it - so thanks for that. Guess most of the yummy-looking protein bars are out of the question for me. I liked the idea that 60-80% of the carbs in protein bars were fibre in the end - with artificial sugars used. But man, with the digestive stress, gonna quit protein bars entirely. It takes only 10 minutes to whip up an omelette in the morning and take it to work - so I'll just wake up earlier in the morning! Thank you again, Frank
  5. Hmm... I'll check that. I bought them because I liked them the first time around and were a good breakfast replacement when I was running late to work. These were the ONE and Combat Crunch branded bars
  6. I reached out to them. Someone named Cristal/Crystal replied to me and said that I can't return open-boxed goods. I ordered the same set of protein bars this second time around and it's just been a bad experience. First order was great - no problems. This second order as soon as I eat one of the protein bars, I feel wonky, stomach is upset, and I feel nauseous. Both times were from the clearance section btw. They've got good prices especially in the sale/clearance sections but I'm not going to torture my body anymore
  7. ^TBH I won't order from supplement source again. Seems like almost everything I bought in my last order gives me terrible acid reflux or gives me diarrhea. And they don't take returns on anything opened
  8. I definitely appreciate what you guys do down there. I've been in this role for almost a year now but there's a shit load for me to learn. My job is really to change the public mindset that mining is no longer a pickaxe and a hard hat and coal covered faces. Mining is helluvalot technologically advanced now and very safe than in the past. From what I've learned about the Canadian mining industry, makes me proud to be working in the industry and proud to be Canadian
  9. Throwing an update in here from two weeks ago with my purchase of Letro + Asin. Holy motherfrickingtwat. Why did I never use Asin before? I was popping 4-5mg of Adex a week on Test/Tren/EQ and now I'm only using 12.5mg Asin twice a week. I feel fantastic. E2 (a little on the high end, but I function better with slightly higher E2) is in control; dick is rock hard throughout the day; have to stand back 6 feet to piss in the toilet in the morning lol. Haven't touched Letro but glad I don't have to. Also popping 20mg of BT Nolva ED to get rid of some old gyno that's more obvious now that I'm leaning out. Top notch product from BT
  10. Funny - I also work in mining. But in a comms role. Make sure there's awareness of how important mining is - and there's a proper crisis response plan in place if anything goes wrong underground. Very smart people in the mining industry. Hoping the company sends me on mine tours in the next year so I can see how you guys work and have a better understanding of the work environment
  11. instagrande


    For sure. I did this just to try it but honestly I'll probably find myself using it for things other than bloodwork. Maple has a "credits" offer on their app, so if you buy $200 worth of credits you get a 10% discount. So $200 worth for $180. I'll be buying that next and consulting a doc to get prescriptions etc. that I want instead of having to wait for an appointment or having to skip work. I think because the docs on the app get paid per successful consultation (meaning if they can't help you you don't get charged), they have an incentive to give you what you want
  12. instagrande


    I used this last week. Got the blood requisition in less than 10 minutes of texting with the doc. It's a generic Dynacare form that you can take to any provincial lab. Well worth the $50 imo. Gonna see if I can use the same form more than once. The form is undated so I could potentially use it throughout the year
  13. Holy shit what kind of liver of steel do you gotta have to run this lol
  14. I'm carb sensitive so if I want a cut to work I need to drop the carbs to <100g/day. Anything more than that and I'll stall. Been experimenting with Tren + suicide cut at 1200-1500 cal/day. It sucks but I'm shedding fat slowly so it's working. Hoping to land around 7-8% BF after this 16-week cut. 20 mins LISS cardio 5-6x a week mostly for cardio and BP health rather than cutting. I let the sex be my HIIT haha. Supplements don't change year-round. But doubled my milk thistle/nac/inositol/choline/vit c dosage for liver health
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