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  1. Folks, I only have good things to say about Surgo so far. Ordered on Monday evening arrived on Wednesday morning. Noticed on the invoice a couple items on backorder, realized I made a mistake in my order and emailed to see if they could change it. Within 24 hours changed and the rest of my items will be here tomorrow. Prices are good, too.
  2. My girlfriend has been using Headspace for something over a year now. It's neat. There's a free trial you can start with on your mobile phone. She'll put it on when we go to bed and the audio guides you through the process.
  3. That means no new clients right? I've been ordering for a couple years through email though. Hope I'm not shut out lol
  4. When I was on any gear that dries me out, I'd be pissing 1, 2, 3 times a night. Test only there's no problem. I'm lucky I don't have a problem falling back asleep. Wish I had some advice but if it's about work stress, try to end work right when work ends and try not to think about it. Maybe meditate a little bit before going to sleep to clear your mind?
  5. Nice to hear that I'm not the only one. BT is usually very fast. With gyms about to open in Quebec after what feels like forever, I need to stock up, haha. Hope all is good on their end.
  6. Lol flat af here. I'd say I'm back to where I was one year ago, which is unfortunate because I made some nice progress during the 4-5 months the gyms opened up. Couldn't really afford the overpriced gym equipment and 90% of it was sold out and on backorder. Mostly been walking outside and doing some bodyweight stuff at home a few times a week. I miss the gym. Diet's been clean though, this whole time. Just eating less and not tracking calories.
  7. No point in tapering up your Test. Go 500mg from the beginning. Tren for just four weeks is a waste imo. Run it for at least 6-8 weeks for it to make a difference.
  8. Wondering where BT has been lately. Haven't gotten a reply to emails or on the forum.
  9. Winklaar is confirmed to be out because of COVID. I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone looks in this year's show with the shit that's been happening left and right in 2020.
  10. No, sorry, haven't had a chance yet. Luckily I haven't had issues with the prostate but wanted to get something as a preventative measure. I have some family coming to visit from the States in 2021 and will ask for them to bring some supply for me to try out.
  11. Half-decent price on Allmax Isoflex 2x 5lbs ($130) https://www.svncanada.com/product/1688/allmax-isoflex-5lbs-x2-combo Peanut butter chocolate is my fav flavour. Also, the Costco Kaizen deal is back so time to stock up!!
  12. I know not everyone can build a home gym (including me) but if you want to save some bucks and get a workout at home, here's some deals on power racks: https://www.fitnessavenue.ca/product/TO/prtp005/AmStaff-Fitness-TP032E-Power-Squat-Rack Walmart (this one comes in and out of stock): https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/progear-1600-ultra-strength-800lb-weight-capacity-power-cage-with-lock-in-j-hooks/6000199575184? Sadly no deals on plates right now. You're looking at $2-3/lb plus shipping from most places.
  13. If you still experience issues even after switching, it could be an allergy to an ingredient in the deodorant/antiperspirant. Allergies can develop over time so it's possible. There's all kinds of organic deos in the market now so you've got options
  14. Antiperspirants contain aluminum which can cause the issues you're having, including stains in the armpit area on shirts. Switch to a regular roll-on deodorant, like Old Spice (make sure it is deo and anitperspirant) and you should feel better!
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