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  1. Half-decent price on Allmax Isoflex 2x 5lbs ($130) https://www.svncanada.com/product/1688/allmax-isoflex-5lbs-x2-combo Peanut butter chocolate is my fav flavour. Also, the Costco Kaizen deal is back so time to stock up!!
  2. I know not everyone can build a home gym (including me) but if you want to save some bucks and get a workout at home, here's some deals on power racks: https://www.fitnessavenue.ca/product/TO/prtp005/AmStaff-Fitness-TP032E-Power-Squat-Rack Walmart (this one comes in and out of stock): https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/progear-1600-ultra-strength-800lb-weight-capacity-power-cage-with-lock-in-j-hooks/6000199575184? Sadly no deals on plates right now. You're looking at $2-3/lb plus shipping from most places.
  3. If you still experience issues even after switching, it could be an allergy to an ingredient in the deodorant/antiperspirant. Allergies can develop over time so it's possible. There's all kinds of organic deos in the market now so you've got options
  4. Antiperspirants contain aluminum which can cause the issues you're having, including stains in the armpit area on shirts. Switch to a regular roll-on deodorant, like Old Spice (make sure it is deo and anitperspirant) and you should feel better!
  5. Great info. Have been worried about cortisol but didn't know that clen is good to fight against it. Might be worth a try.
  6. Very nice of you guys to do this!
  7. Thanks my friend. I will try it.
  8. For $100, I got a pair of Adidas Powerlifts. Can't remember what model it is. It's pleather up top and has a strap for around the top of the foot. It works for me. Nice solid and flat sole. Adidas is always running sales. Sometimes already discounted shoes in their outlet section can have another 30-50% off. You could snag a pair for $60. But tbh, the advice I got was that ANY shoes that has a flat sole will do. As long as it's not one of those squishy comfy soles which isn't stable. So a cheap pair of Chucks will do the job.
  9. Any recommendations for prostate health? With BnC for so long, I thought I should introduce something to take care of my prostate.
  10. bruh. you can drop everything and let your body reset and use gear properly. OR you can go ahead and fuck up your body to a point that you'll be depressed as shit and no doctor will be able to help you. your choice.
  11. Fuck me. 722lbs... the man's forearms are bigger than my arms. But great advice here. Good tip on the leg drive throughout the lift.
  12. Hope you guys offer capped DNP! My weight scale has yellow stains all over it haha
  13. I haven't chimed in on my previous order yet. Gonna do a quick review of BT's T3 and DNP. I started taking T3 at 25mcg and didn't notice anything, but that's because 25mcg is what the body normally produces. When I upped it to 50mcg, it was okay in the first few days but then headaches started. When it was five days in a row, I dropped T3 for a bit and tried it again. Headaches again. T3 is not for me so that's gonna collect dust. DNP, though. Dam. That shit works. Sweating like a motherfucker and sitting in front of the AC all day long and sleeping with fans every night. The sweat wasn't
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