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  1. I have used the same mig in other compounds and it works great
  2. I did that exactly. Major pain. Tried baking it at 200 no luck. Gonna try 400 and if not toss it.
  3. I know lol. The raws melted in travel hahaha.
  4. Didn't seem to work Same with sust. Both test e and sust melted before the brew. Is there anyway to fix this? Or is it at a loss?
  5. Its all good just gonna redo it. For the test e. Can I just bake it at 400? Will that damage the product? As in theory that would sterilize it aswell. Still will refilter it obviously
  6. Thanks bro I will give that a shot. I stock piled before the bann so I have a shit ton of raw to use Another question. I have added to much bb to a tren ace. Anyway to cook off the bb?
  7. Hey. So I've used mig840 for all my brews. Nothing is painful except for the test e. Two batches both painful. Any clues go why?
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