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Any one hear of these guys?

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Since this isn’t a review and I can’t find them on the board anywhere figured this was the place to post this. 

Anybody hear of a lab called Evolution? A friend of mine got some of their stuff, I wish she’d have ask me first coulda hooked her up with something tried trusted and true. But she says she trusts the hook up source but since I dont know him or heard of the lab I figured I ask around. 

Any info good or bad (hopefully it’s just good 🤞🏻) thanks. 

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I've seen 2 vials of their Test Enth a year or so ago, a rather odd fellow at the gym I went to cornered me in the locker room; after worrying he had other intent as he was acting strange, he pulls out to average looking vials and asked me if I knew this lab and if I needed a new 'guy', I humored him and asked the questions and looked as one does. He was quoting outrageous prices and spoke highly of the lab and quality, although he looked like he was not the best physical representation of that. 


All of that to say I have seen it once and really have no idea about its quality or anything as the fellow really shouldn't be taken as a representation. 

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