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trt blast cycle tips

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Greetings northernlifters!

I am on trt 120 mg per week.

Ready to do a blast cycle to gain some size! Goal is to have more muscle, maintain it afterwards, and be healthy for life.

I'll be blasting Testo with some Oxondrolone at the end.

I'm planning to go up to 300 mg/week of test. Maybe more if I tolerate it well and/or gains are not as much as expected. Training, diet and sleep are definitely in check.

Where I'm looking for help/tips is on how long should my cycle be, and how should I get to my target dose?

- Should I increase test dose by 50 mg weekly, until I reach 300mg/week, for example? Increase by 20 mg/week? 100 mg/week? How does this work?

- Is a 12 week cycle ideal? 16 weeks?

- I'm planning to do the Oxondrolone at the end of the blast cycle (the last 6-7 weeks at 20 mg per day).

- How do I come back down to my TRT dose of 120 mg/week? Lessen the dose every week? If so, does that start AFTER the "x" amount of weeks at 300 mg/week (i.e is the tapering off period included in the 12 or 16 week cycle)?

Thanks in advance fellow lifters!!


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Welcome to our board, And I believe that is a very safe cycle, I’d go 16 weeks with the cycle and I’d try to go maybe 150mg test on tues and thurs to keep stable blood levels and avoid the peaks and valley effect. Good luck. CBDB NorthernLifters Admin Team 

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