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  1. about to start up a 16 testbase/600mg eq cycle....im coming of a hard diet and reverse dieting....id still like to lose some more body fat and the cycle is for lean gains....not bulking fast with dbol and other wet compounds.....i have enought tbol to run 40mg for 9 weeks just to give an idea how much i have not saying im gonna run it 9 straight weeks..... question which do you think would be most beneficial? run at the beginning 6 weeeks 40mg while reverse dieting for a few weeks to get past maintenance calories in which to lose some more bodyfat and small lean gains, or run it
  2. one major area in my physique that demands attention, like many, is my rear delts. I have a curved shoulder kind of look . i really need to focus on lateral and posterior delts. I try to stay away from lateral raises because they can wear my shoulders out fast and then it hurts to do even pressing....idk it's not rotator cuffs Its like sharp joint pains arthritis or something. I dont have it now but I did before from doing pushups everyday. idk. but I need some help here how do I develop this shoulders? I do all the heavy staple movements.
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