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    Our dog pack

    We just added 2 pups to our pack the little guys name is Lucifer and the girls name is Kali our future breeding pair. Ramzey is our big fat brindle girl and Brix is the king of the castle he’s a cane corso and she’s a cane corso mix
  2. Oh ya not my first time that’s y I am running a super low dose of the tren I got aromasin prami and nolva on hand I take my ai with my shots and add others if I feel the itch coming on
  3. So I’ve been on the board for a while and have posted a few things but figured it’s time to get more active. Right now I’m just starting back after 3 months off recovering from a grade 2 tear in my hamstring, it’s not 100% healed but it’s good enough my leg workouts are still limited but gonna get working them slowly. Let’s start with where I’m at right now. I’m 32, 6’ mins tall, and sitting at around 190lbs. Being down and out for that long has been an experience, I’ve never had an injury like this in my life. Where I want to get to is kind of open ended the sky is the limit. I am focusing now on bulking as much as possible . As for gear I’m now running: test e 800mg/week deca 600mg/week tren e 200mg/week Mk677 25mg/day dbal 50mg/day first 8weeks or until I feel it’s time to shut it down For today my morning started with a cup of oatmeal followed by a chest workout BB chest press 4x10 DB incline press 4x10 Incline db flys superset with close grip db press 4x10 DB pullovers 4x10 Cable crossovers 4x10 BB decline press 4x10 For my post workout immediately after 1 scoop of whey with water, 3 eggs, 4 breakfast sausages and some hash browns.
  4. My Last order didn’t even switch over to processing still says on hold still cam in less than a week
  5. My 2008 gsxr 750. She’s a death machine but so fun to ride. Nothing makes you feel more alive than when you see that speedometer showing 300km/h
  6. So I’m recovering from a torn hamstring I injured it a mont and a half ago. I continued to work for a month runnin on Advil it finally got to the point where I couldn’t work. I went to the dr and he told me I need physio so I have been doing that after my first session after I stopped working the pain got unbelievably bad and I couldn’t even walk and I have numbing down my legand in my foot, my therapist said it’s from neural tension on my sciatic nerve from my hamstring being so tight the past week or so it’s been finally getting better but I’ve been down and out for too long and need to get back lifting i started running deca and was thinking of adding mk677 to help try and speed up the healing. Does anyone here have any experience with this type of injury?
  7. Though I would submit my review on BT. Just got bloods done on week 10 running test e 800 per week and deca 600 per week split. Everything is spot on and levels are awesome just wanted to shout out for having quality gear and service that is second to none.
  8. Wasn’t sure what area to post this in but this seems more of a general topic but how’s everyone’s home gym set ups since this lockdown it seems like the best way to go we figured if we’re going to work out at home we need stuff in or with the gym equipment just getting started but have a decent set up waiting to find a cable machine and a few other things would love to see corn other home set ups
  9. Thanks have read all the rules and regs.
  10. Hey everyone. I’m new to this board have been on another one for a while now but wanted something that was more local and Canadian. I’ve trained off and on most of my life but have been at it hard for the last year and not letting up any time soon. Looking forward to learning and sharing my experience on here.
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