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  1. Deep into prep, immune system overloaded already and then your whole family gets sick... Bring on all the tips and tricks how to get well fast without blowing up prep/diet plz sore throat, cough, and chills... but escalating really quick
  2. Yeah I agree! I mean common sense in me says one thing but then you see so many keep doing it I’m like maybe I’m missing on something. I know it’s not going to make huge difference if you have ton of fat. I’m focusing on fat loss first for sure this is just extra thing.
  3. So I see a lot of people using waist trimmers (sweat sweat, dripfit etc) and so on to get the water out of the waist/lower back. So the question is what’s more beneficial using that on one body part (well maybe shorts too) during cardio or getting your full body sweat in the sauna (well if you have access obviously) I’m talking end of prep I know they don’t burn fat. (Even tho some claim heating up the body boosts metabolism by 5% etc)
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