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I’ve attached a photo I’ve just came off a 12 week cycle of test blend will be looking at pct in next couple of weeks I’ve only ever used clomid on its own as pct but this seems to be some kind of blend anyone used it before if so what dose should I use throughout pct 

thanks in advance 




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Looks like a blend of:





I would say that someone got overly creative to come up with that blend. The Nolva and Clomid are what will help you recover. Guessing the Proviron and Cialis were added to combat low libido and ED issues during recovery. The issue is that Proviron is somewhat suppressive and could prolong recovery time (although could make it more tolerable).

Of the top of my head, I would run something like:

1 tablet/day for 2-4 weeks

1/2 tablet/day for 2-4 weeks

1/2 tablet EOD for 2-4 weeks

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