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  1. This 100% Many of these 'fads' take a microscopic view of specific processes while ignoring the overall (macroscopic) picture. If youre interested in the latter, look up 'law of conservation of energy' and go from there. When energy balance is on point fasted cardio will work and non-fasted cardio will work - whatever you prefer. What also works is cutting back the 300-500 calories from your diet in the first place and skipping the agonizing hour of low intensity wanting-to-stick-a-fork-in-your-eye cardio and doing something useful with your life.
  2. Yes it is ok to change doses mid-cycle and I agree that 300 is a good place to start. Just have to be aware that it may mask your actual thresholds for side effects. Say you get some estrogen side effects then you won't really know if your threshold for needing an AI is 300 or 500 mg/wk (or somewhere in between). Not the end of the world. Also, are you are using the HCG on cycle (which I think is a good idea btw)? It will prevent total shutdown of your own testosterone so you will continue to produce some of your own - say around 100mg/wk. So factor this into your total (ie right now you could be at 500 + 100 = 600 when you drop to 300 you would actually be around 400). Another thing is that HCG is also somewhat estrogenic. I suspect that the reason why they recommended running Arimidex is because 500mg/wk + HCG will probably aromatize a fair bit.
  3. Were you using the Mast Prop straight or mixing it? If so, with what? Some folks like myself are particularly sensitive to solvents. Plus prop esters are a pain if the oil is absorbed before the compound and crystals settle out in the muscle. Ironically more solvents will allow higher mg/ml ratios but the less oil to mg of compound means more likelihood of PIP. So it could be that you are getting a solvent reaction followed by PIP from the prop ester. Comparing it to your T400 experience is not really fair, it is a different animal. The issues went away for me once I diluted with sterile oil. Using multiple compounds with different esters per pin helps with PIP as well since their solubility is not mutually exclusive. However the latter won't help with preventing solvent reactions if all the compounds use a lot of it. Sterile oil can be a godsend.
  4. How are the joints on it? I remember reading that it was up there with Deca for being beneficial for joints. Old farts like me really benefit from that.
  5. Can't really provide a recommendation without knowing what your goals are. Do you just want to look better than the average guy in the gym or do you want to work towards a 'holy fuck look at that guy' monster? The longer the cycle and the higher the doses the greater the potential for side effects and negative impacts on your health. You will get different recommendations from different people because different people have differing ideas on acceptable risks (see question above). IMO the potential for keeping gains long term post cycle is overstated. Those plateaus only stay broken as long as your are on. Unless you are well below your natural limit of muscular development beforehand then I would not factor it in. If you are then why not stay natty until you are. Like Blitz said, after training with AAS, training without sucks donkeys, lots of donkeys... Consider using HCG during cycle to mitigate shutdown. If you do, keep in mind that it will keep you testes producing endogenous test and factor that amount to your regimen (ie add 50-100 mg/wk). Also it is a bit estrogenic so it may up your needs for an AI.
  6. According to the original post it would be roughly the same time as your last dose of test C (unless running very high doses). Personally I like to run low dose HCG a little longer (1 or 2 weeks) as a bridge to standard PCT (nolva, clomid, aromasin, etc).
  7. Gyno issues are highly individual. Different people aromatize estrogen at different rates and have different breast tissue estrogen receptor sensitivities. If one's receptors are highly sensitive then estrogen levels will have to be kept in the normal range to prevent issues. Letting estrogen 'ride' would likely be problematic but have to make educated guesses in the absence of lab numbers. Additionally, maximizing gains by not controlling estrogen levels can lead to side effects like bloating, moodiness, and hypertention (stressful on kidneys). IMO 500mg/wk of test is a pretty beefy first cycle so I would not be too concerned about compromising a bit of gains for maintaining estrogen levels - but that is just me. I aromatize like a bitch and am susceptible to gyno issues so I tend to be more aggressive. Since the 0.25mg 2X/wk is insufficient, I would double down on CBDB's recommendation and go with 1mg arimidex twice per week (on injection days) and add in 40mg nolva on the same schedule of twice per week. arimidex half-life is about 2 days so twice per week dosing is stretching it a bit but should still work. The idea is to hit it hard in the short term to get the gyno under control asap and reduce any tissue before it hardens. If you are not lean, there is often more tissue than appears because body fat will conceal it. Once the tissue hardens it can really only be removed by surgery. If things settle down after a couple of weeks you could try reducing the arimidex and nolva doses by half and see. If not, you might even have to increase. If you get low estrogen sides you'll have to reduce the arimidex early. Of course you can also reduce your test dose as part of the equation although this is usually a last resort for most people. Hope this helps.
  8. Yes, I get almost all my whey from them. I prefer unflavored because I have my own smoothie recipes but it is somewhat tough to come by. Canadian Protein has bulk unflavored concentrate for $150 for 10kg including shipping. Great value IMO.
  9. Finasteride will not help against Proviron. Finasteride blocks test conversion to DHT. Proviron is a DHT derivative and so 'already reduced.'
  10. First off I would question why your doc had you off weights for 10 weeks. Usually once the initial inflammation and overt pain subsides, commencement of rehab exercises is recommended. Are you doing rehab exercises now and/or have you implemented a rotator cuff preventative maintenance routine? If not then you really should IMO. As you have discovered, neglecting to train rotators, even when healthy, is a great way to eventually end up with an injury. I pretty much agree with Physlifter. Don't rush it. One of that hardest parts of dealing with injuries is finding the patience.
  11. Not from my experience - although I only asked at a couple. Staff at both did not seem to know what I was asking for and offered me sterile saline...
  12. Yep, dosage dependent. HCG mimics FSH and LSH which get suppressed when on cycle.
  13. As you have found from your research, there is no simple solution to BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) complications from steroid use. Tren has been shown to cause protaste growth in rats: https://www.physiology.org/doi/full/10.1152/ajpendo.00440.2010 . Tren does not reduce to DHT so finasteride will not help with any BPH caused by it. 1500mg test plus 30mg M1T is a fairly large does of test overall so not sure how much finasteride will help. You would have to experiment. Saw palmetto never did anything when I had issues. I can't speak for Cialis effectiveness but I am aware that it is recognized for reducing BPH. From my research and experience these are the options: 1) reduce steroid dosages 2) switch to more BPH friendly compounds such as Deca 3) take finasteride to reduce DHT conversion from test (note their may be an issue with taking finasteride with Deca so 2 and 3 may be mutually exclusive) 4) go off cycle if no improvement from 1, 2, 3 5) surgery
  14. This shit eats at me daily because it has become so pervasive that it is difficult to avoid being exposed to it regularly. BS virtue signalling is everywhere. Neo-marxist identity politics so flies in the face of almost every principle upon which western civilization was built: democracy, journalistic integrity, freedom of speech, innocent till proven guilty, right to due process, equal rights, etc. It sets a disappointingly new low to how stupid people can be. From what I have read/watched this ideology got its start in universities in the humanities in the 80-90s which are now factories for blue haired feminazis and femboy snowflakes. I'm usually not a conspiracy theorist but this shit is so far out and suspiciously communist that I can't help but think this all started with a long game approach to destabilize the west by, say, Russia. Regardless, we are on a steep downhill slide with no bottom in sight.
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