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  1. Yep, dosage dependent. HCG mimics FSH and LSH which get suppressed when on cycle.
  2. As you have found from your research, there is no simple solution to BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) complications from steroid use. Tren has been shown to cause protaste growth in rats: https://www.physiology.org/doi/full/10.1152/ajpendo.00440.2010 . Tren does not reduce to DHT so finasteride will not help with any BPH caused by it. 1500mg test plus 30mg M1T is a fairly large does of test overall so not sure how much finasteride will help. You would have to experiment. Saw palmetto never did anything when I had issues. I can't speak for Cialis effectiveness but I am aware that it is recognized for reducing BPH. From my research and experience these are the options: 1) reduce steroid dosages 2) switch to more BPH friendly compounds such as Deca 3) take finasteride to reduce DHT conversion from test (note their may be an issue with taking finasteride with Deca so 2 and 3 may be mutually exclusive) 4) go off cycle if no improvement from 1, 2, 3 5) surgery
  3. This shit eats at me daily because it has become so pervasive that it is difficult to avoid being exposed to it regularly. BS virtue signalling is everywhere. Neo-marxist identity politics so flies in the face of almost every principle upon which western civilization was built: democracy, journalistic integrity, freedom of speech, innocent till proven guilty, right to due process, equal rights, etc. It sets a disappointingly new low to how stupid people can be. From what I have read/watched this ideology got its start in universities in the humanities in the 80-90s which are now factories for blue haired feminazis and femboy snowflakes. I'm usually not a conspiracy theorist but this shit is so far out and suspiciously communist that I can't help but think this all started with a long game approach to destabilize the west by, say, Russia. Regardless, we are on a steep downhill slide with no bottom in sight.
  4. Yes. Different mechanism though.
  5. Hey, sorry you haven't received any replies yet. I think your case is somewhat unique so ppl might not have much experience to lend. I found the following post on another site: Since you're only running 250mg/wk of test and you have some Adex going, I will guess that the Tren is the main culprit. Is it Tren Ace? I think your revised protocol looks good. Personally I have zero tolerance for gyno risk so if it were me, I would slash the Tren dose, get things under control, and then ramp it back up incrementally so that you know where your personal thresholds are...
  6. That is my two cents. Figure out your calorie needs and then match the insulin. Don't just consume 100g of dextrose just so you can take 10-20iu of insulin. Those are shit carbs for one. Also those extra 400 calories might just go to fat if you're already eating enough for your goals. That's why I say there is a (practical) limit to insulin dose... Not to mention that if you are not (effectively) a diabetic, your body is producing its own insulin which will take care of the job so you don't necessarily have to push the limits with going hypoglycemic to get all the nutrients metabolized. Meaning if you're at 1iu/5g and you consume 50g, you need a total of 10iu insulin. If you only take 5iu, your body will produce the remaining 5iu to get your blood glucose level back to baseline. IMO taking exo insulin becomes more beneficial when on high calorie diets and AAS which combined might push insulin needs beyond what your body can handle naturally (ie. effectively becoming diabetic). Hope that makes sense.
  7. The 1iu for every 10 grams of carbohydrate is a guideline for diabetics. All calories consumed will have an impact on insulin requirements. However, the reason that carbohydrate is generally only specified is because conversion of protein into carbohydrate is quite variable and, while the medical community knows that fat impacts insulin, it does not really understand the mechanics. So the 1 for 10 tends to be conservative. So no, in practice there is no ratio of insulin vs calories. On a lean bulking diet, 500kcal meals with 40g of carbs I use about 5 iu. So about 1iu/8g. On a cutting diet: 1iu/10g to 1iu/20g. On a mild cycle and a bulking diet: 1iu/6g. If I go for a power hike up the mountain I might not take any insulin with my pre-meal since the activity can burn through all of the glucose. I have to decide how fast I think I'm going to go ahead of time.
  8. I am type-1. Yes I use insulin. The dosages were just for the sake of argument. I was referring to insulin, not peptides in general - I know nothing of the latter. In case (1) the individual would see an increase in lean anabolic effects (yes likely at diminishing returns). In case (2) the individual would be consuming an additional 8000 kcal (@4kcal/g) just to boost insulin dosage and most likely would turn into a fat bastard - not desireable. Insulin usage/production has to be matched with your food energy intake which should be determined by your goals whereas AAS necessarily do not. What I am trying to illustrate is that insulin levels cannot be described as normal vs supra-physiological as say testosterone. Beneficial effects from insulin are quite situational. In the context of the OP's question, he only needs to take supplementary insulin if his natural production cannot keep up with the incremental requirement due to any additional resistance from the HGH. From posts over the years it seems that people often think of insulin in the same way as AAS in the context that 'more is (generally) better.' IMO that is erroneous.
  9. It wouldn't. Let's put it this way: 1) Lifter goes from TRT dose of 100mg/wk to 1000mg/wk then to 2000mg/wk. Not considering possible side effects, what sort of results would you expect? 2) Lifter goes from 100g dextrose PWO w/10iu insulin to 1000g w/100iu then to 2000g w/200iu. Assuming all dextrose calories are in addition to a bulking diet and there is no hypoglycemia sides, what sort of results would you expect? So if (1) makes sense why not do (2)?
  10. Different situations. Since type-1 diabetics have no endogenous insulin production, increases in insulin resistance (for whatever reason) will result in increased blood glucose levels and will require increased exogenous insulin dosage to compensate. In healthy people, the body will automatically increase endogenous insulin production when triggered by the elevated glucose levels due to any additional resistance. The situation you describe is really for a latent diabetic, someone whose insulin production is adequate for the existing demand but maxed out. If that person then makes changes that increases that demand they will start to show diabetic symptoms. IMO it would be better to NOT use insulin at first and monitor instead. If test results suggest that there are issues then that person will have at least have a diagnosis.
  11. The two are not really comparable. HGH like pretty much any other AAS has no upper limit on dosage (except for undesirable side effects) whereas insulin does - meaning more insulin is not necessarily better because of the primary effect of hypoglycemia.
  12. Yeah this seems a stretch. Eating the same amount of calories in fewer meals means: 1) Potentially shorter 'raised' insulin periods but the insulin level will be higher (as necessitated to metabolize the higher calories in a shorter time), or 2) Marginal reduction in 'raised' insulin period since larger meals can take longer to digest.
  13. That and there is a good chance that it would reoccur if estro levels are still high because it is difficult to remove all of the glandular tissue. So yeah, don't get the idea to just 'deal with it.'
  14. Does the HCG not act independently of negative feedback? It is often used on-cycle to preserve testicular function therefore it should still be effective at restoring testicular function (assuming he is not primary hypogonadal) why there is still active exo test in his system. I agree that he should at least consider coming off. If he does decide to, then starting the HCG at the point of discontinuation could be a nice bridge to get things started.
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