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  1. Never used it but from a type-1 diabetic's perspective, it looks like a BS supplement. One clinical trial showed that Irvingia gabonesis improved the patient’s fasting blood glucose by 32.3%! Even more impressive, the participants given Irvingia gabonesis also saw a 5% decrease in waist circumference [3]. Funny, improved glucose by 32.3%? What the frick does that mean? Also funny, there is no footnote on the page for the citation [3] so there is no way to find out the actual wording of the study. IMO save your $$$ for real gear.
  2. As others have said 200-250 iu twice per week is a decent dose. Also, keep in mind that if your testes respond to it, your overall Test levels will increase because they will start producing again.
  3. Are you making rotator cuff exercises and stretching part of you regular lifting routine? I find if I don't then issues just com back once 'healed'
  4. Why the emphasis on strength beyond what the NPP and test would give? Competing or power lifting? Asking because I am of similar vintage and just don't feel the joint issues are worth it anymore and Winny is probably the worst for this. Also, being 17-AA it should not be used for longer durations making the strength benefits short lived. I would go without it but that is just me. Also, the 2:1 ratio is often recommend for those who are seriously concerned about nandrolone related ED issues. Not everyone get these, cabergoline will help if they arise (should have on hand when running 19-nor steroids), and NPP is a shorter ester so dosage changes take effect relatively quickly. Meaning, 1:1 may work fine for you if you want a more anabolic cycle and if not, you can switch it up fairly easily. Again, that is just me.
  5. I don't quite understand your question. I'm assuming that english is not your first language. Perhaps you can ask in another way. My personal position on the issue is that SOME people WILL cheat in competitions. The incidence of cheating will depend on the significance of the prize (money, fame, ego, etc) and the potential of getting caught. While I would not be surprised to hear that some of those competitors turned out to be 'using' in some capacity, I agree with Corey that you can't realistically claim that ALL of them are 'doped.'
  6. The only reason I would fret over the two is if I was using another compound with the same ester and was susceptible to PIP. For example if also taking Mast E, I would lean towards Test C because supposedly the solubility of the two will not compete against each other.
  7. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/dunning-kruger-effect Explains many folks
  8. There is another crapumentary on Netflix called 'What the Health.' It is also just pro-vegan propaganda bovine excrement. Journalistic integrity is a critically endangered value these days. Rather, they seem to be activists with an axe to grind. Question everything and do your own research!
  9. I think you will get some decent 'super-natty' looking results with that - assuming that is what you are going for. The complaints from the lower test are probably due to the lack of the positive psych benefits of higher test: libido, well being, drive/aggression, etc. My one bitch about that cycle was that I got bad leg cramps from the NPP when doing aerobic activities like skiing or steep hiking.
  10. LOL. I said fertility and TRT dependence were SOME of the risks. I assume that readers have enough reasoning ability so that I do not have to list the entire list of potential side effects and their known rates of occurrence. Left ventricle hypertrophy, kidney issues, hypertenstion, gyno, testicular atrophy, hemocrit levels, cholesterol, etc... C'mon people. The point is that AAS use comes with long term risks and your priorities in life are subject to change. What is important to you in your 20's will probably not be the same in your 40's or 50's but your decisions now will impact what happens then. I'm old. I lifted heavy (no AAS) when I was younger. For the last 12 years I have suffered from a torn and herniated disk. It is not serious enough to qualify for surgery but it has prevented me from squatting, running, jumping, etc. My lower back muscles are painfully seized nearly every morning and take 30-60 mins to loosen up. For me, the few years of pushing heavy weights were not worth the long term negative impact on my quality of life. Dude at the end of my block had a very good life, house (in Vancouver $$$), Harley, pickup, street rods, family, etc but also had to be big so was on full time. He had a jammer this summer and kicked the bucket. He was 55. Average male lifespan in Canada for 2018 is 80.9 years. Yes, some of you folks will probably say 'prove that the AAS caused the heart failure.' Statistically, you would be in the right and I won't because I can't but the flip side of the coin is that you can't prove that they weren't a factor either and this was fatal. Hey if you're nonchalant about dying, that's your prerogative. IMO, a mature decision making process assumes that you will experience SOME negative outcome. Even then if you are ok with it and can justify the trade off then go for it. If your justification is that it is never going to happen to you then you're just being delusional. /rant
  11. There is no one BEST way to take steroids. It depends on your preferences (goals) and level of risk tolerance. If you think it is dumb to not want to risk infertility and/or having to take TRT shots for the rest of your life then sure, a blast/cruise regimen would be acceptable to you. However these are some of the risks that you need to be aware of that you are assuming. Ancillary requirements are basically the same for standard cycles - lots of info around.
  12. Unfortunately this does not stop many pharmacists and assistants from being difficult and tedious. They have a certain degree of responsibility for customers' safety (ensuring correct meds, dosages, etc) so it is no surprise that people regularly get an inquisition on ancillaries as well - their fundamental mandate is to be thorough so that nobody ends up dead... I just accept that if I go to a bricks and mortar pharmacy there is a significant possibility that it is going to be a hassle. Also, I have found that not all pharmacies are well stocked so they might not even have what you want (ie preferred syringe, needle length, needle gauge, etc) which can further complicate the transaction because you have to keep asking what they DO have. For me it is just easier to order online. No hassles and I get exactly what I want. Just have to a little more organized ahead of time...
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