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  1. Good call! I may be new to the game but I have enough sense not to do that
  2. Thanks big time! I will definitely look into smaller pins and message the source re the issue.
  3. Thanks for your response, I never even considered that my body might not like the actual carrier oil used.. interesting.
  4. Thank you for your response. Yeah Dr. Google had me worried about the sciatic for a bit but I didn't really have any symptoms typical of that including radiating pain. Do you have any general or pro tips on avoiding contaminating the vial? Maybe something is off in my procedure.
  5. Yeah live and learn! Never again to the quad! Would you suggest trying a smaller dose spread over more pins / week? Would that maybe reduce the pain issue?
  6. Hello, here's the details 2nd cycle 400mg Test E weekly pinning 2x /week with a 23G 1''. Using glute and proper sterile method. First few went ok with "normal" PIP but now the last 3 pins I've gotten crazy pain in the pin area 2-3 days afterwards and lasting almost a week. My one butt cheek felt like the muscle was seized - the muscle (glute max only) was physically hard to the touch, and very painful right from the location of the pin several inches across the body of the muscle. Not hot and I didn't have a fever so I didn't get medical attn, and it has since resolved. Wondering if I hit a blood vessel or just overdid that spot, I tried the other side - same pain and soreness but to a slightly lesser extent. Wondering if it was just my ass I tried my thigh for the first time on Monday, and today can barely walk and it's getting worse by the minute. I know stupid for continuing to try, probably should have just chucked the shit out. What the heck is going on? I never had even close to this reaction with my first cycle of Test. I'm almost wondering if the carrier oil is shit and as it is metabolized or dispersed from the injection area it's causing a reaction. Should I try a different brand? A different test? Thanks
  7. Definitely try to get that water up! Especially if you're consuming lots of salt you want try to move that out a bit with more water. Also track a few days of your diet on myfitnesspal to see your macronutrient ratio on average - if you're eating high carb (35%+ of your daily macro intake) this can also cause water retention and a bloated feeling. You could also supplementing some vitamin C, some people have good results with this reducing feeling bloated. Hope that helps you get it sorted!
  8. When cutting I usually get my RMR tested ($80) then set my caloric level around there (it's been about 2200 the last few times). This makes sure that with some activity and training I'm in a solid deficit daily but not risking slowing my metabolism down. Then I go 2.0g/kg protein, 1.0g/kg healthy fats, and make the rest of the cals up with carbs - sometimes I'll drop lower on the carbs and higher on the protein though if I have a lighter training day and don't "need" the full glycogen stores. Fuel for the work required!
  9. Hey! Few Qs for younmaybe I can help. How much water are you drinking daily? Are you taking any nutritional supplements? Do you feel the the bloat is localized to your stomach or do you get that feeling kind of everywhere?
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