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  1. As the title says which lab have you ran with the least Pip?
  2. My bad. I ran their test e at 500mg a week for 12 weeks. Smooth injects no pip. Very pleased with that. Didn't get bloods done but felt great. Blew up around week 4, strength gains were great. Used their clomid and nolva for pct and everything came online as expected. I definitely plan on running syn in the future and would like throw another compound in the mix.
  3. Napalm


    Clean labels for sure! Packaging looks top notch!
  4. Yeah I've tried it once. Packaging is top notch for sure. Looks great. Test was on point. Definitely one of the best and reputable labs out there.
  5. Haven't tried canmed myself but lots of guys locally using canmed. They all say good things about them.
  6. Syn packaging and labels look great forsure
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