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  1. I understand but I went to plenty of doctors and my t was at bottom of range! so ur telling me every time u crash ur e2 u come off trt dosent make sense like I said I just did.blood work everything is fine ur telling me to get off and do the same blood work just with low t? If other variables are causing my problems then what would being on trt or off make a difference in diagnosis? yes I tried other esters but my e2 got to high and like I said I felt like a woman and had nasty high e2 symptoms
  2. I understand but that dosent make any sense I had low t from genetics no libido for years etc now I started test to make my life better I did blood work before getting on a few months ago all was good! i have low t that’s causing my low sex drive I’m trying to fix it and this guy is telling me to come off because I crashed my e2 dosent make much sense to me! Why would I start trt just to come off and start again when I know the problem is low test! Ur asking me to go back to low t just for the sake of it
  3. Why the fuck would I come off when I had low t for years and was suffering immensely! come off just to read that I have low t perfect blood pressure and normal e2! what fucking sense would that make? get what sorted I had low t now I’m on trt i started test prop because I struggled to control e2 on test e and less frequent injections! fat powerlifter is sarcasm! I’m just not ripped and stage ready is what I mean!
  4. Update! e2 still crashed for some reason I can’t upload my blood work anymore cause they send it to me through adobe and it won’t open on my phone my joint pain and lack of appetite is honestly starting to become a problem! And the low pressure in my head I feel like I’m fucking dying when I wake up my body is so dry and achy! woudl it be better to up my test dose or add hcg I didn’t wanna take hcg cause i hate making it and the shelf life is 30 days so I would have to constantly keep ordering it which would be a pain!
  5. Dam wish they had stanolone still in stock fuck I’m dying to try it any updates
  6. Will like u said it dosent make sense but it’s true! It’s not impossible?
  7. I had ran a few cycles and have low t so that’s not a option as my natty t was as low as 70! so what are my options for making this work
  8. No I was on 125 mg of test once a week injections my estrogen came back at 72 so I Started .5 mg of adex Ed got my e2 to 12 didn’t feel any better so ditched ai and started 250 mg of prop Ed injections now my e2 has been stuck at 12 for the last 8 weeks blood test confirmed! Someone mentioned to me who was on trt themeself there e2 stays the same between 100 mg and 300 mg and yes I got follow up bloods e2 is still low! and Ed injections will bring e2 down!
  9. I’m a fat powerlifter I was Injection once a week sub q right into love handle fat! I had test levels of 369 I think that was the problem low test high estrogen Ed injections sorted that out! prolactin everything else was In rage t4 t3 some reason the document won’t load it’s saying it’s expired in my email so that’s the only bloodwork pic I have cause it was on my camera roll! i was running nothing else that’s it!
  10. This is when I was only on 125 mg? E2 was at 72? Now my e2 is stuck at 12 on 250 mg of prop!
  11. I had problem controlling e2 on test e on just a 125 mg?
  12. Being the idiot I am and lack of knowledge I thought u needed low estrogen to feel good on testosterone! So I took.5 mg of adex Ed and crashed to 12 on sensitive test! Was crashed for about 10-12 weeks! i hope I didn’t permently screw my brain up I don’t feel my emotions anymore when I had high e2 I felt like a woman(my emotions were so deep) now I can’t feel anything I feel dead and my appetite is completely gone? I stopped adex 8 weeks ago im 250 mg of test prop which I know has low e2 conversion!
  13. They ship to Massachusetts dam I wanna order?
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