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  1. Just recieved the new Helios and cadarine yesterday. Will report back with some results. Anyone have any dosing protocols for Helios?
  2. Went to Walmart and asked for insulin needles. They gave me a box no issues so I'll probably use them as my source
  3. Where do you boys and girls get your syringes? In the GTA area
  4. Going to add my review as I haven't done one yet. As has been stated @GameChanger and the BT lab customer service is top notch. Always replies to emails and my random questions quickly and always provides tracking. Could never see myself changing sources as long as he's in the game
  5. New Member here who's been Running the ever popular PPLx2 split all year and looking to change things up. What are your favorite splits?
  6. So are there any studies that link it to the bubble gut you see at the olympia or is that an insulin side effect?
  7. do you think that the rear pec dec fly can be used in this program if your gym i s lacking in the cables? Also awesome post!
  8. I'll be looking forward to getting on board with BT based on all these reviews!
  9. Definately some things in this post I wouldn't have considered for tricep growth like floor presses. Thanks for this post!
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