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  1. Thanks for the reply! My job is extremely stressful. I moved positions recently (taking a 36k pay reduction) as I was not happy. I didn’t sleep, ever, due to the stress. This lead to more caffeine and more stress and it just repeated over and over again. Since the switch my sleep has improved significantly and I’m feeling better. I have lowered test to 150mg/wk. I will go back on in a few months, no rush now. I have started doing daily cardio, since it is spring and nice out everything is either trail walking or around the neighbourhood. I am aiming for 10000 steps a day, I fall short most days but I am getting in at a minimum 45mins. I have cut out almost all caffeine. I now have 2 decaf coffees a day, it sucks but such is life. During a recent trail walk my heart rate only hit a high of 100 when only a few weeks ago it would have been 135+. I have also committed to losing a few pounds of fat. For supplements I added in mk677 specifically for its sleep benefits. Once the bottle is out I won’t continue with it but I did notice an improvement. Zinc Magnesium Melatonin for sleep. Whey. Fish oils. Nothing else. Waiting on my bloodwork to come back My current HR is 90. This is a marked improvement of 110. Defiantly the stress and caffeine and lack of sleep were the main factors
  2. Depends on their own individual experiences. If you already are huge then eq will give you solid lean gains over a longer cycle. looking for pack it on? Deca will get you bigger faster
  3. So first off I’m currently on week 6 of my cycle of npp @ 150eod, test e @ 500 w, and test suspension @50ed. Great results. Gaining size good. Up about 10lbs. 6’2” 32y M 240lbs My girlfriend was having some health concerns and checked my heart rate. I had just walked from the living room to the kitchen and my HR was 110bpm. This alarmed her and she wanted me to get into the doctor. So in I went. Walking from waiting room to his office my hr was 101 and bp 137/76. After sitting in there waiting for 20 mins it went down to 85 and 130/70. Told the doctor everything from my job (stressful), to gear, to the amount of caffeine I intake (2 coffees, 2 rebulls, 1 pre (200mg), to my lack of cardio. Doctors orders: Cut all caffeine and gear Increase cardiovascular work Getting blood work done and ECG now I was really enjoying my bulk and the doctor didn’t say anything meaningful to show that he knew anything about AAS. He just said ‘steroids are bad, don’t do them’. How do I read into this intelligently? The plan I’m currently floating around in my head is: reduce to TRT dose, cut out caffeine FML, add in daily cardio, do the tests, reduce calories to maintenance and recomp for 4-8 weeks FWIW I don’t use any drugs outside of a marijuana, don’t smoke, and don’t drink alcohol. Is this the proper way to address this? Thank you in advance and sorry for the poor formatting (mobile). I’m not sure if I even clearly asked a question. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Hopefully someone smarter and more experienced then me can set me on the correct path.
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