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  1. The dollars are coming from trainers who have numerous fitness and bodybuilding people who are representing his training business. In NB it use to be called Just4show. Because this guy would bring 50% of the competing athletes to the show. therefore contributing more than 50% of the entry fees, they all bought photo packages (which were sold by the president of the NB bodybuilding Association). So if this guys athletes entered in the show they normally did significantly better. In one show I entered I was told by on of the show organizers, promotor and a member of the NB bodybuilding assoc
  2. You have not been to some of the competitions in NB then. Knocking out the competition was about dollars, influence, and position not about which bodybuilder was better than the other. I actually sat at a table of judges and promotors after a competition and heard it first hand how the top 3 were chosen in each division. Can't get closer than that.
  3. I mostly spend my time in the rack doing squats, and deads from various pin heights and benches from various pin heights ( benches are killer from a dead stop at the bottom, no stretch reflex). The other time I spend off the floor with conventional and sumo deads. I actually don't like training upper body except for heavy rows and benches. I didn't have the largest legs at show time but they were not small either
  4. I don't know why people have such an issues with pinning. I never ever read up on it ... it was trial and error, well I talked to my friends that were using injectables at the time to find out what they were doing. My workouts are always more painful than any pin has ever been especially when doing forced reps, pause rest sets or drop down sets until you can no longer take the burn anymore. Best location I have found is thighs. I can sit down and relax my thigh and I can easily see where I am pinning. I use a 23g 1 inch cause 2cc will go in real quick as where a 25g I am am pushing that p
  5. I am an old fucker who looks great as well. Over 60 and say 15 - 20% based on the pictures, eating correctly very clean now and expect to lose another 10 lbs by end of Sept. I feel pretty good having lost 10lbs but I know I will feel a lot better when I am down to 240.
  6. Honestly everyone, jump out of this thread. I did cause there is nothing you can say that will help. I made a few comments at first but realized I was wasting my breath. How do I stop notifications on a specific thread? Just figured out how to unfollow. I am out of here.
  7. It's easy enuff to read this stuff but has anyone implemented maintaining a blood glucose level between 4.0 and 5.0 mmol/l. on a daily average level for weight and fat loss? I have also read that in other article that an average of 80 to 120 mg/dl is the optimal BS level to maintain for fat loss. It varies from article to article. I have ben using this method for 2 months now and have lost 15 lbs. My daily Blood glucose average over the last 2 months has been 4.9 mmol/l and I have been able to maintain this by eating clean with very low glycemic food... mainly eggs, meat, green veggies, c
  8. A bunch of pissing matches going on here. There has been no studies that I have read that has determined the actual quantity of fat burning that goes on in a fasted state to a non-fasted state that showed any significant difference in fat burning. Not that it matters. Fat burning is better to be viewed over the longer term where you control your blood sugar levels at an optimal fat burning level ... some of the studies vary as to the optimal fat burning level ... but they all seem to point to about less that 5 mmol/l of blood sugar being maintained on average will put you in a fat burning
  9. Thanks for the response . Totally agree on the fatigue as well. Once fatigued your form breaks down. I powerlifted for quite a while and always kept in the 3-5 rep range ... sometime stayed in the 2-3 depending on the weight lifted. Also agree on the maxes ... submaximal training and near maxes close to competition ... always leaving some in the tank for the competition. Used speed days for increasing speed strength at 60 to 75% of one rep maxes (adding bands into the equation as well for top end resistance) and to practice form improvement which is hard to do on max effort day.
  10. I agree with this statement to a point however if you want to increase your deadlift you need to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments that go into this lift. There are a couple of theories on when to use a belt that I am aware of. U just mentioned one and the other is you start using a belt at the point you know your form will break down, that is usually when you know longer can keep your chest up your ass down and your back starts to bow or hunch. If I go to this poundage level I will put on a belt and that is normally when I am trying a near to 1 rep max. The key thing with mos
  11. I never street fought well just a few but the other guys provoked it and I ended it quickly so no injuries here. I fought in full contact martial arts competitions for a number of years. I enjoyed it a lot took and gave a lot of punishment from fighters who new how to fight however my injuries are minimal. My heavy lifts were performed when I was in my forties when I found my strength was the highest. I know longer lift real heavy and keep it moderate. I only did one rep maxes every 6 weeks or so and kept them to competitions in order to keep injuries down. At the same time I believe if
  12. The formula to put on mass that has worked for me and I have been at powerlifting and bodybuilding for 40 years is as follows -I eat when I get hungry and I eat mostly clean...meat, some fruit, eggs and veggies. My training is quite intense and heavy so I am mostly hungry all the time. Always bring a big protein shake to my work outs with a little fruit and yogurt mixed in there. Gives me energy on the lifts. -I train hard and heavy, I train those things that are not sore, I take a day break or 2 when every thing is sore, I always try increasing the weight on an exercise if the
  13. I agree with your opinion, there was definitely some shenanigans going on favoring Arnold based on a number of articles and tubes I have seen on the competition. The fact that most of the judges were very good friends of Arnold, and he was allowed to enter the competition at the last moment, while all the other competitors had to announce there entry a lot earlier, would show some degree of favoritism towards Arnold. Looking at the other side of the coin, bodybuilding is such a subjective sport when it comes to judging ... all the competitors know that personal preferences of judges wi
  14. The 1980 Olympia where Arnold won for the 7th time, was this win political and fixed or was Arnold the best in the competition and the other competitors whinners?
  15. Great video on the power bench. Pretty crazy 722. 50% leg drive already before pulling the weight down ... thats a new way of looking at it. I know all this stuff in my head it is just putting it all together by practice practice practice so it becomes second nature.
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