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TUDCA in Toronto

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I found it quite good.

I had originally made up my mind to not do orals again, but then I decided to try some Sdrol.

I first tried it without the Tudca and at 22.5 mg/day I tanked out in 5 days and had to stop it.

Then I ordered the Tudca and tried it again (taking 1000mg/day of Tudca). This time i ran 22.5mg/day of Sdrol for the first 15 days, and then upped it to 30mg/day for another 6 days. I stopped after 3 weeks. I wasn't tanked out, but i was starting to experience a slight bit of fatigue.

So the Tudca definitely made a difference.

* Just to add, I was also taking 1500mg/day of NAC along with the Tudca, but i was also taking that same amount of NAC previously when I tried the Sdrol without the Tudca. So the NAC wouldn't have made a difference in the second run, because I ran it the first run as well.

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