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  1. From the studies I read it was supposed to also block DHT wherever it originated from. It appears it may slow or stop the shedding of any new hair loss but it may take some time (weeks - months) thickening or regrowth though. If the problem is really bad or urgent, then there are other pharmaceutical products that you can get prescribed from your Doctor but they may have side effects so please be sure to do some research first. OD
  2. Hi Nixter; It's for your hair (& also some prostate benefits) as it's supposed to help prevent Test. from converting into DHT (and decreases Estrogen) and also help block DHT from your scalp. Good luck, OD
  3. Hey there Nixter You could try some Saw Palmetto (2-3 x day) as it may possibly help. Good luck, OD
  4. Hi mp420 I don't know what experience you have, I'm not sure how hard you train, the weights or the volume you train with, what your diet (total calories, carbs, proteins, fats) is like, what type of AAS you use or how good your rest and recovery is but in my opinion I think you could use more rest days - especially after working your back and also especially after working your legs. Right now you have chest, shoulders, biceps two times with triceps and legs all before one single rest day. I would be so sore, tired, overtrained and unmotivated if I did that. Also, I wouldn't personally do back after biceps (you use biceps and forearms a lot on back day) day and I wouldn't recommend doing triceps right after chest / shoulder day (you use triceps a lot on chest / shoulder days). I don't even do chest and shoulders on the same day anymore but I know many do successfully. Depending how you lift, it might be good to not be as concerned with what you do according to the day of the week (Mon., Tues., Wed., etc.) or whether you can hit the body parts twice per week or not and spread things out a bit more. You might get some better results if you juggle things around and fine tune them a little more and allow for more rest. You said you've been doing this for five years so maybe it would be good to try to fine tune it and allow for more recovery and growth. Remember, you actually grow mostly while resting and not during the workouts. Also, I'm not sure of your goals but some type of cardio (the amount and type should be based on your goals) might be good to get in there somewhere. Feel free to ignore my advice as I'm just offering my opinion in an effort to help. If what you're doing works for you than please feel free to ignore my suggestions. Thanks & good luck, OD
  5. Hi GameChanger; You have the wrong "Ontario" person named here. I am not involved in any of this. Please review further and correct as needed. OD
  6. Wait, is that Pumpkin Spiced T400? OD
  7. Hi WWN Thanks for following up and clarifying some of your points. No worries about flames coming from me as it's just a conversation and nothing personal - us "potheads" can be peaceful at times. You sound like you must definitely must know more of these types of people than I do but if I went back 20+years I'm sure I'd be hanging out with a few off them. You might not understand or appreciate their excitement but it wouldn't hurt to ignore it and let them have their fun for a little while. I wasn't offended since I don't consider myself a "pothead" but was just sticking up for it now being legal rather than under the whole Prohibition thing like alcohol used to be as well at one time in the last century. I see where you are coming from on some points but I would just say there's no real need to worry about it as it will all calm down once the novelty wears off. I haven't actually noticed any difference since the 17th. I have made two purchases from the online store in Ontario but the first one hasn't even come in yet. I just wanted to try some of the strains that I wasn't able to get before. When you have a Licensed Producer you normally are stuck with their products for 6 months to 1 year or until you renew your prescription. This is not a problem if you go with a good L.P. and they have a good selection and stock. I am actually quite interested in the genetics and breeding and terpenes which makes the different strains and also find the history on when and where they originated from and their connections with other strains somewhat interesting. When you vaporize you can actually taste and appreciate this stuff (and there's no smell with my vaporizer) unlike smoking it where it's not as obvious. I hate taxes but paying a little tax here is not a huge issue as people pay large amounts of excise & taxes all the time for alcohol and cigarettes. They had to tax it to show everyone against it that at least they will make some money and to be "fair" since they tax everything else including alcohol and cigarettes. If it means I get to buy legally and know what I'm getting then it's worth it. I have had some awkward purchase experiences in the past and don't enjoy buying off old buddies, ex-girlfriends, friend of a friend, etc. at all hours of the night in shady locations. If I could walk into a store and buy AAS over the counter at a decent price (or get it covered by insurance) and without too many taxes I certainly would and I think many others would as well. I would also consider that another small victory for all our freedom. I know that others who are against it wouldn't be happy though which is sort of similar to your example of not feeling like you won anything over cannabis now being legal for recreational purposes. Luckily we have Canadian UGLs to help us for all of our AAS needs. OD
  8. No offence Wada'sWorstNightmare and I respect your opinion but many of us do care. I had it medicinally available, but there certainly are benefits for those who use it recreationally legally now. Firstly, I should mention that not everyone who uses it is a "pothead". You would never know that I (or many others) use it and I never use it in public - for me, it's normally just in the evening before bed. I don't go around calling everyone who has a beer or other type of booze an "alcoholic" so maybe try to take it easy on us folks who make the choice to use another legal substance that's not alcohol responsibly as an adult. I also don't refer to those who chose to smoke cigarettes as any particular stereotype and they are likely even worse for you than cannabis. I don't believe it's going to create more "potheads" as the type of people who would become "potheads" wanted it, they could have used it all along anyways. It's very nice to not have to look over your shoulder and be worried about getting jacked up and having it seized from you and then having your name on some system for something so stupid. What a huge waste of everyone's time and resources. It's also very good to know exactly what you are getting and to be able to buy it legitimately like you can with alcohol. I've said it before, as a slight Bill Hick's (comedian) reference, "it's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal freedom" so everyone should be happy to have gotten back at least a little of our freedom to some degree. Thank you, OD
  9. I have weights and a bench, etc. set-up but currently just do my cardio at home.
  10. I have some BeatsX ones that came with different sized ear bud attachments to chose from. Perhaps you can find any brand that also offers some extra ear buds in various sizes that you can swap out to fit your ears. I've also used some over the ear, noise reductions headphones but killed them with sweat (two different pairs - they still work with a cord now though) even though they were supposed to be good for sports. I wouldn't recommend over the ear headphones now unless you have something to protect them like covers or a towel, etc.. I do most of my my cardio at home and it's nice to just use a stereo and be free of headphones once in a while for a change... Good luck, OD
  11. I hate the gym's music so I definitely have to listen to my own as it helps drown theirs out. The gym I go to these days always has TVs running everywhere in addition to their music. I was working legs over in the leg section the other day and they had a TV with some crappy cooking show blasting on the wall - drove me nuts. I wouldn't mind as much if they played something related to weight training or bodybuilding but the TV is like a black hole that sucks you in when you're trying to get work done. Also, when I go in the washroom, aside from all the naked, wrinkled old men walking around brushing their teeth, shaving or drying themselves off with the air dryer on the wall or bending over naked with their butt facing me so they can dry their feet off, I get bombarded by the gym's shitty music AND the TV at the same time so whenever I get the chance I turn the TV off and I feel like I won a small victory. The problem is some of the staff like to hang out and waste lots of time in the change room so they can play on their phones and watch TV rather than actually working like they should be. There, rant over, I feel better now...
  12. Larry continues to amaze me. Not to mention his side, bodybuilding career project.
  13. When I have to work I usually only get 4-5 hours. I get maybe 6-7 hours on days off but try to catch up by taking a nap whenever I can.
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